A Prince and a Priestess

A Prince and a Priestess
Summary: Prince Stefan and Priestess Tylon discuss some of the recent happenings and also take a walk, have a dance and generally get to know one another further.
Date: 15 July 2013
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Stefan Tylon 

Laketown - Docks
The cry of the sea birds that have made the vast lake of Eikeren their home echoes above as the small waves lap against the extensive docks that jut out into the waters. Here, the river and the marshlands meet with the ever expanding stretch of stone and wood piers and docks. Ships of all sizes, from small dinghies and local fishing vessels to large trading ships creak at their moorings, with their crew ever constantly in motion - whether it is sailors cooing drinking songs to their single-night lovers or workers and soldiers toiling with supplies and goods.

The steady stream of wagons and carts of all strange shapes and sizes head in and out of town towards the west where the broad road leads back to Laketown proper.

Mon Jul 15, 1329

The tournament and circus had brought plenty of excitement to Laketown, but none could have quite foreseen the excitement the zoo truly ended up bringing about…..the sea dragon rumored to be in Lake Shelter, the cause for the poor fishing in the past month and proved itself to be more than a rumor when baby sea dragons had been unveiled at the zoo. The town was a twitter about, some were being a bit wary about the docks, not wishing to risk being eaten as some rumors said that it had eaten half a dozen horsed and killed a couple men when it retrieved it's children. Others shrugged it off and continued about life and business, things still needed to be shipped. And there were a few who simply came to the docks to gaze out over the lake, perhaps hoping to see some further sign of the creature of legend, of Stilltha. And it seemed the Mother Superior fell into the later category. As Tylon was seated at one of the inactive piers this morning, a Chosen not to far away from the Temple Priestess, keeping watch upon her as she simply looks out over the water.

It does seem that another with a similar thought is Stefan as he sits by the water and looking down. Watching it in a serene state. Guards somewhere around but for once positioned a bit further away.

While green eyes barely ever seem to pull away from the waters as they stretch out across the lake, Tylon seems to have taken note of Stefan at some point along the way for that voice comes at some point,"Your Highness, I really don't believe she is returning. She has what she was looking for."

Stefan smiles as he looks over to Tylon, "Perhaps so, mother superior. Although it is possible that skin pieces or so forth has been left. Or any kind of sign of it. It could help in learning more about it." He explains and smiles. Gesturing for her to join him.

Slipping down to join Stefan along the waters edge before Tylon responds. "That is true. Though there was a shed skin from it brought in the other week, it had been found floating in the water. It became rather delicate once it dried out."

Stefan nods to her as he smiles, "I understand. I am quite curious as to why it is in the lake and not sea. Can it survive in both types of water? Where did it come from. How does it protect itself. Does any of it's parts have some kind of special ability? So on and so forth." He explains and grins.

There is a small shake to Tylon's questions,"I am not sure you will ever quiet know all the answers to those questions. I know the scrolls speak of the sea dragons having once lived in all bodies of water, not just the sea. So perhaps they can all survive in both, but prefer one to the other. Of this one, having seen it, I do believe its size helps in some ways to protect it. "

Stefan chuckles and nods, "I think you are quite right." He says with a grin. "I can still try though." He says before stretching. "Perhaps so." He offers and smiles. Running a hand through his hair. "It is interesting either way." He says and chuckles

"That is true, there is nothing wrong with trying, and it can be peaceful out here by the lake. I have often come out here in the early morning or late evening to just sit for a time." Tylon gives a faint smile towards Stefan,"I imagine you quite understand the need to find time to yourself and to get away from things for a bit, Your Highness." Not quite the same, being a Temple Priestess is probably not quite as hectic. "Have you been able to enjoy much of the circus and tournament so far?"

Stefan nods and smiles. "You are quite right. Although I admit that it would be nicer with a drink in hand." He says with a grin over at the priestess. Nodding a bit as she speaks. "Indeed. As for the circus and tournament, a bit. Not too much though I admit."

"You do seem rather fond of having a drink always in hand." Tylon giving a slight 'hmmm' before she does admit,"Some things are better enjoyed with a drink." Looking back out over the waters,"It has been interesting so far, I have not made any of the tournament events yet. But the circus and the zoo offered quite the variety of interesting sight. And of course a bit of excitement." Her hand gesturing some towards the lake to indicate the excitement.

Stefan chuckles and nods, "A drink in hand and a woman under my arm." He says and shrugs. "Or just anything fun to do at all. I just enjoy living as well. But since adventures are rare for a prince I find it the ways I can. Through stories from drunks and the similar." He explains and smiles at her. Nodding a bit as she speaks of the events, "I do think that I will be able to participate in something, I hope." He says and grins.

"And some would wonder why you have the reputation you speak of," Tylon's words carrying a light teasing quality to them. "Ah, I do imagine you do not get much opportunity to get about. Admittedly, the Chosen, especially..mine…Are not entirely happy when I go about and end up finding myself caught up in something. But thankfully, I do out rank them and my duties do require some measure of travel. Which itself seems to lend to some manner of what might call adventure these days." Giving a little nod,"I hope so as well, it would be a shame for you to have come and not been able to take part and enjoy any of it."

Stefan chuckles and shrugs, "If we can not have what we wish for we find ways to adapt, is that not right?" He offers to her. Nodding a bit. Chuckling as he listens, "That is understandable. Although I believe you chose your path and knew what was to come. At least giving you a time to prepare. Being born into it I never got that moment to see things or learn other aspects. So I adapted." He explains and smiles. Nodding a bit more as she goes on. "I suppose so. I do go on adventures if you just speak of protecting the kingdom I suppose." Shrugging. "Oh, I will enjoy it as well as I can for as long as is left."

A smile comes with a slight nod from Tylon,"Yes, it does seem we do. Though I admit, I wish for rather little. The Guardians have given me much and I am thankful to Them for that." A slight nod comes,"Yes, That is one to look upon it. For us, it is often more of answering Their call to this path, a choice to answer or not. Though I never sought nor quite choose to be given such rank. I simply choose to serve as They needed." There is a faint smile,"You are right, you were born to what you are and have lacked for it, yet at other times had what others lack, or wish for. As an orphan, I have only ever had the Temple, and thus some would say I never actually had a choice to what I would end up being. " Drawing a slow breathe, simply taking in the morning yet. "It is often easy to find in our lives what we lack, what we are missing, and in focusing there we often fail to see how much we truly do have, how much there is to be thankful for."

Stefan nods a bit as he listens. Chuckling and nodding. "Perhaps not. Although to say you have no will is like me killing everyone in Laketown and then blaming it on the gods. That doesn't sound right." He says and grins. Nodding a bit and shrugging. Tilting his head and nodding. "True. Though I think you still had a choice. You chose to stay. I know one that chose to leave and was in similar shoes as you." He offers and smiles. Nodding to her last and shrugging. "It is true." He says.

Tylon shakes her head,"I do not mean to imply a lack of will. It was a choice to stay or go. Though for me it was the choice to answer Their call, to be as I felt They wished of me or to seek something else, something that I thought to be instead. In truth, some are called to leave, some to stay. Some are born to something else entirely different." A slight smile is offered," After all, there is need for priestess and Princes and it would be odd if everyone was one or the other." Green eyes settle to a quiet study for a few moments before Tylon speaks again,"My choice came with a price, as all choices do, all paths have their perks and their downsides. And the truth of it is, you do have a choice, you could take a different path if that is truly where your heart was, if that is what you believed was what you were meant for…but the price would high to make a choice like that. And in the end, our choices are often not based upon the path, but the price we would pay to take them and if the price is something we are willing to give for the risk and reward we think might come."

Stefan nods and smiles, "That is understandable." He offers with a smile. "Though the choice is still yours to look to do as asked or not." He says and smiles. "There is no forcing. As for me, there is. Either that or get sent away. And seeing as I care for my siblings I would not be able to just leave them." He says and smiles. Nodding a bit. "I suppose I had a choice. But basically it was a loss-loss situation." He shrugs. "But as I said. You can lock me in a cage but it doesn't mean that I get tame." He says and smiles at her.

Tylon nods,"True, sometimes it really isn't a choice with both paths being undesirable. It is still a choice in the end, even if it doesn't much feel like it. " A soft laugh comes,"I do not think I would call you tame exactly. But you do speak true, a cage does simply make the thing kept within caged. And sometimes, we must endure the cage and grow stronger for it to face what we are meant to in the end."

Stefan nods and smiles to the priestess, "Indeed. I would say that you do have a good mind." He offers to the priestess. "So. What else have you been looking for during this week?" He asks with a smile.

Gently inclining her head,"Thank you, I simply try to see what wisdom Stilltha places before me. Sometimes it takes longer to see than I would wish." Tylon actually takes a moment to consider the question,"I admit, I have seen more than I could have hoped for with Brother Thomas placing in the archery event and the…dragon." A faint smile occurs, who ever expects a dragon to show up! "Though, I was hoping to have time to catch another of the circus acts, they have been interesting to take in with their different offerings. And the joust should be interesting as always."

Stefan nods a bit as he listens. Smiling at her words. "I suppose that is possible. Although we all do what we can to continue on." He says and smiles. As for what she wishes to see, he chuckles. "Ah, yes. IT is quite fascinating. Although a mind should never be satisfied fully. It leaves little room for anticipation or excitement in life if you are always satisfied." He suggests and grins. "Though it is good to hear that you still have things you look forward to."

"There is always something to look forward to, even if something as simple as enjoying a bit of lemonade in the garden as the heat of the day has passed." Tylon offering a smile,"Truly sometimes it is remembering to see and enjoy the simple things. Even they can be anticipated. Like having a drink again in your hand or….ah…a woman under your arm, was it not?"

Stefan chuckles and nods, "Quite right, priestess Tylon." He offers with a bright smile. Nodding a bit about enjoying the little thinks. Nodding a bit. "True enough." He offers and grins with a shake of his head.

Tylon offers a bit of a grin,"Perhaps not quite what you were thinking about when you spoke. But they do fit, yes? But I do agree, the mind should not be allowed to be considered full, there is always something to be considered and perhaps even questioned. Exploration and anticipation of things known and unknown before us."

Stefan chuckles and nods, "That they do. To some degree." He offers and smiles. Listening and nodding as she goes on. "If dragons and sea dragons are real. What is to say that Krakens or Rocs are not? Or even the great stag or the giant lion with long teeth and skin of stone?" He suggests and beams, seeming quite fascinated with it.

"There is nothing, ah..except perhaps skeptical folk who wish not to believe." Tylon gives a bit of a smile herself. "Within the histories there is stories of such creatures, most consider them just tales. But these days past show that once and now again, they are more than tales, but truth. I do not think any can something does not exist unless they have walked all the lands and seen for themselves it is not there. A thing, I think none in our days may ever be able to claim."

Stefan nods a bit. "I think there exists most of them. Or versions of them. Such as the tales of different birds might be the one and the same bird and so forth. A dire wolf could be mixed for that Lion I mentioned. So on and so forth." He says and smiles. Moving to offer his arm to Tylon. "How about we go take a drink? My treat."

"I would believe similar, after all there are many who would say some of the creatures of the northern bogs do not exist, but I doubt any who live there would deny their existence. Much exists in this world, even if we have not seen it." A gentle smile comes at the offer, Tylon gives a bow of her head before slipping her hand upon the offered arm,"I would be honored, Your Highness."

You begin following Stefan.

Stefan nods and smiles, "Indeed so." He says as they start off. "See? A woman on my arm." He teases and winks as they head for the tavern. His guards closing in around them to escort them safely.

Laketown - Road to the Docks
The road to the docks was once the heart of Laketown, now moved inland some away from the industry of the docks. While the bustling port town seems to shimmer from the polished stone and intricate wood and fancy metalworks, here by the docks, things are still rough, evoking a time when Laketown was a sleepy backwater port. Craftsmen from the Guilds, the sailors of the Docks, and the laborers of both convene for some lodging or a hot meal or whatever money can buy away from the gaze of the city guards. One should keep an eye on one's purse, or fall prey to those that seem to live out of the shadows. Here, it is the well-to-do that scurry away as quickly as they can.

Yet, to the south lies the venerable paved road to the Craftsman's Quarter and the Guild headquarters and to the north the well-to-do Merchant's Quarter. The broad cobblestone road leads west back to Laketown proper and east to the busy and expansive docks. The Bad Clam Tavern is a place to get a cheap mug of ale, a hot meal, and then some, at cheap rates. An apothecary serves as a clinic and makeshift emergency care in this part of town.

Mon Jul 15, 1329

Tylon laughs with a shake of her head at the comment,"Yes, it would seem so, and soon to have a drink in your hand. Whatever will you wish for after?" Easily walking with the young Prince.

Stefan chuckles and shrugs, "I don't know. Probably not the usual. I mean, with you being a priestess and all. I think it would seem as bad taste." He says and grins at her. Enjoying the back and forth banter. Walking into the establishment with her, as a guard holds the door. Once inside moving for a table with two guards joining. One standing around the area somewhere and the fourth and last going to get drinks for them.

Laketown - The Drunken Clam
A large oak bar is prominent in the common room of the tavern. The smell from the kitchen is generally delightful, and the hearth situated at the back of the room is large and always burning. A sign above the bar reads 'No Fancy-dancy wines here. This tavern is for real drinkers', while the bars front has been carved with the likenesses of clams here and there, to echo the place's name.

The Tavern has a slightly seedy crowd and is generally messy, but never unclean. Tables are spread out and some seem mismatched, but the seating can accommodate any number of patrons. All the furnishings are made of highly crafted Oak to remain quite sturdy no matter what condition they might be put thru. Just past the main bar is the door, leading to the Kitchen itself, and to the right of the door leading to the kitchen is a flight of stairs that lead up to the second floor. To the right of the bar as you enter can be seen another door, with a Sign above it labled 'The den'.

Mon Jul 15, 1329

That does draw a laugh from Tylon,"Ah, that does depend on the situation and often the priestess……this situation, yes, it would perhaps seem so. But say, a Ravas devoted Priestess, they are often quite happy to aid one in giving offerings and prayers to their Guardian. " There is a flicker of a smirk,"Which, is often a rather long and not very….tame process. Not for the faint of heart, truly. "

Stefan laughs a bit as he moves along with her and helps her into her seat. "I must agree with that. So for now, we'll just have to see where the moment takes us." He tells her with a grin. "Wine? Or something else?" He asks her, gaze on the guard at the bar who looks to Stefan for indications on what to drink.

"Wine is perfect, Prince Stefan," comes the answer from Tylon as she settles into the seat, a hand absently smoothing her robes. "It can be surprising where a moment can lead. Though I am now curious, have you ever really spent much time with those of us who serve the Four?"

Stefan nods and gestures for wine. Some kind of finger signs that the guards who escort Stefan knows. To easier order drinks for him. Nodding a bit. "Indeed. A moment can take us anywhere." As the wine arrives he will pour it for her and him. Shrugging a bit. "Not too much. But I do know those who lean towards Ravas are often a bit more. Free-spirited."

"I suppose that is a bit of a given, considering what Ravas represents, and the Festival of Ravas does always make that clear, yes?" Giving a bow of her head in thanks as the wine is poured for her. "Just as I suspect most know that the majority of Chosen tend to take to Bornas, as do many warriors." Tylon gives a faint smile,"It seems less know that even though we all do have a…primary Guardian that we are more devoted to, we do know of them all in our own way. Perhaps some more so than others. "

Stefan chuckles and nods. "Indeed. And well, Ravas are a bit easier around that time as well." He says and grins. Nodding as she goes on about Bornas. "Perhaps so. I believe we do need to know them all." He says and smiles.

"They also seem to stick out a bit more, in general. Some are rather showy really, hard to miss their enthusiasm." Tylon gives a slight smile,"Especially when compared to one of Stilltha, such as my self. Though I suppose the silver gives a bit of flare now." Taking a sip of the wine before Tylon nods," We do, as each touches our lives, and each should be given thanks for what the bring…and…ah….I am starting to fall into a lecture for Acolytes, a thing I do not think you need.'

Stefan chuckles and nods. Shrugging a bit. "Well, the silver is a nice addition." He tells her and grins. Starting to chuckle and shake his head as he drinks wine, "It is quite fine. Enjoy your drink. And snacks." Gesturing for one guard to go get snacks.

Tylon chuckles herself,"It does bring something to the look, even if it carries far more responsibility with it than one might think." Inclining her head a little bit before sipping on her wine," I shall, thank you. Other than the wine and women that seem to make up the reputation you spoke of, is there anything you enjoy doing when your duties are not pulling upon you?"

Stefan chuckles and nods, "Well, it suits you." He offers with a grin. Relaxing a bit. Shrugging to her question, "Dancing. Acting a bit. So on and so forth. Learning of folklore and competing as well. How about you?"

Tylon nods a little at his answer,"I have to admit, I am a poor dancer myself, but then there is not much call for it within Temple life." Certainly nothing like the formal balls and functions the nobility deal with. "I must admit, I do not quite have the same feeling towards wine and women," lightly teasing him before providing her own response,"I find some relaxation in gardening, even if it can be horridly practical as a hobby. But it is swimming I tend to take to when I simply wish to get away and have a bit of fun. "

Stefan chuckles and nods. Grinning a bit about wine and women, "Well, perhaps men then?" He teases and shakes his head. "Ah, I see. That sounds quite nice." He tells her with a smile. "Ah, I do know a bit of swimming if not being the best at it."

A grin comes at the tease,"Ah, that is perhaps possible, I am after all a woman, even if a priestess." Tylon nods a touch,"One does not have to be good at something to enjoy it. For even if my dancing is not great, I can enjoy a few attempts at it during the festivals. Even if it might provide entertainment for any who witness it."

Stefan nods and rises to his feet, "Well then. While we wait for snacks." He says and offers his hand. "A dance." He suggests with a sweet smile. The guards keeping their spots and guarding them from a distance.

A soft laugh comes and Tylon gives her head a slight shake before she does accept the offered hand and rises to her feet,"As you wish, Your Highness, but please do not forget I warned you. Though I shall promise to do my best to not trod upon your toes."

Stefan chuckles and shrugs, "It is quite fine. Worst case I'll just carry you around." He teases as they make way to dance. Leading along and smiling to her. Starting off easy with a few easy back and forth steps before trying to spin her around.

<FS3> Stefan rolls Dancing: Good Success.

<FS3> Tylon rolls Dancing: Good Success.

Tylon laughs and shakes her head a touch,"That is one way to make it seem I can dance well enough." Seeming to manage the steps well enough without stepping upon his feet. Lighter on her feet it would seem, at least for the moment. "I think with how you lead, you may make liar out of me, Your Highness," comes the light comment as she is spun and does actually do well with it, her robes giving that little swish.

Stefan grins, "Indeed, it does seem that way. Because you move quite gracefully." He tells her with a grin. Moving with her. Rolling her from one side to the other. Dancing around and it is quite flowing movements. At the end of the song he'll pull her to him and fix his eyes on her, breathing a bit quicker as the dance started slow but increase to a rather fast pace.

"You are to kind, truly," comes her soft response. Yet, Tylon does seem light enough on her feet as the dance continues. Perhaps not perfect, but she does flow well through the steps, matching the increased pace that comes through the course of it. Green eyes gazing back as she gets pulled in as the dance finds its ends. Her own breathes a touch quicker for the exertion.

"Well, hello there, priestess." Stefan offers as their faces are closer. Then releasing her from his grip. "Should we dance some more or might you prefer going to eat the snacks?" He asks as he looks to the table that is now full with snacks. Cheeses, crackers, meat slices, fruits, so on and so forth.

"I think snacks might be the safer option, Your Highness," Tylon's answer with a smile. "After all, we would not wish to risk your toes again, now would we?"

Stefan grins and nods, "Perhaps so. Although were you meaning safer for me or you?" He asks and winks as he lead her back to the snacks. "I do think that preparations for the upcoming events are needed from me soon though." He admits.

There is a slight smile that comes from Tylon when the question comes up,"That is a very good question, Your Highness. " And one she seems not to actually forthcoming with an answer about either as she simply walks back to the table with him. "I fear, I should leave shortly myself, there are matters awaiting my attention at the Temple. And the Chosen do get edgy if I am away to long. I have enjoyed the company this morning though, Prince Stefan." Lingering for a little while longer in enjoying a few of the snacks and finishing the cup of wine, before the Mother Superior does make her departure.

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