Sir Alek Gorthron
Josef Cisternas
Josef Cisternas as Alek Gorthron
Full Name: Alek Gorthron
Byname: Alek the Pretty
Age: 22
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Westmark
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Place of Birth: Westmark
Father: Sir Fenric Gorthron
Mother: Jolinar Athric
Siblings: None
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A

Being born into a siege, a war does give for the makings of pleasant childhood, worse yet when one’s father is a Knight and their mother a healer, the sounds of fighting and battle become your lullabies, knives and bandages your toys. But that was my childhood, and I am Sir Alek Gorthron a Knight of Westmark like my father before me and his father before him. Ad so many others of the Gorthron family before, long have we served the Barons of Westmark. A service until the arrival of the Corsairs admittedly dealt more often in making sure there were wenches and wine enough, that there were always games for gambling and ‘things’ for betting upon, to protect them from themselves as often as from spurned lovers or raging husbands. As the arrival of the Corsairs changed the Westmarks, so too did it change how their Knights served them. They…we had to fight to protect not just them, but our homes, lands..our kingdom.

Immediate Family

Sir Fenric Gorthron - Father, raised by his father in a time of war, to follow in his footsteps, never will a poor word about this man cross Alek's lips.

Jolinar Athric - Mother, Alek did not really get much chance to truly know his mother. But some faint memories do exist of her.


Physical Features

Standing at five foot six, Alek carries himself with the confidence of a seasoned soldier in spite of appearing to be only a few years past twenty. He bears a thin scar along the high cheekbone of his right cheek that is just barely noticeable upon his otherwise smooth features. Features that have long since earned him the name, Alek the Pretty, much to his continued dismay. Dark blonde hair hangs down his back in untamed waves. His ice blue eyes hold the look of one who has seen life times pass.

A lean and muscular form, even if rather runty for a Knight, but Knight he is for he wears the armor of a Knight of Westmark. He wears black leather pants and a long black tunic that drapes over his frame almost to the half high leather boots worn. It is a suit of brown leather armor with the hint of gold stitching securing the thick pieces together as they form the various pieces: shoulder pad, gauntlets and bracers. A sword is sheathed to a sword belt of dark leather along with a dagger.


Loyalty – To Westmark. As a Knight of Westmark, Alek will give his all to his dying breathe to serve and protect the House. With the rather liquid nature of House politics, it is to Coriaria above all others that he serves. My life for her!
Nightmares – The downside to having squired so early, to having gotten that jump start on ‘training’ is that Alek remembers all to well what was witnesses in those early years of his life out on the battlefields and it haunts his dreams.
Patient - Patience is certainly a virtue when needing to hunt up some dinner, or the arrival of a Corsair scouting party.
Dutiful - Duty above all.
Veteran - Even if not horribly old by all rights, Alek is a veteran of the Corsair war and has the experience, the scars, the memories to go with it.
Scarred - All those years of fighting Corsairs has left Alek with a few marks. His scars include a thin scar along his right cheek, a line that curves over his left forearm, and a number of random little knicks on his hands long calloused by the efforts of swinging a sword about.

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