A Matter of Belief

A Matter of Belief
Summary: A prince and a priestess walked out in the street.
Date: 11/07/2013
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Stefan Tylon 

Laketown is a series of dichotomies laid out in the open. Grand cobbled stone boulevards feed into winding and cramped dusty alleyways and muddy side roads. The shimmering gleaming halls of polished stone that the merchants, guildmasters, local gentry, and nobles have built hide the dilapidated and grimy hovels and dirt and mud that seems to pervasively linger in a town always under construction. Even at night, the beating heart of the Laketown market square is filled with spectacles and merchants and the constant flow of money, although not always between buyers and sellers. All roads lead to the gold and marble pillars and bright cobalt tile roofing of the Blue Duck Inn, the unofficial hub of the business in Laketown set just across the way from the large, glittering temple.

The town tapers towards the Deep Woods and Wolveshire to the south, the fertile Open Field to the west, Brivey Keep to the Northwest, and the expansive Docks to the east. Laketown never sleeps, the constant clang of blacksmiths, shouting merchants, and the thunder of heavy carts constantly moving about town.

Thu Jul 11, 1329

With the Tournament coming up in just a day it does seem that Stefan has arrived in Laketown. Letting his gaze wander around a bit. Guards kept around him as he wanders out from the inn. Seemingly having had at least a drink or two. The morning sun shining down on the prince of the north as he looks around a bit. The area starting to come alive.

It is the city that never quite fully sleeps with ships and merchants coming and going at all hours, some busier than others. But there does always seem to be people about, especially the city center. As morning makes its apperance again, the smell of fresh baked goods, the hints of breakfast meats upon the air as always enterprising merchants seek to make what coin they can. And it is from the Temple across the way from the inn that the Mother Superior is seen emerging from. An Acolyte running after her, catching her but a few steps out to hand her a pair of slippers. Tylon gives the young lad a small incline of her head,"Thank you, Son."
The slippers in question are soon given purpose, that of covering her feet, as it seems she had wandered out barefoot. After a putting them on, a slight adjustment to the satchel slung across her, green eyes take in the area and theose who have already arrived to begin the new day. Spying the Prince across the way, Tylon does offer a repectful enough bow in his direction.

Stefan offers a nod of his head towards Tylon as she comes wandering along at the temple, not disturbing her as she is currently with some young lad. Grinning over and talking with his guards a bit as they continue towander a bit. Getting a few chuckle. Glancing back and seeing the bow from Tylon which get more attention from Stefan, who gives a bow of his head. "Mother Superior." He greet her with a smile on his lips. "Seems the day allows me to meet a priestess the first thing of the day." He says with a smile at that, just stating the obvious it seems.

Now properly…shoed…Tylon does start into the square more properly. A calm smile offered to the Prince in turn,"Guardian's Blessings, Your Highness." A slight incline of her head occurs as the obvious is stated,"It does appear that way, though it is certainly better to meet one in this fashion upon such a fine morning than to wake and be greeted by one peering over you, with some tea that must be drank immediately." A faint joke, from the one who does serve as healer amongst her manyduties. "I know the day is yet getting under way, but I do pray it finds you well this day."

Stefan nods to her. "Thank you, and the same, mother superior." He offers in return with a smile on his lips. "I would agree about that. Not that I have been able to avoid that either." He says and chuckles a bit. Looking to the sky for a moment, "IT does seem to be a good day. And if not, I can always find my way to the tavern." He says and smirks. "So, what has you running around town today, if I may."

Tylon inclines her head a little,"I do think we all suffer the experience a time or two in our lives, for we all manage to fall ill at some point." Her hands gracefully settle upon the strap of her satchel that crosses over her torso. "Ah, the taverns never quit close, so you are lucky in that." Green eyes drift a moment at the question before looking back to Stefan,"There are always a few errands I try to manage in the morning, as I often see the latest salves and mixtures down to the Apothicary. And with the tournament forth coming, I imagine they could us some extras."

Stefan chuckles and nods, "Knights more often than others probably." He suggests with a bit of an amused grin. "Although occasionally it is quite nice when the healer in question is beautiful." He suggests and smiles. Nodding about the taverns with a bright grin, "Indeed! I am quite happy about that." He offers with a cackle. Looking around a bit with a nod as she speaks again. "Ah, I do think you can be right about that. If you are heading there now I am happy to help, if you wish?" He suggests, gesturing to the guards, "We will be protected after all."

"Ah quite true, Knights and Chosen both, they have an aptitude for it, I fear. Though both often seem to be rather stubborn, " a slightly bemused smile given back towards the Temple and the Chosen that can be seen keeping watch. A soft laugh comes from Tylon,"Yes, I do imagine that would least be a bonus." A slight nod is given towards the guards when they are indicated,"The company would be enjoyed. I do only need to drop these things off today, but if you would not mind the walk. " Offering a bit of a smile,"Though shall we be seeing you taking part in any of the events this time, or are you hear just to give support and observe?"

Stefan nods his agreement to her words. Grinning a bit, "Yes, we do tend to try and be stubborn indeed." Chuckling a bit as she laughs, offering his arm to the priestess. "Then allow me to escort you, mother superior." He offers with a smile. "I believe it will be support and observe mostly, although if I can I might join into something. We will have to wait and see." He tells her with a smile.

"I admit, I have sometimes wondered if it is a requirement in becoming such, or something that is taught along the way," comes the light musing from Tylon. A small incline of her head in thanks as her hand lightly settles upon the offered arm. "It does sometimes seem a matter of timing for some, duties, as I know well enough myself do often pull us from doing things we'd much rather wish to be doing. Though I do hear there will be some rather fine entertainment and sights to take in with the accompanying circus."

"I think it is a state of mind that needs to exist but also it will be even stronger the longer you do it I believe. Though stubborness can lead to granduer. So experience keeps one a bit grounded, though all need confidence." Stefan explains to her with a smile. "Knights need to have a certain way and then learn more." Leading her along as she takes his arm, "I hope you don't get a bad rep from getting escorted by me. I mean, with what people might have from me as a reputation. Booze and woman and so forth." He says with a grin. Nodding a bit to the words offered from her. "Of that I am quite certain. There always are interesting things happening at tournaments after all. I think it can be fun."

"I believe you are correct in that, coupled with courage, for some of the times each must face. Times, that do seem to grant that experience and grounding." Tylon gives a slight nod,"I have seen some of the training which our Chosen go through and know they have certain…traditions once one has proven themselves to be both stubborn and grounded." There is a soft laugh from Tylon,"I am certain I shall not, or at the worst it shall simply feed the gossips further." Explaining with a hint of amusement to her tone,"Some of the acolytes about the Temple are most certain that I am somehow with child, and are spending far to much time trying to pair me with various and often rather interesting possiblities. So perhaps it is I who should have warned you, your Highness."

Stefan nods and smiles, "Indeed. Courage and some even having stupidity." He suggests and laughs a bit as he guides her. Nodding a bit grinning quite amused as he wanders. Laughing a bit, "Will they think I am the father? I am quite certain that it won't be the first time I am accused of that." He teases.

"Ah, they just might…They have been quite creative on the matter, I fear you would not be the most implausible of their pairings if they did so." Tylon still bemused about the whole matter as she walks along with the Prince. "But that just goes to show you what gossip can spring from having some bad eggs one morning and some obvious boredom." Giving a soft laugh and shake of her head about the whole matter.

Stefan chuckles and shrugs, "How about you, mother superior? What are your wants?" He asks with a slight smile. Mostly seeing amused about it all. Nodding a bit. "Gossip usually leads to bad things." He admits with a sigh. Letting out a soft laugh of his own.

Tylon nods a bit,"I would agree, it most often does. Sadly so. But in this, I can laugh at the foolishness of it. It is the better way of it, for to try and stop it would only feed it. Better to laugh and let it fade away." Her head canting a little as Tylon looks to him,"My wants? Ah….they are simple things, I fear. Even if not always simple to achieve. But then I leave that to the Guardians. After all I had been pondering how nice it would be to have someone to walk with this morning, and then there you were."

Stefan chuckles and nods as he seem to agree. Nodding to her suggestion about laughing it off. Nodding a bit. "I understand. Well, I might just be sent by the guardians themselves." He suggests with a rather playful smirk.
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Tylon gives a warm smile,"It is entirely possible, after all they often provide in the simplest of ways and things. Not every wish and prayer is answered in the way we wanted, nor is everything done in grand gestures as some seem to believe." Giving a simple nod to one of the merchants being passed before inquiring,"And what thought of want or prayer had crossed your mind this morning?"

Stefan nods and shrugs, "I think they offer the tool and we offer the power to use those tools. As to why they do so, I am not sure. PErhaps to not spoil us. Perhaps to guide us and make us better. Though does that not mean the same for animals and plants as well then?" He suggests and smiles. "Why they do something is beyond me, but it does seem that something is done." He shrugs and smiles at her. "Most likely several, although I prefer to give my prefers straight to them, for their ears only." He says and smiles. "I can't go sharing my secrets after all. If I even have any." Winking.

Tylon nods with a light smile,"Well said, Your Highness. Most often fail to glimpse and grasp that wisdom, for much is yet in our power and control, choices to be made." Nodding a little,"Yes, it does mean so for the plants and animals as well, to some extent, for they are creations of the Guardians as well. Even they have purpose and reason, if perhaps not as much choice and will as we do. Often to exist more as tool or oppurtunity to us. Though I have certainly met a mule or two that I am certain are just as stubborn as some of my Chosen." A respectful dip of her head is given,"Of course, I do not wish to seem to pry. Though, ah….we all have secrets, Your Highness. Just as we move through the years, I believe they do not remain as simple as having a secret desire to sneak extra cookies from the kitchen." Giving her own wink to him in turn.

A light breathe is drawn before Tylon glances to him,"If it does not seem to poor of me to ask, perhaps there is an opinion you would not mind to share with me. As perhaps you are aware, I am to soon play host to Prince Jerric and Princess Fayre as they seek to have a….conversation on current matters." That's one way of putting it.

Stefan nods and listens tilting his head a bit. "I think talking is better than a straight out bloodbath. Although I suppose we'll see what happens when the time is here. I would suggest that you keep them calm. I know my brother. I would not wish for us to have Laketown despise us. But we will defend ourselves if the south tries anything." He shrugs a bit and smiles, "Although I am sure it will all be fine."

Tylon nods a little,"I will try as I can in keeping all calm, I have spoken with him once already and know this will be no small task. I think most would prefer to avoid a bloodbath, in truth. But emotions run high and they often cloud over sense and wisdom." A faint smile is given,"I would hope none would think Laketown to be the place to run through, we would not take kindly to either side thinking this. Even if we could never hold either back, it does not mean we would not make the attempt so not to be used in such a way. " She offers her own smile,"But I am sure you are right, and I know I pray that is how it will be."

Stefan nods a bit, "It does that, doesn't it." He says about emotions clouding judgement, grinning a bit still. "If either side does try it would perhaps mean the desertion of the guilds. Or the attack of the guilds. Neither being good." He says and shakes his head. "I am sure things will be tried to not ruin Laketown." He assures her. Smiling a bit. "It'll work out." He tries to assures her. Or himself.

"No, neither would be good, for either side or the guilds." Tylon giving a light sigh,"Though it would also serve as distration to other outside forces as well, opening for them to attack either or both. And the Temple can only offer so much aid should that come to pass. Nor can we take a side, should the talks go no where." Giving a nod to Stefan,"I am sure it shall as well, as the Guardians shall surely give me the strength and guidance for everyone to find the wisdom that needs to be seen. " Or so she hopes! "But of something lighter perhaps, tell me, is there something in particular you are interested to see at the cirus, it has been awhile since one has come around."

Stefan nods, "You can offer what you believe in. Be it what either side thinks or what if it is just your own standing on the matter. Which means if something happens they know that on this matter, if they decide on fighting in LAketown, you will stand up for what you stand for. No matter what." He suggests and shrugs before grinning, "Of course with me in the north it should always be for us, right?" He teases her. "Although, yes you should not be saying that you support one side or the other. But you have a right to defend laketown." He says and smiles. Shrugging and grinning a bit about the circus, "Oh, not sure really. As much as I can and just enjoy things." He suggests and smiles.

A soft laugh comes,"Yes, of course, it would be to stand up for you." Tylon giving a gentle shake of her head. "Just as we would for all who are not in the room to give say, to represent the many who would suffer if things do not go well. I have been asked to take sides, Your Highness, and have refused to do so. My place, the Temples place is to remain neutral, in the middle. Someone must hold to that position, and thus it is my duty to do so. "
A smile comes,"I admit, I am curious more about the circus then the tournament. It is not a thing much seen, and I think it will be ever entertaining to see what the children think of it all." Tylon noting in explanation,"We will ensure all the orphans have chance to enjoy it."

Stefan nods and smiles, "That is good." He offers to her words of staying her ground and keeping integrity. Nodding bit, "I suppose that is to be expected. There is a lot to learn from the circus while the tournament is perhaps something more in passing. I mean, unless you enjoy it. Personally I enjoy the tournaments a large deal." He says and grins. Nodding, "Indeed. It will be a good time for them I believe."

"Oh, I do enjoy the tournament, at least as long as they do not give me to much work." Tylon giving her healing satchel a light pat with her free hand. "It is always interesting to see what Knights have come and how they have improved, plus to see what new Knights have promise. The circus is simply something different to delight in a bit, much like getting fresh berries after a winter of only wither apples."

Stefan nods a bit to Tylon with a grin on his lips. "I understand. Although here I thought you liked tending to people." Clearly a tease though as he adds a wink to that. "Indeed it is, and always fun to participate. It allows you to become better."

A smile comes at the tease, Tylon even managing a slight tease in return,"Oh, I do, there are even some I'm quite certain they find excuse to be injured just so they can be tended to by me." A small smirk just briefly resting on her lips before smoothing away. "I do imagine, for does it not give you way to test your skills against those you might not normally have a chance to?"

Stefan grins and nods, "I'll think about it. Perhaps I will do something like that." He continues to tease. "Maybe even if I am not in the tournament." Smirking a bit at that. Nodding a bit, "Indeed. Unless during war. Although then there are more things that can go wrong." He says and smiles.

Tylon gives a grin as the teasing continues,"There are of course other ways to end up injured. Which should something happen, do feel free to request me to see after you, Your Highness." Her hand shifting slightly on his arm as they walk on. "That is true, war does open the door to far more things going wrong. I have been witness to such, as much as it saddens me to admit to. Though, even as it has been decided it is time I gain a few skills, I do not think I'll ever quite be tournament material."

Stefan nods and smiles. "I will, if I feel a need for it. Although I do have a few other healers that probably would want to take a look at me as well. And more so when I am injured." He says and grins. Thinking his words were clever. Nodding a bit as she goes on about things going wrong in war, "As do I. But it is also the best way to strengthen yourself. Both physically and mentally." He admits. Chuckling about her not being tournament material. "But we do need our healers as well."

"I would imagine so, a Temple healer surely would not be the first called for. Perhaps if they were the nearest or on hand. " Tylon giving a nod with a calm smile to the Prince. "That is true, it is a far way to give challenge both physically and mentally. Even if not the only way." She is a little twiggy, better used as the lance than actualy jouster. "Of course, someone needs to be left to set bones and wrap the bandages."

Stefan chuckles and nods. "Although I don't mind you coming because you worry." He teases with a wink as they go on, nodding a bit. "Indeed not the only way. Though it also gives you perspective and recognition for death. Some are just not fully aware of the risks." He says and shrugs. Nodding about someone bandaging them up. "Indeed, and for that I thank you."

"I shall keep that in mind then, though of course if you are already besieged by the many who would surely worry, than I could not crowd you further." Tylon gives a little bit of a nod,"It does, I have seen though who have spent time only at tournament finding themselves on a true filed of battle, the realizations that quickly come for them for all the same they can be, they are world apart. " A smile is given as Tylon simply notes,"You are welcome, but it simply the path the Guardians called me to."

Stefan let out a laugh and nods, "I suppose that is a kind thing then." Shaking his head a bit. Hearing her go on. Nodding a bot to her last as well as he runs a hand through his hair, "I suppose, and you are right. Though as for you just doing what you were called to, I am skeptical. Because as far as I can tell, you seem skillful. Which mean dedication as well."

Tylon glances over to Stefan with a slight quirking of an eyebrow as he mentions being skeptical. "Is it not possible for one to accept their calling and in turn dedicate themselves to that path? I know some fight against what they are meant for, a dedication in a different way. "

Stefan nods, "It is. But you said you marely do that. Wandering the path you are set on does give you skills. It does not make you one of the most reliable healers in the kingdoms." He assures her with a smile. Nodding and shrugging a bit. "Good is the path to walk. It take a little extra to become great." He says and smiles.

"I do suppose that is true, I suspect I wander with some guidence than. For the Temple does not care for us to wander aimlessly about. And now," a faint motion to the silver that gives her rank within the temple," the Chosen do not let me wander at all. Perhaps the Guardians desire that I serve in other, more reliable ways now." Raised in position just in time to deal with this renewed threat of war. "I think I shall leave greatness to those who seek it, I am content simply serving the Guardians as they wish of me. "

Stefan nods a bit as he listens, grinning. "I do not quite envy your new tasks." He admits and smiles. "Do rely on yourself as well as the guardians though. I do believe that they still deem highly on self respect as well as strive in each of us." He suggests and smiles.

As the Apothicary is finally approached, Tylon offers a gentle bow of her head as her hand slides from Stefan's arm. "I thank you for your time this morning and the generous escort. I have quite enjoyed the company and conversation, your grace. I shall hopefully cross paths again with you during your time here for the tournament. Guardian's Blessing upon you." Offering another smile before Tylon slips on along into the building.

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