A Hunt Turns Social Gathering

A Hunt Turns Social Gathering
Summary: Collette and Amira go for a hunt and are soon joined by many others
Date: 30/April/2013
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Deep Woods - Taniford Wilderness
The road connecting Laketown in the north and Wolveshire in the south is a winding one, cutting through the looming Althearan blackwood trees. Made with carts and wagons in mind, the road winds around the larger of the hills. Those monstrous blackwoods tower overhead; in summer the leaves provide a canopy from the sun and skeletons of the branches reach out in the winter, like a dead man's fingers. Around one of the bends the road opens up and grass has grown in a meadow, free from the shade of the trees. A favorite spot for weary travelers, a small spring provides a steady stream of fresh, cool water. And since it's a favorite of travelers, it is also a favorite of bandits that make the woods their home. Some call it a waystation, while other's name it the 'bandit hole.' To the north, one may find themselves in Laketown, while the south leads to Wolveshire.
Tuesday, April 30, 1329

The sprawling avenues in Wolveshire are broader than most towns. The buildings are spaced far apart and most have small courtyards
The morning of the hunt dawned bright and clear in what promises to be a beautiful spring day. Just leaving out of the town proper, Amira is atop her horse, her cloak boasting house Rhaedan over her shoulders, fastened across her chest with a gold fastening. Underneath, she wears her red tunic and leather armor, a quiver attached to her belt with red fletching peeking over the top. Her bow is in her hand, across her horse. Behind her are her two guards and a Varghem guard and with Collette, her own personal guards with a Varghem guard. The pace they set is slow while they are looking for tracks.

The clear spring morning is broken by a Westmark lord singing as he takes a morning stroll. He is followed by a single guard who follows his lord with due attention. Armon sings a grim tale about a maidens virtue about to be taken by the hands of corsairs, when a Westmark captain who spots the raiding party lands his crew and thwarts the attempt.

<FS3> Armon rolls Singing: Success.

"But we are so lucky, to have such a beautiful day today!" Collette whispers to the Princess. Her hands enfold rein of a raven-black stallion, which is troting very haughty. However, Collette looks very similar to her horse, because there are so much pride in her intent look.

Collette is in a really tight black leathern trousers and jerkin. The young woman covers her shoulders with a burgundy cloak, which is decorated with a brilliant fur of her hunting plunder. The guard with a burgundy cloak decorated with blazon of house of Lohstren follows the young girl on his sorrel horse. He is gazing at the surrounding very intently too. A playful grin grows in his face. It looks like, that the guard sees some tracks, which was missed by women. However, he does not say a word.

Collette frowns a little bit "Do you hear?" she asks, when the song reaches her ears "Someone will flush our prey!" and the silent laughs leaves her throat.

"We are indeed lucky, my lady. For the beautiful day and the lovely ride." Atop her own horse, Amira has a constant smile, at peace with her surroundings and her newfound friend. Gently Amira tugs on the reins of her horse to get it to stop as she does hear the song. "I do hear.. what a nice voice." The words of the song are amusing though and she laughs softly. "I wonder who it could be?"

From a small track and onto the one the ladies are riding comes forth Armon. He looks slightly startled and stops his song midway, as he is face to face with the party. He casts a glance at those astride and bows deeply "Good morn your highness, I am sorry if I disturb your, hunting." His attention is briefly turned to Collette to whom he nods "My lady."

Collette offers a wide smile to Armon "Good morning, ser! We were just talking what a wonderful voice you have!" She glances at the man with curiousity, stopping her black stallion. "I believe, we have not got a chance to meet. I am Coleltte Lohstren." the young lady introduces herself.

As the Westmark arrives on the trail and greets them, Amira offers a friendly smile, "Good day my lord. Was it your voice we heard singing? I admit it was quite enjoyable!" As Collette introduces herself, Amira follows suit. "I am Amira Rhaedan, my lord, it is nice to come across a friendly face!"

Giving an even deeper bow Armon smiles "Thank you your highness, I was unaware that anyone would hear me out here, I am Lord Armon Westmark, and your highness is well known to me, I was once a courtier in Rhaedan though I doubt you would have noticed me amongst the surge of toadies that vie for royal attention." He smiles at Collette "We have met before in the blue duck, however I try and keep a low profile and I am not supprised you forgot our meeting."

Lady Collette blushes and nervously brushes through her curly hair with fingers "I am so sorry, Ser…" she whispers "I… Sometimes I am really so distracted, that I just…I am so sorry," the blush becomes even brighter. The young girl starts fondling the manes of her
Biting her lip, Amira ponders a moment before the smile blossoms even brighter. "I do! I remember you, my lord. I apologize for not recognizing you. It is lovely to see you once again, of course. Would you like to accompany us on our hunt? We would truly be honored."

Armon smiles at Collette "No need to apologise my lady, I find that sometimes I fit in to the background and get lost in crowds." To Amira he shakes his head softly "You will have to forgive me, I have a meeting with a guild accountant in an hour and must wash before presenting myself, if you will excuse me ladies?, I trust your hunt goes well."

<FS3> Amira rolls Tracking: Success.

"It was nice to meet you, Ser…" Collette sighs and follows him till he dissapears. Then she turns to Amira "Oh, I thought it would be interesting to have more people. However, I belive we will have much fun together! Shall we continue?" and she speeds up her stallion, giving intent look to the surrounding again.

As Collette increases the pace, Amira follows along with a happy expression, holding the reins loosely in her hands. When she catches sight of tracks, she again reins in and smiles. "A deer.. Shall we? Just there," indicating the location with a nod of her head. As she spots the movement, she smiles."You get this one."

Collette a little bit flinches, when the Princess starts talking. It looks like, that her intent look was not so intent, and the young lady was drown in her minds for a momemnt. However, she quickly sees the place, the princess is nodding at. "Oh.. Me? I am not sure about that. You saw this tracks. You have to take it," and the young lady winks. "I will follow you!" Collette looks around without any reason. She scratches her head. The wind catches some curls and tosses it on her eyes. The youngest Lohstren releases reins and tries to tie her hair with the ribbon (Yes the same) again. After that she just offers a smile "Go for it! I would love to see your tactic!" silent chuckle follows the sentence.

With the deer in sight, Amira wants to get closer, so she gently nudges her horse forward. "You get the next one," she whispers softly. Much better at shooting while atop a horse, she lifts her bow and places an arrow on the nock and them lifts it in place, holding her horse with her legs. When she gets slightly nearer the animal, and she can see it pause, sensing her, she looses the arrow and watches it fly towards the deer, hoping for a heart hit so it dies instantly, not wanting it to suffer.

Sun is quite high in the light bluish sky. Just a few fluffy white clouds wollows in the blueness. The birds are singing their colourful songs, snuged in a huge trees of the Deep Woods. Just a small breeze tickles a firm stems and if you be silent, you could here how old arbors are tittering. However, two young women disturb all the peace of the woods with their bows. The first one, who sees her prey is the Princess. When she makes a wonderful shoot Collette gasps "Oooh…Your Highness… You are so good on this. I really… Well… I go on hunting very much, but I never get my prey so quickly." Collette claps to the Princess. "So, usually, deers do not walk alone. Somewhere near, has to be more… However, I was thinking about rabbit. Something smaller. Usually I try to get something smaller…" With these words the youngest daughter of Lohstren gives more intent look to the bushes.

<FS3> Collette rolls Tracking: Success.

As her arrow strikes true and the deer drops dead on the surrounding forest floor, Amira closes her eyes a moment, to bid thanks to the animal for providing a meal for the House Varghem. Opening her eyes, she nods to her guard who goes to deal with the gutting and draining of the animal to make it ready for transportation. "We will have the furs soon also. Perhaps after they are tanned they will make warmth for the Duke." Smiling at Collette, she nods."I shall follow your lead now, my lady."

Wandering with guards and fully clothed. That means hood and scarf. Stefan seems to be searching for his sister. Riding on a horse and if one sees his eyes he is tipsy. "Sister! Lady Collette!" He calls out with the four guards riding with him.

Collette nods and speeds up her black horse a little bit in the place, where are a lot of bushes around and less trees. Then she stops and puts her finger near the lips, asking everyone to be silent. Collette closes her eyes. It looks like she stops breathing. However, the young lady already draws her bow. She hears some birds and how wind is playing with the leaves. Even if her eyes is closed, you could see how they quickly moves. After a few more hearbeats, Collette quickly opens her eyes and lets the arrow slice the air. At the same second she hears a shout,w hich makes her frown "Good it was after I made my shoot." The arrow sticks in the one of the bushes and Collette just nods to her guard. He jumps from his sorrel horse and quite coolly walks near the bush, leans and takes a white rabbit with the arrow in his small heart. Collette turns her eyes down for a second and remains silent. After that she looks at the Princess "That is why I like hunting smaller animals. My eyes is not very good. Usually I miss something. But then you close your eyes and give all the trust for your ears… It is something different. You hear the song of the woods and… You just hear where the poor animal is scratching." After this explanation she turns to the Prince "Your Highness," she smiles and piffling blush decorates girl's cheeks. However, a small breeze hids it under her curls.

Amira remains respectfully silent as Collette hunts her prey. Back where hers is, the guard is still working on the deer, preparing it for transport back to the House of the Varghem Duke. As she looses the arrow, she beams. "Well done my lady, very well done!" Hearing the greeting from her brother, she turns her horse and laughs. "My dear brother, it looks as if you have started a celebration early. How are you faring this day? A reason you have been drinking so early? I have captured your lady love perhaps?"

"I am good, as always, dear sister!" Stefan offers in a happy tone. Nodding about how he is. "Drinking just a little bit." Lies, but still. Grinning behind that scarf of his at his sister's last. Looking over to Collette. "IT is good as always to see you. I hope you are well? And keeping my sister safe?" Looking between both of them and seeming quite amoused.

Collette giggles "Oh, yes Your Highness," she bows to Stefan "I keep my eyes on your sister intently! You can drink calmly." She leans near her Arrow and clasps her hands around his neck. She is full of love for her stallion and stallion stands proudly. Her breath is slow and the young girl remains silent, letting two siblings to have a talk.

The thundering sounds of hooves announce the arrival of a small group of riders. In their midst, easily recognizable to those who know him, is Prince Samwell Taniford. Beside him, in a freshly polished armour of steel that almost blinds the eye with its shine and the characteristic blue cloak of the Blue Guard, rides Sir Deidra the Swift. As soon as they notice the other riders, they bring their steeds to a halt. Before she inclines her head in a greeting, Sir Deidra lets her gaze wander over the trees and the underbrush, as if looking for a potential threat hiding behind one of those.

Amira gently nudges her horse forward to be directly beside her brother. There is challenge in her eyes as she lifts her chin ever so slightly. "You assume I need someone to keep me safe, Stefan?" Blue eyes flash brief displeasure before she quickly conceals it once more, showing him a deceptively sweet and relaxed smile. "Perhaps I should let the lady know little secrets we share?" Of course, she is not truly upset because laughter follows her empty threat. "Honestly, Stefan, I believe you sometimes think I am still a child. I am now old enough to care for myself. Do you doubt me?" The thundering hooves capture her attention as the Rhaedan princess looks towards the blue guard and the Taniford prince. bowing her head, she greets him with a smile in her eyes that blooms out to encompass her lips as well. "Your Highness." Offering the blue guard a nod as well. "Sir."

Accompanying the group already there are Amira, her two guards in Rhaedan colors, a Varghem guard. Stefan with his guards, Collette with her guards and another Varghem guard. Quite a number out hunting. All are on horses except one Rhaedan who is gutting and draining a deer.

Stefan chuckles and shakes his head, "Of course not, Amira. But does it mean that I do not get to see my sister? I just want to see you because I wish it so." He tells her with a playful glint in his eyes. Amused still as he listens to her. "Hey, you are still a child! I am almost a child! aven't you heard all the times our father says so?" Still mostly just amused about it. Turning to the arriving southerners. "Your highness. Blue guard."

The comming of the new people, gets Collette's attention. She leans back and turns her eyes to the company "Your Highness," she offers a smile to Samwell "On a hunt too?" However, her curious look slips to the Blue guard, she never met "Good day, sir,"' she nods and remains her inquiring gaze at her.

< The Taniford Wilderness >
While the nobles are all out, hunting for the day of enjoyment and making a <ton> of noise on horse back, Roltoff has gone out on his own afoot to collect herbs and other various Items for Tylon so that she can in time make more salve. He's collected quite a bit of Items required for the salve and inadvertantly come up on a Massive buck, he tries to close the gap on it, so that he can just admire the creature and while doing so there is a loud <snap!!> as his foot comes down atop a twig and breaking it.
Roltoff curses as the large buck breaks off and runs in the direction of the Game trail, leaping and bounding with a gentle grace. Roltoff shakes his head and begins to move to a new area of the woods where he knows where some while yams have been growing, and means to harvest them. As he moves he becomes more and more quiet as he's learned from his mistakes. He just hopes that the buck survives long enough so that when he decides to go hunting it It'll still be around.

"Your Highness." Amira is the first to receive a nod and a smile from the Taniford Prince. "Your Highness." Stefan receives another, "Sirs." the procession of guards in various colors are the next. "Lady Collette." another smile, a little lengthier is offered.

The Knight of the Citadel wears his usual silver armor, contrasting direly with his dark hair, messed by the wind, and his equally shadowy eyes. His black charger receives friendly pats from time to time. Even with a gauntleted hand, he makes it appear very soft, the majestic beast seems to think the same. "Hunt? Oh no, we were just having a ride. Protecting the Realm, too. But mostly having a ride. Also, I need to give Sir Deidra opportunities to save my life." he grins warmly, moving the black gaze to the Blue Guard for some heartbeats. "Have you had fun hunting, Your Highness, Your Highness, and my lady?"

Amused at her brother, Amira reaches over and pats his shoulder playfully. "I missed you as well, Stefan, of course father calls you a child still, for you are." Biting her lip to keep from more laughter bubbling out. Her attention is then captured by Taniford prince as he returns greeting. "A pleasure seeing you again, my lord." Watching the exchange from him to Lady Collette, she cannot contain the accompanying smile dashed to the Lohstren lady. "Yes, Your Highness. It has been most exciting, thank you for inquiring." As a buck comes bounding out of the woods, the Rhaedan lifts her head and watches, yet this time does not reach for her bow. "My lady?" Offering her the kill this time since she'd already had her own.

"Your… highnesses." Deidra greets in Amira's and Stefan's direction, a bit awkwardly, as it is Rhaedan Royalty she is greeting here. She offers even more today than an incline of the head, an attempted bow on horseback which is indeed doomed for having notably less impact than a proper one. "Sir Deidra." she can't help but correct the latter, as being labeled Blue Guard might be fulfilling, when being addressed; but actually one must use either 'Sir' or 'Sir' followed by the Blue Guard's first name. Lady Collette's greeting is met with a nod, her curious look with a reply: "I… fear we have met before, my lady. On that night at the Bad Clam Tavern. The night of the fires… and the fanatics." At Samwell's remark about offering her opportunities to save his life, she breaks into a dry chuckle, although there is little amusement in it. The snap of the twig has Deidra turn her head and search those brushes and trees again with attentive and slightly narrowed eyes.

<FS3> Collette rolls Marksmanship: Good Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Deidra=alertness Vs Roltoff=stealth
< Deidra: Success Roltoff: Good Success
< Net Result: Roltoff wins - Solid Victory

When the youngest daughter of Lohstren gets an offer from the Princess to kill a buck, she turns to his direction and quite coolly and quickly looses an arrow. It hits the target in the right place and he falls on the ground. The nod for the guard is given and he goes to take care of everything. The young woman looks around and now she looks not so excited about the hunting. She waves for the other guard to come closer. Before that Collette laughs from Samwell's answer and just offers him a wide smile. "Well… More and more people comes today in the woods. I believe my hunting has to end. Usually I go on hunting just with my guard. I need a deadly silence…" Collette explains to the Princess and leans to give her bow and arrows to the guard, when he comes closer. Then she settles more comfortably on her beloved stallion. She looks around quite haughtily, letting the wind play with her locks. However, when the Blue Guard remind the young lady about that horrible night, a shadow of sorrow and saddnes flashes in her eyes. She just mutters "Oh, I dimly remember something from that day… Just…" Collette sighs and leans near her horse again. She clasps her hands around his neck and remains silent.

<FS3> Roltoff rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Continuing to gather herb, and plants for the Salve Roltoff hears the the 'twang' of a bow shot and turns his head in the direction it came from. He then shakes his head. " Well old fella guess I'll not be hunting you after all. " he says softly to himself. His tools digging hard into the soil as he digs up the yams, and then moves to a bush not far off <closer to the game trail> that has a bunch of wild mint growing.

Sitting out in the woods, Lyam had scouted out the area and had found the perfect area where the deer were in rut. He had been sketching a magnificent specimen of a stag when it was spooked and bolted off by the hunt. There was a thoughtful sigh, the youngest of the Varghems pulls himself up and dusted himself off before he came from the woods, trying to make sure not to get fired at by waving a sheet of white paper as a flag.

Deidra's look to the bushes is noticed by Samwell. A bit more serious expression is reflected in his eyes, narrowing too in time. "Something wrong, Sir Deidra?" the alertness of the Prince is justified, giving recent events, after all. Also, the mention of the fires in the city, and shadow it has casted in the Lohstren lady, doesn't escape him.

Still warned enough, his words come as gently as he can. "It is long past, Lady Collette. It is better to look at the future. As the future feast we will have with the pray you have just hunted. I see you are skilled, and—" the sound made by the young wolf, Lyam, is heard. Too much concern in a single instant, and the face of the Varghem is not spotted yet. But the Prince now knows where the sound came from. "Let's hunt." he says, at the time his wineskin is produced and subsequently thrown to his target. Thankfully, no wolf is harmed in the process, as it crashed to a nearby tree.

Hearing the awkwardness in the voice of the blue guard, Amira smiles gently, trying to put her at ease. "A pleasure making your acquaintance, Sir Deidra. Forgive my brother please, he has imbibed upon the drink very early this day. Perhaps he is in need of a refreshing ride." As Collette makes the shot with her arrow, admiration flashes in her gaze. "Very well done! And I agree, my lady, the hunt is over for now. I wonder if we could just continue to ride and tour the grounds? Please, if you would call me simply Princess Amira, or.." Her lips quirk in a lopsided smile as she whispers in a mock aside, "Should we ever find ourselves without much company Amira would suffice, my lady." The youngest Rhaedan sibling regards her with a smile. Seeing the waving of the white, her head turns in that direction. Upon seeing the young man, she offers a nod. "Good day." Offering to Lyam, uncertain of his station.

<FS3> Roltoff rolls Marksmanship: Success.

"Thank you Princess Amira, I am honoured. Also, I hope we will continue hunting another day," the young lady manages to smile, than she gets such a permisison. However, Collette raises her amber look to the Prince Samwell and she pats her stallion twice. The Arrow very slowly comes closer to the Southern Prince. The young girl very silently whispers "You talk nice. The truth leaves your lips. It is just the past… However, sometimes, even than you know the truth, you just can not do anything about your feelings and you stay in your past…" She quite nervously starts whirling manes of her stallion between her fingers. However, Arrow stands quietly.

Perhaps used to Pawel chucking stuff at him - perhaps Samwell just has bad aim, Lyam steps to the side as he closes his sketchbook and offers up a smile. "Your highness, you should really not waste wine when it can be imbined freely later?" the youngest wolf asks with a small chuckle as he gives a polite bow and sweeps up the wine skin to slosh it around for a moment, and then flips it over in his hand.

As he gets noticed by the others, the young man's smile is offered with a warmness in his eyes. Today seems to be one of those days that he's not feeling under the weather. "Highnesses, assorted Lords, Ladies and sirs." he greets. "Lord Liam Varghem, younger brother of the Duke of Wolveshire. Afternoon. How fares the hunt?" there's a lift of his brow as he looks around at the carnage so far and chuckles. "Well enough, it seems?"

Having gathered the mint as required, Roltoff steps out onto the game trail and finds himself looking at the back end of the rear most horse. His bow in hand as he walks he is about to greet those he recognizes and pauses as he spots something hanging from a Tree branch, and curse He quickly draws back the arrow, aiming and letting loose as he tells everyone to "LOOK OUT!!"
The arrow's flight is true as the tip pierces the Tree adders head just as it was about to strike Prince Samwell. The massive snakes body now being over balanced falls to the ground landing behind the princes horse. Roltoff has a second arrow already notched just to be safe. The bags on his back stuffed fully as he works his way to to where the adder fell and with the toe of his boot checks to make sure it's actualy dead.

"Oh look, I hunted a wolf." Samwell says friendly, as Lyam's identity becomes clear. "Switch your arrows for wine, and we will bring the whole pack to us." a chuckle and a nod of his head are directed to the Varghem. "It is good to see you, cousin."

The words from the Lohstren receive a further pondering. "Lady Collette, what is this true you talk about?" he whispers, very softly, but his eyes open widely as the sound of an arrow crosses the air. Swiftly, product of hard training, his sword is unsheathed, letting the live steel to shine free. But it is a snake what falls by his side, and the face of a sellsword he has met many times what stands before him. "Roltoff." he offers, several heartbeats later, trying to slower his breath. "Thank you, my lord." and the blade slowly returns to its home.

"I would like that, my lady. Another day perhaps." As Collette rides nearer the prince, Amira switches her gaze and attention to the young Varghem, leaving the other two their modicum of privacy. "Amira Rhaedan, my lord." Her laugh joins in his at the question. "Yes, my lord. It seems the fare will be plentiful at the ending feast of the tournament, before I go back to my own home in the north." Catching sight of his paper, her eyes widen. "Are you an artist?" Excitement edges her voice. "Would you allow me to see your work?"

Her words are interrupted by the loosing of an arrow and her guards move near at the warning. When it comes to pass what had truly happened, Amira laughs softly. "Roltoff, off the rum this day?" she gently teases.

Collette is quite thoughtful for this reason she even do not see the arrow or the snake, or Roltoff. She just chuckles "Oh, Your Highness… Nothing very important. I meant, that the truth is… We have to live thinking about future, not about the past. But You just can not do it… Sometimes… Just can not…" After the explanation she lets her thoughtful look slip through all the company. Her eyes catches Roltoff and a smile is given to him. However, quikly the young lady sticks her curious look to the newcommer. However, she just wear a smile, but does not say a word.

Having been delayed by some other business, Vin finds herself riding down the trail at a lazy trot in the direction of the area she'd been informed her Princess and Prince had disappeared to. Steel brigandine has been traded for rough, hardened leather today, but she still wears her crimson surcoat bearing the sigil of House Rhaedan and has a longbow strung across her back, and a small bow hanging from her saddle. Hearing voices, the blonde knight slows her mount, free hand lifting in a wave before she dips her head in Amira's direction with a small smile upon her lips, "Princess."

The alerted call of the sellsword momentarily brings an alerted look around to the youngest Varghem and then he just seems to relax completely as it is over just like that. "If you are trying to attract the rest of the pack, cousin.." Lyam offers in jest as he mimes sniffing at the wineskin. "You will need a better vintage and perhaps some well-aged cheese to go with it." A warm smile is offered before the Princess addresses him. Knowing that his older brother requested her favor, he's polite with his smile.

"I often have to remain indoors, so yes, I have taken up many of the arts. But sketching is indeed my favorite. Perhaps you would allow me the honor of sketching your portrait sometime, Your Highness?" he asks Amira polietly, ready to offer the leatherbound pad to her once she dismounts. Don't look at pictures and ride. That's dangerous.

Hearing the trotting of another horse arriving, Amira turns to see who has joined them, upon seeing a very trusted member of the Royal Guard, she ducks her head politely, her eyes holding a warm affection for the Knight. "Sir Vin, I am glad to see you found us! Stefan was here, perhaps he has just slipped past, for he was already drinking heavily this morning." Concern etches into her features, though she does not linger on it. Instead, her attention is once more captured by Lyam after he speaks with his cousin and now addresses her. "I should like to see, yes.." As for the portrait, she looks to be contemplating before she easily dismounts on her own to stand beside her mount, leaving the reins loose on the saddle for a moment. "Perhaps, if you would truly wish it, my lord." If he does offer the book, she will accept it with a vibrant smile. "Thank you." Offered before she opens the beginning page.

Kneeling down beside the adder, Roltoff lowers his bow and draws his dagger as he cuts the head off. He looks up at Prince Samwell, and blinks at being called a lord. AFter a bit he shakes his head and Toss's the adders off into the bush's. "You alright your Highness. " he asks before turning to the Rhaedan princess and grins. "Yeah sadly … " he replies teasingly. "Still not to bad of a shot, glad I got him before It struck, not sure I'd have gotten him in mid strike. " he then looks to Collette and offers her a warm smile, before slingin his bow over his shoulder and replacing his dagger. from there he picks up the Nine foot snake and carts it off a ways into the scrub bush's to keep from spooking the horses. As nobody else has spoken to him he just drops the snake and turns around and in doing so spots Collettes Guards working on the very buck he spotted not that long ago. "ahh seems someone got to him before I could. " his eyes on the buck for a while before turning his attention to the group.

As she dismounts, Lyam waits for Amira to be fully on the ground before offering her the sketchpad. "It would be an honor your Highness, your features are very lovely and would task my hand to try to match easily." he smiles easily. "I appreciate such a challenge to translate what gifts you were graced with to paper." And with that, the pad is surrendered for the moment.

As you flip through the pad, it's obvious he has a practiced hand. There's a sketch of the courtyard at the Wolveshire, several drawings of flora and fauna - but his favorite subjects seem to be people - a blacksmith at work. A baker pulling fresh bread from an oven. A young man wooing a young woman at the fountains. His sister in a moment of meditation.

Trying to return to the present, Samwell smiles at his cousin, making no comments to allow him to continue in his conversation with the Princess. His eyes last more than is needed to return to Collette, slightly tilting his head, and whispering one more time, "I think I know what you mean, my lady. And we shall discuss it soon. Would you like to have a dinner in the castle one of these days? Their food is delightful, and we can talk more calmly." a smile, full of understanding and warmth is offered. To the Royal Guard, the Taniford Prince nods respectfully.

Grinning for a brief instant, Vin notes the slightly younger woman's expression and inquires of Amira, "I trust His Highness will not get himself into too much trouble, Princess, or do you think I should go see if I can find him?" Shifting the smaller of her bows, she sets it across the pommel of her saddle as she turns her horse in a slow half circle, glancing to watch the princess dismount before looking about at the rest of those nearby, another smile curving her lips, "Quite a few new faces. A pleasure, Your Highnesses, Lords, Ladies, Sirs and kind folk." The knight offers a small bow from her saddle as she covers most of the possible titles.

Having dozed off for a bit Stefan does grin at his sister. Behind that scarf and hood of his. "Hmmm? Oh. No worries dear sister. I just need a moment." He offers before glancing over to his guard, Vin. "All well I hope?" Just looking amused. Riding in from along the dark of the wood. Having drifted a bit it seems, out of sight. Glancing and nodding to the others. "Lady Collette. Looking forward to the other events?" He asks and glances to the others. "Lords, sirs and ladies!"

"I do hope he will be fine, Sir Vin." Though hearing her brother then, she laughs softly. "And there he is." Leaving the two of them to talk, she looks back to Lyam. "Thank you, my lord." Gently biting her lip at the compliments given. As soon as she has the book, she is escaping into another world, one of visions that come along with the brush of a charcoal pencil, Amira gazes at the book, each page studied overly long, gasping as she opens it to a particularly lovely view of the courtyard, then another at the fountain. Even moreso, her attention is caught and she seems truly enchanted with the pages, enraptured by the images captured. "You can practically see the steam rising from the bread," Amira whispers softly to the Vargham noble. Only then does she realize how truly she had disappeared into her own world, forgetting about those surrounding her. A blush steals into her cheeks, embarrassed to be caught so. "Forgive me, my lord. You are very talented.."

A light chuckle escapes from Lyam as Amira apologizes. "There is nothing to be forgiven for, Your Highness. It means that my work has had it's intended effect and I am honored at such high praise." Easily offered with a smile to match the warmth, the young wolf turns his attention to the newly arriving guard. "Ah, afternoon sir." he says as he looks around and spots the fallen stag. "A shame." he says quietly, flipping his book to the page he was working on, a half-completed drawing of that same stag standing majestically in the field and looking around. "I suppose I will have to complete it from memory."

"It would be a pleasure," Collette answers to the Prince Samwell. The gust of wind once more tumbles crazy curly dark brown hair of the young lady. Collette takes off the strip of soft fabric and she tries to tie her hair once more with the burgundy ribbon, embroidered with a golden thread. While she does it her warm look slips from the strangers, to the Roltoff and Princess Amira. The young lady gives a little bit longer glance with a playful smile to the Prince Stefan. "What do you think, Your Highness?" she answers him with a question to his question about other events of the tourney, pointing with her finger to the ribbon and giving a mischief smile. But the gaze comes back to the Princess Amira "I am sorry," she starts quite silent and adds in a louder thoughtful voice "I would like to go now… Thank you Princess Amira for the company. I leave one guard to take care of a prey. He will bring everything to the Duke." After the explanations, Collette without any reasons gives a quick look to the clouds and her amber eyes comes back to the Prince Stefan "It was a pleasure to meet you again, Your Highness," looking to all the people around the youngest daughter of Lohstren adds "You all. It was nice to meet you all." But before leaving she warmly smiles to the Prince Samwell again "I can't wait our dinner. Thank you for the invitation again," and she pats her stallion three times and he gallops away. Just one guard follows the lady.

Vin smiles at Amira and dips her head to Stefan as she notes the Prince's arrival, "Everything is fine, your highness. Enjoying your trek into the woods?" The Knight idly watches the young Rhaedan princess thumb through the book in her hands before glancing to Lyam, with a soft laugh, "The Princess certainly seems to approve of your work, Lord." She dips her head to the departing woman before her blue gaze settles on Roltoff for a moment, studying the man curiously with a smile before she queries, "The snake, you shot it? That must have been a good shot."

distracted a bit Roltoff turns to look at the lady (k)night and then the remains of the snake, "some skill, and luck, though Im not sure how much of each. " as he gets closer and smiles softly. "Just knew I had to do something before it struck. " he glances over at the princess and smiles as she becomes intranced with the nobleman's sketches.

"It will be a pleasure, have a safe return, Lady Collette. But, wait," Samwell turns around to stare at one of his guards. The man, without needing any word, commands his horse to follow the Lohstren and her escort. "Sir Deidra is the only sword I need by my side." he adds, "Until our next meeting, my lady. And I hope you are hungry by then, you will love Wolveshire's castle's meals." the hint of a grin, and the Taniford proceeds to caress his charger's hair.

"Be well my lady." Amira looks back between Collette and Samwell with a curiously blank gaze, eyes resting on the Taniford prince after Collette has left before smiling back at Roltoff briefly. "You saved a life, Roltoff, thank you." As her attention is once again claimed by the young Varghem, she watches as he turns to the page of the buck. "Oh that is unfortunate, my lord. Such a beauty, indeed."

"OF course!" Stefan says to Vin before looking to his sister with a wink and then to Collette. "Ah. I will see you later, lady Collette." Then he turns towards Vin with an innocent grin. "And you do look stunning as usual, sir." He flirts, a bit as usual. Especially when drunk. Grinning at the others, if still unseen behind the scarf.

"Indeed it is, I will have to finish it when I return home." Lyam starts to say. Speaking of, finally, Lyam's guard arrives. And he looks none too pleased that the young lord has wandered off once again, as he arrives near Lyam. The young wolf offers a brilliant smile at his guard and a little wave. "Is it that time again?" he asks, and when the guard nods, there's a sigh from the youngest Wolveshire. "I need to get back to the home and take my treatments. It was a pleasure to see you all, Highnesses, Lords, Ladies, Sirs." he offers up a flourish of a bow before he mounts the horse that his guard escorted in as he prepares to ride off.

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