A Cautionary Tale

A Cautionary Tale
Summary: Giving some time for recovery, Morla finally pays Collette a visit at the infirmary only to encounter Augusts as she issues some brutal warnings for the young couple.
Date: 29 July 2013
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Laketown - Temple Infirmary
The infirmary is a large open room with beds lining the walls. Between the beds rest small tables that range from being empty as the bed next to it to being covered with bandages, basins and countless jars of salves, and perhaps the stray memento or three for the patient it is near. Several of the beds have privacy screens that are set up around them, and other screens can be seen rest towards the back of the room with the many row of cupboards that most likely hold countless bandages and herbs, salves and teas for the healers and apothecaries that work there. Additional cupboards have been placed between every third bed or so as well.

With serving not only those of the Temple but those of Laketown and any who have been brought requesting aid, there is near always some soul being looked after or tended to within the infirmary by one of the Priests, Priestess or Acolytes of the Temple. There is but a single door that leads to and from the room, though it is wide enough for several to pass through at once, especially for those who may be carrying injured upon stretchers.

29 July 1329

Days had come and gone since that fateful day at the docks, much rest had been gotten by Collette and the Temple in general had seen that she was well looked after. The Mother Superior, herself, coming now and again to check upon the woman. Today appearing to be such a day as Tylon padded into the room after a light knock, offering one of her calm smiles to the young woman. "Good day, Mistress Collette. You are looking much better of late, a lovely bit of color is coming back to you I see." Moving over to the lass as she yet rests in the bed, "A visitor has come to see you today, and before you fret over it any for I know the thought has not thrilled you these days past." Talking as she yet situates pillows and 'helps' Collette settle into a comfortable enough sitting position, "I have their assurance of respecting the Temple, thus you'll be safe and fine." She'd seen well enough how the girl fretted about people coming around at times.

Once happy with how the pillows are, even lightly tucking one of Collette's wayward curls back…not that it does a lot of good in the long run, Tylon does call back towards the door, "Lady Morla, we are ready for you."

Giving the Mother Superior ample time to announce her impending arrival and prepare the former Lohstren for the visit, the ivory Flower remains calm and still just outside the infirmary. When the call is give, Morla carefully runs her hands over her skirts to smooth the fabric and carries herself into the room with a cool measure of grace. Wintery depths drift about the infirmary and contents therein before offering a faint dip of her head in recognition of the Reverend Mother, "I thank you, Mother Superior, for your cordiality." Yet her gaze does not linger there and is instead easily drawn to the rather invalid demeanor of her once sister. There is the faintest narrowing of eyes as she approaches with a tone all too reserved to be genial, "Collette. I see you are still yet amongst the living. I am scarcely surprised by such."

Augustus, having arrived as requested, leaves his men outside the Temple as he calmly makes his way inside and waits to be escorted to the Infirmary this time compared to the last. For which the young Acolyte announces Augustus who smiles warmly to the Acolyte and steps into the room.

Augustus spots the Lohstren noble and Tylon and Collette and smiles as the latter two brightly and gives the Lohstren noble a polite but much cooler smile. "Mother Superior I was told I was needed… Is there something I can do to be of aid?" he turns to look at Morla and bows a bit . "Lady…. "

When Tylon enters the room, Collette offers her a warm smile "Good day… Good day… I believe it would be even better if I could ride on my Arrow…" dreamily drawls the young girl. However, quite quickly all her thoughts are interrupted by that word, which usually makes Collette flinch - "Guest". Mistress frowns and follows Mother Superior with her russet eyes "Guest? Is it my lord? Please, tell me it's my lord!" joyfully utters young girl, but a different name leaves the throat of Tylon.

Collette frowns and moves to the farthest side of her bed, away from the place where that guest might enter. When the woman, who was a sister in the past, shows up and addresses Collette, she just cants her head and does not say a word. A few deep breaths are taken. There is not anger in girl's eyes. But there is no love. There is nothing in those amber eyes. Collette starts brushing her wild curls with the hand, canting her head to another side.

At that moment a man comes inside and those cool amber eyes fulfill with flames of the most warm feelings. The girl wants to jump from her bed, but a strange pain stops her, making just eyebrows frown briefly. "My lord, you came!" and she just extends her hands wishing to hug the man. Though there are too many people around the bed and it may be too hard. So, hands are lowered again, but those russet eyes remains on Augustus.

At the mention of the horse, Tylon offers a soft murmur, "I do not know that we can offer that, but Brother Destrian has a few mounts that may be suitable for a short ride in a day or so." With the arrival of Lady Morla, Tylon does move to stand and slip back a bit in order to allow the two once sisters to speak. Offering a respectful bow of her head in return to Morla, "You are welcome, Lady Morla. " A faint glance between the woman, not the warmest of family reunions, but not unexpected really.

The arrival at the door does draw Tylon's gaze, a bow of her head offered to the lord,"Sir Augustus, good day and yes." Simply offering up introductions, unknowing if they've formally met, "This is Lady Morla Lohstren, and Lady Morla, this is Sir Augustus Auldholme." Offering no more for the Lord, he's a smart man, he'll figure out why he was sent for soon enough.

Gaze slipping slowly from the brown-curled woman over towards the arriving man at the mention of the greeting, the ivory-tressed noblewoman returns with a faint dip of her head in return, "Sir Auldholme." Pale eyes drift back to regard the Temple Priestess before the sound of the other woman's exuberance draws her once more with a slight scowl, "Really Collette, do temper yourself. There is no reason to behave like some common whore. I am certain this is not the first visit Sir Auldholme has made, nor do I daresay it is likely to be the last. One would think he was a bone and you nothing more than some hungry mongrel the way you conduct yourself." Pausing for a moment to allow her features to smooth over once more, Morla begins anew in a cool manner, "Always screaming for attention. First with your fleeing and then with your failed attempt at suicide. Really, when will it end."

Augustus arches a brow at the language used by this Morla, but keeps his mouth closed on such an issue for now. Figuring even the Mother Superior would know that Collette has remained untouched and still quite pure. "Do you think we can be a bit more civil and use more proper language while were in this temple Lady /Morla/ as you seem more inclined to be hanging with sailors than nobility with how you wag that tongue. " He moves up to pay his respects to Tylon and gives her hands, should she allow it, a kiss before turning to sit beside Collette and for a moment taking Collette's hand and soothingly caresses it to try and keep the young woman's emotions under control.

Collette squeezes the hand of the lord with both her hands. She smiles to him warmly and slightly nods her head as a promise to control her emotions. Moreover, today she feels quite good. Quite good. But the hand of the beloved man will help even more.

Collette calmly turns her russet gaze at Morla. "Really? Me? Always seeking attention?" a soft laugh ripples through the room "Wait… Was it you or me, who got all the attention? I was the one, who spent her days in the shadows, while you all thought that I was just the baby, who is good for wearing pretty dresses. Now, that baby grew up, my lady. I make my own decisions and you are not the one to judge or command," Collette grins at the woman in front of her "Family is like a small flowers' garden. If you take care of each flower equally, you have very pretty garden. But if you forget to give some water for one of the flowers and you let others to overgrowth that one… That one flower may become the weed. You can toss it away, but there will be no symmetry. We will have an empty place. Our garden will never be the same, will never be as beautiful as it was. We can leave that one different flower, but she will never be happy around these others, who care just about themselves…" Collette takes one of her curls, just to whirl around the finger "What your flower garden looks like depends on how you take care of it, my dear…"

Collette turns her russet eyes to Tylon, "Mother Superior, it would be very nice, if you could gift me just one day. One day of the riding. You have no idea how I missed that!"

But for a brief moment, Collette turns to add to Morla, "Now we have what we have. I am the richest person in the world because my heart is happy. I found not just love and respect, but the light. I finally saw the light and I get water. I can bloom again. And even more brighter than before…" Collette glances at the lord with the gaze full of love and admiration. She finishes, "I see no reason, why you should be here with your anger and disrespect. I found a new garden and you may fill yours with another flower. Try to find the one, who likes shadows, not the sun, my lady. I am happy now. I never was so happy. If you came here, hoping that your lectures will make me sad or that you will see me sad, sorry, I have to disappoint you…"

The mention of sailors does cause Tylon to glance briefly in the direction of the main temple, the upsurge in sailors had still not really faded. And certain Chosen were not entirely amused. But the Temple Priestess' attention is drawn back as Augustus pauses to greet her, a faint dip of her head and a calm smile at the kisses he delivers to her hands.

Gently fading to the wall as the talk is had, knowing too well that differing Houses, never mind the varying classes themselves, had differing opinions concerning what was and was not proper behavior. A faint nod to Collette to acknowledge the riding request, specifics could be worked later. Bare toes giving a faint wiggle before her robes settle, hands calmly folding in front of her as she simply keeps a silent and calm presence for the moment. Her purpose more to ensure physical peace, then to mediate words this day.

Augustus' words are met with a slow arch of her elegant brow, as Morla shifts those wintery depths in his direction, "My dear Sir Augustus, if such words offend you I would advise you seek thicker armor — fore you are deigned to hear far worse should you ascend to the seat of your house someday. I am well aware of the edicts of temple and can assure you my words are far better received than any ill-thought acts of suicide. While we might deem a life utterly worthless, it is not for us to decide when it is we are to die. That remains for the Guardians alone."

The March Flower then turns slowly as the words come by direction of the bed, lips pressed into a thin line while she listens quietly to her former sister's words. With each turn and twist of the analogy, her brow arches further before finally addressing in a somber manner, "You were given plenty of attention, Collette, perhaps too much if truth be told. You were indulged and never left for want of anything. Any trinket, dress, whatever you desired - you were afforded the luxury to pursue, unhindered by the restrictions impressed upon most of our station. Yet it was never enough. Somewhere within that warped little head of yours, you always wanted more." Morla pauses for a moment before continuing, "In a garden, my dear, it is impossible to water only one without nourishing all. For the soil, itself, absorbs and disperses it appropriately as is its very nature. Yet those left without the parameters of structure can frequently twist and warp until their roots seek to suffocate all the others and drag them down with it into nothing more than decay. I will concede, however, someone should have taken a switch to your backside long before to impress upon you the importance of respect and structure — and in that, we did fail you."

Shaking her head slowly, Morla eyes her former sister, "You are too blind to see you have nothing left and never shall. There will be no marriage to Sir Augustus, not unless he wishes to lose everything he has in return. Nor will there be any kingdoms or castles to rule. Prince Jerric will never restore your title or grant sanction to a marriage with a traitor and it is only a matter of time before he kicks you from the North as well. You have nothing, Collette. You are nothing more than a hollow husk of a selfish and irritable woman."

Augustus can only grin at Lady Morla when she speaks, "So you have it on good authority do you, on how My prince will act? I'm sure he'd love to know that you think and talk for him. I agree he's not entirely happy with the situation I brought before him but We… " as he looks to Collette, "… are doing what he decreed. So unless you have an official statement saying you're the mouth of my prince and have somehow switched allegiances, I will not and cannot take your word for his actions. You have disowned and disavowed Collette and while she might not be welcomed back into your home, there yet may be hope for her to be welcomed in mine." He thinks for a bit.

"You see I've always heard that you from the South assume we have the coldest of hearts and cruelest of natures; but the fact is, that is not always the case. More like how I at time envy the common people as even when one of them mess up, they at least stick together as a unit and support one another compared to us as we all seem to look for the opportunity to stab each other in the back. Why in all the Gods names would you give a care where Collette ended up as long as she was happy? She knows she has no future in your household. She is last born and has no position, at least what I was trying and if given time will give her is a home and a purpose. Though it will remain on the wishes and desires of my lord and prince and our ability to show him that Collette has worth to him to remain in the north. As sister, I'd have thought you'd have the decency to at least be content and happy that your sister found happiness. Not to be come bitter at such an event."

"And you came here to say what I already knew?" Collette shakes her head after Lord Augustus finishes. "You are wasting your time," she squeezes the hand of the lord slightly, "First of all, you gave me doodahs and that was the most disrespect for me. Your family did not care, that /that/ baby may be worth not the gauds, but the respect and… Have you ever asked my opinion on some matters? Have you ever cared of my suggestions? No. All you said was "Do you want a new dress?"

Collette raises her finger to her head and gently knocks, "I have brains. I can be very useful. I had the best tutor ever. I learned a lot, because I saw a lot. .." Collette's hand gets back near Augustus', "I risked because I was looking for the light. I followed the man into the place where people's brain and knowledge are worth something. You may not believe that. Everyone thinks that I am just a crazy little stupid girl. But I am not. And I will show /that/ for Prince Jerric." This time her voice is very firm and self-confident, "I feel that /that/ man is wise enough to understand that not all people who are leaving their families are traitors - that they may be a treasure. Especially, when these people come to them."

Collette turns her gaze back to Augustus and shrugs, "Though, if people are blind even in the North… Though, I can't believe this. I will be happy to love without titles, lands, and home. And I will be happy. And I will be HAPPY! Way more happy than those who will have their titles, money, and lands - but not the person beside them with who they can trust… who they could love and feel these butterflies flying in your heart. When eyes of the love looks at you… All who can't feel that are just… They just have not lived at all. And I just can send a sympathy for them."

Collette turns her sparkling eyes back to Morla, "If you do not have anything more to say, without these strange warnings, you may go and find yourself what to do, I believe. It's quite funny that you call me silly and too young, when you are the one who came here with the stick to jab the body, as you would like to check if he is really dead. That looks quite childish. Especially, when you are jabbing pretty alive creatures and you are trying to finish it with some guessing and offensive words. Sadly, you do not look wise, saying what we already now, my dear. You do not look wise and you will not make me be afraid, because I have what you don't," and Collette turns to place a peck on the cheek of the lord. "It's love," whispers Collette.

"Good authority? I believe my years of political study and common sense dictate more than enough authority upon the matter, Sir Augustus. No future king, nor seated King, can afford to ever bestow title upon one deemed a traitor to their former kingdom - even should such kingdom prove to be a current enemy. To do so opens them up to a liability for their own perceived future and protection of citizens. A traitor cannot help but betray again should enough incentive arise, it is but their nature," Morla explains calmly, "And no amount of act shall ever erase that blemish from Collette's character. She has nothing significant enough of trade and no means by which to atone for her acts that would remotely warrant Prince Jerric, or King Braec, for that matter willing to risk unrest amongst their own council and noble houses. You may wish to see her restored, Sir Augustus, pushed to such by the stirrings of your heart. Yet I can promise you that you are alone in that sentiment amongst your peerage."

Falling silent for a few more moments in consideration of the Auldholme heir's words, the pale March Flower finally continues, "Her happiness is of none of my concern, in that, you are correct. However, I am compelled to ensure that every strike against House Lohstren and the Southern Crown is handled accordingly. Collette is a poison that touches everyone and everything in her wake. Mark my words, Sir Augustus, she will destroy everything you own if you continue to rule with your heart over your mind. When you are left with nothing, neither house nor title to call your own — it is then she will cast you aside as useless and concoct some form of lie about how you betrayed her when she needed you most. It is not love which drives her actions, Milord, it is a lust for power of her own and a promise that she shall one day sit at the side of a Head of House. Her hands are forever stained with the blood of her victims, stains that shall never be cleansed no matter how hard she tries. She has slain her own father, how in the name of any Guardian, can you deem yourself an exemption to her touch?"

Shaking her head slowly as Collette blusters with a passionate flair, Morla shakes her head in somber reply, "Intelligent women do not undertake the actions you have, Collette, and sane women do not fling themselves into the sea out of false lament. I wish you both the best of luck convincing others of the delusions you both apparently share." Those wintery depths cast one final look upon her former sister as she offers simply, "We are done, You and I, just as you have wanted for so many years. From this day onward, I shall mourn for the sister that could have been and forever pity the blind wretch she has become. We will hold a proper burial for all your belongings, casting them deep into the earth where every memory of you belongs, Collette. Arrow, for his innocence, shall be gifted as a betrothal gift to the Lady Prada upon her marriage to Sir Xander," glancing between the young couple, her hands smooth her skirts one more time before bowing her head, "I bid you both a good day."

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