A meeting in the gardens

A meeting in the gardens
Summary: A long unseen Taniford makes the acquaintance of a pair of Sollingers while taking a breather in the gardens of Wolveshire Castle.
Date: 13/Aug/2013
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Wolveshire Castle - Garden Court
The garden court is a large area housed between the curtain walls, the main keep, the temple and the barracks. The cobbled main walkway links the temple to the main courtyard, circling around a tiered fountain carved into the shape of four wolves holding up a bowl. Well-kept dirt paths lead into various directions, winding amongst the trees and flowers and topiaries that decorate the courtyard. Stone benches found along each path serve as resting places for visitors.

Following the cobbled main path takes one to the arched doorway leading into the temple or back between buildings and into the main courtyard.

Tue Aug 13, 1329

It had been some time since the distant Taniford cousin had been seen about Wolveshire, so many months had been spent here as 'guest' not long past. Finally able to return home, and the recent accident that her husband yet recovered from had kept her away. But it seems that duties had drawn the wispy woman back. Perched ever so lightly upon the edge of the water fountain, a sketch book in hand as Elenore lightly traced out something, hard to be certain what exactly for she never o much as gave a glance down to what she was doing and seemed to simply be staring out into the garden itself.

The twins have spent the last week or so trying to cram seven years of catching up into seven days. They wander the garden and chat, reminisce and generally annoy one another when they can. Cordelia punches her brother's arm as she is teased. "You forget," she reminds him with a rueful grin. "It was I who did stumble across you and… oh… what was her name? You know… the red head… up in the hay loft… I know all of your dirty little secrets, brother." And she's kept them, too. As they meander, her eyes drift to the fountain and the woman pauses to consider it a moment. "How long do you think they made those poor dogs sit with that bowl on their head? You know… while they carved it…."

"I think I've had enough years away to build up a batch of all new secrets. Or at least activities I wouldn't have broadcast to a wide audience. Was no lack of fighting, but between those spells we had plenty of weeks where no one much cared what you did so long as you showed up sober enough to ride the next morning - and everyone had coin to burn." Corwin shakes his head and pushes a hand up through his hair, grinning across at his sister. "I'd forgotten some of the things we'd gotten up to. One too many blows to the helmet I'm afraid." His voice trails off as the move through the garden and he notices that they're not quite alone any longer.

Dark eyes shift briefly towards the twins perhaps abrief glance had been meant orginally but Elenore's gaze comes to linger as her head cants. Her free handing rising and taking to moving through the air as if tracing over or following after something. Softly murmuring,"A connection, of the same, yet of being different. Most of interest." Drawing a light breathe before her eyes drift away, though finger keep to an absent tracing in the air. More seems to get sketched out on the pad as her attention seems to go else where. But perhaps it never left, for what she comes to speak,"None are made to sit through the sculpting, especially not of dogs, they would never sit for so long. It would be of mean to try and make them. Sketches are of made for when one is wishing to sculpt or carve and then it is of them that one is of working from."

"And I shall know them all before we part company again," Cordy assures, winding her arm through the knight's. Elenore's behavior gets a quirked brow and earns Corwin an elbow to the ribcage. "Hope we're not disturbing, my lady," the sailor murmurs. "Is that… is that what you do? Sketch for sculptures?" Small talk is awkward for the woman and she looks to her brother for help.

Because he's most certainly the master of small talk. Corwin lifts his eyebrows and lifts a tiny shrug toward Cordelia before returning his attention to the stranger. He inclines his head politely, and offers - "Good evening." His eyes consider her pad for a moment before returning to her face. "It's a pretty place to draw in here. I've tried my hand a time or three at a bit of art, but it always comes out a fine mess. Something between my eyes and my fingers isn't connected properly for drawing."

A light smile comes as Elenore offers a polite incline of her head to th epair, her gaze returning to them int he process. "There is no disturbance brought, m'Lady. But yes, when I take to sculpting, a sketch if it is of being needed. Though of now, I am simply drawing for a few moments of peace before it is taken away and duty calls for me." The drawing upon the pad seems to have little to do with the garden itself in truth, but it is a rather intricate and detailed piece of a wolf out upon a forest path. It speaks of a high level of skill, perhaps more so since she's rarely even looked to the pad herself. "I have come to like it here, there is much color and new patterns to see. But the roof is of my favorite, so much to be seen from there, one can near forget of being within the walls from up there." Elenore smiles gently to Corwin,"I have never understood of how some can draw, others not so yet they would have talent otherwise with their hands."

"Cor's a man of many talents," Cordelia assures, giving her brother a mischievous wink. "Though most of them are better suited to your common taverns. Late at night. When everyone's drunk." She nudges the man playfully. "I tease… This is Sir Corwin and I am Cordelia, my lady. Will you be remaining here long then?"

"You're going to give me a reputation around here before long, Cord. And not one I entirely deserve. If I'm going to be saddled with the reputation, I'd at least like to enjoy earning it. I'm usually well behaved." Corwin's reply is light, and he ducks a tiny bow when Cordelia introduces him. "If we were all equally talented in all respects, I'm sure it would be a dreadfully boring world to live in. I'm happy that others can draw and my eyes can enjoy the results. And I'll leave my hands to gripping a broadsword. Something for everyone."

Bowing her head to the pair as introductions come,"It is of a pleasure, Sir Corwin, Lady Cordelia…I am Lady Elenore." She shakes her head a little,"Not of long this time, Lyam is yet recovering and I am of not caring to be away. But with Aunt Gigi keeping here and the Steward yet, things are to be brought here, and thus duty is seen to as it must be." A gentle smile comes as her free hand finally stops the odd little tracing and moves in a small gesture before falling to her lap. "And I am of glad that those such as you can hold to swords, for I am not of able to lift such things and am left to charcoals and brushes. We are of being what we are meant to be, aye?" Elenore's dark eyes drift between the pair,"I recall you not from before, you are more recent in coming to the place of wolves, aye?"

"We'll go out tonight," Cordelia promises. "Drinking, gambling, any vice you can think of." Lashes flutter as she gives him a wink and then turns her attention back to the crazy one. "We are. Only a month or so for me. A little less for he. Lyam… oh yes. He was injured during the circus, wasn't he? How does he fare?"

"We might have to talk about boundaries when it comes to vices, Cord." Corwin smirks, shaking his head. It's just a small comment aside, giving most of his attention to the unique woman they've run across. He nods his head. "Quite recently here. I'd been kept traveling much of the time before that. I thought I'd come track my sister down before too many more years went by." He gives this as an explanation of how he ended up here. "It has been nice to have a break."

A slight nod comes as a finger absently turns the wedding band upon her finger,"Aye, he was. He was bravely foolish. And is of healing, but it has been slow and there is pain yet. But they say if not for the Mother Superior he might not have walked at all again. It is just of time and patience, and I am of fearing, much worrying upon my part." Gently drifting to her feet,"It is of good to see family before to much time passes, to much can happen we are of not looking. It is as it will be sometimes. It has been of nice to be of meeting, and perhaps there shall be again time before I depart, but I am fearing I have lingered to long and must return to aiding the Steward in combining the books. If you will be of excusing me, I will also not keep you from sharing the evening," Elenore giving a slightly bemused smile,"in which ever way it comes to be."

Cordelia gives a small inclination of her head, her own expression rather amused. "Guardians watch over you both then, my lady. I hope we shall see one another soon." The sailor looks to Corwin, one dark brow arching as she tilts her head.

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