A Laketown Temple Birthday Party

A Laketown Temple Birthday Party
Summary: A birthday party for the Mother Superior for which guests varied, far and wide come to pay their respects.
Date: 25 July 2013
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Laketown - Temple Gardens
A simple stone path leads out into the garden of the Temple of Four. Several trees offer shade along with small stone benches for people to rest and enjoy the peace and fresh air of the garden. Though by far the offerings are more practical with the many herbs and vegetable patches that exist within the flowers and bushes that exist. A close look by one knowledgeable in the area, would notice that most of the flower and bushes themselves have purpose beyond scenery. Near the back of the garden is a small orchard with various fruit bearing trees : apple, pear, peach, and cherry.

Of the many paths that branch out in the garden, one can be seen leading over to an area that has been setup for the purpose of weapons and combat training for the Chosen of the Temple. Targets and practice dummies are arranged in several places along with open spaces for those more inclined for working in pairs.

Thu Jul 25, 1329

The band starts to tune up, then they start playing a happy tune, one that is well known about the town of Laketown. One of a lost sailor being rescued by a mermaid and they fell in love. Servants begin to move about, setting up the dishes to be had. Others go about to make sure the pitchers of wine and ale and tea are topped off. Candles are light, and then, everything is ready for the celebration to begin.

Johan, for once, does not smell of smoke and sweat. He's cleaned up! His hair is newly braided back, his beard is attended to, his hands are (mostly) clean, and he's dressed in the singular tunic he owns, pale blue and toggled, and worn for every occasion that he needed to dress for. When he walks into the garden, Johan makes his way to fetch an ale. Nothing can go wrong with a flagon in hand! If only for the fact that any awkward question could be answered with a mumble into said flagon. Johan lingers near the edge of the garden for the time being, watching the band play.

Coming along soon enough, and looking his usual in his worn cloak and rags. Hair in much the same style as the clothing. Stellwint runs his hand through the hair. Looking around the area a bit. Not knowing fully where to go right away so spotting the man fetching ale he moves towards him. As Stellwint comes closer to Johan, he nods his head. "Hey there. Ale any good?"

With sun kissed cheeks, flush from an afternoon ride, Victricia drifts into the gardens, followed by a maid who's arms are full of what appears to be a large square box, wrapped up in plain brown paper with elegant silver ribbons. The ribbons themselves could make a fine present, but it's the contents that seem to be most important. A great copper circle, crafted by fine artisans. There are etchings within, to each of the four directions, the gylphs of which pay perfect homage to the markings of the Guardians; while within the hollowed, flat bottomed globe, there was mounted on thin strips a thick candle; that when lit would cast the image of each onto nearby walls. The gift from Prince Jerric, as the neatly scripted hand might suggest upon the card, while the sigil was certainly his own though something in the design looked…feminine?
While the maid was careful with her package, Victricia moved through the crowd with ease, watching for familiar faces whilst at the same time, looking for two in particular. One the Mother Superior and the other? The Queen.

"Eh?" Johan answeres Stellwint. He considers his ale, takes a swallow. He holds up a finger and takes another full swallow. A full staying hand is lifted and Johan tips the flagon back to drain the thing back and finally, with a sigh, Johan answers Stellwint with a sighed and grinned, "It will do." He flags down one of the maids topping off drinks. While waiting for that refill, he asks, "How does the eve find you?"

The servant girl looks to the fellow with a smile "Why good sir, of course the ale is good, would we serve anything else at the Mother Superior's party?" And the ale is handed over.
Whispers begin at the back then then the servants, all Temple members, turn and greet the Mother Superior as she walks in, her hand upon that of the arm of Thomas, the sworn Chose. There is the usual smile fixed on Thomas's face, the surcoat over his armor is fresh and clean, the armor glistens. Surely a squire spent the whole night getting it just so.

Stellwint laughs and will offer a pat to Johan, "Good enough is fine by me." He offers. "Stellwint." He introduces himself with a hand. "Also, this is most likely better than what I've drank. Some of it tasted like piss. Probably was as well." Being a bit of an exaggerating kind of man, it does show in the way he offers it. With hand gestures and facial expressions, even if his voice stays decently weak. Moving to try and get ale for himslef as well, while listening to the man still. Grinning about the ale being good, "Good, good." Studying the mother superior as she arrives with Thomas.

Never let it be said the Queen does not heed the workings of the Temple. Tis not her day, it is the day of the Mother Superior. As such the Queen arrive with out pomp or in truth more than a single guard at her side. She worries not of her safty here, nor outside in truth. For this woman knows she can easily bring any man to knee, save perhaps the one escorting the Mother Superior. Yet even that would prove entertainment for Regina. She pauses near the entrance long enough to accept ale then slowly makes her way through those gathered occasionally nodding those known.

For once Cafell does not look like a vagabond or drifter. Replacing her travel worn robes are robes that are without patches and is not sun bleached. Her brown hair has been braided and bound up as is proper. Her tall frame stands over six feet and that frame of hers allows her to look over the heads of many. She waves her way through the growing numbers who have gathered for the birthday celebration.

"Milady," the maid's voice cuts through, directing Vi's attention towards the pair who are entering and whilst Vi does take a moment to collect a glass of wine from a passing servant, her focus settles at length on the Mother Superior a fond smile on her lips. While the maid drops a deep curtsy, her eyes full to bursting with reverence, the Lady offers a low bow of her head. Watching with the intention to give the pair long enough to settle, before she goes to offer her well wishes and then..ah, Regina. Her smile then, behind that wineglass grew, even as her hand toyed with the delicate gold chain around her neck. But she hadn't been wearing that before…had she?

With her hand gently perched upon Thomas's arm, Tylon does walk along at his side. Fresh silken robes worn in deep blue with the silver banding and embroidery. Her usual calm smile being offered to those of the Temple and the guests who have come to attend. A soft murmur going to Thomas,"This is all to much." Even if rumors spoke of odd actions now and again, the Mother Superior wasn't exactly known for great extravagent spendings or lavish parties.

Johan flashes a grin to the servant girl. "Of course not," he agrees before letting her off to her work. "Johan Grimson," he returns to Stellwint, without the bother of guild titles. He takes the man's hand, one likely as callused as the other. Gratefully, there is the arrival of the Mother Superior to deter Johan from tales of ale-piss that would surely get quickly out of hand. Instead he turns a moment of reverence to the woman, a dip of his head while she passes. For the moment though, he lingers back, witing for the initial t'do to fade away.

Stellwint does study the gift that Victricia brought for Tylon. Drinking some ale and just keeping to the side for now. Gaze wandering over the people around. Though every once in awhile going back to that gift that does seem a bit interesting. Nodding to the name given from Johan with a grin. Taking the hand and nodding. Sizing the man up briefly. Studying the going on without interupting.

As usual, Cristof lurks at the periphery of the crowd and conveniently close to the exit. His blueish-gray eyes sweep quickly over each guest who arrives, and between arrivals he watches the people mingling around him. When a server approaches with a tray of drinks and snacks, he bows to her and takes a small cup of tea, which he cradles carefully in his hands. When Tylon, her Chosen escort, and her entourage arrive, his gaze follows them in curiosity. After this area's ruling religious authority has passed, he continues to watch the other priests sand priestesses filing into the garden behind her until he spots one on whom his eyes focus for a time. He watches Cafell and smiles while she, too, fulfills her part in this pageantry.

Thomas smiles at Tylon and as they approach the table where her chair is, he lets her hand drop form his arm before he pulls the chair out for her. On his walk in, Thomas had studdied those that have come to the Birthday party of Tylon's. He nods to both Stillwint and Johan as they pass "Thank you for coming," his voice comes easily. He does grin at Cristof, making sure that there is eye contact and a nod of his head to the man that seems ready to bolt. Eyes spot the woman from Auldholme, and as they near he greets "Lady Victricia is it not? Thank you for coming." Then it's the Queen, who gets the same bow of his head as did everyone else. "Your Highness, we are so glad you could attend."

Gentle inclines of Tylon's head is givne in greeting to those that are passed, a gentle murmur to guests with more familiar faces. The occasional,"Thank you for coming," slipped in along with the greetings Thomas gives. A quiet smile going to Cristof, the man who likes parties less than Thomas. Giving a bow of her head in turn to the noble and just a slightly deeper one to the Queen to see her present as well. "Your Highness, it is always a pleasure." A quiet smile going to Thomas when that table is reached and he pulls the chair out for her. "Thank you, Brother."

Sarah of the Sky slips in quietly, her eyes slightly wide as she follows the smell of food and the sound of voices. Shying away when people draw to close, her cloak's hood is up, and she looks very out of place as she inches ever closer to the serving tables. Smiling awkwardly, even a bit timidly to people who are overly friendly, she does her best to make her way toward the nourishment while drawing as little attention as possible.

From one to the next the Queen's eyes slip as the lays a simple wrapped gift near Tylon, "It is of course both a pleasure and honor to be included." and oddly it is the Queen who bows her head in respect of the one she speaks with. She takes a single step back from the table as she passes a piece of parchment to Thomas, "As usual the required tithing to the temple is given, though there is a bit more in honor of this day and this woman whom I understand is somewhat of a skilled swimmer." Her glance quickly turns back to Tylon as she continues to speak in her even tone, "For such an occasion Taniford will also be replacing all the temples stores used for the recent events as well as an additional month." Quietly the Queen returns to her ale and steps aside for others.

Slipping away from the gathering and starting to do her version of mingling with the crowd, Cafell moves to the back and makes her way towards Cristoff. She knows there is time enough to give her present to Tylon later. She offers him a smile and bow of her head as she approaches.

Stellwint studies all the people around. As well as all the lovely gifts. Resting and grinning a bit as he drinks ale. Anyone coming his way will be sent some as well. Watching everyone that is wandering around.

At the mention of her swimming excursion, Tylon does give a slightly bemused smile,"I do enjoy a good swim here and there, and it seems a skill that comes in handy now and again." A small nod occuring as Thomas accepts the slip,"The Temple thanks you and the Blessings of the Guardians upon you, Your Highness. As you know, it will be put to good use." And then there is more yet, Tylon offering one of her calm smiles,"You are more than generous, as you have long been." Giving the Queen a incline of her head as the woman withdraws for the next to come as they wish. Tylon offering a light nod of her head to her fellow priestess, Cafeel as the woman makes her way toward her usual partner in mischief.

Remaining descretely back, while the esteemed Queen moves through, Victricia moves forward only after the woman has passed, politely gesturing the maid forward with the gift. "Prince Jerric sends his wishes as well, to the honorable Mother Surperior. A token for the day in which the world was blessed with the presence of one who's wisdom and guidance touches on the lives of each of us. It was his wish not to meddle politics with gifts and has instead opted for simplicity, instead letting others take the lead with..grand displays." A low bow of her head, a gentle smile, "May you outlive us all, fair lady, that we would never be without your guidance. Protect her well," the latter added with the same kind smile towards her Chosen and then, Vi too moved to step aside, that others may come. The maid with her parcelt delivered, dismissed.

Sarah meanwhile…finally approaches the food. Grinning brightly to herself, the medal winner from the circus carefully, quickly, and greedily starts to snatch up food onto a trencher. When the bread bowl can finally hold no more, Sarah whisks it away, attempting to find a seat with eager eyes.

When things start to quiet down after the arrival of religious figureheads and royalty, Johan departs from his garden-edge spot to approach those higher stationed individuals. He walks up with that incline still in his head, to offer a few simple, quietly rumbled words, as compared to the elaborately flourished words spoken ahead of him. "Mother Superior, I would wish you another blessed year, and many more beyond." The Queen is looked to after, and a half bow made, a respectful recognition to the Southern Queen, before the smith steps back to allow others to approach and pay their own respects.

Wehn Cafell detaches herself from the holy throng and starts to roam through the crowd, Cristof has no difficulty in following her with his eyes. Even though she is not one of the most important of priestesses, but when she spots him and heads in his direction, he greets her with a warm smile and a noticeable bow of his head. "Mother," he greets her solemnly. "This seems to be quite an occasion for your Superior," he observes with a nod toward the queen and lady who are delivering gifts of some significance. His eyes return quickly to Cafell, and he adds. "I see that you have taken great care to prepare for this." He glacnes to one side for a moment, in time to spot Sarah hungrily foraging. He frowns, and holds up a hand to Cafell before he slips closer to the girl. he murmurs gently to her, "If you are hungry, I doubt that the the priests will turn you away. Just … be careful that you don't become sick from feasting, please?"

Her eyes snapping wide, the cloaked and hooded ranger quickly hunches down and tenses, as though about to flee. Looking up at Cristof through her fire-orange bangs, the alarmed adventuress slowly turns her eyes left and right before sliding them warily back up to him, "Ah…okay. I just…wanted to pay the Mother Superior glad tidings on…her…" Her eyes narrow a bit as she makes a dangerous guess, "…birthday?" She grins quickly, with eyebrows high, waiting to see if she made the correct guess. "And, ah, thank you for your concern?" Crossing her legs slowly under the table, she tilts one shoulder forward and the other back, waiting to see what the Temple fellow will do…

Tylon lightly inclines her head to Victricia when the woman approaches, another going to the maid who brings the gift forward. A gently murmured,"Thank you," offered to the maid when the gift is accepted before eyes go to the noble as she speaks. "The Prince is most kind to have thought of me, and you as well, my Lady. My thanks to His Highness, and yourself." Offering one of her clam smiles,"I am sure I shall live as long as the Guardians wish me to. May you go with their Blessings." The comment towards Thomas does bring a nod from him, a simple,"I will." The man, like many of her Chosen, was protective of the Mother Superior.

A soft smile is offered to Johan as he approaches, a slight incline of her head,"Thank you good man for coming and your kind blessing. May you go with the Blessing of the Guardians." Settling back in her char as he steps back and moves on as well. The priestess giving Thomas a slight glance, he said just a small thing, a few friends when he talked her itno this.

Servants continue to ensure the pitchers of wine, ale and tea are kept plentiful along with the various dishes of food that have been set out upon the tables for the many gathered to enjoy and partake of. The band continues to play, drifting smoothly from one song into the next as the evening continues on with some opting to take a turn at dancing.

"Mmaster Ccristoff." Caffel says pensively as she approaches both Sara and him. "Ggood day to you mistress." Her voice has a quiet quality to it. "Ii do the same thing when on circuit." She explains. "Are you both doing well?" Her voice seems to gain a little bit of strength as she continues to talk. "Try the tarts they are lovely, I snuck one from the kitchen earlier the father seems to that I need to be fed more because of my height. I will not protest for he has never had to eat my cooking." That last bit is said to both of them.

Cristof bows his head to Sarah. "Indeed, it is her birthday," he confirms. When he hears the note of question in her final response, he explains with a kind smile, "Please, do not be offended by my concern. I am a healer. I have seen people whose ailment stemmed from eating the wrong foods, or too much food after a long hunger."

Sarah ohs, quietly, nodding at Cristof's explanations…and snatching a surreptitious bite of jellied bread roll in the process. When Cafell walks up, Sarah stops in mid chomp, eyes wide once more. But as the woman speaks, the common wanderer resumes her chewing, nodding with wide, mute eyes as the two of them interact over her. When addressed, she murmurs something that sounds like "Urf ay!" around the roll.

Soon enough, Johan has an ale back in his hand, and has faded into the background crowds mingling in the gardens.

With people having been greeted in turn and time, the 'recieving line' having dwindled as people break off to chat and eat a they wish, Tylon does take from her seat. Just a flickering hint of bare feet seen, for those who know her…a point of amusement for the woman is never caught with footwear within the Temple walls.

"I am quite well, mother," Cristof answers Cafell. When she confesses to snitching a tartan, he assures with a chuckle, "I will take your advice with due reverence, mother." Then he glances toward the seat where Tylon is settling before he notes to Sarah, "She seems to have time now, if you wish to offer your good wishes, mistress. I, too, should go and speak to her. She helped to save a saar friend of mine from the grave some months ago." He glances to Cafell. Then he offers, "If such a thing would be easier for you with company, I will go with you gladly."

Sarah finally swallows the last bit of roll when Cristof puts her on the spot, in regards to the Mother Superior. Clearing her throat softly, Sarah slowly uncrosses her legs, pushes back from the table, and rises, reluctantly. Making her way awkwardly toward Tylon's seat, the ranger curtseys, "Ah, glad tidings on the day of your birth, Mother Superior. Thank you for, I mean, I'm glad to, er…" Fumbling for words, she suddenly smiles brightly, "Ah, happy birthday and many wonderful returns! I'm a great admirer of your work here…especially when I've taken ill, or broken a limb or possibly, ah, been thrown from a galloping horse." She grins awkwardly, looking terribly out of place.

"II ddo not bite Mistress." Cafell tells Sarah. "Eeat and eat well." She leans in and whispers something into Sarah's ear. She then straightens her tall frame and rubs her hands down the side of her robe.

Looking To Cristof she nods her head. "Yyour cooking is not mmuch better Cristof." She points out in that soft voice of her. "But company is always welcomed."

Cafell then looks over to the Tylon and she moves to pick up a goblet of wine. Lifting it up she raises it in a silent toast to her. The wind then picks up and dances around the party. Swirling it tugs playfully at Tylon's robes.
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A smile comes to see the ranger approaching, Tylon dipping her head to the woman. "Thank you, Mistress Sarah, was it not? " Recalling the woman from her earlier visit it seems. Simply offering a calm smile as words are fumbled about for in there. "We are always here to see to the ill or patch up a hurt. Though I would hope that we do not have to see you visit to frequently for that purpose. Please do enjoy yourself, Mistress."

A slight blink of Tylon's green eyes occur when the playful tug to her robes are felt, a glance to see who…but then to find nothing there. A simple smile coming with a flickering glance to the sky before returning her attention to the party in play. Drifting from her place at the table to find where her Chosen has gone to, something about a promised dance.

Sarah of the Sky maintains a cheerful smile until stepping backwards and retreating quickly from the Mother Superior with a bounce to her step. Eventually throwing herself back into her chair, she flashes a smile to Cafell and nods in regards to what was whispered earlier. Sarah eats more slowly—and more carefully, seemingly more relaxed.

Cristof smiles to Sarah before she heads toward the front of the garden to pay her respects to Tylon. Then he turns to Cafell and objects, with a hint of teasing in his voice, "You disparage my cooking yet you say that company is always welcome." He wags his finger in warning. "Remember that the first often comes with the second." He looks again to the chair where Tylon is sitting, and he shakes his head. He admits in a low voice to Cafell, "I brought no gift, but I suppose that I should pay the price of admission by wishing her well." He sighs. "I'm never good at these things."

The wind tugs again and somewhere in the gathering a musician loses their sheet music. Overhead a few drops of rain fall from the sky to land on the Mother superior and small cat with strips like a tiger works it way through the crowd sniffing and batting at people as it passes them.

Cafel laughs and shakes her head at Cristof. "Yes but I will poison you with my cooking then you can poison me with yours. Or we stick with trail rations and continue to do what we do best. Mooch from those who are better cooks than us." Her voice has gained more strength though it is still quiet and pensive. "I ccan go with you, she does not bite."

She flashes Sara a grin and a wink.

Watching the bounce come to the woman's step as she walks about does have Tylon giving a bit of a smile. A glance as that tug comes again and, a bit of a blink when there are those drops of rain when she is glancing skywards. A soft murmur, perhaps some offered prayer by the priestess to the Guardians. Before she does slip along into the gathered crowds, finding a bit to eat. A brief pause near Cafel and Cristof, a few gentle words being offered to them,"IT is always good to see you both, I am glad you were in the area and able to come. Brother Thomas overdid himself in putting this on, he said just something small." A thing is not small if the Queen is showing up! "Please do eat up, Father Bryon has truly out done himself."

THen she is slipping along to another group of guests, seeing to those who perhaps did not quiet feel comfortable coming up to the table. And there is that search for the wayward Chosen who is perhaps trying to skip out on a promised dance. Then again perhaps not by the look upon his face when the pair are later spotted dancing.

"A bite is not always harmful," Cristof counters, tilting his head to Cafell and offering an amused smile. "It depends on the creature, as you well know." He glances down at his feet when the cat passes, and questions, "Is that her cat?" He grins. "They can be quite charming." He returns his attention to Cafell, and offers, "I will learn to cook better. It is something that I enjoy, but ships usually have a cook, so there was little reason to practice."

Sarah quietly finishes her meal…and equally quietly gathers together a second helping in a pair of trenchers. Very casually attempting to make her way out of the Temple Gardens before the rain comes in force, the sneaky archer woman stealthily attempts to slip away from the crowd, and into the evening…

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