A Short Reunion

A Short Reunion
Summary: Princess Amira is found by Sir Kameron by the docks. As they talk, Princess Niniane arrives unexpectedly, reuniting with her sister.
Date: 21/July/2013
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Laketown - The Docks
The cry of the sea birds that have made the vast lake of Eikeren their home echoes above as the small waves lap against the extensive docks that jut out into the waters. Here, the river and the marshlands meet with the ever expanding stretch of stone and wood piers and docks. Ships of all sizes, from small dinghies and local fishing vessels to large trading ships creak at their moorings, with their crew ever constantly in motion - whether it is sailors cooing drinking songs to their single-night lovers or workers and soldiers toiling with supplies and goods.

The steady stream of wagons and carts of all strange shapes and sizes head in and out of town towards the west where the broad road leads back to Laketown proper.

21 July 1329

Avoiding the crowd of the final party, Amira has her guards and her handmaid, along with a book in her hand as she stands at the docks just watches the ships move in and out of the area. As they come in, they unload shipments then push off again only for another to come in and tie off at the docks and head further in for one of the inns, for a drink or a meal or whatever else happens in those places. It is her final day in Laketown and she has a contemplative look on her face as she wonders will she miss it or not.

Kameron is off duty this evening, and so he's making his way out along the dock in his normal noble clothing. He pauses, smiling when he sees Amira, and he slowly approaches her guards. He speaks quietly with one of them a moment, and then he passes, moving along until he's a few feet behind her. He watches the back of her head a moment, then the boats she's watching, before he speaks softly. "Beautiful."

A testament to how intently Amira had been studying the boats, she had not heard his approach even when he speaks to one of her guards. Only when she hears his voice speaking softly behind her does she turn and it seems she recognized the voice before she even turned because the contemplative look is gone and in its place is a warm and happy smile. "Kameron," she says softly in return, foregoing the Sir part. "Oh it is indeed so beautiful!"

Once she sees him, Kameron steps up beside her. She's the princess. She can call him whatever the hell she wants, so he smiles at her. "Have you decided to skip the dinner with the Queen?" He shrugs a little, "I sure did."

As he steps up beside her, Amira looks back towards the water for just a moment. "I would have loved to have gone to see my sister, though the Queen highly disapproves of me, so I thought it best to avoid the dinner and instead spend the time packing my things for the return trip. It took very little time, so I came down here with my book and got distracted by the water and the ships."

Amira and Kameron are standing on the docks, her guards and handmaid with her as they speak quietly and watch the ships on the water.

Kameron nods a bit, "The whole thing with your sister baffles me," he shares, shaking his head a little. "I had prepared to go, but when I found out you weren't there, I figured you were probably here, so…" He looks back out at the water.

"I wonder why they keep her. I wonder why Jerric even allows it?" It also bothers Amira and the way she frowns as she hands her book off to her maid and laces her fingers together shows her worry over it. His statement catches her by surprise once more and she forgets to frown for a moment as a quick smile flashes over her features, curving her lips up. "I am glad you came here to meet with me then, so very glad."

Kameron reaches out and he gently touches her elbow. "She'll be okay." It's an innocent, reassuring gesture, but it still gets a throat clearing from on of her guards. He quickly withdraws his hand, and bows a bit respectably to her, "I'm sorry." He nods to her guards as well, acknowledging their disapproval.

When he touches her elbow for reassurance, Amira does not flinch, nor does she pull away, though as her guards protest, she is not surprised and looks at Kameron with a good natured smile. "I believe she will be okay. She is strong, she is Rhaedan after all. I was held for two months as a 'guest' and during that time I was not mistreated at least and always had guards around me. Perhaps she is not being treated badly, I have to believe that, I would never want her to be so terribly unhappy."

Niniane having left the feast after Jerric did and the food was finished wish, is followed by her new permanent shadow Sir Alek, who remains quiet in his duties among the group of Taniford Guards who she is always shadowed by. Eyes catching sight of someone at the docks, the older princess raises a hand to her guards and starts in that direction, "Amira?" She says quiet once she is almost sure it is her younger sister, a smile touches Niniane's lips.

Kameron turns when the princess' name is called. He tilts his head a bit, not recognizing Niniane. He does look past her, "Why isn't Sir Alek with Coriaria…" he says quietly to himself, furrowing his brow a little, then looking at the new girl.

Hearing her own name, Amira turns, recognizing the voice immediately and now it is Amira instinctively and ever so briefly touching Kameron's forearm. "Niniane?" Hardly daring to believe her eyes and she removes her hand and looks at Kameron. "Come with me, please." But she is already half jogging, to her sister. ""Niniane!" The name repeated when she realizes she was truly there, Sir Alek not even getting a look as her own guards follow her. She stops just short because of the Taniford guards, but her hands reach out for her sisters, wanting to draw her into a hug more than anything, and never let her go.

Niniane smiles wider as her sister moves in her direction, Amira's hesitation is quickly brushed aside as Niniane closes the gap and drags her sister into a tight hug, arms wrapping around the shorter girl even as she inclines her head to her younger sister's companion slightly, "Sir Alek is assigned to me for the time being by our brother Prince Jerric." She informed the Hallstrome before letting her sister go and taking a step back, "Jerric and the southern queen have come to an agreement." She informs.

Kameron furrows his brow just a little, "Sir Alek?" He looks at Amira, then to the other knight, then to Niniane, "Oh." He takes a half-step back to allow the royal sisters a moment, respectfully looking off at the boats.

When her sister hugs her, Amira wraps her arms around her tightly, never wanting to let her go! "Niniane, you have no idea how much I miss you. Your room is just the same as when you left and I write you letters in my journal all the time, but I never send them, because I think they would not allow it. Jerric and the Queen have an agreement? Will you be home soon?" The hope in her eyes practically shines brighter than the sun, though that is setting soon. Only after a long hug does she step back as if to reassure herself her sister is fine. "Do they treat you well?" Looking at Kameron, then Niniane, she smiles. "Do you know Sir Kameron Hallstrom?"

A laugh passes Niniane's lips, "Oh my dear Amira, yes I am coming home soon. Though not until Jerric recalls the troops from the border, a trade I would not have agreed to myself." She says and her facial expression hardens a moment before this time she truly looks at Kameron, "I do not believe we have met Sir Kameron, a pleasure." She offers the stranger, who did not seem so strange to her younger sister.

Kameron returns his attention to the Prencessess (Princi?) as they speak his name. He smiles, and then respectfully bows to Niniane. "Your Highness. The pleasure is all mine, I assure you." He continues to smile, a toothy, dimply-laden grin. He looks at Amira, and happily offers, "If you'd like, I can head back to the Inn and leave you to catch up?" He doesn't at all seem to be offended by that idea.

"I would pay any price to get you home as would Jerric. I think it is a worthy trade and I would have given even more!" Amira confirms in an almost fierce voice. As her sister passes the greeting to Kameron, she smiles in approval. "He is Jerric's personal guard, though he has the night off." Though as Kameron mentions leaving, she shakes her head, eyeing the Taniford guards. "Perhaps you should stay, unless you really need to go."

"I appreciate the sentiment Amira, but there is always a larger picture to look at." the older princess touches her sister's arm lightly though and smiles, "I am sorry, I fear my ambassador duties have left me jaded sometimes." Niniane shakes her head to Kameron after following Amira's gaze, "My sister is right good sir, your presence is more then appreciated."

Kameron nods at their welcoming of him. He looks at Amira, and then gently notes, "I'm a member of the Royal Guard. I don't know that I'm necessarily His Highness's chosen personal guard, though I appreciate the flattery, Your Highness." He returns his attention to Ninianne. "Have they treated you well?

"I will not pretend to understand the politics of his decision, but the personal one I still feel is worth it. Any price, Niniane." Amira speaks softly. They three are gathered near the docks with Niniane having Alek and her own Taniford guards while Amira has her handmaid and four Northern guards. Kameron of course is a Royal Guard. "I forget that you are not his personal guard, because you always seem to be guarding him." Heat steals into her cheeks at the correction, but the concern still there for her sister. "Are they?"

"My well being is far from in jeopardy." Niniane assures Amira with a gentle smile as she flicks a stray strand of hair over her shoulder and out of her eyes, "Lady Morla Lohstren even has gone as far as appoint me extra guards and someone to taste my meals after certain threats were received." She stays smiling though, despite the words, a good show for the younger and less experienced sister, "Do not fear for me Amira dear, I have Sir Alek as a personal guard now and Lady Cassia will be joining me soon for company and extra assurance."

At the mention of Sir Alek, Kameron adds rather quickly, "It should be me." Almost immediately, he furrows his brow, regretting having said that, and he bows slightly, "Forgive me. I- I don't mean to question His Highness." He bites his lower lip, looking at Amira. "Perhaps I should go. We're riding out in the morning, I'm sure there are things I should attend to."

Freshly dried ink sits on Lady Cassia's fingers as she walks to the Docks, she looks to the guards and the colors of the ladies gowns, smiling as she approaches. Now down to two guards, as it seems she has sent the other two on their way, Cassia dips into a low curtsy to greet the Princesses. "Your highnesses, my lord" she smiles lightly as she rises listening to Niniane's words to her sister. Sympathetic is the look Cassia gives Amria. "Your sister will be safe, Princess, to that you can be sure. We wont let anything bad happen to her." Kameron gains a sidelong glance from the Auldholme lady. "It should not be long, sir, his Highness assures a short resolution."

The extent in which the care they seem to be taking for her sister surprises her and there is relief in her eyes as Amira reaches out to touch her sisters arm. There is also pain shadowing her eyes. "What they say about me is not true, Niniane. I have heard… rumors and they are untrue. I.. nothing happened. I was in the room that Sir Dalyros had offer to Lady Carisse and I when he discovered our identities and when he came in drunk and tried to.. he tried to kiss me, I pushed him away and got my cloak and left! Then later, the same happened to Carisse. Nothing happened, I swear to you," tears fill her eyes but she ignores them. "I would never.. could.. never do something like that, like they try and say I did." When Kameron mentions going again, she nods hesitantly, "If you feel you need to, I do understand, Sir Kameron." When the Lady she remembers smiling at her from the Joust arrives, Amira gives her a nod and a smile as she approaches. "Thank you, My Lady. Thank you, she means everything to me."

Niniane's eyes travel downwards before they snap back up and she focuses then on Kameron for a moment, "My brother always has his reason Sir Kameron, I am sure you are a well trained guard but Sir Alek, while talented does not seem to imposing." She gives him a small grin then looks over as lady Cassia arrives, "It will not be long at all I am sure, and thank you lady Cassia for agreeing to accompany me at the risk of your own safety." She says to the woman before her apple green eyes turns to Amira and her lips press together slightly, "I assure you Amira that I take no stock in such rumors. Your best course of action my dear is to ignore such petty talk and do not even acknowledge it's existence, take it as you will, the south will always hate us." She reahes out a hand to place on the younger princess' shoulder lightly.

Kameron nods at Niniane's response about her brother, "Of course, Your Highness. I apologize." He looks at Amira, eyes lingering on hers for just a moment longer than perhaps casual, and he bows to her, "Your Highness, I'll see you with the others in the morning when we depart." He offers Cassia a smile, and then he heads back up the docks.

"She does to me as well, Your Highness." Cassia nods graciously at Princess Amira's thanks, "It is an honor, truly." She smiles then, idly straightening out the creases in her violet skirts. A grin rises up on her lips as she looks to Niniane. "I worry not for my safety, Your Highness, you are my concern. I would not be a proper daughter of the Iron Lord, if I didn't know how to use at least one weapon, never you fret."

Though, Cassia nods to Niniane's words to her sister. "Words, Your Highness," she intones to Amria, "only cut as deep as you let them. And rumors only have as much weight as you give them. Those who love you know the truth of it all, they are all who matter right now, the rest will learn in time." Her tone is soft and kind, reassuring even, tilting a crooked smile before looking to Kamron. "Good eve, my lord," Cassia says as the man takes his leave.

Her sisters words so closely echo Kamerons that she has to glance over at him before looking back at her sister. "I am not going to say anything, I know my own honor. Yet if there was ever any doubt, if you ever wanted to know for certain, all you need do is ask Lady Carisse, she knows the truth of things, she was… there, and was a victim to the lies as well." Feeling her reassuring hand on her shoulder, Amira smiles. "You are a prisoner and yet you are still the one to comfort me." As Kameron takes his leave, she lifts her chin and watches him depart for a moment. "I will see you tomorrow, Sir Kameron, I will be ready at first light." Only after he leaves does she look back at her sister and Cassia, listening to the advice. "Thank you, I needed the reassurances, some days are more difficult than others, I admit. Especially when I have to see the reproach in their eyes and Jerric.. he just never speaks about it. Thank you, truly."

Niniane's green eyes follow Kameron for a moment as the man departs but then land on Cassia, whom she gives a nod to, "Good practice my lady, even us fairer sex ought to be able to wield a sword in times of need in my humble opinion." She gives the lady a wink before turning back to her younger sister and a frown touches her lips, "Amira, Amira, Jerric does not speak of it for the same reason I do not, words carry weight and no words are the only counter we have." She smiles then to Amira and removes her hand from the shorter woman's shoulder to clasp both of her hands in front of her, "And if you hear of me saying otherwise about you, do not take it to heart my dear. I say what people want me to hear sometimes, in an effort to keep what is left of peace." Her words are low and the Taniford guards are standing away from the woman thankfully.

"It was easily done, Your Highness," Cassia smiles, "I find that we all need assurances once in awhile. Especially menfolk, they tend to get all tied in things that get them emotional and forget that they are doing a well enough job. If you will permit me," Cassia looks to the Princesses, "I do believe your dear brother needs to know he's doing the right thing. I saw a lot of pain and anger in his eyes. He must be assured that all will be well with his sweet sister." She looks to Amira and beams a smile. "I am quite sure you will rise to that task. Will you not, Your Highness?"
Cassia chuckles lightly at Niniane's words and sends the woman a wink. "Good, perhaps I will show you how to use the longbow then." Again Cassia nods to the elder Princess's words. "She is right, she will say things to appease the Queen. This is true, it is a tactic, to be sure. To keep things from being more tense then it already is. You would be remiss to think anything by it, Your Highness."

Amira tips her head to the side at the words of her sister and as she takes her hands, she contains the wounded look, but just barely. "I think I understand, but to even agree to them is to only make them think it is true. I will not speak of it anymore with anyone, because you are right. I would not wish to lend credence to it further. When did you get so wise?" Amira gently squeezes her sisters hands, her smile almost peaceful for the first time in awhile. Lifting her gaze to that of Cassia, she does immediately find she likes her a lot. "I have bested the Southern Prince in a spar, two times and Sir Kameron is training me further with the sword, since Jerric has approved for him to. I used to only care about archery, though I changed my mind and find that working with steel is more satisfying."

Niniane does not catch her sister's wounded look but does gently move to takes the younger woman's hand at her words, "Wise? Oh my Amira, I am anything but wise. I merely have spent my time dealing with such things, three years away from the comfort of family and friends does tend to cause one to think quickly when needed." She shakes her head, "I am glad you are so innocent to such thoughts Amira, though also gladden to hear you are working on protecting yourself." She pauses a moment and asks, "Who is this Sir Kameron to you though? He does seem interesting."

"Ah. It is wise to have more than one focus. I am not too well with a Gladius, but as an archer, I don't usually have to fight with my blade. Of course I wear one, and have only had to use it once. I should still practice more." Cassia, prim and proper Cassia seems to go off into another world as she tells a short tale. "I lost my brother and husband in that battle, Your Highness," Cassia recants to Amria, though there is no defining emotion about it.
"My archers and I were overrun, a small skirmish ensued. By the time we were able to fend them off, my brother and husband were gone, unable to help them with our arrows. We all fought bravely that day, I should think, and would do it again if our King asks." There is a soft smile that leaves her face, almost like Cassia was stuck in a dream, but then it was gone and the lady sends a nod to Amira. She takes a step back to allow the sisters to chat, worrying her lip a bit at her last words.

"You seem more wise than I have ever remembered, and the past three years seem to have been far longer than that. I want you home with the rest of us. Stefan, Jerric, mother and father, we all miss you." The final question, when asked, as Amira looking at her sister for a long and thoughtful moment. "Sir Kameron is a ….friend. He trains me to fight with the sword and offers me good advice and sometimes I just tell him different stories from books I have read. He is always ever so polite and has never done anything to anger my guards, he keeps his distance as he should and we have become very good friends. I admire him and what he has accomplished."
"I think working with a blade is interesting, my lady," speaking to Cassia now as she mentions the swords and the differences. Though her good humor and smile quickly fades when she speaks of losing a husband and a brother. "Oh no, I am so sorry!" The words delivered in a rush of sympathy. "How brave you must be to even speak of doing do again if the King asks…"

Niniane squeezes the hand she took of Amira's before dropping it again, "I will be home soon sister." She says the nods her head at Cassia's words, "I am sorry to hear of your loss my lady, however I am glad to hear such brave words from my accompanying lady." She nods her head and then smiles to Amira at the rush of defenses she spouted of the brave king's guard, "I am sure he is a fine man Amira, and a good guard. Perhaps mention to our brother I said you need some female company though, lady Victricia is always of quick wit and intelligence."

"We all do as we must, Your Highness. What is good for the King is good for us all. It is trust we place in him to make the right choices, it is why we will always heed his call." Cassia smiles. "It hurts me not, they were brave warriors, they went out fighting. At least for my brother, he probably wouldn't have had any less. It is not bravery, not entirely, it is duty and loyalty." A practiced grace as Cassia smiles and blushes slightly. "Look at me, talking to a Princess about such things, please forgive me, Your Highnesses. My sister is a wild one, but for the right reasons. She has a strong head about her and would be pleased to spend time with you, I am all too sure. Now, if you will permit me, I will take my leave now." Cassia curtsies low and dips her head.

Feeling her sister squeeze her hand, Amira can only smile before she drops it and she clasps her own hands together. "I see Coriaria on occasion and Laurel sometimes. My handmaid also, so I do get to see females also. I just want you home, so when you are finally there, if you find me suddenly camping in your room with you, please overlook me." Though when Cassia mentions how it does hurt her. "Your loyalty and dedication are so admirable and truly we are all lucky to have you." Offering a bow of her head in return, she seems hesitant. "I should get back too, but not until my sister has to go as well."

"Many thanks, Your Highness." She smiles to Amria then looks to Niniane. "I am quite sure we will have plenty of time to talk on the way south, Your Highness, I will leave you in the comfort of your sweet sister." She leaves one of her own guards behind, just in case, curtsying low once more to the Royal duo. "Good eve, Your Highnesses."

Niniane lifts a hand to the departing Lady before turning back to her sister and pulls her sister into a quick, and tight hug if she allows it, "I will miss you again Amira, but not for long." She mutters in her sister's ear and says in a fierce, hurried whisper to the younger woman, "Tell Jerric not to take the deal, it has to be a trap for the queen to let me go so easily. Do not remove the troops." A kiss to her sister's cheek before she pulls away, "Good night and sweet dreams." She smiles sweetly before turning and looks for Sir Alek, who offers the princess his arm before they move off towards the Drunken Clam.

<FS3> Niniane rolls Deception: Good Success.

When Cassia does take her leave, Amira watches her much like she did with Sir Kameron and when she is gone, she looks back to her sister, hugging her in return, hearing the words she whispers, memorizing the words. When her sister steps back, she keeps her features carefully the same as before, except sadder. "Oh Niniane, I will ever miss you until you return home. Good night, and I will be waiting at home for your return." There is an almost grudging and imperceptible nod of her head as she lifts a hand to her heart again as she had at the tournament. And as her sister departs, so does Amira with her own guards.

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