A talk in the garden

A talk in the garden
Summary: A bit of talk between the two priestess of Stilltha concerning current events and of course a bit of gossip as Cafell fishes a little for information about the Mother Superior and a certain Chosen.
Date: 26 July 2013
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Cafell Tylon 

Laketown - Temple Gardens
A simple stone path leads out into the garden of the Temple of Four. Several trees offer shade along with small stone benches for people to rest and enjoy the peace and fresh air of the garden. Though by far the offerings are more practical with the many herbs and vegetable patches that exist within the flowers and bushes that exist. A close look by one knowledgeable in the area, would notice that most of the flower and bushes themselves have purpose beyond scenery. Near the back of the garden is a small orchard with various fruit bearing trees : apple, pear, peach, and cherry.

Of the many paths that branch out in the garden, one can be seen leading over to an area that has been setup for the purpose of weapons and combat training for the Chosen of the Temple. Targets and practice dummies are arranged in several places along with open spaces for those more inclined for working in pairs.

Fri Jul 26, 1329

The thing with parties is that there is always clean up, least with being Mother Superior, Tylon didn't /have/ to actually do a lot of the cleaning. That was what the Acolytes were for, good humble chore. Though she had spent a far bit of the morning aiding in straightening and trying to recover some of the garden and herb areas that had gotten a little trampled by the various guests as the evening had passed. With things looking mostly back to normally, Tylon had settled upon one of the benches along a garden path with a cup of her usual tea. Bare little toes sticking out from under her robes.

From the direction of the infirmary Cafell makes her way into the garden. Her long hair has been braided and pinned up. She is wearing an apron over her clean and neat robes. She pauses once she enters the garden and she takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out. It is then that she spots Tylon and she makes her way towards her. When she is a few feet away she speaks. "Mmother Superior." She manages to get out once she finds her voice. Her voice is pensive and quiet.

A calm smile is offered to Cafell as Tylon looks up to the woman,"Mother Cafell, I am glad to see you have stayed on for a little while. I hope you found some enjoyment in the evening." A hand leaves the cup of tea to motion to the empty place upon the bench,"Please sit for awhile. And tell me what weighs upon your mind, I can hear it coming through in your voice."

Moving over to where Tylon is she takes a seat and arranges her robes and apron around her. "II ddid, I have not seen many of our brethren for a while." Her voice gains strength as she continues to speak and her words are no longer falling into a stutter. "The roads are becoming more troublesome, it is something that none can fix for a time." She shrugs her shoulders. "I should not travel with a Chosen Mother."

Taking a small sip of her tea as Cafell does settle down as beckoned. Tylon gives a little nod,"It is the way of being on travel to see to the needs of those who cannot come to us, I remember it well enough. We do not get to see many of our brethren, but we do see those who need us more. A trade off of a fashion." Though the next has Tylon canting her head and looking to Cafell,"You tell me the roads are more troublesome and then say you should not travel with a Chosen. That seems quite the contradiction, Mother. If the roads are becoming worse, it seems to me all the more reason to ensure that instead of an Acolyte, you do have a Chosen proper assigned to keep you safe. It is their duty to keep us so. And I am certain once it is mentioned to Sister Alyona she will agree." Casually noting,"She has been promoted to take up the Lt position, so I fear, you are stuck having to listen to us both now."

"Nay I get what I can get, I do not complain. I just fear that I am closer to just falling silent again at my age. This is the most I have spoken to people in a long time. My patients do not count as I do not fall silent with them. The silence is a general silence perhaps." Cafell tries to explain to her. "Mother brought up what I did because we will be seeing more death and injures." She looks down at her hands. "I do not mind speaking with both of you and following the orders of both of you."

"If you are upon the road by yourself, or with a revolving amount of Acolytes, then it is no wonder you would fall silent, Mother." Tylon studies the woman a moment before noting,"We serve as the Guardians call us to, ours to serve and care for the people. The Chosen to protect us and the Temple. We will find some nice grizzly old Chosen who does little more than grunt, who you can become used to well enough. As I know it helps some for you when you are more used to a person. I know you have some skills, as well as Master Cristof, but if things are not improving, you and I both know that will not be enough. And with the raising tensions, and two threats from beyond both borders simply hanging out there…and what I myself have witnessed, I have little doubt we will be seeing more death and injuries, and that is all the more reason that those of us who can tend to them are kept safe."

A sip of her tea is taken before she notes,"Brother Thomas has started my lessons of defense, I have much there to learn yet. But I do believe he was most pleased by the form I presented dressed in some of those practice leathers rather than my usual robes."

"I do believe mother that he would be now tell me how did that talk go?" Cafell asks her with a smile. "Now as for the chosen, the older one are needed for those who will be in more danger than I." She points out. "I have not traveled with master Cristof in sometime. It was nice to see him again." She smiles brightly. "He is very kind. Now tell me more about what I have been missing?" Her voice is still quiet.

"The talk went quite well, there was some dancing about within it. But since, the distance has all but vanished between us. We are spending much time together now." Of course, some of the gossiping Acolytes would say it is far more than that. "You forget they are also better trained to see what is changing, what may be coming our way. To have such on the road, is of value as well, Mother. He can gather information that is needed, plus carry news to other Temples as needed. There is dual purpose in this. "

Tylon nods at that news,"I imagine he thought it was nice to see you once again, I am glad you both were able to catch up." A faint hmmm occurs before she speaks again,"There has been much with the festival just past, there was quite the commotion with their zoo, a harpy princess and there was the sea dragon babies that drew in the sea dragon from the lake to collect them. It was quite the sight to see, Mother. Right off the pages of the scrolls, never thought I'd see such in my life. But then I have seen a far bit I never thought to see." Like two dragons in a span of a month! "The North and the South have been talking, more like bickering, but it is something. Some manner of an accord, deal was reached at the closing feast. Though I expect both sides are doing much more than they agreed and this is long from being over."

"I am sure both will get more comfortable with each other Tylon." This is said with a wink. "I also do not think you will have any distance. If you need tansy oil and sea sponges I have them. Not for myself but for others. I do not think having one child after another is healthy." She adds. "There should be time between. Helps a woman keep her teeth." She smiles as she says this. "Now I did not think of them doing that, we shall see what happens in regards to the chosen. Apparently a number of the acolytes have a running bet, who can find a woman taller than I. " She adds with a laugh. "I am certain they will be at each others throats soon enough, I know houses of twigs and leaves that are more sturdy than that uneasy truce between them."

"I would say we have been becoming quite comfortable with one another," Tylon saying this with a soft smile. "I think the distance is all but gone, by all rights." A slight glance goes towards Cafell at the mention of the oil and sponges,"I believe I can manage on such things on my own, should there be a need, Mother. I am not an unlearned healer."

A small nod is given,"I figured you had perhaps not, but then it is not an area that you have to give much thought to. As the Temple Priestess, I fear, I do have to give such considerations these days. The more information we have and can share between the temples, the better off we are in these times. And I believe a Chosen would not…stoop…to such bets." Tylon lets a small sigh slip,"I have no doubt of that, it is what they do best. They have known war so for so long, I am certain some go looking for ways to bring about fighting again because they know not how to exist in peace. But it does not mean I still do not pray and try to do what I can to see it last as long as it can."

"It is also a manner of fear. Fear of the unknown. Peace is an unknown path for them to take." Cafell points out. "I take no offense to it." She waves her hand in a dismissive manner. "I know you are not but I already have a stock of it Mother, it is my way of sharing that stock. I also must confess that it is also another way for me to fish for information without having to ask directly." With that said she looks sheepish.

She then nods her head. "But you are right my views are a little short sighted at the moment. I should be more mindful of them."

"It is a manner of fear. And fear allows the seeds of the Fifth to be planted in the heart. It is a dangerous path to balance upon." There is a sideways glance towards Cafell at this particular 'admission' and a smile to see the sheepish look. "It is certainly a way to fish for information. Though I am not youthful thing to so easily part with information. But I do guess since it was your nudge that caused us to speak and close the distance quicker than we might have otherwise. And I imagine it will soon be common enough knowledge about here, I have allowed him to make my room his as well." Sending her own impish like smile towards her fellow priestess.

"It is easy to lose sight when our focus becomes upon something close to us, do not think to fret about it, Mother Cafell. We all do it now again. And the Guardians send us something or someone to remind us to look far afiled once again, to see the fuller picture once more."

"Well I will just need to keep my eyes open more, see what is happening around me and less focused on getting from one point to another." She chuckles. "I will make strives to be better than what I am." She says this in a quiet and gentle manner. "How well do you think the other alliances for the temple will hold will we be able to keep our neutral stance?"

"Quite so, as the journey is just as important as the destination. Often there is need along the way, not just where we started, or where we come to end up, Mother." Tylon offering a calm smile,"Always we must strive to be better than we are. If we do not, we become complacent and forget to listen to what the Guardians may be asking of us."

Tylon gives a faint shake to her head,"We will remain neutral for we must, if we for a moment are looked upon as having taken one side, never again will we be able to be seen as neutral. Such a thing we cannot lose, ever. Even though they ask for us to take a side, at least one side does. And I have refused them. We will not commit the Chosen to either side, nor allow them to take to one. We must remain vigilant in our place, and keep our eyes turned to the Corsairs as well as to Ellowe, while they lose sight of these threats. As long as we keep to our principles, I have no fears that our place within the North and South will be respected. If they are not….we will face that, should it come."

"I am glad you are sharing a room and I hope a bed, life is too short and we both know and understand how fleeting it is." Cafell says as she look at the Tylon and her sea green eyes are full kindness. "Now my fear is that one side will attack us and try and make it look like the other side to force our hand." She tells her. "Or something will cause them both to ally against us. There is something not right with that Bandit King. Something is very much not right."

The comment brings a soft chuckle from Tylon before she explains,"Sister Alyona had the idea, amongst her many for keeping me safe, to have someone sleep in my room upon a cot. I fear, I did put my foot down on the matter and say no to the cot and if any one else were to sleep in my room they would be within my bed. And that is how it has come to be. "

Tylon blinks and then looks to Cafell,"You have not heard then…Brother Thomas faced off with the Bandit King that night, he was no bandit Mother Cafell, but Darrin himself. And it was he who fled, for Bother Thomas brought him to a stalemate. " To the rest Tylon simply shakes her head,"If that comes to be, Mother, then far more has been lost than we can see. They also can gain nothing by such a tactic. "

"I do agree, and I did not, those neck wounds were not kind to me, and I left soon after to go on circut." Cafell explains to her. "Very good that you are sharing a bed. This I do approve of and I am certain the Guardians would not be unhappy with you pairing with him." She tells her. "Now the question is which way will they go and how will they react." She taps her lips thoughtfully.

"I am…glad you approve. And I do not believe the Guardians would be unhappy, ,since it is they who brought him to me, Mother. " Glancing a little to Cafell as a another sip of tea is drawn. "That is a question that reach quite far out, and is more a quandary should the worst come about. I think you are allowing your sight to flit form to close to to far a field, Mother Cafell."

"My point exactly, when it comes to you and the other." Cafell shrugs her shoulders. "There is a reason I should not be allowed to speak at time. Then again there are reasons I should. I will keep that particular idea or thought between just the two of us. Do not fear I am not a that chatty with others my dear Mother." Her voice is still gentle.

"It is not wrong to speak worries and thoughts that come, it allows them to find a place to settle and be shared. Though I do agree, this is perhaps one not to be shared further for the time being. I think it is the least likely of many possibilities right now, there is yet hope before us. " Tylon giving one of her gentle and calm smiles,"And we must always hold to hope. "

"Mother, please forgive me I have to go back into the infirmary. Shall we speak later before I leave again?" Cafell rises from where she was seated on the bench. She offers Tylon a warm sweet smile. Then she goes silent and that silence just seems to grow around her. She then starts to walk away.

"Of course, there is nothing to forgive. And certainly, it would be a pleasure to speak again before you leave." Tylon falling quiet as well, returning to sipping her tea as the other priestess take her leave. Studying the woman a bit before shaking her head.

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