Not Approved: Alchemy


Chameleon's Skin - A layered potion that mottles the skin in whichever combination the distiller chooses. Chameleon Blue and Yellow, for example, would turn the imbiber's skin a blue with numerous blotches of yellow. Chameleon Black and Green is known to be used by rangers. The effects generally last about six hours before wearing off. (+1 to Stealth Rolls)

Darksight - A black liquid with red streaks that helps the drinker see at night for several hours. The drinker's eyes are hurt by bright lights and are reflective when shined with light. (No negatives in nighttime fights.)

Fuming Zephyr Potion - An aqua-blue colored potion that begins fuming with clear vapors when it is uncorked. Once in the lungs after being deeply inhaled, the fumes expand to provide the user with a source of oxygen that lasts for up to ten minutes, allowing the person to hold their breath for that long comfortably. This can cause severe complications if overused, so this potion is only used when absolutely necessary.

Potion of Acuity - This potion can temporarily increase the acuity of a persons sight. They can see objects more clearly, and at a farther distance, for a short period of time. Repeated use of this potion can cause intense headaches and eye strain. (+1 to Perception Rolls)

Potion of Alertness - This clear tincture can be added to any drink to promote wakefulness. It is often used by students who need to study for an exam or complete a project, but can also be used for a routine pick-me-up during the day. Repeated use causes agitation and restlessness, and it can be addictive.

Potion of Amplification - This potion temporarily increases the acuity of a persons hearing. For a short period of time, they can hear sounds more crisply and from a further distance. Repeated use of this potion can cause intense headaches and abuse can cause permanent hearing loss. (+1 to Alertness)

Potion of Mental Acuity - A potent potion that has been around for several centuries, it increases one's ability to focus on a certain task, making it harder to be distracted. However, it does not cause the imbiber to remember the information any more effectively. While the potion's effectiveness lasts half a day, excessive usage may lead to nosebleeds, severe headaches, and, in some cases, it causes those who have used it excessively to fall into a coma.

Potion of Restoration - This sweet but murky brew increases one's alertness for a period of one to two hours. It drains away drowsiness and other symptoms associated with the lack of sleep, enabling the drinker to stay wide-awake and alert. For some, it also helps sharpen some senses, but these effects vary from person to person. Side-effects include nausea, headaches and insomnia. High dosage of this brew may result in one or more of the following: migraines, diminishing of one or more of the five senses, and even coma.

Bornas' Strength - This potion temporarily increases a persons speed and strength. The effects are dramatic, but extremely short-term. After the drug has worn off, the user experiences a period of increased fatigue, often requiring immediate rest. If found to be used in a Tournament, is an automatic disqualification. (+1 to Body / Attack Rolls)

Bornas' Weakness - This potion temporarily physically weakens a person. When under its effects, a person's normal strength is at least halved. Objects that would have been easy to lift, become impossibly heavy. Its main effect is a feeling of lethargy and exhaustion, along with a slight dulling of the senses. (-1 to Body / Attack Rolls)


Bitter Brew - Drunk mostly by the elderly, this bitter brew helps prevent the degradation of memories with age. Unlike Forget-me-not candies, it does not make memories clearer. Consequently, one can not use it to aid in the recall of past events once that event is gone from the memory. Instead, the drink helps retain memories that might otherwise be in danger of fading as the drinker ages (memories of childhood, academic knowledge, etc.). The brew does not prevent physical deterioration of the brain brought on by disease or damage. Because any addition of sweetener will decrease its effect, most younger people dislike it for its bitter taste. (+1 to Academic Rolls)

Calming Candies - These lemon-flavored hard candies are actually incredibly intense in their effects. They work immediately to bring about a state of calm in a person, enabling them to better concentrate and handle whatever is agitating them. They are often used by those involved in trading ventures across the kingdoms, to keep themselves calm during intense negotiations. These candies can be used to temporarily lessen the effects on the system of many mood-heightening substances.

Cooling Gel - A cold blue gel that provides relief to burned flesh.

Courting's Caution - Possessing a variety of other names, such as the Merry Widow, and Noble's Joy, this translucent blue syrup inhibits fertility to the point that conception is almost impossible. A teaspoon of this will last a full week, although it takes an hour from consumption to begin working. It can be taken by both men and women. Somewhat expensive (Cost will always be in gold) due to its extended effects, it is generally more of a Noble item than common.

Oil of Relaxation - This rubbing oil is used to smooth one's stress away. Normally dabbed on the temples, it brings a tingling, cooling feeling to the area that helps relieves any headaches that might be associated with stress and promotes a relaxing almost floating sensation. Because of its side effect, drowsiness, it is mostly used during the nights when one is settling down for the night. Using more than a dab can cause one to act intoxicated and as it is quickly absorbed into the skin, using a large amount on any part of the body is dangerous since it can result in seizures. Depending on the formula, there can be a subtle eucalyptus or clove scent to the applied area

Anti-Poison Syrup - A clear syrupy substance that can slow the effects of minor natural poisons. This includes sumac, hemlock, nightshade, and other similar types of poisons. It does not cure the poison, but it will slow the symptoms by 50% temporarily.

Stilltha's Hearth - A viscous pink liquid that increases fertility in both men and women who may experience difficulty conceiving. However, it is often responsible for multiple births and can increase the risk of premature birth and miscarriage. (It's rumored this is what Katarina used to end up with two sets of twins.)

Stilltha's Savior - A very, very potent purgative. Immediately on consumption the drinker's body begins to evacuate all consumed substances through every available orifice; including pores. An excruciating process for the imbiber, it is predictably extremely messy as well. Excessively useful in cases of poisoning, Savior can save lives as long as the poison was ingested. It does not work on blood borne poisons. Savior can also be quite dangerous as the patient risks becoming excessively dehydrated. After the purging is complete it is important the patient drink great quantities of water.

Wound Glue - A thick gray glue-like substance that can be used to close wounds. Primarily used on the battlefield or in campaigns for a quick and dirty way to seal a bleeding wound, it often causes more damage when it is removed.


Alchemical substances that fall into this category are typically designed with the intent of making life easier for the user. They are common in households, kitchens, and work places.

Warning: Ingesting most practical potions is stupid and at the very least will render the inbiber sick to their stomach. In the worst cases, these potions will have more permanent side-effects. If you have drunk one or are intending to poison someone with one of them, send staff a +jreq.

Bugbane Oil - Bugbane Oil is anathema to insects, though odorless to all known mammals and avians. A person with a dab of this behind their ears will find no insect will come near them; it is also soaked into wicks, then made into candles which disperse the oil into the air when lit, driving insects up to ten meters away. Candles last up to six hours, and the effect remain an hour after the candle is extinguished. When applied to the skin, effects will last roughly four hours, dependent upon sweat. Not recommended for use on crops, as it has a bitter taste and can cause stomach complaints.

Kharnas' Sticky Stuff - A thick, white liquid that becomes incredibly sticky and stretchy when it touches any non-vitreous (non-glass) surface. It is often used to paste paper together; however, it is not strong enough to paste anything heavier, such as wood. Once dry, it forms an adhesive bond. It will not stick to skin when dry, and can be peeled off the fingers - it does, however, stick to clothing permanently. Named after the many curses that have come after accientally bonding two items together.

Moonlight Extract - A glowing ink available in a variety of colors. This ink glows in the dark for the same amount of time that it has been previously exposed to light. It is sometimes carried in vials around the neck as jewelry and sometimes used for marking trails at night. Some people use it for exotic tattoos.

Preserving Salts - An extremely useful substance since refrigeration is non-existent and ice can be difficult to obtain, Preserving Salts are used to preserve organic materials, typically food. When added to water, the Salts soften and expand into a gelatin that food can then be covered with or submerged in. The process is similar to brining, but the preserved matter will maintain its freshness for two weeks without a change in composition, flavor, color, or smell. The material to be preserved must be entirely covered with the Salts. Any exposure to air will rot over time. It is non toxic when ingested. Understandably the Salts are very popular with cooks and have even found a niche with morgue workers who need to preserve bodies for criminal investigations.

Altheara's Nectar - A frothy, thick red potion that relieves hunger. It comes in a variety of flavors, has a delicious flavor, and gives the imbiber a very satisfied 'full' feeling. Nectar is often used by people who are exploring caves or far-off reaches of the various Isles, so that they don't have to carry as much food with them. However, the full feeling is not a substitute for proper nutrition; it is possible to starve while taking Altheara's Nectar, and in fact several cases of extreme starvation have been reported in young women who are using the potion as a way to lose weight, one case ending in death.

Stilltha's Purification - A thick, viscous liquid that will change saltwater into fresh water. Only one drop of this brown potion is needed in a gallon of saltwater to remove all the salts and provide fresh drinking water. Purification is popular with explorers and sailors for emergencies on long journeys. It is rarely used outside of a an emergency situation due to the fact that prolonged use can build up harmful toxins in your system that will eventually lead to poisoning.


Recreational drugs are those substances used for recreational rather than for work or medical purposes. When taken internally, these substances have a mind and/or body altering effect on the user. Heightened arousal, periods of intense concentration, speed, strength, or euphoria, and other such effects fall into the category of recreational drugs.

Recreational drugs are heavily regulated and are strictly prohibited in many areas according to local law and custom.

Ravas' Desire - This ancient oil has been manufactured for as long as any alchemist can remember. Where it originally came from and who developed it is lost to history. However, it remains one of the most popular alchemical substances to ever be produced. Many Alchemists have their own personal formula for its production that may include some interesting side effects, but the main result is always the same. When rubbed on bare skin, Desire turns every body part it is applied to into an erogenous zone.

Carems Folly - An accidental discovery by a healer named Carem, this potion's appearance and smell resembles a common elixir used for curing headaches. Rumor has it that the now infamous Carem did not store the original potion as directed by the alchemist who provided it and the consequential fermentation resulted in what has forever after been dubbed Carems Folly. Drinking Folly causes hallucinations of sight and sound as well as a sense of euphoria. Because of this, it has become a favorite among teenagers who have been known to spike the punch with it during parties. Excessive drinking during a short interval has been proven to cause addiction in some. There are also cases of imbibers who overdosed and as a result hallucinate all the time. Once Folly has worn off, the effects are similar to a severe hangover.

Ravas' Delight - This drug acts as a stimulant that encourages a person to dream fantastical lucid dreams that are easily remembered. It is popular among young adults who believe that these dreams include glimpses of the future and allow them to know important things, for example, who their true love is, what their careers might hold, and so on. There is no scientific proof that the drug confers any such ability to predict any seer-type ability. This has not dissuaded those who prefer to believe in its ability to open up the mind. Ravas' Delight is a white powder, this can be mixed with water or taken directly in the mouth.

Forget-Me-Not Candies - Originally named Peppermint Memory Stimulation Lozenges by the Alchemist who invented them, these little blue chewable candies are better known by their nickname "Forget-me-not". They are used to promote access to specific blocks of memories. While effects vary in intensity, these candies help clear a path to memories that are murky or unclear. Once taken, the user need only focus on the time period they are attempting to recall. People have been known to remember long-forgotten childhood memories or a particular face in a crowd.

Joy - Joy comes in a powder form that when added to liquid fizzes and bubbles. It is a fairly harmless drug where the user finds everything funny and can't stop giggling. Side effects include bouts of giggling (even at the worst news and most inopportune moment), reduced inhibitions, sociability, and an increased desire to share your happiness with those around you (perhaps by dancing and singing, giving people gifts, expression your great love for them, etc.) Joy is not strong enough to cause any type of addiction. It will not make the user do anything they would not under normal circumstances consider doing. When the effects wear off, the user will remember everything they did. While the drug may be harmless, some of the situations (and people) that the user may be giggling at are not.

Rapture - Everything becomes fascinatingly beautiful. Some might think it actually enables some to see the innate beauty in things. It has been used with some success for marriage counseling. Overdosing on Rapture has the opposite reaction; everything becomes horrifically ugly.


Cosmetic Stains - Cosmetic stains come in a variety of colors for uses on different parts of the face, or body. Popular stains are used for eyelids, cheeks, and lips. Temporary, they wash off with soap and water.

Cream of False Youth - A restorative white cream that removes wrinkles and other signs of aging in small areas (such as the hands or face) for up to two hours when applied to the skin.

No Hair - An oil that will impede the growth of hair when applied to the skin. Although multiple applications are required for permanent removal, one dose will make the user's hair fall out and not grow back for a week. If ingested, No Hair causes temporary blindness.

Regrowth - A potion that is popular among women, especially those who have suffered a bad hair cut. When imbibed, Regrowth causes rapid hair growth. The only complication with this potion is that it must be ingested and therefore, the growth of the hair is not exclusively on one's head. Over the course of several hours, all the hair on one's body, (i.e. eyebrows, underarms, pubic, etc.) grows at least six inches. Length can vary depending on the dosage and potency of the potion. Due to the sweet, almond-like taste to the potion, it has been on occasion slipped into people's drinks as a highly embarrassing prank.

Skin Softener - This balm will reduce calluses and rough skin. More potent then the typical topical lotions available on the market, Skin Softener will soften skin and erase rough patches with only a few applications.


  1. Rhaedan Stimulant Brew -This is the most common herb in use within Northern Rhaedan. This small plant is abundant throughout the southern foothills of the Northern Mountains. Its broad leaves are easily identifiable by their round shape and rust coloured flecks near the base of each leaf. Once picked, these leaves may be dried and stored for later use. When boiled in water they produce a drink with a moderate stimulant effect. Most anyone who knows anything about herbalism will carry a pouch of this.
  2. Fireleaf - This is one of the most important healing herbs in Isengard. It is commonly used by the Healers for major wounds. Fire grass is found in deciduous forest, with most of the stocks coming from Fangorn. It is identifed by its vine like appearence. It is often found climbing the trunk of a tree for better light. The leaves are three to a base and are green with red veining. Final identification can be made by biteing a leaf. A very strong burning sensation will be noted. Preparation involves grinding the leaves to a thick paste and adding alcohol to draw out the medicine. The paste may be kept if prevented from drying out. It is applied directly to wounds, and starts the healing process immediatley. The burn from the paste is extremely painful and although very effective it typically leaves large, dark coloured scars at the wound site. This is, of course, a good thing. Because of the importance of this paste, its is only given out to Healers and other high ranking herbalists.
  3. Arlan - This plains grass is quite common in Rohan. Though this is not a powerful healing herb, its aid has saved the lives of many uruks who were wounded and left to make it home alone after raids on the strawheads. The grass has five fronds out of a single base, and if it is bruised it smells of urine. It may be crushed and applied under bandages to speed healing.
  4. Bursthelas - This moss is found along river banks in similar locations to Stonehair. It is bright green, and when crushed, smells sweet. In the autumn, it turns golden-yellow; this is the easiest time to identify it. It may be dried, and then rehydrated. It is usually consumed with water. It aids the body greatly in mending broken bones, and joints. It will relieve the symptoms of rheumatism.
  5. Herfy - This resin is extemely useful for healers. It is found on bushes throughout the foothills of the Misties. Though rare, a determined search will usually be successful. This nut is distinguished by its spherical, heavily spiked exterior. The nuts become ripe in the autumn, and if picked and dried, will keep for nearly a whole year. If the nut is broken, a thick resin will be found inside, along with a small seed. This resin is extremely sticky, and if applied to a wound, will stop all bleeding immediately.
  6. Attanar - This river moss grows at low altitudes on river banks. It is a long moss, with individual strands often reaching several inches. As may be guessed, it's common name is derived from the appearence it gives the rocks which it grows upon. This moss kills fever rapidly when made wet and placed on the recipiants brow. Unfortunatly, it must be green to do so, and it dies within weeks of being harvested. Luckily there are fairly large amounts of it to be found by those who know what to look for.
  7. Kelventari - These berry bushes grow sporadically across the plains of Rohan. They are not edible, and are bright red in colour. If crushed, they make a wet, slimy fluid which may be placed on burns. This treatment will speed healing, immediately reduce pain, and prevent severe scarring. They cannot be dried, but can be crushed and bottled. It keeps its potency for approximately one year.
  8. Zaganzar - This root is part of a mountian vine which has four purple leaves to a leaf stalk. It must be dug up in the cold season when the sap has sunk to the roots. Otherwise, it is not strong enough to have an effect. The black roots are collected and chopped, then simmered for at least two days to extract the poison. During this proccess, the root pieces swell with water. More water may be added to the pot over this time, but when finished the liquid should be allowed to boil down to roughly double the water to the volume of root. The water will be stained a shade of purple/black. If consumed, this will cause severe but temporary discomfort including headaches, vomiting, abdominal pail. The liquid tastes earthy which can easily be hidden in pungent food.


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