A walk in the gardens

A walk in the gardens
Summary: Princess Niniane actually gets to step out for a bit of fresh air and runs into Sir Eldrick and Lady Elenore.
Date: 8 July 2013
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Wolveshire Castle - Garden Court
The garden court is a large area housed between the curtain walls, the main keep, the temple and the barracks. The cobbled main walkway links the temple to the main courtyard, circling around a tiered fountain carved into the shape of four wolves holding up a bowl. Well-kept dirt paths lead into various directions, winding amongst the trees and flowers and topiaries that decorate the courtyard. Stone benches found along each path serve as resting places for visitors.

Following the cobbled main path takes one to the arched doorway leading into the temple or back between buildings and into the main courtyard.

Mon Jul 08, 1329

As the warmth of the summer day yet hung upon the air and at least three Tanifords guards watching her form varying distances, Elenore quietly sketched within a leather bound pad that rested upon her lap. The young Lady gently perched upon the edge of the tiered fountain, listening to the burbling of the water as it tumbles and spills over the various layers. A quiet little humming slipping once in awhile as the current sketch is worked upon.

From the direction of the castle an entourage of guards can be seen in front of and behind a blonde figure. Amongst their ranks Niniane Rhaedan can just be seen past the wall of blue. The fair haired princess from the north looking exceptionally annoyed at the situation. Her voice rises above the din of clicking armor, "Honestly what is the point of a walk if one can not even see." A sigh passes her lips.

Eldrick steps out of Wolveshire Castle's temple, followed closely by a younger man attired as a squire. The two are speaking quietly upon leaving the house of worship before eldrick notes those who have entered the garden court ahead of him. A brief word sends his retainer off toward the castle stables, as the Lohstren heir spies first Elenore at her sketching, and shortly thereafter, the cluster of blue marking the guard and person of Niniane, approaching from the opposite direction. Solemn in bearing, the knight greets the nearer "Lady Elenore," with a bow, before turning his eye to Niniane and her entourage. "Princess," he acknowledges evenly, with a deep bow from the waist, turning hsi regard to acknowledge her escorts, "And my knightly Sirs. Good day."

The sound of the brevy of guards does draw Elenore's attention up from her sketch pad, the sight drawing a bit of a blink, and she thought her contingent at times could be ghastly. But Eldrick is closer and a soft smiles slips to her lips as she inclines her head to him,"Sir Eldrick, a good day to you." Slipping to her feet with the gaggle approaching to give the proper bow of respect,"Your Highness." Her eyes drifting to the guards who surround the Princess,"It is of being true, some space so she might be of breathing the air meant of the walk, to actually see of the outside. Else what is of the point? She could be of just looking out her window and be of seeing more."

Niniane actually does push her way past the guards, though of course they move away from her as she tries and smiles to the two nobles who have greeted her, "Good day and than kyou my lady for your gallant effort." Despite the hostilities between the realms, this northerner does give the two southern nobles a kind and genuine smile and a polite inclining of her head, "Sir Eldrick if I remember correctly and I apologies my lady but I know you were there, I just have forgotten you name. I do hope you can forgive me." The Taniford guards do look annoyed at the change in orders it seems but at the Princess is with others of the council they move away slightly.

"I pray you, Highness: do not think ill of thy guards. They do their sworn duty as best they may, as any knight must," Eldrick notes upon seeing Niniane gain her desired space. "I am indeed Sir Eldrick Lohstren, and you have the honor of speaking to Lady Elenore Taniford," a short dip of the ehad and motion of one arm toward Elenore at the naming.

"They are of doing that to me as well at times, it is not of being pleasant in the least. But aye, they are onnly of following the order given on to them." Elenore giving a smile incline of her head as Eldricks gives her introduction, lightly adding,"I do not beleive I was introduced at the meeting, for there was being of no need for me to speak, so there is nothing to be of forgiving, Your Highness." HEr fingers gently tucking the charcoal into the sketchbook as it is flipped close.

The mention of Eldrick's last last causes Niniane's eyebrow to raise slightly, "So your sister is Lady Morla then Sir Eldrick?" She asks with a hint of smile playing across her lips once again but inclining her head and looking back over her shoulder to the guards. "I fully comprehend they are doing me a service as much as they are doing their duty to your kingdom. Not everyone I meet is bound to be so friendly and courtly."

"Morla the Younger is my sister, to House Lohstren's greater honor," Eldrick nods to Niniane's query, the solemn nobleman's countenance remaining carefully composed, even as the northerner smiles. "In all honesty, your Highness: do not mistake my courtesy for freindship. I show you the honors due one of your blood and station, as a noble man must, and be you guest or prisoner, you shall come to no harm by me. Yet your brother directs troops against my liege even as we speak, and I cannot call any of his line friend." Aside to Elenore, no notes, "Your pardon if my blunt speech offends, Lady Taniford."

"Oh aye, I have been of understanding that as well, even if being of the Kingdom and at time of suffering the same treatment." A faint glance going to one of her own guards, which are at least lesser than they were…for the time being. Elenore gently inclines her head to Eldrick,"It is not of offending, Sir. The times are as of they are and to be plain instead of dancing upon honeyed words it perhaps best in them. "

The smile on the Princess' lips falters a touch but does not fail as she inclines her head to Eldrick and adds herself, "In all honesty Sir, do not mistake my friendly nature for anything more then that. I understand I am but a necessary evil to inhabit your kingdom, however I do appreciate your courtesy as well as your honesty." She looks towards the Taniford Lady present and says, "Well spoken my lady." The northerners mood shifts though as her stance is less bubbly and she returns to a straight back, stiff movements as she brushes blonde hair back from her eyes.

"I've no skill at dancing, nor of honeyed words, Lady- Highness," Eldrick notes to Elenore's answer, before including Niniane in the reply at her own words. "I thank you both for your patience; I am a warrior not a wordsmith." He draws a slow breath before continuing, "It is as a soldier I make ready to depart Wolveshire. Some hundreds of Rhaeden troops mass near Laketown. Whether as empty menace, legitimate invasion, or misdirection, Lohstren shall stand ready."

A small incline of Elenore's head goes to the Princess at the hint of compliment of her words. Though the news Eldrick delivers brings a bit of a sigh from the wispy noble."Again? At this rate I will never of being able to go home. Not that Wolveshire is not of being nice, but for visisting, coming to tournament. It was not of meaning to be hear for so long, the months. " Noting lightly to the Princess,"It is always of notherners they are liking to keep from going of anywhere." No wonder why she escaped….least for awhile. "House Lohstren has of always been godd in providing protection, Sir."

"I see, I do not think my brother would be so foolish to attack at this moment, but again I do not know the inner workings of his mind, it have been away from home for years." A small expression that almost seems pain crosses Niniane's face a moment before she hides it again. Elenore recieves another small smile from the princess, "It seems you understand what I mean to some extent Lady Elenore." Niniane's shoulder shrug in a rather unprincessy gesture though as she turns her green gaze to examine the garden Court now that she can see.

Eldrick regards Niniane a long moment at her stated opinion. "It does not need a prince to strike the blow that begins a war, Highness. Whether or not thy brother would choose to attack, I wonder: do you believe he would ever back down from an excuse?" That question asked, the young Horse Lord voices to Elenore, "I was taught in my youth-" as if he is so old now, "That Lohstren is the Summer Queen's most faithful charger. Many of my kin have fallen in defense of Taniford, and many more shall in days to come. It is for the likes of you to ensure that behind our shield, there grows a nation deserving of such sacrifice."

Elenore gently inclines her head to the Princess,"I am of understanding, perhaps not so long from my home as you are of having been. But it has been of long enough to glimmer of the understanding." A finger taking to a light tracing along the cover of her sketch book as she listens to Eldrick, canting her head a little bit. Eventually dipping her head to him,"We are all taught much in our youth, and many have fallen to defend Taniford. And I am not of doubting that more will be of falling in the times ahead. With the grace of the Guardians of this war, it will not of being, for there are things that wait yet for such chances to strike at us," nodding towards the Princes," at you. THey simply be of waiting for time, for weakness to come. But we are of making, to ensuring the nation grows and is deserving of thoe who sacrifice to keep it safe, to give us a nation to have. Such duties are of being taken to heart, even by one such as me."

Niniane returned her eyes to look on Sir Eldrick and she gives the southerner a small smile, "My brother is hot headed, but no more so then the southern heir. If I were from the south I would be more concerned with her want of vengeance giving the north an excuse for war." The princesses voice is a touch cold as she says this and then adds as she starts to turn away from the pair, "However that is by no means my wish. I dread the idea of war as much as you do."

Eldrick voices evenly, his expression remaining stoic, and manner solemn, "I will ride quite content that the peace shall hold if thy royal brother will wait for an excuse, rather than seek to create one, Highness. Guardians willing, the peace shall hold." A second bow to the northern prisoner as she turns away, and he rises to again face Elenore, "As you say, Lady Taniford: may we all remain strong of heart, and may our nation endure forever."

A gentle bow is offered to the Princess as well as she moves off, trailed by all those guards. Noting lightly,"I am of thinking few truly wish of war. But there are emotions that are of running high, trampling over the calmer wisdom hard won from the wars of being before." Elenore offers Eldrick a gentle smile,"I am of praying for such things, ince there is little more I can be of doing save to keep strong of my heart and look after that wish is my duty to be doing."

"There are many that know no other way, Lady Taniford," Eldrick comments simply to Elenore's observation about few wishing for war. "I was born to war in the days of the Corsair invasion. I grew in its shadow, and fought in it as soon as I came of age. War is all too familiar to me, whilst peace is still unknown. Some men are more content with what they remember, rather than endure the terrors of the unknown."

"I am of knowing that, with of many coming and going just after tournament and the investigations. There were many seen, their patterns….some are not of hiding it well that they cannot live of life without such within it, for it is all that they have ever known of it. I am finding it to be a most sad thing. That they cannot be of seeing the delight and growth that comes of having peace." Elenore bows her head to Eldrick,"As was I, Sir. even if kept much from it. We would not be wanting of me to be having to aid with the protecting, in such ways the Guardians were not of gifting me abilities. The last of the Corsairs are not all that long ago of having been pushed out. " A small breathe is drawn before Elnore says softly,"Peace is perhaps an unknown and of facing what one is of unknowing, I do admit can be of terror and fear inducing. But there is much to be lost in allowing something to be remaining of the unknown. To keep always within the walls one knows and never go beyond, all is never to be of perfect and delight, but such is to be of missed if the first step is not of being taken. "

"Indeed, Lady," Eldrick dips his head to her comment that she too was born to war. "With good fortune, perhaps there will come a generation that cannot say the same." A breath drawn through the nose, as his departed squire returns and waits discreetly at a distance. "Alas, ours is not that generation. I wish you a good day, Lady Taniford, and many good days to follow," a deep bow follows the words.

"It is a thing to be worth praying and hoping for." Dark eyes lightly flickering and taking not of the arriving squire. "A good day to you and may the Guardians go with you as you ride out, Sir Lohstren." Elenore giving a bow of her head in turn to Eldrick.

Eldrick holds the bow a moment, backing up a long step before rising and turning, so that he does not turn his back on the Taniford cousin. "The Guardians shall go and they shall stay. It is their way." Without further word or ado, the Lohstren knight resumes his prior path toward the stables, and the horses waiting within.

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