A Prince Returns

A Prince Returns
Summary: In the deserted lists of the Laketown Tourney Field two Blue Guards come across each other by chance and witness the arrival of their long absent Commander.
Date: 22/07/2013
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Deidra Marla Samwell 

Open Field, Laketown
The tournament field is expansive and properly flattened to accommodate the events. The center is dominated by the list, deliniated by a series of wooden markers. To one side is a special dais for the highest sovereigns and their guests - the berfrois - where nobles and royals sit above the rest to view the events. To the left of the dais is a small circular station ringed with a single-rail fence where the melee events are hosted. Far off to the right a series of archery targets spaced at various intervals allow for archery competitions. Beyond all of this the field has been cleared for the various pavilions of those competing.
July 22nd, 1329

A late morning sheds a dimmed light from a sky that is covered with grey clouds onto the deserted tournament field. Here and there reminders of the festivities that happened here during the past days are victim to a light breeze, banners of the Houses of the North and South flapping a little, a single abandoned cup of clay rolling through the abandoned stands. The lists are empty, apart from one single figure standing there, a knight in the polished steel armor, its recent dents provisionally hammered out, a blue cloak bulging in the wind.

As she turns her head, the dark brown strands of hair are being blown about her face, no helmet is there to conceal a dark blue bruise on the left side of her face. The corners of her mouth turned slightly downwards in her characteristic sour look, Deidra's green eyes wander thoughtfully over the stands as she shifts her weight from one leg to the other. One hand rests on the pommel of her sword, that hangs from her belt, while Sir Deidra the Swift shakes her head at a particular thought that passes her mind.

Marla Mentros seems to be rather absentmindedly looking over the field and the set up from the tournament still left behind. A smile on her lips she looks towards the stands and sees Deidra's figure. Starting towards her fellow Blue Guard the taller woman says in a quiet voice as she sits down on the bench beside her after giving the deputy commander a quick bow, "Sir Deidra, it has been quite some time. I hear you are going north?"

The sound of approaching steps have Deidra turn her head, and recognizing the Blue Guard she studies her with attentive curiosity, her arms crossed before her. As Marla sits down the Deputy remains standing, turns a little to the side that she can get a better view of her. "It has, Sir Marla," she replies to the redhead's greeting, her tone polite, her gaze assessing. "You were with the Queen, at the Citadel." Then a pause, before Deidra adds, the sour look diminishing a touch. "How have you been. What news do you bring from the Capital?"

Marla's question manages to bring the hint of a smile about on her face, and a dry chuckle leaves Deidra's lips. "Aye, north. On the behest of noone lesser than a Rhaedan prince." Deidra smirks as she glances to Marla. "This is the second time a Rhaedan insists on my accompanying him. But yes, the Queen has asked me to oblige and go with him and Lord Eldrick Lohstren to make sure all Rhaedan troops and trebuchets leave the shores north of Laketown."

Marla looks up to Deidra with a smile still on her face, "Aye, I heard Sir, apparently you are popular with the northerners." She gives a small chuckle before shaking her head at this, "I have no new news at the moment Sir Deidra but am well, I was just told I am back until Prince Samwell's command though." She stands up again and looks out across the field, "Once again I miss the tournament. I heard you did well though."

"A questionable honour, but aye." Deidra replies, looking slightly amused. "I hear Prince Samwell is to return soon. And I fear I won't be here when he arrives." Her gaze flits downwards for only a moment, but then the sour look is back on her face. "Ah. The tournament. I think they are overrated… I went third place. Defeated Sir Eldrick, then I lost to the Northerner pretty knight. How ironic." The Deputy snorts her thoughts lingering perhaps a little more on that final tilt of hers. "I wonder…" she suddenly starts, steely green eyes returning to Marla for a moment. "At the Citadel. Have you seen Sir Dalyros there? What news do you have of him? If you have any." Her gaze is fixed upon the Blue Guard, studying her most attentively with one brow arched in an inquiring manner.

"The prince is yes returning soon, and Sir Dalyros…" Marla's jaw sets in a hard line as a flash of annoyance crosses her face, "He's still a blue guard, though I fail to see why. Not my place to question of course though." She runs a hand through her hair and looks back to Deidra, "He's to assist on the expedition into Ellowe I think, may the guardian's protect them." She mutters the last words before her own eyebrow arches towards the deputy commander, "Sir Alek? Do you know if he is as skilled with a sword as a lance, or is the man all for show?"

Clipclop. The sound of hooves approaches before being swallowed by the ground of the muddy field. Sure enough, there is the prince himself, looking princely in fine leather garb and a royal blue cloak aroudn his shoulders. He looks pleased to see the two female knights nearby and steers his horse towards them.

Deidra hears Marla's reply regarding Dalyros with an unmoving face. "There will be a decision on what's to become of him, sooner or later, I'm sure." is all she has to offer on that matter, her tone rather indifferent. "But… Ellowe?" Slightly more concern enters her voice now. "Truely a chance to redeem his failings. And for heroic deeds as well." Or a suicide mission, the almost pityful glint in her eyes seems to add. "Sir Alek must be skilled with the lance, otherwise he would not have managed to break three of his lances on me.", escapes Deidra in a slightly annoyed grumble. But before she can add more on the matter, her head turns, hearing the sounds of hooves. "Impossible! Do my eyes betray me, or is it… indeed…"

"My prince!" Deidra offers in greeting, starting to move for the expected bow from the waist but winces at her own sudden movement. "I… had not expected you so soon. Commander, Sir."

Marla nods her head to Deidra, a slight amount of pity echoed on her own face for their fellow Blue Guard. The clipclop of horse hooves causes the red head head to turn in that direction and a wry grin touches her lips as she places a hand to her heart and follow suit with Deidra's bow, "Commander, I was not expecting you to come to Laketown…" She says and after Deidra speaks but then shuts her mouth quickly and just starts down off the stands.

Sam smiles good-naturedly at their confusion. "Are you disappointed to see me so soon and resume your duties, Sir Deidra?", he asks his own guard, then looks at Marla, not sure what her current status is as of today. "What news from you, Sir Marla? I hear you are in my mother's service at the moment?" He remains on horseback, keeping a tight rein on the somewhat jumpy horse that probably means he won't be staying all that long.

Deidra's glance shifts to Marla, steely green eyes ordering her to stay where she is. But then she turns to Samwell, and there is more than politeness in her voice, when she offers him a reply. "Not disppointed, Commander Sir. It's… I thought I would already be off to the north when you would arrive here. Your mother has ordered me to accompany Prince Jerric with Sir Eldrick Lohstren. The troops and the trebuchets are to be removed from the shores north of Laketown, my prince. And Sir Eldrick and I will see to it that none of them or their war machines will stay behind."

Once again bowing as Deidra's look stops her firmly in place, Marla then straightens and returns the prince's smile, "I've been assigned back to your service your highness, apparently your side as well Commander." The tall women gives a small shrug then realizes her informality and stands straight again.

"I see.", Sam replies to both of them, offering Deidra a smile. "I am not sure I can afford to let you go. It is not my mother's place to send you anywhere." He frowns briefly, trying to gauge her reaction to that, before offering Marla a warm smile as well. "I am glad to hear that, Sir. Will you be heading north too?"

Deidra's gaze, placated momentarily as she notices her silent order has been noticed, turns into a glare at Marla's lack of discipline. Hopefully this silent reproach will be noted with similar success. "Aye. Sir Marla is assigned to you, for the moment, my prince.", the Deputy confirms. "So she will stay here with you. And this mission will only be of short duration, Commander, Sir. I'll be back sooner than you think." Hesitating for a moment to comment on Samwell's remark about his mother, Deidra finally adds: "Your mother is the Queen, my prince. It is out of the question to disregard her order."

Marla opens her mouth to protest but then her jaw snaps shut quickly before her head nods with Deidra's words. The second reproach is met with a hint of a smile directed towards the deputy commander. "Sir Deidra was asked for by name by the northerners your highness, your mother did not have much of an option in that regard." She adds flatly.

Sam looks a little disgruntled, but nods. "May your mission be swift and safe then.", he tells Deidra with a warm smile, "I am sure that Sir Marla will be taking good take of me in the meantime." He looks between both of them. "Any more questions?"

Although she doesn't seem as displeased as before at Marla, Deidra does notice the smile and the remark that goes with it. "Aye, my prince. The Rhaedans seem to have a dubious preference for me, I fear. Yet. I will go.", she explains with a little unease. "Questions, Commander Sir? I do not think so. You have just arrived, maybe you should seek out your mother, to have your questions answered, if you have any. Sir Marla here may be young, but… she has earned her place with the Blue Guards for a reason. I am sure you will be in good hands." The corners of her mouth twitch upwards in a perhaps not so convinced smile, her gaze shifting to the other Blue Guard to linger there for a while.

"Of course your highness, I am sworn to protect." Marla meets Deidra's eyes before before looking back to the prince and once again giving the young man a deep bow. She then smiles and touches her swords, "And I do know how to use this still, her majesty has not left me that out of practice."

"Wonderful.", Sam smiles at Marla, then looks at Deidra: "Well, everyone deserves their chance with me. So did you, so will she. Still, please do come back soon and safe. I am taking my stallion for a ride, then I wlll go and seek out my mother, the queen.", he explains, "Be well, Sirs." He inclines his head to both of them and gallops off.

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