A talk of a delicate nature

A talk of a delicate nature
Summary: Lady Elenore has a talk with Priestess Cafell over some concerns that have risen up now that she is married.
Date: 7 July 2013
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Wolveshire Castle - Temple of the Four
Like all temples of the Four, this one is a slightly stretched diamond in structure with lofty cathedral ceilings that let natural light shine in and illuminate this sacred place. The temple is accessed by a graceful archway on each of the four straight walls emphasizing that neither direction holds value over the other. The architecture is immaculate and the building itself is crafted of lighter stone than most.

Each of the four corners house the altars to the gods: the north for Bornas - a tall effigy of a looming bear and a with an offering bowl filled with earth, leaves and nuts sitting at its feet; to the south a youthful statue of Ravas, the Fire god, whose bowl contains ash and bits of tinder; to the west the wise, old figure of Stilltha with river stones, fresh water, and the odd fishbone occupying her offering bowl; finally, to the east the young Altheara with windswept hair and fiercely beautiful features whose bowl is filled with bird feathers, bones, and carved flutes and chimes.

Sun Jul 07, 1329

The Temple within Wolveshire was fairly empty at this time of day, many having taken to whatever afternoon ret or resprite they sought after the midday meal. But it seems there was at least one that sought afternoon prayers. The young Taniford Artist, Lady Elenore was found rising up from the alter of Stilltha after offering up whatever prayers she had sought to do. Though rather than slipping back off as so many often do, the wispy woman looks around the temple.

The afternoon is fair and the sun is shining brightly as it peers down on the on the earth. The doors of the temple open and a wall woman in priestly robes enters. She is dressed in a travel worn robe and the scents of dust, pine and horse cling to her. She pauses just inside the door to close it and to take off her wide brimmed straw hat. A soft smile graces her lips. Over her shoulders she is carrying leather saddlebags. She moves with long ground eating strides towards the alter. She then pauses and she looks at the wispy woman. She studies her for a long time with her sea blue eyes. "Mmay I help you?" She asks the woman her voice is halting but it is quiet and the expression on her face is gentle.

Perhaps during the study of her, Cafell might recall briefly seeing the woman days before on the road. Namely in being plucked from one horse by a Taniford guard that took off southwards. Dark eyes blink at the priestess, though there is a smile that come quietly along with the respectful bow of her head. "Aye….if you would not be of minding. I was hoping to speak with someone.." Elenore's eyes flickering towards the saddlebags,"THough if you are just arriving, I would not be of wishing to keep you from taking a moment of rest, of tea and lunches."

"II have time to speak, would you care to join me by the alter?" Cafell asks her. She takes the saddle bags off her shoulder and she places her hat on down. She then moves towards the alter of Stilltha. She motions with her hand. "II ssaw you on the road a number of days ago." She tells the woman. Once she reaches the alter she opens up her bags. The scent of herbs used for healing are strong.

"Aye…of course, Mother." A few gliding steps drawing Elenore back towards the alter she had not long left. The reference draws a blush into the young woman's cheeks,"I…had wnadered to far and was in need of returning. It is of happening somemtimes. There is something in need of following and I do…but I forget of everything else until the end is found. And it is of causing worry, concern to others." Elenore gives a shake to her head,"You are not of caring aobut that. Nor is it of what I was wishing to speak about…..I have been of married rescently and…" her eyes flicker towards the alter of Stilltha before back to the priestess,"…we have talked of children."

Cafell studies her for a long time before she speaks. "Wwhat was the conclusion to your discussion of children and what were your thoughts that particular conversation?" she ask her. She then moves sit down next to the alter. Her attention is fully on Elenore at this moment. The open saddles bags have been forgotten. Her expression is still gentle and kind.

Gently settling to her knees, setting back upon her heels as a hand effortly arranges her skirts, Elenore takes up a place near the alter to carry on this conversation. "It is of wanting them, of course. But of in time, for we are just of knowing each other and there is much to be learning of just us. And I would want them in time, with him…It is just we have thought perhaps to be of waiting…talk of herbs for this. But…" Elenore's eye look at the alter a moment before she says,"I am not sure of if that would be of displeasing the Guardians and they would make it so there is not of children ever for trying to avoid now."

Cafell is silent for a long time after Elenore stops speaking. She keeps her eyes on her and it looks like she is taking her time in mulling over the words she is going to offer her. Time seems to comes to a crawl when she finally speaks. "Children will happen or they will not. There are many couples who are very devoted and never have any child. I for one do not know all the intentions of the Guardians and I cannot see into your past or future but I will say this," She pauses for a moment as she looks to the alter and then back to Elenore. Her words are no longer halting and her eyes have a slightly distant look in them. "Life is fleeting, with every breath we take we move closer to meeting our end. If you feel that you and he should wait then do so, but keep in mind that our bodies are slaves to the passage of times. There will come a time when he will not be able to plant his seed in you and have it take root. There are herbs that you can take and herbs that I can give you and teach you to use. You also must realize that with unions such as yours, children are needed and desired. You are a noble and you have a duty to his family and yours. Heirs help keep fighting from happening as they keep a clear and concise lineage between the different noble families. If one noble family dies without an heir chaos can ensue as they scramble to find an heir to fill the void." She smiles a little. "It is not an easy choice for the two of you to make and there is a lot of weight in your decision. But, think on this what would happen if he died today and left you with no children what would happen to you and his line? We live right now in very uncertain times."

While Elenore does sit quietly waiting for Cafell to speak, there is a nervous flicker of her fingers as if they wish to fly, even as she tries to keep them sedately in her lap. HEr dark eyes keeping their gaze upon the priestess, drinking in the words that do finally come. Blushing a little at some parts, the whole married part and the 'duties' that went with it were yet new to her in many ways, and certainly not spoken about so openly. "I would like to wait, aye. As I would like to be knowing of Lyam better….before there are children for us to see to, if it is the Guardian's wishes for us to have them." The youg noble does draw a small breathe at the rest, giving nod of her head,"I am knowing of that, I am heir to be watching over the lands of my mother, and it is expected of me to some day give such a heir to take my place when it is of the time for that. I am knowing of the expected duties, requirements of me. Of us."

However at the mention of Lyam potentially dying that day, Elenore'eyes open wide, her voice goes whispers softin the response,"It if of true, the times are of uncertain. They speak of war, of killings. But…if Lyam was of dying, beocming lost to me…I would become of lost. Without him…the focus goes faster. Of the line….though my borther perhaps would be of stepping up. But….I do not think I would do well to not have Lyam any more"

"Children are to be your legacy and your husband's legacy. These times are not safe. Even priests and priestess have to take precautions." Cafell says to her. "The choice is your but also remember you are not like many as you are not a freeman or even a commoner. Too many depend upon you, your husband and your family. It is your duty to allow them some stability by ensuring they are to remain with the same family. War is coming if it is not today then it will be soon. He or you can die. If there is one thing that follows war it is sickness."

"Think on this, if everything around us changes and we change, then how what you learn now will be the same later. Learning about a person is a life long lesson, as I said before the world changes around us and we change as well. What you are now you will not be that person, a person can change in less than a week." She pauses. "With this said there is one method you may try that takes no herbs but if you are not careful you could become with child." She tells her. "You would be able to have him penetrate you fully one week after your moon flow. There is also another method that has a sea sponge wrapped in silk and attached to a cord. After copulation you would remove it. There is also lambskin covers that he can use to put over his manhood." She pauses. "Now to explain some of the herbal methods. You can insert a sea sponge that has been coated with tansy oil into you; you have to be certain to remember to remove it after copulation. It is best to attach a string to it. There are potions you can drink as well, made of tansy, pennyroyal, wild carrot."

A soft murmur comes,"I know they are not of being safe, I am of Taniford, Mother. I know well of them not being safe." Even if not among the higher royal circle, the Princess was yet the woman's cousin. Elenore nods a little, her fingers turning over themelves in her lap,"I…I will be of keeping that in mind, of thinking upon it. Especially as….neither he or I are of being best of health." The girl is wispy! "I had been thinking of some of that, but not of it all….In not being so high a others, even if of being meant to see over the lands given onto our line of the House."

"I am knowing that it will be life long, that we have much to learn together and always as we walking of our path of life. It was just of wishing to know each other a little first, to become somewhat settled with one another. To be of home for that, but here they are of keeping us now, because of the tensions. " A small sigh escaping Elenore, seeming to rather miss her home. Even if a blush rises into her cheeks on the various ways and methods to lessen the risk of pregancy, Elenore does listen closely. Perhaps wondering some on just how to bring up the options with Lyam! Noting rather softly,"I know he was of mentioning potions, herbs to be taken….I am not of knowing if he is…was…aware of such other methods."

Making a motion towards the alter Cafell smiles. "She teaches wisdom as well. The wisdom to know and the wisdom to understand, part of getting to know each other is learning to enjoy each other's company. While pregnant you still can do that. He will not harm the child. Are you frightened about the concept of being pregnant and having to go through labor?" She asks her.

Elenore's eyes drift towards the alter again before nodding,"I will be of asking for more widom in my prayers, as I have been of doing already. It is there sometimes but then it is gone." There is some relief to hear that the child would not be harmed, or by th eblush, perhaps to not have to go without her husband's affection. There is some hesitation in answering the question before she admits,"Some, aye. I had not been of giving much thought of being of married but then suddenly it was of here. And now…to be having to think of such things. It is much to consider and I am admitting it is a little scary, it is so much at once."

"I will not lie to you there are possibilities, but every woman has had those same fears that you have. Your mother did, my mother did." She looks at her for a moment. "What is the true reason for you not to want to have a child just yet? I feel that there is something more. Anything you say will not leave my confidence."

"I have heard….the Duke…and there are of others, who have had their wives lost to them for trying to give of them children. I know it is of a chance, and there is of nothing I can do but pray to the Guardians that Lyam would not have to endure such a thing as His Grace has." Elenore takes a small breathe and looks down at her hands as there is that follow up question comes. Her fingers twitch a little,"I am of worrying some now….that he is not as caring for this match as was of in the beginning. He has become….distant since the wedding. Things were of seemingly perfect til then, even the words that we were of speaking under the Guardians. I could never have dreamed things to be of such perfectness. But…" she sighs a little again,"….I know we each have duties to see to, it has always been known…..it is just of seeming that they are of conflicting now, that he is of doing more not of less, as in the beginning. We were to return to my home, not to be of remaining here…..But we are here…and he is doing more….and there is of less of him that I am of seeing, I am of loving him. I feel of such, it is so great it hurt at times, the joy, the hapiiness of being with him. I know I must be of patience….It is just…worrying, an uncertainty of rising in my thoughts."

Cafell holds her arms out to Elenore to offer her a hug if she should wish it and she speaks again. "My dear sweet lady, you could die after falling from your horse or you could get sick. Childbirth can be hard. There are horror stories and there stories of triumph. We as woman will endure." This is said kindly. "Not all of your birth marry for love, many marry for other reasons. We all have burdens that we must endure, but we can endure them by sharing. As for the waiting and the patience it is difficult thing to learn and it is difficult to endure. Have you asked him about your observations?" She pauses for a moment and she studies her a little longer. "Do you think you could be with child?" She asks her.

The hug is moved into, and readily accepted, it seems Elenore is not the sort fo be put off by traveling scents and dust. A softly murmured,"Thank you." Nodding a little bit as she settles back after,"I know…there is of uch that can become and end to a pattern, the disbursing of colors. " A small smile coming,"I know…that there was love, that we wished and were granted of our match is not as it always is, but even of being Taniford, I am not of such importance to be of being used for much of politicing, but it is yet of good politics, so it was of being permitted. " She shakes her head a little,"I have not…he is of not being around much to be of able to bring up such, it is part of why there is of worrying. We have talked of everything before, but of this….we have not had time enough to be of speaking, let alone to be discussing such a matter." Elenore chews on her lip a little,"We are of being like huband and wife, so it is of being possible, aye? But there have not been of things…the signs of such. "

"What signs each pregancy is differnt. What happens to you may not happen to another." Cafell point out. "I will off this advice. Wait, see and make sure you are not with child yet. If you are seeing so little then perhaps it would be wise to not worry about herbs and the methods. Perhaps wait a while. This on this for at least a week and then come and talk with me again."

A small little 'oh' slips from Elenore at this little bit of news,"I was not aware. They are just always speak of missing the monthly time, of ending up of being sick in…time. " Nodding her head a little bit,"It would be of easy to wait such times," even if she is perhaps a little forlorn about the matter, she hasn't even been married a month yet! "I will wait and be back in the week then to be of speaking with you again. Thank you for speaking with me of now. It is of getting me much to think upon."

"My lady, give it time and we will speak again in a week. Promise me one thing that while you wait you think upon what we spoke about and you will not hesitate if you have question to seek me out. I have learned that it is better to ask those question than to let them fester." Cafell offers her another kind smile.

"I will be of thinking upon it, I am of promising so, and will be of waiting as asked. And be coming with questions again if there of more that rise." Elenore gives a little smile in return,"I am thanking of you for your time. I should not be taking up of your time for so much. Surely you are of being parched after traveling such," a faint drift of her hand to indicate the dustthat yet clings to the priestess' robes. "I am of being rude to hav ebeen keeping you so much."

"You are not, I am always in this state dear Lady." Cafell moves to get herbs out of her saddle backs and she motions for the Lady to join her if she will. She then starts to weave the herbs into a wreath. "You may join me if you wish?" She asks her. "Now tell me about your home?"

Another oft little,"Oh," comes from Elenore, perhaps assuming that being somewhat newly arrived, or seeming so by the saddlebags, that some bath or like would be taken to. Certainly a custom amongst noblity after traveling. Moving a little to better join the priestess as the herbs are taken out,"It is of further south, past the Citedal. It is muchly fields of wheats and grains, for we oversee much of such for the south. And of the water mills that do of the grinding to make the meals and flours." Her hand motions a little to indicate the castle that encompasses all here,"it is not so much of walls and closedness. But open and wide, the colors flow freely without worry to be bumping against the walls so oft."

Once the wreath is fashioned, Cafell places the wreath on the alter. She then adds flowers to it. When she is done she looks to the lady, and holds out some herbs and flowers if she should want to take them. "For an offering form you to her. Your home sound very lovely, I can see it in my mind when you spoke of it." She tells her. "Now I should be off, I hope to speak with you again."

The herbs are taken up when offered, Elenore's fingers gently starting to work them into a wreathe as well, either having done it before or simply having been paying a fair bit of attention when Cafell had been doing hers. "Thank you, for this…for your time." Elenore seeing the wreathe made into being,"Aye, in a week, as was of being said. Be well." The young lady, giving a smile before she focuses on finshing up the wreathe to place it on the alter as well.

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