A Wedding Reception

A Wedding Reception
Summary: The reception that occurred in celebration of Lady Elenore and Lord Lyam's wedding.
Date: 23 June 2013
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Lord's Hall - Wolveshire Castl
With its high, arched ceiling and flying buttresses, the Lord's Hall is one of the loftiest rooms in the keep. Grand, stone fireplaces occupy opposing walls as the heat from both is required to warm the entire room. On the walls in between, extraordinary tapestries intricately woven and colorful in features outline the history of the Taniford kingdom beginning with Taniford Eikos and ending with a decadent depiction of a battle with Corsairs. The final touch is a scenic depiction of current day Wolveshire and surrounding lands. A dais dominates the area of the room opposite the entrance, and the high table upon it is surrounded by a series of chairs for the Duke and his guests.

Near the dais, a small door leads back into the kitchens. The main entrance is marked by a pair of heavy, wooden double doors leading into the entrance hall.

Sun Jun 23, 1329

The word had gone topsey turvery, but life still moved on..including the taking place of weddings. One such wedding had come to pass that of Lord Lyam Varghem and Lady Elenore Taniford, while many had been off fighting in the great north. However, the celebration had been delayed until most had returned. And now was the time, for merriment, eatting and drinking. The Lord's Hall had been decorated for the occasion, tables of food were laid out for all to enjoy and partake of as the evening carried on, a fine feast having been had that afternoon. Wine and a number of fine beverages were avalialbe for the asking as servants made certain the guests were seen to as they arrived. In the corner, a band played on giving sound and music for those who wihed to take to the dance floor. Though most noteably missing from the crowd was the newly married couple, whispered rumor was that they had slipped away earlier in the day, and had not yet been scarced up again.

At least the older brother of the groom is present, although if that's a good thing or not, who knows? The one thing he's been doing much of today seems to have been drinking, and Pawel has a mug of ale in front of him now as well, as he looks around the room for a few moments.

Dalyros pushes into the Great Hall, looking around for several moments. His eyes fall on the Duke for a moment as the Knight studies the man. After a moment, he gives up his survey. He moves toward a table in the corner, sliding into a seat as a server approaches the Blue Guard. The young Knight smiles and nods once, "Aye, I will take some mead." As the server rushes off to get the drink, the Blue Guard returns to surveying the room. Various nobles and Knights come up to the young man, congratulating him for the events at Blasted Fens.

Castor Westmark, dressed in the tunic and tabard of an Acolyte of the Chosen, returns to his seat near Mother Superior Tylon bearing two wine-goblets in his hands. His hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and he wears an amused smirk on his face.

"Mother Superior," he says to Tylon when he joins her at the table. "I think you should enjoy this one," he remarks with a hint of wry humour in his voice. "'Tis a good year." Setting the cups down on the table, he flashes a broader grin at the room, eyes sparkling merrily.

"They set out a good spread…" he adds in an off-handed manner and makes himself comfortable.

Cafell who stands well above six feet in height manages to slide in behind Castor and Mother Superior. Her dark hair has been brushed until it shines. She wears it braided today and bound up with a plain wooden comb. A soft smile touches her lips and her sea green eyes are bright and seem to take everything in but that soft smile of hers reaches them. Her skin is clean and she smells of harsh soap and herbs. Her robe is travel worn but clean and it marks her as a priestess. Her stomach rumbles as she eyes the spread and the people but her smile never leaves her. Her eyes move towards Castor and the Mother.

Augustus arrives a bit late due to last minute changes, he is in his finery and walks around though a bit subdued as his lady isn't on his arm tonight but he tries his best to keep an upper lip as it were and smiles as he notices various people in the room.

Dusting his hands off, Thomas makes his way into the Lord's Hall. He pauses at the door for a time. Eyes searching the crowd. There! A hint of a smile comes to the tall man as he makes his way through the folks to come up behind Tylon. "Mother Superior," he says softly "The horses are all attended to and your things have been put up." Nods to the others are given.

Taking another long sip of his ale, Pawel only glances around at the people present for the moment, without really paying much attention to any of them. It takes another few moments, and another sip is taken, draining the mug now and looking around for one of the servants to bring him more drink at the moment. And while the servants might think the Duke has had enough, it seems they dare not telling him that.

Dalyros takes his mead as it arrives, giving a nod and a smile to the server. He lifts the mug of his mead to his lips, drawing on it a moment, before resting the glass on the table in front of him. He watches the room, quietly. When Augustus enter, a brow raises, and he lifts his mug in a sort of a toast toward the man, before taking another pull on it. The gaze of the Knight turns toward Pawel at that moment, appraising him.

A smile goes to Castor as he brings back the goblet of wine,"I shall trust in your judgement, especially given your background in this particular area." Tylon's fingers curling to accept the goblet from the young Westmark, turned Acolyte to the Temple. Taking in a slight waft of the wine's aroma,"It does smell lovely." Taking a sip of the liquid as she surveys the party in progress. Eyeing a couple upon the dance floor a moment before commenting,"It did look like they had a fine variety out, I dare say even more so than the last time I was here." Back during that fateful tournament.

The Mother Superior dressed in a finer set of robes than normal, just marginally so. A deep teal with the silver highlights that do mark her a Temple Priestess. It is the sound of Cafell's stomach more than anything that announces the woman, which draws a soft chuckle from Tylon,"Go get something to eat, Priestess Cafell, it is here for all of us to enjoy and celebrate the beautiful union that has occured." Turning as Thomas is heard behind her, a warm smile given to the Chosen,"Thank you, Brother Thomas. Please, come and join in the merriment. Acolyte Castor was just saying there are some fine vintages avaliable tonight."

Castor looks at Thomas and Cafell and rises from his seat. Flashing the Mother Superior a somewhat sly half-grin, he nods politely to Thomas. "'Tis a pleasure, Brother!" he remarks merrily. Lifting his cup to his lips, he inhales the aroma of the wine first, before partaking of it. The young man's eyes gleam.

"Sister Cafell!" he says with a slightly raised voice, and a lifted hand. "Why don't you join us?" He glances back toward Tylon. "Well, this is entertaining… and not so long ago I was certain the next wedding I would attend would be my own. I pray Ravas grants the happy couple even more marital bliss in return for allaying… or delaying my fears."

He grins.

Augustus nods his head to Dalyros as he moves to where the drinks are and gets himself a tankard of ale, then a plate to load up with finger foods that are availible. Then augustus moves a section of the wall to lean and relax a bit as he watches the festivities.

"Snakes… I should have killed…" What else Pawel was saying, and who he was saying it to, who knows? He gets something more to drink, and hurries to take a long sip again, before leaning forward and placing his head in his hands.

A bow of his head is given to Castor "Acolyte, it is good to meet you." His eyes once again scan the room, taking in those that are closest to the Mother Superior first then the Chosen relaxes a bit. Thomas smiles to Tylon "Perhaps I shall see if I can find some tea."

"There is little lin life that is ever certain, Castor," comes that calm wisdom from Tylon,"they Guardians do like to keep us upon our toes, especially when we becomes so certain of something. A reminder that we are yet theirs. " A soft laugh comes from Tylon at the prayer Castor speaks of for them,"From what I have heard, the couple sounded as if they were well matched so perhaps that prayer has already been answered. But certainly, another prayer for their marraige cannot hurt." Inclinging her head to Thomas,"Of course, I believe I have seen some of the servants carrying some about, I am certain you should be able to scare a bit of it up."

"Castor! There you are!" The Westmark girl nigh well crashes into her twin with enthusiasm, throwing her arms around him and looking up with a grin. And there's Tylon! With… someone she hasn't see before. "I'm so glad everyone is here, or that dreadful journey here would not have been worth it. Well, except for…" But no, she won't mention /that/ book, the book Tylon now has in her safekeeping to take back to the Temple. It wouldn't be suitable for mixed company, given that she doesn't know Thomas and isn't sure what sort of a tolerance level he may or may not have for mad antics and foul humor. "But why is nobody /dancing/?!" Cricket demands, looking to the stiff-necked nobles with a frown, "It's a /wedding/, not a /wake/."

Dalyros is sitting in the corner, by himself, drinking on mead. A plate of food is brought to the Knight, and a smile of thanks spreads on his face, with a nod of his head. "Thank you." He looks down at the plate of deer meat, cheese, and vegetables. He lifts a knife, and begins cutting a slice of the meat, before popping it into his mouth and chewing. He watches the Duke with vague interest. When the Lady Westmark enters, he rolls his eyes, watching her with amusement in his eyes, before going back to his food with his attention.

Servants continue to flit and flutter about amongst the many guests who have come to celebrate the recent wedding. Ensuring drinks are brought to the various guests, the finest wines and meads, ales and whiskeys, even teas and watered wine as it is sought is fetched up. Others take to keeping the many banquet tables stocked with food for those want to yet snack or indulge as the evening progresses. As there are always a few who induldge to fast, occasionally a servant or hand maiden is seen serving as escort for some isck or overly drunk soul as the evening finds an early end for them.

The door opens and someone outside shoves Cristof forcefully bodily backward into the room. "Wait! I might look like the bard, but you have the wrong mam!" He grabs for the door but it closes quickly. Cristof turns slowly and swallows visibly when he sees people who are obviously far above his humble station. He takes a deep, steadying breath and bows to them. Then he stammers in a barely audible voice, "Someone has made a mistake. Please excuse me. I should not be here." While he speaks, he reaches behind his back, feeling for the handle to the great door, his only hope for escape.

After attending the wedding, Amira had left to a room, at the Inn, not the castle, to change into something easier to dance in and she only just now returns. As a servant passes with drinks, she nabs one of them before moving to an area with more northerners. Attempting to keep the wariness out of her eyes as she remembers the last feast attended and the consequences, she silently drinks the wine though smiles in approval at Cori, as she announces the dancing that should be happening.

Any reply Castor had been about to give Tylon is lost somewhere in the fierce hug he gets from his twin. "Cricket?!" he exclaims, his eyebrows raised high in surprise, followed by a roguish smirk on his lips. He takes hold of her arms at the elbows and gives his sister a knowing look.

Then he steps aside to allow Tylon and Thomas to see Cricket. "Brother Thomas," he remarks with a smile. "Allow me to introduce my very-elder sister — the Baronet Coriaria of Westmark. Cricket, this is Brother Thomas of the Chosen — the Southerner's 'Alyona', only not quite as 'Still' as she is."

At the mention of dancing, he casts his gaze across the room, his fingers twitching. Cricket is given 'the eyebrow' again.

Augustus nibbles on his foods, and slowly sips his drink, as he spots the baronet and brother he offers each a small nod and smile, before his attention falls to Amira, which she too get a warm smile and a polite wave.

Clearly out of his element, Thomas looks close to a fish out of water. Not one to do good with crowds the Chosen swallows before turning to fetch a tea. On the outside he puts on a half smile, but the nerves that rage with in cause his eyes to dart from one guest to the next. Getting a tea from a servant he turns back to the Mother and the Acolyte. But the entrance of another and the man's words cause Thomas to turn quickly. He watches the fellow and when his hand goes behind his back, Thomas moves in front of Tylon and his hand falls to his sword hilt. "Stay behind me, Mother." Obviously Thomas has confused the man's actions and taken it for a threat.

Finishing draining his drink, Pawel shakes his head a little bit, and slowly starts getting to his feet, before he leaves the Hall without saying anything. Seems like there's somewhere he'd rather be at the moment.

Gliding in after Cristof Sir Maldred Westmark - cousin to Castor and Coriaria comes into the reception alone. More of a fish out of water than even Thomas the Dread Knight refuses the ale or wine that is offered to him at the door by an assiduous servant. He tries to smile and make conversation with a couple of random nobles but doesn't get beyond a few words and a polite 'smile' is that is what you could call it. Maldred never really smiles just twiches his deltoid muscles in a way that makes it look like a smile. Eventually his company finds his wooden nature unsettling and they all move on. He is content thereafter to pick a corner and merely watch the others at the reception.

Her twin's mention of her being his 'very-elder sister' draws a snort from Cricket, though she does respectfully incline her head to the male Chosen, just in time to see his jumpy reaction. Her gaze moves to track the source of the man's concern, and when it falls upon Cristof, she squints in disbelief. "I don't think /he/ will prove much of a problem," she notes — of course, not being trained as Thomas is, she may very well be wrong — but what can one befuddled-looking fellow really get up to? She turns again to Castor, mirroring his brow-raise and looking very mischievious indeed, her own fingers moving subtly to communicate something to her brother. The she begins to stide off with bold, determined steps — though where these will take her remains to be seen.

A bemused smile is had when Coriaria crashes into Castor, Tylon just shakes her head a bit. The twins were something else. Oh and that book was definitly being safely kept, very safely kept…far, far from Coriaria's reaches now. Not that it's entire contents weren't probably burned into the girl's mind long before it was handed over.

But the bemusement falls as Thomas is suddenly there and hi hand is upon his sword, much as been learned lately and one thing for certain is that listening ot her Chosen is a good thing, and Tylon is slipping behind Thomas as 'ordered', though eyes are flickering toward his cause of concern in the same time. A mild blink at the man that seems to have caused Thomas to react so, a hand lightly touching to the Chosen's arm,"HE seems a mite more scared than dangerous, Brother." Even if she does stay behind Thomas, the yet healling wounds hidden beneathe her robes encourage her to not do anything to hasty, calmly directing towards the scared critter,"Your first time at one of this open celebrations, Master…"

Dalyros grins lightly, before his gaze falls on Amira. A brow shoots up as he looks her over a moment. There is something… familiar about her. He then looks back to Coriaria, that vile devil Lady from the north, watching her for a moment. Then, a glance is given toward the Temple crowd, a smirk of amusement grows on his face. A swig of his mead is taken, before he takes another bite of his meat. Another noble then approaches Dalyros, commenting on his brave actions at Blasted Fens, "You are a hero!" The man says, slapping the Queens Champion on the back. The young Knight flushes a bit, looking down modestly, "Only my duty, m'lord." He watches the man walk away, before he moves back to his meat, his hand working quickly to cut a slice. Dalyros remains silent as he eats.

Castor watches his twin head off across the room, and then glances sidelong at Thomas, the other fellow and then Tylon. He waits a moment, and then reaches for his wine-cup. He turns to Tylon.

"And here I was, thinking that only the 'happy couple' had any cause to be afraid at a wedding…" He half-smiles at the Mother Superior, eyes glinting, and he remains standing — both near her and Thomas, and the table. He raises his wine-cup to his lips and takes a mouthful from it.

Cristof bites his bottom lip and looks around him. Spotting Thomas and looking in his direction with a very protective, possibly deadly, expression, and then Coriaria looking disdainful, Cristof shakes his head slowly and raises his hands. His eyes dart to Tylon. He bows to her particularly. "Mother Superior," he answers, stammering once again. "First … time?" He frowns. "I am not a guest. I should not be here. Please excuse me," he repeats, although in a louder voice now. He looks back to Thomas and shakes his head. "I mean no harm. I'm leaving." Again, his hand reaches for that handle.

"Princess," Cricket grins, offering an obeisance to Amira once her steps have brought her within comfortable speaking range, her tone now arch, "As it seems the men here are all of the ungallant sort, I was wondering if you would do me the honor of taking a turn about the floor with me in a dance." She looks across the room at the stuffy guests and shakes her head before holding out her hand playfully to the Northern Princess and laughing. "Bad luck, after all, for there to be no dancing at the wedding-feast! Come, my lady!"

Thomas takes a deep breath and relaxes, his hand falling away from the hilt of the sword. He turns to both Castor and Tylon, sheepishly, "I am sorry, I just thought…" his voice trails off and he gives a shrug. "It's just that I worry in large crowds." That and more like he is just not comfortable in large gatherings. The life of a Chosen is to ingrained with in him. When the fellow by the door explains he turns and looks at him. A simple nod of his head is given.
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At the greeting from Augustus, Amira offers a dazzling smile, "Sir Augustus, what a pleasure to see you here." Though her attention is quickly captured once more by the twins of Westmark, she remains nearby them, with the whole safety in numbers theory. Seeing the odd look from Dalyros, she offers a polite nod, though gives nothing further away as to her identity. Cori and her question successfully captures her attention and she places her drink aside, offering a curtsy to the Baronet. "I would be honored, My Lady. Perhaps we could teach the Southerners how to dance." Walking to the dancing area with her cousin, four times removed.

Augustus seems to have his mind on other things, as he barely touches his plate of food and hasn't even siped his ale. After a bit he push's off the wall he was leaning up against. When he pass's a server he hands both the plate and mug to them, as he makes for the exit. Augustus keeps his strike easy but determined, as to show haste would be unseemly.

"Ah, Acolyte Castor, any gathering with so many people is reason to keep an eye out, even for such a joyeous reason to celebrate," calmly does Tylon note to the younger man. Many people, booze. Something is bound to happen. A calm smile is offered to the nervous gentleman,"Ye, first time. It is after all an open celebration to honor the new couple. May I suggest taking a deep breathe and relaxing a moment, as it might make finding that door handle a little easier if you truly wish to depart, these things are certainly not for everyone."

Tylon'as hand continues to linger on Thomas' arm even as his hand falls away from the hilt of his sword, slipping away only when he turns back towards her and Castor. "Do not be sorry, Brother. You are just remaining vigilent, and it is appreciated. " SHe knows well the job of the Chosen, and she has taken on to many injures lately to please several of the Chosen tasked with keeping her safe. They are jumpier than cats in a room full of dogs on rocking chairs.

Dalyros finishes his meal, and pushes the plate away with a look of satisfaction in his eyes. He nods once more to Augustus, raising another toast toward the man. See? He could be cordial with northerners. He even smiles at the man, inclining his head in respect. After a moment, his attention wonders back to Amira, and he is surprised to see them approach the dance floor, together none-the-less. At that moment, a little boy approaches the Knight, "Are you Dalyros Lohstren?" The child asks, his eyes wide with wonder. The Knight nods, ruffling the boys hair, "Aye, I am." The boys eyes grow wider, "Did you kill a dragon?" Shaking his head, the Knight laughs, "Nay, laddie. However, I did kill a rather large spider." With that, the boy runs off with disappointment in his eyes.

Castor glances across at his sister, and then at Amira — and grins. Partaking of more of his wine, he lowers the cup and opens his mouth to speak:

"Your Highness," he says to Amira from a few feet away, bowing respectfully. "You may wish to let Coriaria lead — I've seen her dance." He chuckles and raises his cup to them both.

Turning a moment later, just enough to be able to see both Coriaria and Tylon in his field of vision, he nods. "Indeed. I couldn't agree more, Mother Superior — " he pauses, frowns minutely, then quickly glances toward Coriaria and then Tylon all over again. His fingers twitch.

"Couldn't agree more…" he mumurs softly.

Augustus catches sight of Dal and offers him a small smile and nod, as he makes for the door. he sidetracks abit to intecept Amira before she can reach the dance floor and says softly to her. "Its good to see you well and enjoying yourself, My princess. I do beg pardon but, I just dont seem to be in a party mood." he looks to the one called cricket and nods as well. " perhaps another time." he asks. Before turning back to the main doors and the exit.

Maldred remains in his corner observing the mild thinning out of the crowd impassively. Still it was large enough that he could lose himself in it and not feel immediately obligated to go and talk to someone that spots him. He notes the significant persons discreetly. His cousins. The departed Duke. And Sir Dalyros no less - wasn't there a corny song about that man?

Pausing when Castor addresses her, Amira returns the greeting with a bow of her head, only her gaze holds an impish look. "I surely will, My Lord, for I have never done anything but follow before. I fear should I try to lead, her toes would be damaged at my expense." Another nod, accompanied by another bright smile. "Perhaps you would also save me a dance?" Though she does not wait for the reply as she turns towards the dance floor only be be halted by Augustus. She gently pats his hand and offers an understanding nod. "Another time then, Sir. Truly it was lovely to see you."

The tea is long forgotten by now as Thomas turns to Castor and Tylon "Perhaps it would be wise of me to go go check your rooms. It seems that the Duke Pawel has seen to security for here. I have asked that both your rooms be together so it is easier for me to keep an eye on the doors." Thomas explains to the Temple folks. He bows and begins to turn to leave, a sigh of relief escapes him.

Augustus gets to the door leading out and opens it as he turns to give one last look to those remaining and gives a half hearted smile as he slips thru the door and leaves.

Obediently, Cristof does take a deep breath, and his eyes take one slow, measuring sweep of the room. They pause briefly on the princess, the Baronet who has invited her to dance, the ensemble of musicians, and finally the part of the floor that remains clear for dancing. "Thank you," he says to Tylon. Then he looks down at his simple clothes. "Although the thought of a dance pleases me, I did not plan for this." Hiis hand finally finds the handle to the door. He turns it, and then sees Thomas approaching. "Allow me," he offers. He opens the door for the guard and then ducks through it himself. His face is now as red as ripe cherries.

"Perhaps," Cricket muses as Augustus departs, taking a moment to shoot Castor a dirty look as he comments about her dancing skills before turning her full attention to Amira once more, "Ignore the men, Highness," she chuckles, curtsying to signal the beginning of their dance, "They have no feeling for these things as we women do." Slobs, the lot of them! Is that fellow in the corner wiping grease across his face? Oh… ugh… he really is. He really, really is. She stares for a moment when he manages to let some food fall out of his mouth and onto his lap, before quickly snapping her gaze back to the princess. "How are your brothers feeling?" she inquires politely, negotiating a series of intricate steps.

Then, from somewhere, a /true/ commotion. A truly terrifying spectacle bursts into the room, in the form of a corpulent female specimen by the name of Lady Bertha Olga Taniford, cousin to poor Elenore. She gazes around the room in a predatory manner, smacking her lips and half-waddling, half rolling her way right up to where the unfortunate Dalyros sits. Her center of mass comes to a stop before the rest of her jiggly fat rolls do, and she offers him a toothy, halitosis-scorched grin. "OH SIR DALYROS! YOU BRAVE MAN!" she shrieks, barely-contained bosoms jiggling hypnotically as she moves, "YOU MUST DANCE WITH ME!!"

Dalyros watches the man in the corner drop the food out of his mouth, the one Coriaria also noticed as she was dancing. He laughs at the sloppy man, shaking his head. He lifts his mug for more mead, and upon realizing it is empty, a sigh escapes his lips. He stands from his table, and moves over to the refreshments, refilling his mug. After his mug is full, the young Knight casually leans against the table holding the barrels of wine and mead, watching the gathering with feigning interest.

A gentle nod of her head goes to Thomas,"Aye, perhaps so. I shall be along before to long myself, I find I am not as resilent to travel after the last few trips. " Giving the Chosen a warm smile,"And it shall keep you from having to worry to long about me being in such a crowd. Garudaisn with you, Brother." The Priestess watching the Chosen depart and relax in the process.

A incline of her head going to the simply dressed man,"You are welcome, the Guardians watch over you, and perhaps the next time you will find way to plan and cause to give into the idea of a dance." Tylon giving a light smile before she returns her attention to Castor, her eyes goes to where else his attention as gone…and his sister. Tylon notes lightly,"She has a knack for these things, woulnd't you say?" Considering a moment,"Has she told you about the book she's been reading lately by any chance? If she has not, you truly must ask her about it, I think she learned a far bit from it really." Oh yes, Tylon did just do that and oh so calmly, easily too.

Castor blinks at the sight across the room, and promptly drains his wine-goblet in one go. "What a waste," he mumurs to himself as he puts the goblet down reluctantly. "That really was a good year; I should have made it last longer…" He takes a sidestep toward Tylon and watches Elenore's cousin storm across the floor. "Methinks, good Mother, that is our cue. Do you like gardens? Care to join me?"

He catches Coriaria's gaze across the room and his fingers twitch. "I don't think we want to witness Bertha in action…"

Dalyros watches the dancing with a grin on his face. He recognized Amira now, and if she ventures a look in his direction, he will raise his mug in a toast and offer a slight bow. He knew something wasn't right, when they were on the boat together. He takes a random slice of cheese from the table, popping it in his mouth. He then turns toward the door, his interest completely gone. When did the castle get over-run by pretentious northern scumbags? He really must talk to Pawel about this nonsense, or maybe the Queen! He pushes through the doors and into the hallway.

Once Augustus departs, Amira quietly watches then looks at Cori, listening to her instructions with an amused smile. "Not all of the men are greasy," she muses quietly. Turning her head, settling her blue eyes on the one who seems to be wiping the grease on himself. She does shudder at the action and quickly looks away from the uncouth man. "Stefan is doing better, I believe, though Jerric was not well enough to attend yet. I worry about him, though he encouraged me to come and have fun.." Hesitant about doing so, only he could have convinced her to come. Once the dance has ended, she looks around as people seem to be leaving. At a loss now, she returns to her wine to have a drink and people watch. Because that is what princesses do. Right?

A few more sips are taken from her own wine goblet, Tylon not draining the liquid quite as Castor does. The Temple Priestess just doesn't have that sort of background and training, more used to teas when she is at the temple really. Noting gently,"Sometimes we simply do not have the time to savour things as we wish, Son." How odd it was yet to call him that. Eyes blink a little bit at the scene that unfolds, the jiggling and well, so many others had yet taken to that young man and congradulating him about his deeds upon the battle field. Odd really, so many others had done so much in that battle and yet for some odd reasons he was favoured with such attentions, it was beyond her way such praise was given out unevenly. A matter to leave to the hands of the Guardians for certain. Gently incling her head to Castor,"I do enjoy gardens and if I recall they do have some lovely ones here, near the Temple as well. A little walk with a chance for evening prayers before retiring sounds delightful." Her hand gently hooking upon his arm as he guides her on out. Parting on all night was never quite her thing, but then it is more the Ravas priests and priestess who partied through all hours.

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