A bit of practice in the rain

A bit of practice in the rain
Summary: A bit of drizzle doesn't seem to keep Sir Corwin nor Lady Elenore from putting in a bit of practice, the pair having a brief chat in meeting once more.
Date: 14/Aug/2013
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Wolveshire Castle - Main Courtyard
The main courtyard is relatively large and open, and the ground is cobbled to avoid an excess of mud and dust. When entering from the gatehouse, one can follow the wall along the right toward a small well-tower that houses the freshwater source for those living in the keep. To the left of the gatehouse, a long two-story building houses the stables, the barracks, and the infirmary in three distinct but connected sections. Hidden in the corner created by the main keep's stairs and the adjacent curtain wall, the cobbles give way to hard-packed dirt that serves as a training area for the castle's guards. The smithy stands directly to the right of the practice arena.

Between the barracks and the main keep, a gently sloping walkway connects the main grounds with the garden courtyard. To the left of the gatehouse's main entrance a wide stair leads into the keep.

Wed Aug 14, 1329

A bit of drizzle isn't enough to keep Corwin away from his daily routine. Honestly, given the heat, a bit of rain helps keep the body cool while he navigates exercises and practice bouts with other knights and soldiers in the yard. Finishing up a final spar, he spins away from the practice yard, handing off his wooden sword and light leather covering to his squire and moving to a rain barrel to splash his face, hair and shoulders with the cool water. His shirt is soaked and he's still catching his breath while he wanders away from the practice yard, slowly cooling his body down after the exercise.

While the drizzle perhaps keeps some indoors, it seems Elenore is not amongst those. A welcome thing to temper the warmth of the day. And that it keeps some indoors just might be the very reason that Elenore ventured out, for there were fewer about to see the results of her practice sessions. Wearing a simple jerkin over her dress during her time in the practice yard, Elenore loses the last arrow from her bow. Watching as the arrow hits one of the outer rings. A light murmur going to a guard in Taniford colors near her,"I think that is of enough for today, Mitner. It is of improvement, tomorrow again though. We are not yet given leave to depart."

The woman giving a faint incline of her head to the guard before she heads from the area. The news seems to cause a 'huff' from him as he goes to collect up the arrows. Movements that comes with an ethereal grace do make Elenore seem out of place in the practice yard, not that her wispy frame didn't already do that. Spying the newly met man also on his way from the yard, Elenore intones,"Another who is not minding of some rain, Sir Corwin. A good day, aye?"

"This is hardly even rain. I grew up on the coast - those storms kept you inside. This is just enough to keep you halfway cool. Only half-way, though." Saying this, Corwin tugs at the tunic that clings to his body and makes a face. "I hope the day finds you well, Lady Elenore. You'll forgive me for being surprised at seeing you out here with a bow. You have more strength in those arms than I would have imagined when I met you in the garden. And not a bad shot." He looks up at the target - perhaps that's a generous assessment, but hitting anywhere on the target is worth something.

"Of true, it is not much, but to hear some, one would think it an endless gale that is about to tear the roof from the castle." Giving a small dip of her head,"Aye, it is of finding me well. " Elenore gives a soft smile,"I am oft surprising people in many ways, I am never quite as expected. But to paint, to sculpt the arms gain strength. Though," a flickering glance given back to the target," you are of being kind. I have much work yet, but am improving. It is expected to know of something and I have to long been of lax in my practice and allowed what I had gained fade."

"Given how strong some of the archers are at home, I always felt it was a skill I was lacking in. I practiced hard for a time, but then I gave it up in large part. I'm not terrible, but I'm better placed elsewhere." Corwin lifts his legs one at a time to stretch them and prevent the muscles from tightening too quickly. "It's a good skill to have, though one hopes you'll never need it for anything else but practice. Ideally we'd all just stick to practice for awhile longer. Though, I don't expect any true peace will last. Everyone is always itching to march an army somewhere."

"As was of being noted last eve, we all have places, things to which we are best suited towards. I am of sure, you are yet better at the bow than I, even without practice." The light reply comes easily enough," Just as I am best placed before canvas or ledgers, but still it is of best to have some ability should there be need. I am of sure that a paintbrush be of little help to stop more than the drops of paint from dripping where they should of not be going." Elenore gives a gently nod, her dark eyes drifting a moment,"It is of true, peace will not last, though we must try for it. There are to many yet wishing to march that army as you say, others of wishing to be a part of it. It is in the patterns, a repeating of a cycle."

"Repeating for the sake of repeating?" Corwin wonders, without any real desire for an answer. He shakes his head. "Let us hope that swords can be sheathed for awhile yet. I'm enjoying my holiday." He considers the woman for another moment and eventually asks - "You said you would be leaving again soon? You have duties elsewhere, or we just here to accomplish a task and depart?"

"Oft a pattern repeats because no other way is known, nothing comes to send it else where. Though sometimes it is of being so because none see of a pattern to know it is repeated, to even know of a pattern to exist. They…ah the saying, of seeing only the forest but of lossing the trees." Elenore gives a small nod,"It is of hoped and prayed for." Her dark eyes draw back to him at the last questions,"I am of having duties elsewhere, I am of Taniford and this is not of my home, even if now married to a wolf. My duties lay with my House, known more for my..oddnes," a faint smile given, yes she knows she isn't normal,"I have purpose as well. My Lady mother oversees one of the Lordships, and one day I am expected to do the same."

"Hopefully it is some time yet before you're required to bear that mantle. I'm not sure that overseeing is all that it's cracked up to be. Seems a lot of time that could be better spent doing things one enjoys would get used up in the solving of other people's problems." Corwin lets out a long sigh and shakes his head. "Forest for the trees indeed. Let's hope our current rulers are avid climbers and get themselves a good view before doing anything too rash." The knight rolls his shoulders and plucks at his shirt again. "Good to see you again, Lady Elenore. But, I should perhaps see about cleaning myself up and taking a meal. I'm sure we'll meet again?"

"As am I of hoping, it is no simple task to take up. Though I know some rush to such things, I am not of one of them." Elenore smiles faintly with a little nod,"And there is never a lacking of the problems of others." A slight cant comes to her head as she studies him a moment,"Aunt Gigi is of a good ruler and has been long of looking, or seeing much. Much of planning, of thought for the moments that are coming upon us now. If she were of being rash, peace would not be of a chance now." Her own shoulders arching back a moment under the layers of damp leather and material. "It was good of seeing you again as well, Sir Corwin, and aye, we shall be of meeting again. As I should be doing of the same and of pondering dry clothes." Giving a small incline of her head before each goes their separate ways.

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