A Bit of a Lecture

A Bit of a Lecture
Summary: After a long morning and learning there was a commotion with regards to the woman pulled from the water this morning, Tylon goes to have a word with the source.
Date: 22 July 2013
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Augustus Tylon 

Laketown - Temple Infirmary
The infirmary is a large open room with beds lining the walls. Between the beds rest small tables that range from being empty as the bed next to it to being covered with bandages, basins and countless jars of salves, and perhaps the stray memento or three for the patient it is near. Several of the beds have privacy screens that are set up around them, and other screens can be seen rest towards the back of the room with the many row of cupboards that most likely hold countless bandages and herbs, salves and teas for the healers and apothecaries that work there. Additional cupboards have been placed between every third bed or so as well.
July 22, 1329

It's been a few hours since Augusuts managed to get things settled down with Collette, as he holds her hand while she sleeps. He call is Narthan and request and update. The Soldier replies, "well my lord other than some very upset priests and chosen many of whom with a stern word with you, things are ok none have come to blows. " Augustus nods his head and sighs. "I feared as much but at the time I wasn't really in a caring mood. Thank you Narthan.. " the vetran soldier just nods and heads back out the door, leaving his lord to tend to his woman. He gives a muttered reply to the sleeping collette. "I think I've stepped into it this time beloved. " a soft smile upon his lips.

Blows may not have come to, but any attempt to keep the infirmary staff from the room for more than a short time had seen those additional 'guards' and interlopers firmly escorted from the Temple. It was their domain and Chosen were nothing to sniff at, battle harden Knights all their own with a very focused purpose.

There is a light rap on the the door, a curtesy warning if that as soon the Mother Superior herself is slipping into the room. Her bare feet barely making a sound upon the floor. Eyes first settling upon the sleeping girl before looking to the man at her bed side. While the Collette gets a semi-concerned and sad look, the Lord gets a rather calm and cool look. Tylon speaking softly,"You must be Augustus," not even a hint of a title used as her calm tones carry her words," and from what I have been told, have a very poor way of showing your thanks to the assitance we have provided this very day."

None were stopped from entering the infirmary once Augustus got in and delt with Collette in fact most of his men had left on their own save his personal guard who were being very descrete and keeping a distance save for when they were needed.
As the mother superior enters and address's Augustus so, he doesn't even seem to notice the slight as he says very softly. "Please sit, you and I have some things to discuss and I am not in any mood to get into a screaming match with you dear lady. "he casts a look at you and its filled with sorrow and loneliness.
"First of all I do beg your pardon and in time hope for forgiveness for my actions. It was inexcuseable though at the time I really wasn't thinking very clearly. " he sighs as he looks to collettes sleeping form and kiss's her forhead. "I also wished to thank you most kindly for what you did. The slights on my collette drove her to this and I am just greatful that someone was willing to save her. She is young and so innocent in man ways, I just want her happy and healthy and thanks to you both will be acomplished. " you can see tears streaking down his face as he talks and looks at collette. "Never had I wished this, planned on doing this proper but with this war looming over everyone she resorted to drastic measures to be with me and it cost her dearly. One would think that we were better than to just abandon our kin for misdeeds though I fear many would rather step on us or over us instead of supporting each other no matter what transgressions transpire."

A slight twitch occurs at the corner of her lips at the mention of a screaming match, Tylon noting softly,"I dare say, the day I end up in a screaming match with anyone, they will have done far more than you have this day. And will be in a world of hurt for it." A thing that is stated as simple fact more than to ease or warn him.

"Forgivness is a thing that will come, though you have more than me to ask for such, and words alone will not pardon you for forgetting of thoughts. While Ravas can certainly give understanding for the passion and lose of thought when those we care for are in danger, even he desires thanks and offering for stirring such deep feelings." Tylon inclines her head slightly,"It is my duty to see to the saving oflives and souls. Though my Chosen do not always like the manner in which I do so." Simply listening for a little bit before Tylon gives a small nod,"There is always a price for love, for the passions as I spoke, sometimes it is a price we are willing to pay, sometimes we do not fully see and know of the price until it is to late, and sometimes the price is to great. Though sometimes it is difficult to tell which is worse, the price to be paid or to give up the love found. I am not you or she, so I cannot say which path is better in the long run. I can however tell you, I know the pain of having to make such a choice. She is young and seems to lack faith, the strength to endure any turn of hardship to achieve the goals of what she wishes. A failing of youth, as you say. "

Nodding his head Augustus gives a faint smile upon his tear stricken face "aye and Although Im not sure which of our young ones were escorted out unbecommingly by my men I will apologize to him as well. " he looks to collette, she is young and many would think a child but she is not. Sheltered prehaps, she is wild and untamed and just needs guidence for which I hope that I can in time provide." he kiss's collettes knuckles before laying her arm and hand back on the bed while she sleeps. "I just wish she would realize that some people just dont know when to take a rumor and dismiss it and let something alone that has no concern over them, but then I guess without gossip some people might actualy find time to do honest labor. " He pulls out a silk cloth and dry's his eyes and stands up. He then look to Tylon - Mother superior and gives her a faint smile before he walks over and gives her an affectionate hug and a surprisingly gentle kiss on the cheek before saying. "I know there is yet much I must do to make up for my entry to this temple but for now all I can offer is an heart felt appology and my word that I'll see to it that those I affected will be appologized too as well. " he then slips a small purse into her hand, closing her fingers over it and says. "Tis a small price to pay for saving one love, but I know you'll put it to good use. "

""Guidence and an understanding that life is not always easy, patience and strength must be had to endure. For sometimes it does take time, sometimes years for us to find and have that which we want and desire." Comes TYlon's gentle murmur. A flicker of a smile passing fleetingly,"It seems that at least some of the time, you have sense to you. Words are only words, and the gossips do so enjoy to wag their tongues over the littlest bit of news, true or false, that comes. All of us need to learn to take it all in stride. " Guardians know there have been all sorts of gossip flying aobut her.

There is a mild blink at the hug that is given and the kiss to the check, the Mother Superior just faintly returning the hug, a motherly gesture. "For now, the apology is accepted and all that is asked, there is no time line upon when actions ar emade to show that your words are true as well. The Guardians will see that you do what is true in your heart and I know there are graver concerns to you now," her eyes flickering towards the sleeping girl,"however, I do counsel that you keep your wit and do not let the flee so quickly again. Not all are as understanding or forgiving." A glance goes to the purse pressed into her hand. A small incline of her head,"There are always those in need, it will be put to a good ue as all of our resources are."

Augustus nods and smiles. "I and my guards will be departing now, I will not ask you to take good care of collette for I know you could do no less.. " he looks at the young lady laying there and then to tylon "Many think wealth is what power is all about, but its not. Many of the most powerful and yet happiest of people are also the poorest. " he opens the door and exits the Infirmary and as he pass's acolytes, priests and priestess, and even a chosen or two he offer a sincer and polite apology and wishing them a good day as he exits the temple.

A small nod of Tylon's head occurs,"You are correct, she will be looked after and well taken care of while she is with us." Smiling just a little,"I have never had wealth in coin, but to be wealthy is not always about how many coins one has. Sometimes our wealth is in what we have that cannot be touched. " Slipping form the room as well to allow Collette further rest, both mind and body needing it. "May the Guradian's watch over you, Lord Augustus."

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