A Coward's Tale

A Coward's Tale
Summary: Following a day of Festival events, Morla and Eldrick gather within the Taniford Pavilion to discuss the rumors regarding Collette's presence at the tournament.
Date: 14 July 2013
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Taniford Pavillion — Laketown Tournament Grounds
A nice oversized pavilion bearing the Taniford colors with seating and a few tables of food.
July 14, 1329

The setting of the sun on the day's events finds the pavilion mostly deserted save for a few armed guards wearing Lohstren colors which circle around the March Flower. Most appear to be silent in their vigil, but a few seem to be taking turns regaling the pale lady with details of the earlier events. "I swear I thought my heart would be still, Milady, but it was her alright. I'd known those curls anywhere. She seems to have been welcomed fully by the North - has even taken to wearing their colors," the one guard hesitates for a moment, "Are you sure you really wish me to continue?"

Jaw tightening with each passing recounting tale of the other woman, Morla nods stiffly, "I believe it is a necessity, yes. Do either of you have any idea where she might be passing her evenings? Does she share is tent as well? Or is she residing in one of the Inns?" Barely pausing between her questions, she continues with further instruction, "Burhan, I would like you to make inquiries about the tournament discreetly. See if you might be able to track down Collette and once you do, send word to me at once. There are a few matters I have to discuss with the woman, and the festival shall not continue forever."

The gray-templed guard bows his head in acceptance and turns upon his heels to head out to the task, leaving the Lohstren woman one guard less as she reaches to pluck a fresh apple from a bowl.

Eldrick returns to the Taniford pavilion walking silently alongside one of his several squires. Snatches of the conversation reach his ear by the time that the eldest surviving child of Count Lohstren enters the tent proper, passing Burhan as he does so. He acknowledges wordlessly any who acknowledge him, but verbally greets only, "Morla."

Turning with the apple in hand to greet her brother, lips curl softly, "El, want an apple?" she makes an offer of her own before dismissing the other informative guard with a nod of her head. Pale eyes drift briefly towards the departing Burhan with a deep sigh, "I truly hope he is successful. I do so hate leaving matters unresolved." Those same eyes slide back towards her elder brother as she continues, "Simple exile and disownment is not enough. Not after what has happened to Father."

Eldrick nods mutely in thanks to the offered apple, accepting it and drawing out a small knife to cut the fruit open, habitually checking the apple's core for worms or rot. "Collette," he notes quietly, not phrased as a question. "I named her a traitor to the crown, Morla." The knight's words are spoken quiet and even. "Should she ever again set foot on Taniford land, I must take her head. What more would ought we seek?"

"Something, El… any remote sign of remorse or humanity for what she has done," Morla counters softly with another sigh. She draws closer, reaching over to grab another apple from the bowl for herself as she continues, "Declaring one a traitor to the crown has no real bearing upon one who holds that same crown in such low regard. She will simply avoid stepping foot upon the Southern lands again while gloating all the while about how she has bested us all. Such arrogance and conceit is her way." Reaching to withdraw a small handkerchief from the cuff of her sleeve, the pale Flower begins polishing her apple with care, "I want to see her, El, to look her in the eyes and hear from her own lips why she betrayed us all. I want her to know first hand the consequences of her actions and I want her to atone. Truly, it is not too much to ask for. Then, and only then, can I bury her things beneath the dirt and leave them to rot."

"I daresay you will not find it," Eldrick comments, maintaining his level, quiet tone. "I know not whether something in the Auldholme heir changed her, or whether there was such a… pit of jealousy at her heart since youth. She is now finally special: she has surpassed Daly's infamy." A slow breath drawn and let out before he takes a first bite of apple.

Nose wrinkling slightly with visible disdain for the truth of her brother's spoken words, Morla takes a small bite of her apple. Mulling over the reality with each bite, she eventually swallows before relenting slightly, "Perhaps not, but I will not let her take the cowardly way out. If she loathes me with all the passion of the burning sun, I mean to hear it from her own lips. I grow so weary of dealing with pampered spoiled children that seem to believe their tantrums will move the world about them. She does not get to parade about like some jewel of the North, ignoring the repercussions for her actions. She has to face us eventually, El."

"They will err," Eldrick states after a moment. "On one day or the next, the North will err. They shall overstep, and then- if the Guardians allow- she-who-was-my-sister shall receive the remains of her precious Auldholme, and know the despair her treachery has caused our good parents. There is justice, my dear sister. We must be patient to see it, but there is yet justice in the world, and it shall prove a bitter truth to those intemperate children."

Lips twist slightly as Morla turns her full attentions upon her brother, quirking a brow, "El, my dearest brother, you make for a terrible liar." Her words echo almost flatly, yet she finally does concur to a degree, "However, I have no doubt they will overstep, or at the very least, Collette shall the first moment she is denied her way. I still wish to see her one last time so that she knows /exactly/ the gravity of the choices she has made. She was committed enough to betray House and Kingdom, to abandon family and friends - in part which she claims she was led to do by her jealousy of me? Well then, she can most certainly be brave enough to tell me to my face of her intense loathing and that it was worth the potential murder of Father." She pauses for but a moment before adding lightly, "And if she will not come to me, then I will go to her. Justice can do nothing for those who are too cowardly to face it, El."

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