A New Deputy's In Town

A New Deputy's in Town
Summary: Prince Samwell has a special task and proposition for Sir Deidra the Swift. And Deidra in turn makes her first decision in her new position - as Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard.
Date: 18/05/2013 and 22/05/2013
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Blue Room, Wolveshire Castle
Heavy tapestries of pale blue hang from the walls of this guest room, brightening the dark wood of the floor. Hues of green come in at the base of the tapestries, giving the sense that one could look through the walls and out over the surrounding forest. A wide bed anchors one corner of the room, while high-backed chairs cluster between a table and fireplace. A single door leads out into the Guest Hall.
May 18th, 1329

The Blue Room has taken the shape of a headquarter, it seems. Maps of North and South full of annotations decorate the walls, dancing slowly at the rhythm of candles everywhere. A big table, in the middle of the room, shows many documents, most of them with the royal seal of the Taniford House.

And sitting there, the new commander of the Blue Guard awaits in silence. His dark gaze inspects papers and scrolls, shaking his head from time to time, and murmuring things to himself. A black doublet is his hearing, while his armor and blue cloak rest not far away from him. This is, after all, the same room he has used to sleep for many nights. A cup of wine, almost empty, is his only companion, shinning in scarlet and waiting to be tasted again.

The door has been left open, but no guards are outside at the moment.

It does not take long, and a Blue Guard enters through that open door. Her slightly sour demeanour lightens up a touch when Deidra spots her Commander sitting behind that table, and she greets him with a bow from the waist. "My Prince." she says, followed by a greeting of a more military kind, a tip to the imaginary helmet she is not wearing at the moment. "Commander, Sir."

Her steely green eyes flit to the armour and the Blue Cloak, that rest in close vicinity to Samwell, noting that he is not wearing it with a raised brow. Deidra is about to comment on it, it seems, but then she gives a light shrug, choosing another topic instead. "You have sent for me, Commander Sir?" Not that it would be unusual for a Commander in the evening hours. But a fact that requires at least some explanation.

"Sir Deidra, please, come in." the Taniford knight smiles, nodding very respectfully, and clearing the paperwork of the table with his arm. The smile seems tired, fruit of a long day, but very gentle and even friendly. "Do you want something to drink, or to eat? I can ask for someone to get you anything you want from the castle, and I have some wine here, if you want." he adds quickly as the last of the scrolls is put to a side. "Oh, and I was going to sleep," he chuckles at the brow arisen, "But who has time to sleep lately?"

Entering in the matter, and answering the Blue Guard's question, a more formal tone can be heard.

"I sent for you, yes. I need to ask you something, but it is something I couldn't ask to someone else." he pauses a little to breathe deeply. "A group will be sent East to explore the ruins once more. It seems there are clues, and the Blue Guard, being the elite force of our Kingdom, will be there. Also, there are many tasks that I must watch over outside of this city but," a sigh with a tint of disappointment, "I have been ordered by the Queen to stay inside of these walls. And these have made me wonder many things, Sir Deidra. You are the most experienced, skilled, and trustworthy member of the order, I have no doubt of that. And, if I can delegate serious matters on someone, it can be only on you. I will ask you-" yes, ask, "to lead the group East. More than that, I might ask you in the future to lead armies, if we get to that point. I will ask you to command when I can't, and your advice at every moment. Can I ask you, even more, to step up and serve as the Blue Guard's Deputy Commander, sir?"

The dark gaze searches for her eyes, understanding he has said many things and it must take a thought or two. But his eyes are clearly waiting for an answer, and they are inspecting.

Deidra nods, a little apologetic smile creeping into her dutiful expression, when the Prince, her Commander, explains and answers her unvoiced question. Her gaze filts downwards for a short moment as she answers his rethorical question. "Not many, sir." Her stance straightens a little, noticing the formal tone. But other than that, neither surprise nor any other sentiment can be noticed on her face at Samwell's proposal - except maybe for a sudden flicker of those steely green eyes, and a tiny hint of a smile showing at the corners of her mouth. When he is finished, Deidra stands there for a moment in silence, as if pondering how to reply to this request. But when she finally does, it is with a firm voice, only softened a little by her obviously hardly subdued joy.

"I… am aware of some of the developments, Commander sir. And I agree, of course. These matters need to be investigated, and the investigation led by a firm hand. As for your request… I feel honoured by your trust in my abilities and will gladly prove them to you. So the answer is yes. I am willing to assist you were I can, sir." Where a single nod and a simple "Yes, sir," would have sufficed.

A more relaxed smile is casted this time. Pleased, even, and relieved. "Then this scroll can be signed," Samwell takes the one in the top of the recently-formed pile, where the official appointment is described. The Prince's sign is already there, it was there all the time. "Thank you." he says. Probably the answer expected would be more formal, but the Taniford really means what he is saying. "Thank you, Sir Deidra. From now on, every Blue Guard will answer to your command, and when I am not there, you shall act as myself. If there is anything you need, you only have to ask. And perhaps you will regret signing that paper in the future, but I need you to return the peace to the realm. So I'm sorry, in advance." a little chuckle breaks the moment of slight tension by his part.

Letting that smile now take over, Deidra leans forward to sign the parchment. "No need to be sorry in advance, commander sir. I will certainly not regret it. And I hope you won't as well." After all, the Prince has already relieved one Blue Guard Commander of his positon. Straightening, the new Blue Guard Deputy Commander stares for a moment at that parchment with her signature. But then she raises her confident gaze to meet that of Prince Samwell again. "I have some questions. How many will be in this group, sir? And more importantly, who? Will I be allowed to take one Blue Guard with me? And how many other guards? Or," she pauses with a smirk, "…will that be up to me to decide, sir?"

"Oh, I won't." Samwell smiles at his answer about the possibility of regretting his decision in the future, shaking his head just a little. "Two Blue Guards are assigned to the Rhaedan royals, those cannot be moved for now. The expedition will take you less than a day, so you can dispose of any number you think it is needed. You will be the commander, so take it as a test." he grins, "I will give you all the freedom you wish in this particular exploration, and I am sure you will make me proud. Also, and since you will be my representation, you can take men-at-arms from the Taniford guard. Just don't leave us without people to protect us, in case the Riedels decide to march a little faster." and, although it is a jest, there is some true concern in his tone. "As for when will it happen, it will be up to you, but inform me first to do all the needed preparations."

The Deputy Commander inclines her head to Samwell's words, the dutiful expression slowly returning to her features. "Give me some time to think over the matter… I'll let you know about the size and which guards will accompany me in the morning, sir." The mention of the Riedels make her frown and she shakes her head. "I won't leave you unguarded, certainly not." A pause. "I'll take care of the matter, sir. So if there isn't anything else I shall leave you now." It's already quite late after all…

…But then again, some details still need to be discussed, don't they? Sir Deidra hesitates, the confidence in her green eyes replaced with a slightly thoughtful expression. She takes a step away from the table and drops her gaze as if to study the various parchments from afar - among them the one she has just signed. Shifting her weight again from one leg to the other, the newly appointed Deputy clears her throat before she raises her gaze to meet that of her superior.

"Actually, there is something else, Commander sir. I have some more questions about this expedition you've mentioned, and furthermore about how to deal with… the situation, my Prince. While the main objective must be to find out who is responsible for the death of Princess Aylanora… this expedition aims to learn about the whereabouts of the, um, Rhaedan Princess, as well?" Deidra inquires matter-of-factly, although her expression turns a little sour when she mentions that Northern Royal House. "I hope this doesn't mean we are to cooperate in this, my Prince? This will be a Taniford expedition, with no Rhaedan involvement whatsoever?"

The Taniford Prince looks certainly more relieved, but with the natural consternation of all the recent events. Slowly, moving his head slightly to a side, but meeting the new Deputy Commander's eyes, he says slowly, "The main objective is indeed to find those who kidnapped, and murdered, Princess Aylanora. But they claim they have the Rhaedan Princess as well. But, while we will follow any clue that lead us in either of those directions, this mission is completely leaded, and performed, but the Taniford Kingdom. The Blue Guard is our elite force, and in this expedition we are not in need of any other cooperation." he sighs one more time and raises to his feet.

A chair, not far from them, is taken and carried for Deidra to sit down.

"If they have the Rhaedan Princess, we will save her before anything happens, of course. If we are talking about the same responsible, we are talking of a common enemy, and given the case, we won't let them cause any harm to her. The peace, in every way, is our main concern right now."

The Deputy Commander nods, her posture relaxing a bit as if relieved at Samwell's clarification. The offered seat is accepted, although she will wait to sit down until her Prince has taken his seat. But Deidra's sour expression turns into a frown when she hears his final remark. "Um… well certainly, yes. If the Rhaedan Princess really was taken… and if they are proven to have no hand in this… atrocity." Her answer comes swiftly, as if out of some reflex. After all it's hard to change one's belief that the enemy of the House one is sworn to are suddenly to be allies. Deidra hesitates with a sigh, before she shrugs and admits: "But… after all, what I have heard so far about the clues that have been found… makes little sense, Commander sir."

Samwell sits and fills a cup of wine for Deidra, but not one for himself. Offering it, he nods his head just a little. "Of course. If the Princess was taken and they are innocent. But, as you say, all that clues make no sense at all. Whoever did this could evade us for weeks, why would they leave a Rhaedan sigil, or a Lohstren sigil, in clear sight and incriminating fashion? I think someone is planting evidence to mislead us, but we will catch that someone." the dark eyes burn a little, and the hint of a sharp smile is drawn. "And we will make him talk. We will make them talk. And then, we will make them pay." at the end, he does fill a cup for himself, and a long sip occurs just instants afterwards.

Fiery curls rise in billow, when a woman steps through the doorway in a firm pace. She is as usually in her armour and a blue cloak sways behing her back. The hand calmly rests on the pommel of her sword. She respectfully bows, when she finally stands in the middle of the room and lets her curious look slip around. However, Peronell doesn't say a word, everything was said by her actions, and there is no need to interrupt conversation, while she is not asked to do so. The same disciplined warrior manner makes her look quite serious and even cold, despite all these flaming eyes and locks.

Seeing the Prince is comfortably settled, Deidra finally lowers herself into the offered seat. Her demeanour is slightly pensive as she accepts the cup of wine, listening most attentively to her Commander's reply. Her brows furrowing as soon as he's finished she shakes her head. "No, Commander sir. It doesn't make sense in the… incompetent way the leads are dropped, with one lead already contradicting the next that is found. Were this a cunning mind, and more importantly, a sane one, wouldn't it be more effective to choose one single suspect to have those false leads point to?" And then, after a nod in thanks for the offered beverage, Deidra takes a sip of the wine, as if to digest the thoughts she has just uttered aloud.

Turning as she notices the Blue Guard's entrance, Deidra remains seated but greets her with a nod of her head and a friendly smile. "Sir Peronell. What brings you here, is something amiss?" she inquires, already assuming the authority that Peronell yet can't be aware of. After studying those flaming eyes for a moment, the Deputy adds: "Has something… someone angered you, sir?"

"Sir Peronell, please, come here." Samwell says gently, smiling a little to the Vangoriel knight. "You are just in time. I have the honor to let you know that Sir Deidra the Swift has been formally appointed as Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard. She will lead the expedition to the eastern ruins, and in case of my absence, or when I am in impossibility to perform my tasks — such as in that expedition —, she will act as Commander in all her right." listening a little to the question she makes, a little cold grin can be seen. "I hope she isn't angered. Last time it happened I lost a Blue Guard." indeed, Peronell earned the byname of The Blue Slayer for good reasons.

Now that there is another member of the royal order in the room, the Prince continues to both of them. "Yes, it is made to cause confusion. And trouble. Each Kingdom now has a House to blame, after all." he grins once more, this time sadder. "And that gave the Riedels yet another excuse to march to our lands. War is the last thing we need, and nothing, nothing, will distract us to find the one who took my sister." in a blink his gaze moves back to Peronell. "Please, take seat, sir. Do you want something to drink?"

With all the needed respect Peronell bows her head to Deidra "Good to know about such position of yours," she turns to the Prince with a slight grin "Commander sir, everything is good and everyone will be safe from my angriness," she tries to answer to his comment in a joke form. After that, flaming eyes slip to the chair and drink. The Blue Slayer shakes her head "Thank you, I can stand and I came here not to drink," woman explains and glances at the Deputy Commander "Actually, I would like to be in that expedition, if I may," she states.

When the Prince informs Peronell about Deidra's new status, steely green eyes shift their gaze from him to her as if to check her reaction to the news. Grinning politely to Samwell's jest about the Blue Slayer's anger, the new Deputy Commander puts her cup down onto the table, saving the rest of the wine till later. "Aye, Sir Peronell. I am glad I can assist our Prince and Commander in this. Especially when there are so many new complications to deal with." This probably referring to the Riedel development he just has mentioned.

Peronell's reply has her raise a brow. "Is that so, sir? I was pondering taking one or two Blue Guards with me to assist me in our mission,… well, I am happy I've found a first volunteer. But… I need you to have a cool mind, not a fiery one." The last part is added with a wink in Peronell's direction, although Deidra's gaze seems to linger a bit longer on her, as if she is still assessing the other Guard's willingness to accept her as her superior.

"It is good." Samwell says to the answer about a seat and the wine, grinning a little at the exchange of jests, and looking in attentive way the conversation around. The details of the expedition, as he had already stated in this meeting, have been assigned to Deidra, and he will surely not intervene in any decision - though he will watch carefully every one of them. The cup raises, and it is slightly shaken in a distracted movement, while all his concentration studies both of the other Blue Guards in the room.

"Thank you," Peronell just nods and frowns a little bit at Deidra's comment "This colour is not my mind's colour," she touches one of her curls, before looking around once more.

Deidra shoots Samwell a glance, meeting his gaze for a moment as he raises his cup, then slowly inclining her head, accepting his silence. "Good to know, sir. I was only jesting." she replies to Peronell, leaning back into her seat as if to show she has no animosity towards her. With that said, and already having picked the first to accompany her on the mission, Deidra turns her attention back onto her Prince and Commander. "So… to the ruins we are to go…? Where some leads already have been found?" Reaching out to that cup on the table before her she toys with it for a moment thoughtfully, letting the question hang in the air for a moment. "Anything special we should look for, my prince?"

Finally, a little laugh is offered. Friendly, gentle, more relaxed than any before, at least tonight. "That is something I don't know. Perhaps more clues? Perhaps those who are leaving them? Whatever there is, we have to know it all. Sir Eldrick found the… clue… and immediately left, without leaving any guards in the place. We won't do the same, every corner will be inspected, and you may try to track the people we are looking for. The ruins are close enough to be reached and return in a day, so that will give you enough time. Just remember you are the Blue Guard, you are our deadliest force, and if anything happens, please go prepared to demonstrate it. No one will make the same mistake towards the Taniford Kingdom." solemn and strong is his voice, and empty is his cup just heartbeats after.

A long day, and the Prince shows it clearly, but pride and happiness for the recent events in this room are even more clear.

"You should go to rest, Sir Deidra and Sir Peronell. Difficult days await us, and we need you to be at full strength. But, first—" his eyes flash for a moment, as a respectful bow is given, "Congratulations, Sir Deidra, new Deputy Commander. It is an honor for me, my family, and our Kingdom."

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