A boys night out

A boys night out
Summary: A chat in the gardens does somehow lead to a boys night out in Brivey.
Date: 22/Sep/2013
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Brivey Keep - Upper Bailey
Were it not for the walls and the towering keep one would think they have stepped into a garden. Here paths of cut stone wind their way through well-tended flower plots and trimmed topiaries. Short hedges line the walkways leading up to the keep's entrance, and lanterns hang from posts set at even intervals to light the way.
The main, wide path leads from the lower bailey to the keep's entrance hall, while two other smaller paths split off in opposite directions to head to the guest wing and the temple.
Sun Sep 22, 1329

Johan should be somewhere getting his hands dirty and sweating through hard work. Not standing about the bailey. But that is where he, pacing, bearskin mantle blocking the cool weather that still has nothing on the far nothern wind rolling off the mountains, and …basket… in hand. Filled with…flowers. Or herbs. Little leafy things that grow and some people turn into medicines. People that are not present at the present. Despite looking rediculous with the little basket (Like any man with his wife's purse.) he does not look overly distressed by the fact.

Coming along the pathtowards the keep is Alek, who anymore just seems to have to be where the Royal family is. And right now they are in Brivey with the events surrounding the royal wedding seeming to be wrapping up. Catching sight of the man who paces about with the basket of flowery herbs, or is that herby flowers? Either which, it does have Alek pausing some before changing his course enough to draw near the man,"Good day, Master Johan. I see you are already given basket detail."

Johan twists about hearing his name called, looking about and cracking a lopsided grin when he spots the familiar Knight. "Sir Alek," he greets in return with a small dip of his head. The mention of basket detail has him looking balefully to the basket, and sighing the sort of sigh that heaves the shoulders. "Aye, it would seem it comes on quickly." When he looks back to Alek, quickly putting the thought of the basket aside, he goes on, "You must be busy with the wedding business, and every eye turned to the Family. How have you been with everything?"

The man smirks as the basket gets that look from the weaponsmith,"It does appear so. And congradulations, though I fear I have only just rescently heard the good news." Alek gives a look towards the keep,"Quite, especailly with so many extra people about. It does always offer a chance to slip up and give opening to those who mean ill." Adding with a smirk,"Or them to drink to much and slip up themselves." He shrugs,"They have been busy is about all. Time is occasionally had to breathe but with all the wedding planning, and then the wedding itself."

"No need to fear, we did not make an affair of it, and no announcement," Johan assures. "And thank you," he adds for the congratulations. "I do not envy your calling," he says, weighty and honestly. "There are such dire consequences for a bad day." Shaking his head from that thought, he looks back to Alek. "Perhaps when everything is as quiet as it gets again, if you have the time, we might go out for an ale." As though Johan needed an excuse. "I believe we will be traveling to Rhaedan soon to tell my mother the news."

"Yes, Bryony was quite clear about that, several times in her apologies." Alek hesitates a moment before he notes in that mildly serious tone of an 'elder brother' figure,"Do be sure that she remains as happy as she seems to be. I would hate to have to have word with you should I ever hear harm or hurt has come to her due to your behavior or hard." He gives just a ild raise of his eyebrows with that before carrying on. "I don't envy me either, I'd rightly would prefer being back at Siphon, but seems life isn't meant for that. " Alek grins,"No time like the present maybe, I do have a few hours before my next duty…unless," his eyes dropping to the basket of herby things,"you are expecting her to show up soon?"

So that is what it felt like to be on the recieving end of a not so veiled threat from an older brother. Johan straightens up, standing at attention while Alek lays it out. "Understood," is all he answers, rather than trying to side step or assure things that he really can't. Forever is a very long time. Looking to the basket as well, he gives a small shake of his head. "I had hoped she would be quick returning, but it does not seem as though I am having that kind of luck." He pauses, just a beat, before nodding. "To the ale!"

It would seem that was the case, Alek nods as the message is understood. He was a solider, not a prissy political noble who dealt in veiled and implied threats. Simple, to the point, it tends to work best. "No it does not seem so, and you are starting to look more comfortable holding that basket, I am quite certain you need an ale to remedy that. " Looking to the basket again,"And do not tell me any of that is for tea." Grining,"Ale wards it is then."

Johan snorts in return to just how comfortable he was with the basket. "There are worse things than baskets to be saddled with." He falls in step to follow out of the bailey to find that ale. "Tea?" he asks, looking into the basket. "I do not have the slightest what any of this is for," he admits. "Not my area of expertist. It isn't ale. That is all I need to know."

"True, true. I have seen men in the market looking as henpecked as any could carrying about dresses and baskets of hair ribbons as they trailed after their woman. Truly a sad sight." Alek nods,"I don't know much, just that herbs go into making the stuff. And those look supsciously like herbs." Setting out towards the nearest place to find that ale proper.

Golden Sword Inn, Brivey - Common Room
To the immediate right of the door, a wooden half wall divides the common room in two. Small, four-person tables covered with white linen tablecloths are assembled at discreet intervals around a large stone fireplace. The single point of decoration in the common room hangs above the fireplace: a large gold-plated sword with a bejeweled hilt is mounted on a wooden plate and kept polished to a high shine. To the left of the dividing wall, the tables increase in size, and many include benches and mismatched chairs and stools. The wooden bar counter stretches along the rear wall, allowing those of all classes to mingle together over their repast.

A swinging door to the left of the bar leads into the kitchen. The only other exit is the open doorway heading back into the foyer.

Sun Sep 22, 1329

"Oy now… I am not henpecked," Johan grunts, feeling the need to set that straight despite feeling no real sting to his masculinity carrying …the equivalent of the purse. "I am being helpful." And that was that. Herbs. Herbs were herbs. By the time they're out of the keep he is leading the way. Johan /knows/ the way to the inn, to the bar, to where the ale is. He even gets a greeting of, "The usual?" when he gets there. Johan drops down on a stool, sets the basket down, and answers, "By two," with a gesture between himself and the Knight.

Alek laughs,"Doubt you will be, Bryony just has never seemed the sort to try that. She might like a new hair ribbon now and again. " And the basket did match to Johan' outfit, really. Content to swagger along after Johan as the way to the establishment and more importantly the bar is made. The pair just making their way there now. The man smirks to hear the greeting, dropping into the near barstool himself,"Is there a bar that you aren't familiar with?"

"There is," Johan says, trying to feign insult and failing horribly. "I have never been to a pub in the South." Or much else for that matter. "For all their faults, I am sure that they at least have alehouses." And then there are the ales, set out infront of Johan and Alek. Johan sets the basket of flowery herbs on the bar to dig a couple of coins from a pouch to exchange for them.

As the pair walk in, it is quite evident that the evening (or day?) is going strong for the innkeeps, for the common room is not quite full, but definately has a lively bunch here and there. One such group against one of the far walls, is whooping and hollering…mostly for more ale. One man leaves the group to go secure some, and he swaggers - somewhat tipsy - up to the bar, to the stool right next to Johan. "Barkeep! Barkeep. My mates. They're dry, they says to me. Get us ale, they says to me. I say give them colored water, it'll do the lot of them good, eh barkeep?"

"Oh that they do have, I have been to them, not that I ever thought I'd be able to say that." Alek shakes his head in disbelief about that particular trip. Sending a look towards the rather lively group that is whooping it up this evening. A hand grabbing up the ale that gets delievr with a nod of his head in thanks to Johan, "Does seem we're late for the party?" Looking amused to hear the man who coes up on the other side of Johan,"Not sure they'd notice the difference at this point. "

Johan takes his ale as well, turning to raise it up across the tavern toward the 'lively bunch'. "Down she goes!" he calls, grin wide. Up goes his glass, head back, ale draining quick with small rivers possibly escaping the sides to froth in his beard. When he finishes, he drops his flagon down on the bar and pushes it across to the keep, waving to it. Fill 'er up again. "Oy, they'd notice," he disagrees with Alek. Leaning in toward Draelos, he repeats, "They'd notice, aye?"

"Oh, aye, they'd notice for a certainty!" the stranger agrees, well enough into his cups not to care who exactly he was extending the invitation to. "M'boys always notice when the lives of the party aren't there, eh? And you two…gentlemen…fit the bill easy, I'd say! Shall you be comin' around then, 'n have a round or two with us?"

Giving another look at the group,"Suppose then they aren't far enough gone yet, if they'd yet notice." Alek drawing up his mug to knock back the ale, though the pretty man does manage to not make those fine rivers of ale appear and mare those looks. Thunking the mug back down to the bar once it has been polished off. "Oh, good thing we opted for ale, we've made new friends already," and more reasons to drink.

"Aye, aye," Johan nods. Whether it is to the stranger's offer to join the table, or Alek's note of it being a good thing they opted for ale isn't clear. He digs out a proper silver - if it is going to be one of those nights - and tosses it behind the bar. "I would not see the bottom of my flagon, barkeep!" When the new flagon arrives, he's on his way to the table, surely with Draelos and Alek not far behind. Basket in hand. Woe to him if he loses Bryony's basket. He greets everone with a raise of his drink. "Johan," he introduces himself, and nods to the Knight, leaving his title as much at the door as his own. "And that is Alek."

Ales there be for Draelos' crew, for the barkeep knows better than to deny this particular batch of boys their brews. The stranger himself takes to their introductions as they reach for their ales, "The one's Grumpy, he's Lazy, the big one is Tiny, that fellow's Cumberbatch, and he's Slippyfingers. Name's Draelos, and we're the Draketails!" he laughs, raising his own ale, causing a roused cheer to come up in response. "We just pulled a job today. Big one, too, so don't mind if the boys are a little rowdy," the dark haired stranger explains, smirking. "Pleasure t'meet you lot, Johan and Alek."

A few coins are sent the barkeeps ways by Alek as well before he grabs his new flagon of ale and heads after to jin the group, indeed jut a step behind. Saved from having to introduce himself, the man just dips a nod of his head to the table. Alek sends a smirk towards Johan as the names are given out, and he thought he had a bad byname. Raising his ale to the gents,"Pleasure's all ours, certainly. And fine luck it sounds ya folk have had today then. "

Johan follow along the names, though truth be told he would probably have to have them repeated to him a couple of times before the night was out. "What job would that be?" he asks as he leans back in his chair, into a comfortable slouch. "I do not believe I have heard of the Draketails - " said with a grin, jut in case h should have heard of it, to add the potential for fooling with them in his tone. He pushes a chair out with his foot and waves Alek to it. "Came up here hoping to catch a big job myself, but the timing has not been fit."

"Oh, we do oddjobs, you might say. Today we caught some lout what's been filching from the local lord's coffers, and got ourselves a handsome cut 'o the profits," Draelos boasts, jovially, to…another round of cheering. "Most of the time we're just on small jobs. Sometimes war comes, though, and we get called to the nastier side of things. Lost Haymaker that way," he sighs, then raises his own flagon again. "To Haymaker!"

Can you guess what happens next? Of course you can. Much ale, for everyone!

Ever happy to let Johan take up the lead on questions and conversation, Alek is happy to simply tunkdown into the chair pushed out. He does listen though, smirking at the manner of the job completed. Not a huge fan of one of the local lords, not that he'd speak to openly about that. "Near everyone tends to get called to the nastier side of things when war stris on up. Lose to many fine folk that way." Readily raising his flagon in the name of the Haymaker before knocking back some of that ale after the toast.

Johan echoes, "Oddjobs - " with a short nod, then a second to the job of the day. "Aye. Can not say it calls for me - " And it might even be said he looks disappointed for that. "But someone has to supply the iron." And then he is also raising his drink to Haymaker. His gritty smoked voice repeats the name as well, "Haymaker!" with the others, even if he didn't know the man. More to drink. Drink he does. "Have you looked round Laketown ways for work? There have been a couple of attacks, no doubt plenty of work for a sword to find."

"Attacks, you say? Odd enough, I haven't heard a word about those. Best gossip I've heard from Laketown for a while's some watery bint climbed out of the lake in just some sheer cloth an' showed herself off to all the boys just to save some dumber bint what jumped in t'drown herself; got the dockworkers there mighty excited…but you know dockworkers," Drae grins, turning to Alek, with a wink. "A fine right pair's ALWAYS bigger news than flying arrows. At least, until the nastier side of war starts coming in, for certain."

"Corsairs," the word is about spit out by Alek. "The week or so back, ship of 'em from what a heard. Small ship, hit the docks. Heard ther ebeen other attacks along the river. " The grin is returned to the leader of the men, Alek soon smirking,"Finer sight fer certain as well. Rather have a right pair to be looking at then any arrows flying about. "

And…the 'boys' are in the back around a table being rowdy and..well..guys. Though Johan is fiercely guarding Bryony's basket of herby, flowery things.

Johan waves his flagon Alek's way while he explains the more recent attacks. Then there is the matter of The Pair. Johan just cracks a grin. That's something to raise his drink to as well. It's a good night for drink raising. "I was in Rhaedan when it all happened. Don't know much of it other than has been gossiped around town, but even that is been lost under the busines of festivals and royal weddings."

The sellsword waves a hand dismissively in front of his face. "Festivals and Royal Weddings don't make for very good work for men like us. Metal boys like you, perhaps," he grins, "But rarely for the Draketails. And MAN…Alek, you said your name was? I'll drink t'that for certain!" His flagon is raised again, and a silent signal is cast out for the barkeep to send a wench to refill all of the flagons that will surely be needing it after so many toasts. "To tits!"

Alek raises his flagon Johan's way,"Oh, so was I. But that is the one good thing about the job, I get to listen to the endless messengers that bring the news to and fro. Of course not such fine gossip as you were hearing," nodding Draelos' way. That sor of stuff spreads like wildfire all it's own. "Alek is is, ye." Giving a smirk before drinking to the latest toast, from the fallen to tits, any reason to toast and drink back a bit of ale it would seem.

Up goes the flagon again! Luckily it's Johan's hammer arm. He's got this. "To pillows and jugs, to knockers and twins," he adds, which is of course, a drift back and forth raise of his flagon, and finally, "And the most lily white perfect tits." And another drink. Long deep drink with a bit of dribble again and a wipe of the back of his hand. "The dock gossip spills over to the crafters corner," he says as he sloucheback. "Hear all manner. The festivals were not so good for me as I had hoped. War time and battles turn up more work for me than weddings. Weddings…the women take the purse strings and buy up fancy fabrics."

The Draketails cheer for each of Johan's toasts, and then cheer once for him as well. Awww…he made some friends!

"Festivals be damned, never did us a lick of good," Draelos declares, before not-so-subtley giving his men a look that seems to scream, 'That's our story and we're sticking to it, ya hear?' "I'd say wartime's best for business, but what's a man to profit to gain some coin and lose a friend?" he asks, before one of his men answers, "A bigger cut of the coin?" - before promptly being thumped on the head by the fellow to his right.

"No, 'tis Treasure Hunting time that does the best for us, I'd say. And the best for /you/ too, metal boy," he grins, "For when the Draketails come loaded back with treasure…we all get us some new swords, eh lads?" And there is more drinking. This time, for new swords, which Johan is /certain/ to be pleased about.

While Alek does raise on to the toasts Johan offers, ale being drunk. The knight gives Johan and bit of a kick, perhaps a reminder to the man…the newly /married/ man. Giving a roll of his eyes and a shake of his head, maybe he'll have to make a threat that sinks in for longer. "Now, I saw some fancy weapons being handed about at the last few fine ta-do weddings. Though definitly more of the fine and fancy fabrics. Not sure why they bother, don't that all just get ripped of shortly after they all sneak off? Seems a waste of coin ta me." It seems over all Alek seems quite happy to just keep quiet about the matter of making coin. There never was exactly a money making time in his career.

Ouch! Johan jerks a bit and glances under the table, then turns his gradually glossing eyes Alek's way. "Oy then! They are just that!" Which was probably no better. Boasting to the tavern the state of his wife's tits. But hey! New swords! Up goes the flagon. This time when he brings it down, it's empty, which is disapointing. He turns in his seat to call for aother, but there's a buxom maid there on cue with a tray of ale to apease the drunken table. Speaking of a pair. A new ale is taken with a crooked grin and belatedly raised for swords. "If you do not drink your haul away and spend nights with the brothel girls before you ever make it to the forge," Johan points out. He points it with his flagon, sloshing a little over the edge into the precious basket. "Or cut off with one of those fancy blades," he suggests. Fancy swords for fancy gowns and corsets.

Hazel eyes scan the room as Bryony enters and searches for her husband. Not that he's hard to find. One corner of her mouth twists upwards into a wry grin as she finds him in his all too familiar position of drink in hand. Weaving through the crowd, the healer makes her way to the boys' club. A hand reaches out to find the smith's shoulder, resting lightly there as she gives a nod to his companions. Leaning in, the woman drops a quick kiss to his cheek. "Someone will be sleeping well tonight," she teases. "What have I missed?"

"Nah, we don't spend so much on the whores, not since Cumberbatch got too friendly w' one of 'em," Draelos laughs, then leans to Alek and holds a hand up to one side of his mouth, so that the others can't read his lips and whispers, "We call her 'Bushoven', if you know what I mean."

And then the woman enters, and there is much bowing and pathetically cordial attention paid to the only woman in the room who's quite respectable right now - the buxom wench having taken her leave.

Alek gives an appauled look Draelos' way,"There's such a thing as being to friendly with a whore?" But then comes that whisper and he is nodding,"Oh oy…then. " Having to give that sad shake of his head. But then there is Bryony and he is sending her an ever charming smile. Thogh he coughs a at her teasing questions, deciding with the ever simple summary of,"Just a bit of drinking, though Johan here was just regalling us about some of your finer assets."

Hey! There's a Bryony. Whatever he would have commented on being friendly with whores is put on hold. Johan looks a little surprised at the hand and the kiss, then surprised when he looks and it is not a barmaid. Big grin. He reaches out to hook his arm around Bryony's hips to pull her along to his lap, and waves a hand for a flagon for the woman amidst the wolves. What has she missed? "Far too many names to be remembered from the Draketails there - " When Alek chimes in, Johan grunts, "A man can be proud of his wife's gifts!" Looking to Bryony, he says more evenly, "And as it happens, lovie, you have the finest assets in the place."

Bryony gives Drae a friendly smile, laughing as she is tugged into her husband's lap. One arm slips about his shoulders as she settles in. The drunken compliment turns her cheeks scarlet and, for a moment, she appears uncomfortable. "Oh, sweet-" The healer finds a smile and looks to Johan. "Thank you, my dearest. I am going to assume that you were speaking of my gifts as an apothecary… A pleasure to meet you, Master Draketail. And you and I are going to have a discussion later, Alek…" It doesn't promise to be an awesome conversation. She's such a downer.

"The pleasure is ours," Draelos announces of him and his group (of which there are…what, 6? 7?) "And I'm no master, my lady. I just lead m'boys over here - we're the Draketails, y'see - this one is Gnarly, this one is Jimbo, this one is -"

And without any further necessary cue, before Draelos can speak to shut him up, one of the Draketails calls out, "Show us them lily white tits!"

Alek is plenty happy to fall back into silence after his all so helpful summary, drawing a bit more on his ale. Thogh he gives a blink when Bryony is looking to him and saying they have to talk later. He gives her a 'What? What did I do?' sort of look. After all surely she'd want to know her husband is….and then comes that fine call from the one Draketail and Alek's eyes are cutting over towards the man. Maybe at least he's no longer going to be the one in trouble with Bryony now! And really he should be mad at Johan, not him!

Johan's answer to the call is to reach to his hip, to pull up the heavy one handed axe and drop it with a clunk on the table. He sets that arm back around Bry's hips again then as he raises his flagon to the Draketails. "You lot can just take my word for it, unless you think my word is no good -" He flashes a toothy grin over his flagon, as laid bck and good natured as it had been all night. He continues to be oblivious to the Looks exchanged between Alek and Bryony. "Right!" he calls a little out of the blue. "I have your basket." It's right there on the table. Flowery herbs, or herby flowers, that are not a bit ale-y along with the other -ys.

Bryony's color heightens at the call and one dark eyebrow lifts as she turns her face towards the one calling out. Feeling the shifting beneath her, her eyes widen as Johan places the ax on the table. "So… we were discussing…" Her gaze returns to her husband, more than a bit of ire showing itself. "Right… Well, it would be terrible to interrupt what is clearly such good company, but I have much to attend to on the morrow." The woman begins working her way to her feet. "I'll just take my basket and return to the room."

As the woman prepared to leave, Draelos readies a hand over an empty flagon…and promptly brains his compatriot with it, as soon as her back is to them. "Idiot, first you get us kicked out of the only whorehouse within a league, then you scare off our new friend's wife. One of these days, Cumberbatch, you're going to learn that women need to be treated like flowers; not plucked and embarassed to death." There is a murmur of approval from the rest of the Draketails, and a short moment of silence before one of them calls out, "To Cumberbatch getting clobbered!" …and then there is a rousing cheer, because seriously, I hope you didn't expect this lot to have any respect.

Alek just shakes his head before shooting Bryony a bit of a look, he did try to warn her about the topic of conversation that had been at hand. ANd yet he was the one in trouble. Probably still is. Least Johan has silenced the lot on the topic for the moment. The man still sighs and thunks his empty flagon to the table and makes to get up as well. "Fear I best be getting on myself, night patrol ta get ta. A fine pleasure meeting ya all." Giving an extra nod of his head towards Johan before lengthening his strides to catch up with Bryony, calling,"Bryony, if you're heading ta the keep, let me walk with you."

"Oy! Bryony - We weren't discussing 'your' tits! Well not at first- " Johan really should not have started so early in the day. He starts to try to pull Bryony back, but thinks better of it after the first tug. Instead he reaches for his axe to get it back in hand starts to rise as well. Alek is taking after her though - probably best, leave the bestie to cool her off first - and there was the latest toast. Johan turns long enough to raise his flagon to the lastest, icy icy eyes turned on the one that is Cumberbatch.

Bryony cannot seem to walk fast enough, her hands clenched into fists at her sides. Alek manages to catch up with her and receives a quick nod of acceptance before she exits.

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