A Wounded Ward

A Wounded Ward
Summary: Guinevere meets Mother Cafell and her cadre on the road as they escort Lady Collette to Brivey for care.
Date: 28/Sep/2013
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Brivey - Town of Brivey
Much like in other townships, the center of Brivey's square is marked by a large, tiered fountain. The fresh water gurgling over dark stone is provided by a spring discovered long ago around which the town was first built. Neatly constructed buildings of wood with stone facades encircle the square, and colorful signs hanging from wrought iron posts over the doorways advertise the wares sold within. The space between the buildings is portioned out evenly and house iron posts with hooks for hanging lanterns.

A wide, cobbled path leads northwest into the housing district, while to the southeast the Oldstone Bridge is visible. The eastern horizon is dominated entirely with a view of the walls and crenellations of Brivey Keep set atop a hill to overlook the town.

Sat Sep 28, 1329

The day is cool and autumn leaves whisper as they mourn the passing of summer. The sky is clear and is a soft shade of wintery blue as the light seems to be hitting the world differently. In the distance the sound of a wooden cart being pulled by a team of horses can be heard. There is also the sound of horses being ridden around the cart, perhaps a caravan of sort.

As the cart and riders approach it can be seen that they are indeed riders dressed in the trapping of Chosen and cart is what they are protecting. In the cart there is as priestess dressed in blue travel worn robes, an acolyte in white and a bundled up figure.

The wagon itself has a large canvas covering to shelter the riders, and even more the passenger, from bad weather. The wagon rattles and sways slightly while it moves along the road. The horses snort softly. While the Acolyte is driving the wagon, he occasionally glances to the priestess. Both are quiet, but some of the Chosen around them begin to talk and even laugh amiably when towers of the castle come into view above the colorful treetops.

Not giving too much attengtion to the noise around, hidden under the wild dark curls, young girl is resting her head in a sleep. Her breath is slow and deep. She looks as calmly as the sleeping child. Nor bad weather, nor rattling, nor laugh could drag the girl out of her dreams.

Collette mumbles something under her nose and weaves slightly, as much as her strenght lets. The healthy left hand hugs the bandaged one and girl sighs from pleasure or relieve, betraying, that something incredibly beautiful is happening behind closed eyes right now.

In the market square, Princess Guinevere, talks to a few merchants about their wares and what business looks like as of late. There is a slight frown on her face when one of the masons answers her animatedly, though not seemingly angry with the princess herself, he seems displeased nonetheless. "I shall notify my prince of your perils on the road, good man. I will see to, at least, trying to help you all." The men bow lowly to her as she turns away, her eyes lazily glance down the road, blocking the sun with her right hand. Her brow arches slightly as she spots a familiar face and begins to walk with purpose towards the swaying cart.

The closer they get to the town the more the chosen seem to relax. Their laughter and voices show that along with their shoulders. One of the Chosen is an Old grizzled man; he shouts at one of the younger ones as they try to take off their helmet sheepishly the younger one leaves the helmet on. As the cart gets closer one the shapes within become more defined. The quiet priestess' head is covered with a wide brimmed straw hat that shades her eyes. The cart itself is marked in such a way that it shows it too belongs to the temple. The priestess seems alert and when a familiar figure starts to approach the slow moving group. The priestess raises her hand and cries out. "Halt!" Her voice is hard to hear but the grizzled older man hears it and shouts out with a roaring commanding voice. "Halt!" The chosen then bring their horses to a halt with silent commands given with their seat and legs.

The acolyte tugs immediately, but not sharply, on the reins to bring the horses pulling the wagon to a gradual stop. He, too, looks ahead t the figure, dressed in clothes that distinguish her as much more than any common peasant. Then he bows his head and shoulders deeply. He looks to either side of the cart to see that the Cosen have complied with the order from the priestess. With a brief smile, he nods to the grizzled and gruff looking one. Then he looks to the priestess beside him before he stands and drops from the carriage to the ground. He circles in front of the horses, and then offers a hand to the priestess to help with her descent.

The louder voice of the priestess makes young girl slowly open her eyes. She looks around quite sleepily and yawns, of course, covering her rosebud lips with the pale fingers.

However, when she tries to move a bit, just to see what got the attention of others, Collette is forced to frown and barely can keep the cuss behind her teeth.
Amber gaze slips to bandaged leg and young lady just concentrates her angry gaze on it.

"Hullo, Mother Cafell," Guinevere says as she approaches the halting cadre, waving to the priestess with a smile, "Brothers," she says politely with a nod to the Chosen. She wipes some of the dust off of her read skirts, and tucks a errant curl of hair behind her braided hair — being careful to not disturb the crown upon her head. "I assume you escort our ward?" The princess tries to peer around the woman and into the cart, going up on tiptoes before coming back down and looking to Cafell for an answer.

Cafell is tall but not as tall as her brother she looks down at Guinevere and she offers her a polite and respectful bow of her head her head a smile touches her lips. Her words are slow and careful and her voice quiet. "Aye, Brother Lonnie and Acolyte Cristof found her by the river when we were riding by, she had bbeen injured by arrows. MMyself and Cristof have treated her." She indicates to the Acolyte in white who is with them. "MMother Ssuperior asked we bbring her to you and your husband as she is your wward." She motions towards Lonnie and Cristof. "Wwe formally can give her over to your keeping."

Cristof bows to Guin and remains silent until Cafell has explained the summary of things. "We will need to carry the lady into the castle once all is ready, your highness," he adds. "She is not yet ready to stand due to her injuries. Still, she is recovering as expected." He glances backward to Collette, and shakes his head slightly when he sees that she wants to move.

When Collette sees the crown and hears all these addressings to the woman,who is still stranger for her, girl blushes slightly. She chewson her lip, before nervously whispering "Your Highness…" the young lady tries to turn to the woman, but her reflexes makes her slightly move the right handand that calls a painful frown in her features. "I am sorry, I can't greet you properly. Collette Lohstren. I am honored to meet you."

"She'll need to be escorted into the castle proper, mother. We'll also have our Royal healers look after her too. Has there been any investigation into the matter?" She waves to her guards, that are never too far away, to approach whispering something to one of them who whisks off toward the castle. "We are getting a litter to carry her to the castle proper," Guinevere says to Cristof with a polite nod, " If you feel that would suit? She'll go to the Falcon Room, there she can recover. Brother Lonnie," she says looking to the Chosen, "would you, when the time comes, escort Lady Collette to her rooms in the castle with my guards?" She asks the Chosen with a warm smile before turning to the cart.

"Lady Collette," Guinevere calls out to the girl in back of the cart, "well met." She walks over towards the girl. "No worries, my lady. The guards that are to be set upon you are to protect you, they are instructed to not allow you to leave the castle proper until a formal investigation into who injured you has been done. This is for your safety, I'm sure you understand. They will shadow you when your strength is back, no one will harm you again, not while you're in my care" The princess gives the girl a warm smile. "Welcome to Brivey."

"Not as of yet, bbut there will bbe. She has not bbeen well enough to question." Cafell explains in that same quiet voice. "I wwas hoping your royal healers could care for her as we are needed back on circuit, so hearing you say that is very good."

Lonnie looks to the Princess and he frowns. "If the Mother allows it then I may, the Mother is in command."

Cafell looks to Lonnie and nods her head before she looks back to Guinevere, "The Bbrothers are under the command of the Temple Fathers and MMothers." She reminds Guinevere in a gentle and kind tone. "Permission is granted Bbrother Lonnie to accompany her."

Cristof bows to Cafell when she clarifies the arrangement. Without a word, he signals to Lonnie and then retreats to the back of the wagon. The sounds of metal clanking against wood indicate that the gate in the back of the wagon is opening. Then Cristof speaks gently from inside the conveyance. "Lady? We must prepare you for a short ride by litter to the Keep. You will be under the care of the royal healers now. I pray that you will be safe and recover quickly."

Collette offers a bit bashful smile back to the princess, obviously feeling quite not comfortable. Russet gaze is lowered and stabbed to the ground. "Thank you, Your Highness… I am honoured…" Girls free hand starts nervously whirling dark serpentine curls around fingers.

When Cristof comes closer girl rolls her eyes a bit irritated "Couldn't I walk? I mean… My one leg is hurt,if someone could walk with me… But litter…" her voice is very silent,but she adds even more silently for him: "What about you? What about my friends? I won't be able to see them as I won't be able to see my Arrow anymore? I will be here, in the castle?.." Collette bites her lip to stop the possible cry.

"Very good," she answers Cafell, "I will send our findings to the Temple when she's well enough to be questioned. Unless you wish me to call upon Mother Superior to send someone up to gather the information yourself?" She looks to Lonnie, then to Cafell. "I know, Mother Cafell, but I always make a point to ask people if they want to do something before asking their superior for permission to task them out." Guinevere chuckles. "Call me a far kinder royal than what one would expect to see. Many thanks Brother Lonnie, Mother Cafell. It is more for your reassurance, than mine. I wish for you to know her accommodations are suitable for her condition and station. Is there anything else to report, Mother?"

Her gaze follows that of Lonnie as he goes to get the injured woman prepared for transport. Her guard returns with a litter and servants to carry it. "Ah. There we are." She looks to Cristof. "I'm quite sure she will be well taken care of." Guinevere frowns at the once-southern girl. "My lady, unless you wish to re-injure yourself, which I cannot allow to happen, you must needs ride in the litter."

Not prone to listening in, Guinevere looks to the woman, trying to give her a reassuring smile, but when she can't hold her tongue any longer she pipes up. "Lady Collette, your friends will be permitted to visit whenever they please. Servants will take you to a quiet place where you may entertain whomever you please. You're the crown's ward, and as such, you will be treated with the utmost kindness and respect that befits your station. Fret not, you will find Brivey most accommodating." She gestures for the litter to be brought forward and lowered for Collette. "To the Falcon room, the healers wait for her there," she says to the servants who nod in return.

While he is still in the wagon with Collette, Cristof assures her. "She seems very kind and good, lady. As for Arrow, I don't know what happened, but we'll be watching for him. A horse like that cannot disappear easily." He glances toward the back of the wagon when the litter arrives. "Now," he adds, "I'll help you into the litter. And don't worry. As her highness said, the guards and such are for your safety. Someone shot at you. It could happen again."

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