A visit to a guest

A visit to a guest
Summary: Lady Elenore pays a visit to Prince Stefan as he once again ends up a 'guest' at the Wolveshire Castle
Date: 15/Aug/2013
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Wolveshire Castle - Silver Room
Rich in pale woods, this room is accented with silver filigree on the table and the mantel of the fireplace. A collection of high-backed wooden chairs surround the table, and a blue and gray-draped bed dominates one side of the room. Opposite the fireplace is a tapestry of two wolves running under the winter moon.

A single door leads out into the Guest Hall.

Thu Aug 15, 1329

With lunch having just passed there is a servant leaving from the room that is claimed by the northern prince, carrying an empty plate. The door to the room being closed and guards positioned right outside. From inside the room there is a humming that can be heard even through the door. The prince most likely being bored as usual as he lays upon his bed and just stares at the ceiling.

A guard trailing behind her, only recently returned to Wolveshire, Elenore gives a faint nod to the guards outside the guest room as she approaches. Without a word to them, she knocks upon the door. She might only be a cousin and known to be a little….odd, but she is still a Taniford. Calling lightly after the knock,"Prince Stefan, might I come in?"

Hearing someone at his door makes him raise a brow. Rising to sit up. "Feel free." He tells her. The door will be opened and left like that as the guards makes sure to be able to keep an eye on them. Stefan moving to a table. Getting some watered down wine for them both. "They have been kind enough to leave cups and drinks for me at least. I wonder if they plan for me to have company every day." He says and grins. As for what kind of company he leaves to the imagination. "Feel free to step in and join me."

The door is only opened when he gives a positive response, her guard certain to have seen the door left open if the others had not, that issue of what is proper. The wispy Elenore stepping into room, a few books carried in her arms,"I fear I am unknowing of what is planned for you, Your Highness. I have only been about a day or so, but of hearing you were yet again of being a 'guest', I was of thinking you might wish company or some reading." Her arm lightly shifting the books,"Though I am of fearing, I know not of what might interest you or if you are even caring of books."

Stefan nods and smiles. "Thank you. I think I know what they had planned for me. But the way they did it I just felt like being an ass to them." He says and smirks. Not giving her the real reason for being an ass but that is at least part of the truth. "Company or reading works fine. I used to read a lot when I was younger. Couldn't really go anywhere so reading was my adventure." He offers and smiles. Offering one of the cups to her.

A small nod comes as he gives some explanation,"I am of imagining, especially in being here again was not of helping." She recalls well how much they wished to leave before, then again she had rather wished to leave as well. A hand moves from the books as the cup is offered, fingers curling about it as it is taken up. "Thank you." Moving to place the books on the table,"I will leave them for later when there is not being of company. Though if you have topics that are preferred, I could be seeing of having something else sent. Or of sketching things if that was a desire?"

"You are correct." Stefan offers and grins. Nodding a bit as she thanks him. Looking to the books. "Oh I am sure these books will do. Thank you, my lady. It's quite a kind gesture." He tells her and takes a seat, sipping from his cup. "You're the first noble to stick their head in here I admit."

"I am of admitting, I was not fond of the stay before, even if it was of more pleasant for me than you." The books are varied in topic, three in total. One seems to be a book of poems, the second from the title indicates some manner of history and warfare, and the third something about philosophy. "You are of welcome, " comes Elenore's soft response. A few ethereal steps carrying her to a chair, her free hand smoothing her skirts as she settles to the chair. "Most seem to be caught up with their business, but such is oft how it is. Thus forgetting of 'guests'. But of having been so, I am not of forgetting. " She offers a soft smile, commenting,"Or they are of fearing to come visit." Before drawing a sip of wine.

Stefan raises a brow, "Is that so? Were you not spending it with your betrothed? Or am I having you mixed up? Apologies if so." He says and watches her. Smiling at the books. Seeming fine with the choices. Nodding a bit as she goes on, watching as the lady finds a seat. "Oh, well I am sure things will work out." He says and smiles. Grinning at her last. "I think they rather keep away after how I greeted them when I was brought here."

Elenore smiles gently,"We were not of betrothed at the beginning, but aye, it allowed us to spend much time together. But a cage is of being a cage yet, even if kept with the most pleasant of company. It is of a distraction only, for a time, the truth remains yet. " Turning the wine cup lightly with her fingers,"Just as now, even if I give of company, the books give something to read…we serve but distraction for a time. It changes not you are here and restricted, even if perhaps makes some of the time pass a little quicker. Aye?" There is a faint smile,"It is perhaps possilbe as well, if you were as you say, an ass," the word coming oddly off her tongue, not likely verbiage she often uses," in giving your greeting."

Stefan nods and smiles, "That is true I suppose. Though you stayed for your protection did you not. I mean that is what they said about us as well but I don't think even they believed that." He says and chuckles. Nodding a bit as she goes on about distractions. "Indeed. But all of our lives are filled with distractions. It's what keeps most going is it not?" He suggests and smiles. "Though I suppose it is the notion of being able to leave if one wish, even if you never do. That is the difference between a cage and freedom, is it not?" He offers and smiles. Chuckling as she offers her take on the words. "I suppose. And apologies. I suppose I shouldn't use such words around a fine lady. I've just not had the company of ladies lately."

"Aye, it was the reason Prince Samwell said he ordered me to remain. But of truth, I had as much say in staying as you did. " A soft smile comes,"It is so, life is of distractions, for which there are always many for me. But it is, aye, the difference in knowing one can leave or cannot. Such as when our tutors would give lectures when we were of younger, a different sort of cage then." Elenore gently inclines here head,"The apologies are of accepted, though by your own words, you have had little company at all of late, let alone the company of ladies."

Stefan nods, "That might indeed be true enough." He says and smiles to her. Nodding as he listens and sips of his cup. Chuckles and shrugs. "Well, I've had some company of the commoners that run around but that is about it." He says and grins. "And thank you for the understanding." He offers and smiles.

"You are of welcome," offers Elenore softly. Drawing a few sips of wine from the glass as she studies him a moment, a brief flickering of the fingers on the hand that rests in her lap. "If you are not minding me to be asking, what was the melody of which I heard being hummed before I knocked upon the door?"

Stefan smiles and drinks. Chuckling about the song, "Oh, a couple different ones. The one I hummed on now was an old song miners used to hum as they worked. Though before that I ended up humming on that rather famous southern song that seem to be going around. Something about northern princesses." He says and chuckles.

Elenore cants her head a little bit,"The later is one I have heard of, though not of one I would be thinking you would be caring of especially much for let alone to have taken to the melody." Giving a small shake of her head, men are simply odd creatures. "Are you much of playing music or just of humming it?"

Stefan shrugs a bit, "False news travels fast, is it not? Besides. The melody is slightly catchy." He says and shrugs. "Mostly I just humm or dance." He admits. "I've been thinking of learning more just haven't happened." He says and shrugs. "How about you, my lady? Do you have any musical abilities?"

"It is of true, it does. But such is the way of gossip, no? People grasp upon it even if it is of the most outrageous and surely cannot be true." " A soft laugh comes from Elenore,"Aye, I suppose the melody is catchy." She shakes her head a little bit,"I do not, music is of Samwell's abilities, Lyam's as well. I am as you in dancing only to such. " Turning the hand in lap up revealing various splotches of color upon it,"My abilities are of color, of paints. I see of color as others do not, cannot."

A clearing of the throat comes near the door drawing Elenore's attention and drawing a soft sigh as she looks back to Stefan, offering a gentle smile,"I fear I must be of going, other duties require of my other abilities. If you will be of excusing me, I will of hope to stop by again, Your Highness. " Rising and giving a respectful bow before she moves to withdraw.

Stefan smiles and nods to the lady. "Feel free to come by again." He tells her and rises to bow to her. "It's been a pleasure my lady." A bright smile given then.

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