A Friend In Need

A Friend In Need
Summary: Princess Amira knows she's going south but embraces the opportunity to have a known loyal friend join her.
Date: 27/Sep/2013
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Amira Kameron 

Brivey Keep - Lower Bailey
The lower bailey of the keep is devoted to the working class and the bulk of Brivey's soldiers with a main gravelled path leading toward the upper bailey. To the left past the portcullis sit the stables, and beside that the two-story barracks for the men-at-arms. To the right of the barracks a makeshift training arena is roped off to keep passersby at a safe distance. To the right of the path, a long, low building houses the healers' clinic. The path heads west toward the barbican and east to a stone three-step stairway leading into the adjoining courtyard. One is able to look through the arch into the upper bailey.
Fri Sep 27, 1329

Kameron is sitting on the small stairway leading into the courtyard. He's off duty, so he's wearing his noble clothing, immaculately pressed and perfectly cleaned. He has his sketchbook in his lap, and he's drawing something from off in the courtyard.

Amira is easy to spot in the lower bailey, where the working class and the bulk of soldiers mingle. The radiant crimson gown of smooth flowing fabric tied with a waist belt of gold is enough to turn heads, though the woman's regale bearing is what probably causes most to step out of her way and bow. Only the guards strolling behind her don't follow suit. She's looking for something or someone. Her steps aren't without purpose, but they are chosen carefully so that she doesn't place her foot in an ill placed horse leavings. Instead of the barracks, she is heading off toward the healer's clinic, but that doesn't mean her eyes aren't assessing those that are mingling around the barracks.

Kameron looks up from his sketching and notices Amira. He slaps the leather bound book closed and quickly pushes to his feet, stepping over towards her. "Princess," he offers as he approaches. "You, um… Hi." He makes an awkward little smile, and shrugs, "I've not seen you much lately…" And then he remembers, and offers her a bow.

Amira is not in the viper's nest of enemies, so her guards don't react quite as prompt as they will be acting in the south. So she simply gives them a smile to disarm them from keeping too close to her when Kameron approaches. There's no need for her to be smothered in loyal protectors after all, not on such friendly grounds. Her steps do stop, momentarily, pivoting toward the Lord of Hallstrom. "Sir Kameron," there's an expected return of a greeting, warmed with a pert little smile, watching his awkwardness without a show of her own. She seems a little more sure of herself, at least, "I have spent much time consulting the Four in between taking care of the treasury. It's been much," she takes a pause to consider her words, "Safer within the walls of the Brivey." She doesn't keep him from bowing, as there are appearances to keep up after all, instead she politely waits for him to straighten before she continues and starts to move oneward, "Walk with me Sir Kameron."

Kameron gets a sort of dumb smile, and he nods, like a puppy, before he falls in line just a half-step behind her. "Of course." He scratches the back of his neck, "I um… heh… Some of the other guards have been talking. They said, well… They said you were going to be leaving." He looks at her, a little sadness in the crease of his brow. "Is it true?"

Amira has taken to a slower gait now, not necessarily wanting to rush her trip to the healer's clinic now that she has a known companion at her side, offering him quick glances every now and then, unable to keep herself from smiling at his own smile. It's just that infectious. "They did not lie," she tells him, hands clasped ever so at her middle, "I am tasked with a mission of importance, which will take me South, as it were." Into the heart of unknown territory, at least for her. She considers Kameron for a moment, "Does that displease you?"

Kameron shrugs, "Well, yes. I mean, no. I mean…" He sighs, and shakes his head, "I'm sorry. You have your duties, just as I, Princess. Doing as we must is what we do." He smiles once more, his wide, toothy grin. "The south is beautiful this time of year, I'm told," he then offers, always the optimist.

Amira draws up her hand toward the loose curls hanging over her shoulder, flicking them back absently as her blue eyes regard Kameron, "And what are your duties Sir?" she asks him, almost drawing him to a stop with her steps, as she did after all, make it in front of the healer clinic. Her attention bounces once back toward it before lingering on Kameron, "I'm sure if you've heard of my leaving, you must've heard about my interest in taking on another Royal guardsman to keep me safe on the journey?" This is where she steps up close to him, enough to say in hushed tones, brushing her arm against his, palm pressed against his arm, as if he were in need of council and she was giving him encouragement, "I am hopeful I'll have one friend who can come with me, someone I can trust."

Kameron stops when she does, his sleepy brown eyes sharp and attentive on hers, unafraid to make that eye contact even with their difference in station. "My duty is to the crown. To your brother, the Prince. And of course," a little smirk, "to the Princess." He tightens his arm muscle just slightly under her touch and his lips curl gently upward. "I would trust no one else with your well being, Princess." He straightens a bit, proud, "I'll speak with the Prince about the matter immediately."

She does withdraw her hands soon after the gesture has been made, so that any who are on looking simply see a knight trying to gain favour and the Princess giving him a little pat on the arm for it. A very innocent interaction, as public as it is. She does not look away from Kameron's brown eyes, relief and satisfaction showing in her own features as he agrees, in a round about way, "I do not know what awaits me, either on the road South or once I get there. Though what ever it is, I need to know that those who come with me will protect me from whatever could happen. It is a risky mission Sir Kameron, one that should not be taken so easily by a Lord of his House." She takes a deep breath, needing to say these things before willingly asking the man to risk it all, "Thank you Sir Kameron. I do hope that he agrees to release you to my service."

Kameron nods, "I take my role quite seriously, Princess. If it is to protect you, then I'll die before you're hurt, and it will be my last breath that saves you." Then he smirks, "I'm SO not a poet," and he looks away, kind of embarrassed, shrugging. "I ummm, yeah." He sighs, and looks back at her, "I should go. I'll need to see the Prince, and prepare for a trip." He offers a reassuring smile then, looking directly at her with that intensity he so easily musters, "I'll see to it we're safe. I promise." He bows, then, and waits a moment for her to indicate he may go.

"I hope it never comes to that Sir Kameron," she says with a light tone, one that is concerned for the possibility and for her friend's declaration to be her champion, no matter what was to come of himself. There is a soft chime of laughter from her for his smirk, "You do not need to be a poet to express your honour Sir Kameron. You're doing just fine." She folds her hands before her, watching him with a kindness that resonates through her entire expression, a soft curled smile, bright eyes, and an sense of understanding. "We leave on the morrow if the weather holds. So you best be quick about finding the crown Prince." She regards that intensity with a soft batting of eyes, "I know you will, which is why I am glad I came across you." She bobs her head, "I will hope to see you in the morning. Good eve Sir." She grants him that leave to go, turning quite casually to head into the clinic, where she'll get the items she'll need for the long trip South.

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