Alyona the Still
Eva Green
Eva Green as Alyona of Laketown
Full Name: Alyona of Laketown
Byname: The Still
Age: 34
Kingdom: Temple of the Four Guardians
House: The Chosen of the Temple
Title/Profession: Sister
Position: Chosen
Place of Birth: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: None
Children: None


Upon her birth, Alyona the Still was left in the hands of Bornas, which is an exceedingly pleasant way to state that she was a foundling, abandoned to exposure on a remote mountain path. The Guardians took her - in the hands of a pilgrim returning to Laketown, luckily, as this would be a very short story indeed without. There she was raised a ward of the Temple of the Four Guardians, and there she remained, quite content to take upon the white robes of an Acolyte when she was old enough.

There seemed to be little question to the remaining chapters of her life. She was a happily lonesome child, preternaturally silent in her ways, gentle, and seemingly wise beyond her years. Her only consuming passion was of the printed word, and her only lure outside the walls of the Temple was a daily habit of wandering hikes into what snippets of nature the Chosen would allow. Her wit was sharp but shared with few, and her only hint of ferocity was towards any who would besmirch the younger children; to them she was a looming mother bear. The only controversy was simply whether she would wear blue or violet, for though she presented the spirit of Stilltha, she desired knowledge the most, almost indiscriminately.

And so it was, until she was nary a year away from taking the Oath of the Covenant. That is when she was chosen.

Immediate Family

Alyona only feels equanamity for the unknown mother who long ago abandoned her in the mountains, of whose life and challenges she can never know. She is a seasoned veteran, and so she knows she will have no closer earthly family than her fellow Chosen and the Priests to which her life is pledged.

Character Features

Physical Features

A brooding, compact woman, pale and pretty and young. Or perhaps not so young, for though at first glance she seems barely more than a child, crows-feet soften the corners of her large, sharp green eyes. Pretty seems to have had a go taken at it, as well; an old scar puckers her right cheek from the crest of the cheekbone back to her ear. Her eyes are heavily lidded and perpetually lined with kohl - what seems to be her singular vanity. Skin of aged ivory is contrasted by unruly black hair barely tamed into a thick braid.

Although of average height, she is sturdily muscular and carries herself with a physically competent manner. Despite this, her demeanour seems calm, quiet, and almost sleepy in reaction. Her cheeks are ruddy from travel, but she is immaculately clean of both face and hand.


Deathly Quiet
Stubborn as a Mule

On the Grid

Known Associates

Tylon Tylon Stillvin : I have known little Tylie since before I knew what knowing is. I carried extra apples in my pocket because she would forget to eat, and once - well, twenty years ago - I broke Guy of Brivey's nose because he made her cry. Then she made me go back and give him a splint and a compress. She stood by my side when I was chosen, and she was one of the people I regretted leaving. And now… now she is the Mother Superior. I bet she still forgets to eat proper.

Recent Activities

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