A simple gathering

A simple gathering
Summary: Sir Sammel plays hosts as more make their way back to Brivey.
Date: 15/Aug/2013
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Brivey Keep - Barbican
The tall, towering structure of the gatehouse serves as the entry point into the barbican - the well-outfitted fortress through which all traffic must pass. On the outside, arrow slits in the high crenellations provide airborne defense against invaders, and guards on duty man the parapet walk. To traverse inside, one must walk over a drawbridge and beneath a raised portcullis before heading into a long, wide hallway beneath an onslaught of murder holes. Once through the barbican, the walls cut away to reveal a second drawbridge and portcullis leading into the lower bailey.
Heading east through the hallway leads out past the curtain wall and into the lower bailey, while turning back westward will take one toward Brivey township.
Thu Aug 15, 1329

Mounted on a gray roan horse and leading a second that serves, temporarily, as a pack-horse, Katarina is moving slowly with the traffic that makes it's way across the drawbridge. The cool evening air is a welcome relief in contrast to the warmer weather found south of Laketown, let alone just plain warmer that isn't Home, welcome enough that she isn't impatient as traffic slows to a stop again so that the soldiers guarding this entrance can inspect the traffic that slides through. She leans forward in the saddle long enough to rest one hand on the side of the roan's neck, patting gently as the heavily muscled war horse sets his feet, braces really, flicks his long tail in a gesture that indicates annoyance more than anything else, and bares his teeth at a silly looking palfrey that edges to close to his 'space', earning a chuckle from Katarina as result.

"Countess-Palatine!" came the hail of Sir Sammel Riedel, so carelessly cheerful one could think the man had never beaten men to death over trivialities. The knight was ahorse himself, come from the township and having sped up upon spying the woman in the distance. His was another one of those palfreys, a beautiful animal meant for long and comfortable rides. It carried him with pride in its bearing. It thought itself the equal of any horse, taking its confidence from the man atop of it. Straight backed, handsome, sitting in the saddle as if he was born to do nothing else. The sun playing against his tan flesh and his honey golden hair that made a halo around him.

Back in the north, more suitable weather at hand, and out of that 'shoot-me-because someone though I was important' Guardian's awful shiny armor, Alek is feeling marginally better about life at the moment. The 'pretty' knight leans against the wall just beyond the drawbridge seeming to idly be watching the traffic that moves across in the various direction. Occaionally earning a look or two, something about some random rumors running amuck, or perhaps it's just those pretty looks that draw the damnable attention. For the most part he seems to be content to ignore them as he cuts slices from an apple, though his attention is drawn towards the Countess with the loud Hail of the Riedel.

With a subtle shift of her weight in the saddle to indicate to the roan she's riding to 'stand', Katarina turns to catch sight of Sir Sammel Riedel hailing her as he tides through the light traffic on the bridge. The play of light against his hair and such brings a smile from her that is part amusement, part silent bet that at some point just the sight of him will strike Lady Victricia blind, and lifts one hand to wave to the Riedel knight in greeting. "Salutations, Sir Riedel, how fares this day - or, rather, the day ending - thus far?" is wondered, all cordial and polite in her tone of voice. The roan that Katarina is riding flicks his tail again and angles a long look at the palfrey that the Riedel is riding. Katarina checks the tether between her roan and the one she's leading, once more glancing over the packages lashed to either side and, in the glancing over, spots Sir Alek to whom she aims a smile and another broad wave of greeting.

"Can't say it's been much different than any other day," Sammel responded with a casual shrug rolling off his broad shoulders. "At least up until now, being allowed to bask in your radient presence!" The latter came out with a crooked grin, even though his bow atop the horse was flawless. "I'd give you a full description of my day, but I think I would bore you to death by the time I was halfway through. But! You must be thirsty, hungry? Eager to take the refreshments of a civilized castle? Come, let me be your valient guide and deliverer of all things hospitable!" There was laughter in his voice, and it didn't fade when Katarina made him aware of Alek's arrival. "Sir Alek! The Pretty Knight himself. Ale goes perfectly well with apple. Though.." he scratched at his cheek, squinted somewhat guiltily around, then added with a sound of whispered conspiracy: "Truth is, ale goes well with everything. Anything. All day, every day, and anyone who tells you different doesn't know what they're talking about." Wink.

The whole halo effect about Sammel seems to have been lost upon Alek, then again perhaps it's just the angle and it doesn't quite appear for him. A true lose, indeed. Pushing off from the wall, Alek moves over towards the riders in seeing Katarina's wave. Offering a smooth bow first to her, so mcuh easier in the Westmarkian armor,"Good day and I see you have made it safe and soundly, Countess-Palatine. I was beginning to wonder if you had opted to stay in Laketown afterall." The pretty knight then bows in turn towards Sammel, his dark blonde hair falling about in the motion,"Sir Sammel, and you are quite right, ale does go quite well with everything. Though I have found an apple can draw out the flavour in a good mead as well." Flashing one of his ever charming smiles.

Like a pining child, Vi stood atop the the THING (it overlooks, you can see down. There are stairs involved. I can't remember the word.), with the wind dancing in her hair and some kindly guard explaining to her, in a slightly watered down version, how the castles defenses worked. The tour had wrapped around finally to the front, away from the PLACE atop the THING. There are stairs. At any rate, because Sammel can't remember the bloody words for me, Vi's attention dips down to the pair below. Nina frowns, which is..normal but..
"Sir Sammel!" Twittering, delighted smile and incase he's missed her, the waving of a kerchief. "Countess Kat!" Some days I think Vi is like, twelve and not nearly twenty.

"Now now, Sir Riedel, a lady never admits to being bored; it's just not done. Even if one must pinch herself constantly to keep from yawning in the face of what ever conversation is afoot, one never yawns or confesses to - nay, does not even hint at the suggestion thereof! - that one is bored. Thus," and since it seems to be the thing to do, Katarina offers a charming smile of her own, "I'm sure I couldn't possibly be bored, let alone unto death itself, by a description of your day." She shares a grin with Alek, "But of course. goodness, gentlemen, the idea that I might not make the trip safely - with nothing more than a dagger to defend myself, if need be - all on my own is quite silly. I'm my father's daughter, after all, and as seasoned a knight - and the years to go with it - as any other knight," she reminds. "Lady Victricia!" she calls in return as she glances up, a bright smile forming on her face as she waves in return. "Lets head inside, shall we? There's food and drink to be had inside," she reminds, "shall we?" and prepares to nudge her horse forward.

"My Lady Victricia! Come join us? I was about to be a perfect host and offer refreshments to the Countess-Palatine and Sir Alek here. The latter recieved a wry comment of the likes of: "Ale, Mead, Wine, what ever the Champion of Laketown would like."
"Sounds like you just wasted a lot of breath telling me you get bored all the time, to the point where you have to pinch yourself," Sammel told Katarina with a grin, before he looked once more towards Victricia. "My Lady, it seems horribly unfair that you should be walking while we ride," even if it wasn't a very long ride. So without further ado, he slipped out of his saddle, intent on walking the rest of the way.

Alek's eyes widen in a look of feigned shock at Katarina,"Only a dagger? My you must be slipping afterall, it used to be you got by with just your teeth and nails to rip their throats right out." Alek shakes his head with a slight sigh,"Yes, let us go inside, I do think I need something to drown this disappointment you have caused to whell up." The knight offering a bow in the direction of Victricia as she joins the group, a flash of that charming smile and a murmured,"Good day, m'Lady." Before he does step to walk beside Katarina's horse, any looks from the beast causing an apple slice of distraction offered it's way.

"Ah, but my knightly lord, you are the perfect host simply by existing," the lady teased, merriment in her eyes. "Is he not, Countess-Palatine? The most handsome man by far." And unseating himself it seems, with her invitation. If possible, the lady's smile but grew before she was bobbing a golden head in agreement and with a wave to the party, disappeared back inside.
She'll meet them when they've crossed in full and enter the courtyard.

Brivey Keep - Lower Bailey
The lower bailey of the keep is devoted to the working class and the bulk of Brivey's soldiers with a main gravelled path leading toward the upper bailey. To the left past the portcullis sit the stables, and beside that the two-story barracks for the men-at-arms. To the right of the barracks a makeshift training arena is roped off to keep passersby at a safe distance. To the right of the path, a long, low building houses the healers' clinic.

The path heads west toward the barbican and east to a stone three-step stairway leading into the adjoining courtyard. One is able to look through the arch into the upper bailey.

Thu Aug 15, 1329

"Nonsense," Katarina says as she guides her horses forward, under the bright shafts of sunlight that pour through the murder holes, "I didn't say that I get bored by you, Sir Sammel," she counters with wry trace of a grin. Alek's words make her laugh, a quick burst of amusement, "I'm getting old, my dear, the dagger is merely to augment my ability to glare any enemy to death," she clarifies with another broad grin. She swings down out of the saddle, landing lightly on her feet, and turns the smile of amusement on Victricia, "Oh certainly, he's a nice looking man, I'm sure he has excellent manners and such as well," she suggests with a wink.

"Is that so, my Lady Victricia?" Thoughtfully asked of Sammel's fianc. "Then why in all damnation did I bother getting down from my horse? Or share the castle's best drink with the lot of you? Fey. Be gone! I'll simply exist, alone, with my drink." It took a second or two before he started laughing. Casually he made sure that a little ribboned package was secured on his saddle, and in no threat of falling down.
"Manners and such. Do I have them, my Lady Victricia? Have I passed your test of genteelness?" Poked playfully of Vi.

Alek chuckles with a shake of his head,"You are never getting old, I leave that to Paule to do for all of us. And I dare say, you shall never need anything to augment your glaring ability, any enemy shall always quack in their boots to be at the wrong end of that." His hand lightly taking up the reins as Katarina moves to dismount, certainly not needed but it is the proper thing to do. The knight just giving a chuckle at the other exchanges a foot, playing it safe and not quite weighing in upon the matters currently at hand.

"My Lord has taken his feet, for he knows how I ache at even the smallest of distances between us. And shares even his favorite of drinks with those around him that they too might share in his joy. To be around him," the girl murmured as she took the last step with a hint of a wince and then managed to cross the distance until she'd properly joined the group. "To be around him is to bask in the glow of the very essence of happiness for he so readily shares his with the world." And it was hard to tell, sometimes, what of it she'd said in playful tease and what of it she'd meant with a genuine kind of blind awe. "Surely he has manners!"
And..something with ribbons on it attached to his saddlehorn. Bright eyes bounced from Sammel to the package and back again as she siddled a little closer, just close enough to say, take her arm if he wanted though she'd not offer it. When it came to talk of daggers and killing well, she left that for the men…and Kat. Ohmygosh, he had a present!

"Laughing man," Katarina decides as she uses one hand to brush some of the road dust off of her clothing, "I think that's what we should call you, Sir Sammel, the Laughing Man." She gives another brush of her hands against her attire, smiling then at Alek. "Thank you," at his assistance as he takes up the reins to the roan she was riding, "Faran," she speaks rather firmly to the heavily muscled roan, "no biting," in reminder. She gets the ear-flick of acknowledgement accompanied by the baring of square teeth, "You'll only hurt your teeth if you do," she reminds the roan before chuckling at Alek. "They'd better quake in their boots and yes, Paule has to get old for all of us, and stop dragging us with." Her attention shifts to Vic until she is working very /very/ hard to smother laughter that is bubbling up and trying - intently - to escape. "Bask in the glow of.. oh my," and she leans lightly against the side of Faran and laughs quietly.

Sammel did infact take the girl's arm, slipping his into hers and make them a pair as they walked up towards the Upper Bailey and the Keep itself. However she was on one side, his horse on the other, and he made sure to keep it like that when Victricia tried to sneak herself a closer peek at what the mount carried. Sammel himself didn't as much as glance at the package anymore.
"Just 'man', Countess? Here I thought I was at least a knight or a lord?"

Brivey Keep - Upper Bailey
Were it not for the walls and the towering keep one would think they have stepped into a garden. Here paths of cut stone wind their way through well-tended flower plots and trimmed topiaries. Short hedges line the walkways leading up to the keep's entrance, and lanterns hang from posts set at even intervals to light the way.

The main, wide path leads from the lower bailey to the keep's entrance hall, while two other smaller paths split off in opposite directions to head to the guest wing and the temple.

Thu Aug 15, 1329

"Yes, you would hurt your teeth, Faran. Besides, if you're in a bitey mood, I shoul dhave worn the other armor, it could use a little scuffing up." Alek just shakes his head,"Though I suspect, I would be required to polish it then." Isn't one supposed to be happy about gaining a position of honor and prestige? "I could certainly do with a bit less dragging about, some nice sitting in a bog somewhere would be quite lovely, might that be arranged, do you think?" There is a glance to the pair before Alek gives Katarina that raised eyebrow look of 'Are they for real?' He was quite certain such things only existed in those awful novellas the twittery girls gushed over. Giving his head a slight shake after seeing the Countesses horses properly handed off to the stablehands, packages directed to the correct rooms before continuing after the group.
You have already given Katarina a cookie this week.

Well, didn't that just make her feel special. Of course, he wasn't talking to her either, he was catering to his guests and that…well, he took her arm, at any rate. It was enough. So Vi smiled and meant it and was content. She flashed Katarina a grin and smiled for Alek and kept pace in silence.

"Does that mean that you're not a man as well, Sir Sammel?" Katarina wonders, her tone of voice rather arch, amusement broadly coloring her tone of voice. She removes the heavy bundles that were attached to the 2nd roan, balancing the weight as she carries the packages with her. She meets Alek's gaze with hers, not (again) trying to conceal her amusement. "Ahh youth," is murmured, because she can't control her amusement.

"The problem with bogs, Sir Alek, beyond of course their stink and vast quantities of biting insects of every kind, is you can't ride in a bog. If you're going to seek out miserable positions, at least search out one where you can still be a knight in practice as well as name!" Sammel said with a grin. His eyes slid in Victricia's direction, slightly questioning as the woman who was rarely silent, had gone completely silent.
"When I said I'm not 'just' a man, one'd think the fact I was a man implicit in the statement, Countess. Yet so are the peasents you passed on the way in." He snorted.
To Vi he leaned in, murmured, but loud enough to carry: "Do you think we should have a loud and nasty fight to shake things up? I'm detecting that our guests think we're disgustingly content with each other." The ribboned package he took off the saddle once the servants arrived to pluck his horse's reins from him.

"There is certainly no question of your masculinity, Sir Sammel," Vi murmured, a hint of wicked amusement glimmering in her eyes. Though the comment was a quiet one, designed more for the pair rather than the group at large, for all she gave his arm a gentle sqeueze with it.
Even Katarina's laughing was overlooked, though her grin grew to Sammel's mock-whisper. "I suppose that we could, but I find that fighting requires effort and being of the more delicate sex, I shall save my effort for my stitching and the selection of tomorrows dress, lest I should inadvertantly happen upon something that you find displeasing." Blink blink, smile; eye the package with that ever eager questioning gaze of hers.

The question Katarina poses has Alek coughing into his hand all of a sudden. Before shaking his head and simply holding the roan steady as the bundles are retrieved, knowing better than to even offer to carry them for her. Amusement shining in his own eyes when the gaze is met, lightly murmuring to her,"Do please kill me should I ever end up like that?"

"I do fear, upon Westmark lands finding a bog is not entirely so difficult. But riding is not entirely impossible, given the right horse, or bog croc, if one is brave or foolish enough. " Alek giving a bit of a grin,"And trust me, they do ensure I am quite a knight in practice, even amongst the bogs and all their fine qualities." Casting katarina a faint glance though upon the matter of 'their' homelands being described in such ways.

Sammel let a quiet little chuckle bubble up for Victricia's mischief, even as he rolled his eyes. Once the servant staff had finished swooping in to help with anything that needed helping, he asked that: "Refreshments be brought up to the Lord's Hall." He didn't have to ask for moist towels; they were already delivered to clear off the worst of the road dust and acumulated grind of riding. "You'd have to work hard to displease me." If only that was the truth. Sammel had a temper issue, and it wasn't exactly a secret.
A passing glance went in Alek's direction, gauging the younger knight thoughtfully. "Bravery and foolishness often go hand in hand. Success tends to be the ultimate arbiter of which is which."

With warmth in her cheeks, Vi flashed a smile up in Sammel's direction and let her fingers brush against the curve of his knuckles. "You're too kind to me, my Lord. I shall strive always to avoid your displeasure." And she meant it too, there might have been a note of sincereity to that which went beyond the casual conversation as well, but in the next breath? It was gone and she let those bright eyes flitter in Alek's direction.
"Kill you if you should ever end up like this? The heir to a mighty House, a renown knight, a proper Lord. A man who men fear and women cast eyes upon? A man who finds himself settling to a woman who can admire and enjoy every facet of his nature? Kill you? Sir Alek, you should be so lucky. Though…speaking of matches, whatever happened to that little healer you'd following you about? Rumor tells me that she is keeping far more company with a smithy, is this what's made you so sour?" Given, with a sweetly inquiring smile.

Inspite of his youth, Alek seems to have a simple confidence about himself, a self assurance that comes more from experience, and not in the cock-sure fashion that most oung knights and soliders tend to have. "You are quite right in that, Sir. And often one needs just a hint of foolishness to be successful. Without it, some risks end up not taken." The knight offers a slight incline of his head to Katarina when she goes to freshen and see to the stowing of the packages.

A chuckle escape from Alek at Victricia's words,"Quite so, I fear I am far to simple a man to be able to be able to fill so many positions as those you list. I leave that to those who are bet fit for such greatness and luck," giving a faint incline of his head to Sammel.

"For me, it would be bad luck, and I have had enough of that of late." his pretty looks already earn him far to many admiring looks for his taste, and if nothing else, Jerric has made him at least vaguely known after that stunt at the feast. Alek actually smiles at the mention of the healer and rumor,"Oh she is indeed keeping some company with Master Johan, it is ratehr entertaining to watch in truth. But she and I are friends and nothing more, my duties tend to prevent more than such in truth. "

Brivey Keep - Lord's Hall
Named for its main use as an entertainment room for the resident lord of the keep, the wide, high-ceilinged hall often plays home to throngs of guests. Stone and wood marry to form a nearly perfect acoustical environment so that a single word spoken from the dais can be heard in all corners. Grand crystal and silver chandeliers hang by a rope-and-pulley system, allowing one to raise and lower to adjust and light fresh candles. On days of entertainment, the room is positively crowded with tables and bodies; on other days, however, the tables are pushed against the wall. Across from the main entrance, a large dais occupies a third of the hall's space.

Beyond the dais, two small doors lead into separate rooms - one the lord's office, and the other a back access for servants ferrying food, drink, and the like. Impossibly tall twin wooden doors in the wall opposite the dais lead back into the entrance hall.

Thu Aug 15, 1329

Just the trio to make their way into the Lord's Hall itself, with Katarina temporarily occupied. The numerous servants and attendants of course were not counted into that figure. To Sammel they were simply part of the scenery. It was one of the greater halls in the Kingdom, to match the status of the Riedel Dukes.
He had given both Alek and Victricia bemused looks at their exchange, though it was upon the latter that his attentions lingered the most. "Every facet, you said?" Asked with a chuckle, one that said he wasn't so certain all parts of him were worth appreciating.
Having sent word ahead, seats were already prepared at the high table. Ale, mead and wine all on the offering, as well as some light fare. Sammel made to seat Victricia first, like the knight he was, before he'd dump himself down casually into a masculine sprawl. "So, what happened to the armor you were given after the tournament?"

Sammel whispers to Victricia.

"Every facet, my Lord," Vi replied, meeting Sammel's gaze for a moment. "To deny one, is to deny the whole and every aspect shapes you into the man that you are." A sweet smile at that, as she took her seat paying no more attention to the servants who were within than a horse paid to flies. Busy hands fluttered out against her skirt to make sure that there were no wrinkles in it and then, she reached to collect the pitcher of ale from the servant so that she could pour for Sammel herself.
"Mm." Was what Vi gave to Alek and then, reclined to let a servant pour her own wine, before she arranged a small plate for herself and…while letting a grape roll between thumb and forefinger said, "My Lord, I can not help but notice that you have such lovely ribbons on that little box you're keeping such a watchful eye and tight grip upon." Shameless smile.

The knight is more than content to allow the lady to address the matter of facets and Sir Sammel. A few glances are spared towards teh servants, perhaps seeing if there are any worth looking over, he was after all single. And more than a few were giving him looks. easily waiting those moments while Victricia is first seated, then Sammel before taking a seat himself.

"Ah, that….It is here, and was worn for the trip south. Paule directed me out of it and back into the standard for us before we departed from Laketown." Alek gives one of his smiles,"No doubt, I will end up back in it soon enough. But I will leave that decision up to Princess Niniane. It may simply depend on where we travel to next that drives which is worn. " A slight bemused smile coming as he sets to pouring a bit of ale for himself and listens to Victricia fish for information about the ribboned box.

There was pleasure in his rumbled chuckle as Victricia caught his eye and delivered her little announcement of absolute appreciation. He accepted the ale, playfully brushing his fingers against hers in the exchange, before lifting teh tankard up for a slow swallow. "Mhm. This is the good life. Good ale, some company, and if we only had a war and a few southerners awaiting butcher then I'd be as happy as a man could be. Ah well. The Gods provide in due time, eh? As for the box. Well. Those -are- some pretty ribbons. And I am keeping a sharp eye. I fear capricious and greedy hands might try to steal it ahead of its unveiling." And it was one of Victricia's hands he was eying while saying it.
He scratched at his cheek, shifting a touch in his seat, then went to pluck up some cut meats to chew on. "How was the trip south? We heard some rumors, and the occasional update from official sources, but you're the first-hand account. Regale us."

Dutifully chided, Vi flashed Sammel an apologetic smile while looking properly chastized. Those hands made no reach for the box and instead, one remained away from it and beneath the table at knee, the other holding her wine glass. She sipped. "Wise as ever, my Lord," the softly added murmur, before her attention turned towards the conversation that he held with Alek and for the moment, ceased her interruptions to listen.

"Truly southerners? I do admit a fair few of them could do with butchering, but they never seem up to a proper war. The Corsairs at least give us a descent fight and challenge of it. But as you say, the Guardians shall certainly provide all as They woulds ee fit in due time. And I have heard They have offered up some interesting challenges rescently." It is with an edge of amused patience that Alek simply pays witness to the matter of the ribboned box. Seeing to plunking a few bits to be drawn back to his plate before drawing a drink of ale from his cup.

"I fear there is not much to regale you with, for the most part it was fairly dull. More so for the Princess then the rest of us, kept tucked away in a room most of the time." A hand pushing back his dark blonde hair from the smooth features of his face. "It didn't get rightly interesting until we were set to depart, with Lady Cassia getting herself thrown to the dungeon for sassing the Queen." He inclines his head towards Victricia,"With all do respect to your family, my lady, I think all sense left her that day. What ever your opinion of that Summer Queen, seems a right foolish thing to bask talk her on her own turf."

"If is the case, Sir Alek, why is it that there's still a fucking Summer Queen? I don't see it being for lack of effort," Sammel grumbled. "It's on Riedel lands most of the blood between North and South has been lost. I'd like to see the courtesy extended all the way down to the Citadel."
At the lackluster tale, Sammel rolled his eyes and made a dismissive way. "Heard all of that already. Old news. I'd hoped you would have at least something that wasn't common knowledge." His attentions turned towards Victricia instead, then, with Alek's novelty having faded quickly. "Will you see me later today? I did have something in mind, if you weren't engaged otherwise."

"I hold the Summer Queen in very high respect, Sir Alek," Victricia curtly informed, "And I would appreciate that one not lump 'my family' into the same bubble as myself. I've a sister who courts the queen's displeasure and a brother who runs around with a traitor, defying his own people. I am very much looking forward to Sunday and offically becoming a Riedel, that I might turn both my attention and my skill unto a house that doesn't make a mockery of itself and can benefit to it." Offically becoming what? Did the lady intend to drop her family Surname? Yes. Yes she did. Her tone had gone almost curt too, quite finished with the discussion of the matter.
Instead it was Sammel upon whom her eyes settled and her body language angled to show full focus towards. "It would be my pleasure, Sir Sammel. Any engagments I might have had may be easily altered." Like the wedding dress his mother had decided upon. Vi could be the very picture of obedience when she wanted to be.

"That is a question I have no answer for, rightly, I've spent most of my life fighting Coriars. They had been more the issue, of them I can speak better about." Alek gives a bit of a half shrug to Sammel, simply noting,"I have plenty that isn't common knowledge, but it is not common knowledge for a reason, Sir." Weathering the curt words and minor lecture from Victricia with all the patience of a rock weathering a winter gale. Though his does raise an eyebrow ever so slightly to hear of the customary thiry day bethrothal period not being observed, now there is a bit so cause speculation and gossip. Especially the body language that follows up the evident closure of the conversation. My, my.

Offering a respectful bow of his head to each in turn,"I best see where Katarina has gotten off to before I must report to the Princess. Thank you for the fine company, it has been a pleasure." The knight taking his leave from the pair, even if long dismissed in their minds awhile ago.

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