A Kraken in the Forest

A Kraken in the Forest
Summary: A lovely hunt finishes, but an unwanted knight awaits in the shadows.
Date: 30/April/2013
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Deep Woods Taniford Wilderness
The road connecting Laketown in the north and Wolveshire in the south is a winding one, cutting through the looming Althearan blackwood trees. Made with carts and wagons in mind, the road winds around the larger of the hills. Those monstrous blackwoods tower overhead; in summer the leaves provide a canopy from the sun and skeletons of the branches reach out in the winter, like a dead man's fingers. Around one of the bends the road opens up and grass has grown in a meadow, free from the shade of the trees. A favorite spot for weary travelers, a small spring provides a steady stream of fresh, cool water. And since it's a favorite of travelers, it is also a favorite of bandits that make the woods their home. Some call it a waystation, while other's name it the 'bandit hole.'
Tue Apr 30, 1329

The trees embrace a new figure with their shadow. But the dim rays of light, making their way as intruders in the darkness, touch him - just barely, but enough to make him noticeable.

A black horse, impressively tall, hits the ground fiercely. The raging beast has the look of a wolf, but not a Varghem wolf, ready to strike to his prey. And riding it, an equally frightening knight stares from a helmet forged in the image of a monster. A kraken, letting metallic tentacles to fall upon a dark sea blue plate armor, observes the nobles and the sellsword from fair distance.

"If I am still here in Wolveshire when it is completed, I would like to see it, if you would allow, my lord. I bid you farewell and wish you well." Amira offers him another nod of her head before she returns to her horse, taking the reins in hand. Only then does the movement of her horse, the restlessness as his feet dance so near the Princess, alert her to the presence of the mysterious figure. In an attempt to calm her horse, she rests her hand on his neck but the horse continues so she has to let go of the reins or risk getting trampled.

"Oh, I am sure I will have it done shortly." Lyam says with a casual smile, and then his gaze lifts and locks on the figure in the distance. "…hello." he says quietly, mainly to himself. As he locks his feet into the stirrups, he flips open his sketchpad and starts to quickly work a piece of charcoal pulled from his pocket in a rough sketch to capture the imposing and powerful essence of the unfamiliar armoured figure.

Roltoff glances at amira= " well I had to princess, I couldn't let the snake harm anyone. Im just glad I was quick on the draw is all. " his gaze finnlay turning to the distant retreating form of Collette and her guard. A quick glance up at Vin as he pass's by and seems to be headed back in the direction of Wolveshire, but doesn't seem to be in a vast hurry.

The Taniford knight's gaze raises at the suggestion of the young wolf's departure, but as he greets someone in the distance, he cannot contain his natural curiosity, or perhaps his knight's sense of danger, and turn to see the man who wears the Kraken's armor.

"Gods." he mutters, patting his horse, who for a reason or another, doesn't seem to be afraid. "You saved me from the snake, I am in your debt, Roltoff." he adds, without letting his eyes to move away, "Can you save us from a Kraken?"

Grinning at Roltoff, Vin nods, "Luck always helps, but still, an impressive shot." She looks back to the prince and princess for a moment, watching them each in turn, fingers drumming upon the pommel of her saddle. Lyam drawing again catches her attention, and she watches him for a moment curiously before actually glancing in the direction of what he seems to be flicking glances at, and er. Whoops. Some Royal Guard she is, belatedly noticing that fellow. The hand on her pommel settles upon the wood of the small bow hanging there, and she glances to Stefan for a brief instant, a fair brow arched slightly in query.

As a monstrous statue, the mysterious knight stares without a movement. Not even a subtle one, in contrast to the beast, who seems to be close to stomp to the gathered crowd.

Lyam's charcoal pencil continues his feverish sketching. Though his subject is holding perfectly still, it is hard to accept that he (or she) will be for long as he continues to draw out the unknown figure on the sheet of paper.

Looking at Samwell, Roltoff grins. "Uh Highness. A kracken as in some mythical sea beast, .." he ponders it a bit, "sure I could, but you see this thing on my back is whats called a hunting bow.. " he grins teasingly " Not a Balista as I fire small little arrows not huge spear like ones. " his tone light and playful, "besides what is this kracken you speak of As last I checked were quite some distance from any Oceans and none that are deep that I know of.?"

Stefan grins and shakes his head to Vin. Already noticing the approaching man, if barely. "It's fine. It's the man from the tourney!" He offers with a laugh. "Sire Kraken!" He offers before just stretching on his horse. Still making sure that the hood is not falling off. Grinning at the Taniford prince as well. "Is that so? I thought you were fearless!"

As her horse remains spooked by the beast, Amira has released her reins and backed away from her own animal, fear impressed on her features, stumbling back a few steps afraid of being trampled both by her own horse and the Kracken's beast. Another few stumbling steps. "Stefan?" Unable to control her horse, he rears up, his hooves in the air, a long, loud whinny of panic. Whomever it is, her horse doesn't like it… and he's bolting.

Vin inclines her head to Stefan, her posture relaxing just a bit, though her hand remains upon her bow. She glances to Amira as the princess's horse startles and moves to run off. Her free hand pats her own horse's neck as she assures Amira, "We will fetch your horse, Your Highness, do not worry." Her bright gaze turns back to the mysterious knight, awaiting words, or actions.

It was not a statue after all. The helmet turns a little, in what it seems to be a greeting to a young girl, riding a beautiful white horse, getting closer to him. But it is not the case. She continues her ride, her face covered enough by a hood, but there is no doubt it is not a boy.

Shortening her distance to Samwell, and after a little inclination of her little head, a strange cloth is offered. "Your Highness." she says, at the time her horse turns, running in the opposite direction. As she crosses the Krakensteel knight's side, the latter bows from the distance and follows her, deep inside the woods.

"There are a few things that still frighten me." the Taniford answers the Rhaedan prince, as the clothing is extended in the air. A dark blue robe with a Kraken in its back. For those who watch it carefully, big marks of blood can be seen here and there.

Lyam looks for a moment like he was about to drop the pad to go round the princess' horse, but when Vin makes her announcement, he backs down. The glance to the woman riding with the knight is noted and he tries to commit her to memory as well as his pencil drops to the edge of the paper to make a quick sketch on the side for now, he'll fill in the details later.

Roltoff spots the trouble the princess is having with her mount and moves to aid, he grabs the reigns of the princess's mount and with both hands pulls down hard. While trying to avoid the front hooves, he grunts as this puts a lot of strain on his fractured left ribs but her safety is more important. Once he's gotten the horses head down he puts his leather clad hand over its nose cutting off the air, and pinching the horses nostrils closed. Knowing that in doing so the scent that spooked him will be cut off. He's seen this done many times and knows it works as he waits for abit to calm the mount down, before slowly releasing the nose so that it can breath again. "easy you overgrown glue factory " he says in a soft and teasing mannor. "Nothing to be spooked of here. " he glances at Amira.. "you ok princess.?"

Stefan looks over to Amira as the horse rears. "Are you alright?" He asks his sister right before starting after the horse. Trying to get up with it. Having sobered a bit due to the horse rearing next to his sister. The others ignore for just a moment. Although as Roltoff reaches the hourse before him, he nods to the man, "Thank you, sellsword."

Saved! Amira nods somewhat shakily, the horse rearing before her had been frightening. "Roltoff," she whispers in relief. "Thank you.." With her gloved hand, she reaches out to pat her horse once more on the side of his neck. "Yes, I am fine, thank you." Glancing at her brother, she nods once more."I am fine, it just scared me. I think I will return back to the castle.. if you would all excuse me?"

As much as Vin would have liked to help fetch the horse, her attention for the most part remains on the new knight, though she glances to the girl who rides out in confusion and gives her head a shake, maneuvering her own horse with her knees and edging closer to her Responsibilities. She lets out a soft breath as the mysterious pair wanders off and gives her head a shake, and scoffs aloud, "Well, that fellow could use a few lessons on how to -not- make a first impression." Looking to Amira, she nods and comments, "I believe perhaps I should accompany you, Your Highness."

The guard with Lyam gives a grunt and a pointed look, and Lyam finally looks a little sheepish. "I know, I know." he says with a light laugh. "I shall accompany you, Your Highness and sir, just so I can get to my own appointments?" he suggests helpfully as he folds up his pad to put away.

Handing the robe to the Blue Guard by his side, the Taniford Prince dismisses what happened with a little shake of head. A smile, touched with entertainment and bitterness, as one to follow a cruel joke but still, a joke is drawn. Moving his horse slowly to Amira's side, he says in gentle tone, "Are you alright, my lady?" a little concernment can be noticed, as a prelude to a sigh. "I think I will ride back to the castle as well. Do you care if I join you?"

And, only for a heartbeat, the black fire of his gaze burns fiercely as he turns in the direction the Krakensteel or whoever it was departed.

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