A topic in common

A topic in common
Summary: A southerner chances upon a northerner and it seems there is a topic in common, advice to be given.
Date: 24 June 2013
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Augustus Elenore 

Common Room - Golden Crown Inn, Wolveshire
A lowered ceiling and rafters combined with a clutter of tables and chairs create a far cozier atmosphere than the foyer. To the right of the room is a long wooden bar behind which mirrors and shelves are arranged to display the carafes and bottles of liquor available to patrons. Cushioned stools line the outside of the bar to provide seating for customers. The room is bisected by a long half-wall topped by panels of glass etched with an artistic rendering of famous moments in Taniford history. The partial wall reaches nearly to the ceiling and creates a unique acoustical environment while also serving to divide portions of the room. On the side closer to the door, the tables and chairs are larger and more crammed together. he other side has smaller, more intimate settings: low booths aginst a wall with curtains that can be drawn closed, small tables with plush, low-slung chairs. There is a kitchen beyond the bar and servers often bustle in and out.

The door to the kitchen is behind the bar, set in a hinge that makes it easy to go in and out for someone with full hands. A low archway leads back into the main room of the inn.

Mon Jun 24, 1329

The inn is pretty dead after the days festivities have cleared out and the common room is no exeption, As its empty save a lone spot where The Heir of Malgrave resides sipping some wine, as he sits near the Hearth and has a platter of cheese and bread and a variety of meats laid out that he's been nibbling on all day. He is dressed in his finery today. Silk shirt and pants and house shoes, His customary guards standing against the far wall. as there isn't anyone here to bother their lord. Augustus from time to time can be seen scratching his chest as if it itches.

Absent from so many festivities of late, some of which she should have been present..but gliding in that ehternal way of her, Elenore Taniford slips into the common room of the inn. The Taniford Guard that trails her, for somehow she ha smanaged to escape with only one guard for a change, pauses and takes a place near the door allowing the young woman to proceed by herself. There is a quiet sigh of relief to find the room so empty, it had been so overly crowded the last time she had been here….so much had changed since then. Dark eyes flit about before landing upon the one occupant, well the one that counts, for guards just really don't, they are fixtures that must be about lingering always as a cloud of gnats do upon a warm summer day. Annoying, truly. A light smile grace her lips as steps draw her closer a bow of her made to the NOrthern noble,"A good day upon you, m'Lord. If it is of not to much disturbance to you, I had thought to escape for awhile to here. But if you would be of perferring the continuance of quiet and peace, I could go along else wheres?"

Augustus turns his head as he Hears movement by the door and stands. When Elenore shows up he bows to her. "evening Lady taniford. " he then motions to a seat also next to the hearth. "Please join u….. me. " he says with a smile, a bit sad as he is used to having collette by his side and since his return thats been less and less. "I have a few refreshments here, if you care to partake, shall I order more wine?" he asks you politely waiting for you to be seated before he resumes his chair.

A bright smile comes at the invitation,"Oh, I would be of most delighted to do so, my Lord." Elenore's head shifts, sending her hair a drift for the moment,"You have a…hmmm..it is not stormy…a touch of gloomy. A mild grey about you. You are not of feeling as happy today? It is a fine enough day, so it cannot be of the weather." The young Lady slips into a chair, her hand smoothing her skirts in the process. "I would be enjoying of wine, yes, please, if you would not mind? I recall seeing you about," who had not been about the WOlveshire Castle during that time,"but I do not think we ever were much of talking, aye?"

Augustus Inclines his head a bit and has then bring in a fresh bottle something of the southern regions best and instead of the server pouring Augustus himself tends to your Glass. "Aye on both counts lady Elenore, guess Im a bit Axious as in a few days the minimum time to court Lady Collette will have ended and then the next part of this great journey begins where I … " he takes a deep breath " get the extreme pleasure of asking for her hand. We've talked a lot and she is just as anxios as I that her father agree's. Sadly I think she is my only true connection to those here in the south. I feel … lost without her around me, her wild antics seem to bright up my day and without her here It just seems darker."

Elenore smiles warmly as Augustus sets to pouring the wine himself, a small incline of her head given in thanks. "Oh aye, I recall hearing about such courting. It is such nerve wrecking, aye? To think about asking and so much talking or of writing and then of the waiting to see if the Houses will be of saying aye, or nay. And of the terms of it all?" She gives a slight sigh,"I think I was to explode in waiting to hear not only from mother, but then of having to wait upon what Aunt Gigi would be of saying," yes, she really calls the Queen that. "Though I think perhaps it was more so at times, with Lyam and I skipping muchly over the courting of it all. But it seemed very soon that it was as if we were of always knowing each other."

Canting her head a little as Elenore gives a small study of Augusuts her eyes seeing and yet seeming to look through him all at the same time, it is a slightly odd look to say the least. "Is it of the same with you, my Lord and Lady Collette? For you to have chanced to ask for her hand, I know it not so much out of place for a match to be made between Taniford and Varghem, thus I could have my wolf as I wished. But…it is so muchly more complicated to make matches between north and south." Her hands give a flutter into the air,"And so many who…still so caught up in the past, and forget to be looking to the future." There is a slight smile,"Though I admit, I am oft going back to being of lost, my thoughts wandering and becoming lost amongst the colors as they are of want to do without Lyam, he brings a focus I have not befor ehad. It is muchly odd for me, in honest. But it is good."

Augustus smiles softly and nods. "tis like that yes I cant stand being apart from her any longer than it takes me to draw breath. Thankfuly I have less than a standard week before I can official ask for her hand. " he sips his wine. "IT was nerve wracking enough just to get permission to court her, I just hope that in askin for her hand things will go as smoothly. Though for all the battles I've been in this seems to take the most out of my nerves "he chuckles softly.

"It alas a thing that must be though, aye? To be part from one another for more breathes then is cared for…for duties are about us, drawing time and attention. Things that must be seen and worked through least we forget of ourselves, or places within the patterns." Fingers curling gently about her wine glass before Elenore draws a few sips of the dark liquid from it. The wine let to set a moment in her mouth as the taste is savoured. A pleased little mmm given as delight is found in it. "I would think it to be a little easier, for least all are of knowing of each other know, it is not like the first, in yet having to meet and yet ask to court all at once. " A gentle smile is offered,"It is of making sense though, aye? WHy it would be more stressing upon the nerves, of a battle you know what you must face, fight…take upon. In this, you cannot just fight at it, it is a thing requiring finesse, a teasing out of a thread…like to try and tease of the thin lines of the leafy patterns. And even then, we are not of being assurded success. Such things are tempormental, amind to their own, things we cannot control and can only offer up hope and prayers to the Guardians that what that we wish is to be of their granting, their plan for us in this life given upon us to have."

Augustus sips some wine himself as if to steady his nerves. and then takes soem cheese, bread and meat. "Why simply because on the battle field you know your opponet and his or her possible weakness's but in this your at the disadvantage, as they control the game field. If I dont phrase my request in just the right mannor and make it flowery enough to comfort the families honor then I've lost before the first sword stroke is given Matters of the heart are much tougher opponet than that of metal vs bone and flesh. " he nods as he hears what your saying equal to that of his own. "Aye finesse not something most soldiers like me are used too " he chuckles takes time and practice I just hope when the day comes I'll have the elegance to pull off a proper letter and have it recieved well."%

"It is much like with a merchant who knows that they have what you want and no other can provide it, to make life of being difficult, the price high and yet able to deny you of waht you want to get." Elenore dips her head a little,"But could not the Lady Collette be helping of what wording and ways would be of accepting to those of her House who will be of deciding and giving answer to your request? Since of the requesting is not so much of the heart, but of the politics, aye? Even if the heart is much envolved, our world and ways, in being of nobles, it is more of the politics that decide so much for us." This causes Elenore to sigh a little before she sips more of the wine. "But…I have seen soilders with finesse, my Lord, those who dance with the sword much as a graceful dancer to the flute across the dance floor. It is of being possible. I am sure if you would offer of prayer and offering to the Guardians they would aid thee in giving the the write words and ways to put into thine letter of request."

Augustus smiles softly at you and nods "You are most kind and yes.. I do believe that even Lady Collette will be sending a letter to her folks as well as the queen and even my king as I send a similar letter she wish's this as much as I so we are hoping that between our letters it'll be enough that both sides king, queens and her father and mother will approve this union?"

"I have just been of being not far past in the same place, even if not quite so many layers of politics to be crossing," Elenore offering a gentle smile. Though her head of House is…well..the Queen, so she just didn't have to cross borders. "I will offer prayer as well, so that you may have the match desired, for happiness to be had, as I have found and now allowed to have with my Lyam." Giving a slight sigh and gentle smile,"Which I should perhaps be returning to, for I fear if he has finished with the business that pulled him off and he finds I have wandered off as I have, he will not be entirely pleased about it. I am most thanking of you for sharing your time and table with me, my Lord."

Augustus chuckles softly and stands then offers you his hand, should you accept it so that he might kiss it. "you've been a great aid Lady Elenore, by putting my mind a bit more at ease as I prepare to tackle this upcomming challenge. " his eyes now dancing with glee as he smiles at you.

Rising from her seat, Elenore does accept the offered hand, the kiss to her hand brings a warm smile,"I am pleased to have been aid, Lord Augustus. I am sure things will be well for you and Lady Collette. " Giving another of her smiles as Elenore gives a gently curtsey before turning to make her way from the room, picking up her guard upon the way out.

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