An Invitation Taken

An Invitation Taken
Summary: Lord Augustus has sent a missive to Princess Amira to visit him. As her father's vassal and against her better judgement, Princess Amira agrees and rides to meet Augustus, only to discover a more personal setting upon her arrival.
Date: 20/October/2013
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Amira Augustus 

North West of Brivey
On the open plains a few miles north of the river that separates the two kingdoms.
October 20 1329

Its still fall, even south of Malgrave the Auldholme castle. Its even rarer that the lord and Heir manages to secure a day with the youngest daughter of the Kingdoms royals. It is there that Augusus Auldholme as set up camp a few miles north of the River that separates the two kingdoms. They are on the plains, Two tents have been raised, one flying the Rhaedan Flag, while the smaller of the two the Malgrave flag of house Auldholme.

As per tradition there are in assemblance no less than Eight guards. Each of which are paired, as Four are in House Auldholme colors, while the other four are in the Royal colors. A large fire pit has been dug as a fire blazes away in the cool air of this fall day. A large checkered Wool blanket spread out with a basket and a large Display of meats, cheeses, breads, as well as a selection of sliced vegetables and fruits. With in the basket are two bottles of Rhaedan's best wines, as well as two glass's each marked with the Malgrave symbol on then as it is Lord Augustus who is hosting this picnic.

Off in the distance guarded by at least one of each house guard are the picketed horses and past the fire and to the left can be seen a few targets are being set up for later as are the bows and a full quiver of arrows.

The youngest of the Rhaedan line of Royalty has seldom received invitations, personalized to her attention such as the one she has received from Augustus Auldholme. Though, to refuse it would to be considered suspicious, being that she has been the last few weeks in Wolveshire. She came also to not humiliate the Lady Cassia, who had ventured South with her, knowing that her position would be compromised or made awkward by such a refusal. Thus, the Princess came, leaving Wolveshire by means of her black gelding, escorted the entire way by all the guards that she had drawn with her, save one to stay with Lady Cassia back in Wolveshire.

Upon her arrival at the river, a short distance from the border of the two nations, she requested to be allowed to freshen up from the ride. That is where she's been since, with her handmaiden and a servant within to help ease her out of riding gear into more suitable garments. As she steps from the tent, a knight holding up the flap for her to pass through, it doesn't even appear as if she spent six hours on the ride. Her hair is freshly combed and curled, twisted elegantly to sit upon her as if a crown, with small pearls nested cleverly throughout. Her gown too is heavier in fabric, for the cooler weather. It's blue, with a square neck cut that settles just above her bosom, long trumpet sleeves that are trimmed in fur, and a heavy skirt also trimmed in the same soft white fur as the sleeves. The gown has a hood as well, should it need to be worn against the abrasive chill of the on coming winter.

She folds her hands into her sleeves, walking stiffly in escort of her knights, toward the blanket that has been spread out in such an inviting manner. She stops before the edge of it, expect of her host to address her and therefore invite her further.

Augustus turns as he's knelt over the blanket making the final arrangements of snackable things so that all is within reach as he hears movement and looks up to see the princess and pauses a bit as he marvels at how one can go from disarray having ridden just a while ago so stunning. Augustus pulls out a small padded stool so that should she wish she's not actualy having to sit on the blanekt itself. "My Dear princess you look stunning, I'd be hard pressed to have though you'd been riding not a few moments ago." as he gives a very warm smile, and Offers her his hand to guide her to a spot should she wish it. "I do thank you for accepting my humble invite, and hope that you enjoy your stay here away from all the politics and stuff as /I/ know how tiresome it can be, and where any sort of fun is welcomed."

He waits until your seated how you wish before asking . "would you like some wine.?"

Amira acknowledges him with a greeted bob of her head and a slight curtsey, not so deep as the ones that others give to her, yet showing her respect to the heir all the same. As she straightens, she adds, "You're ever so kind to say so, my Lord, though the thanks would be better told to my handmaiden." She returns the smile though it is guarded, as even this can be part of some game and her piece is being moved on the board. Lady Cassia has taught her well to suspect everything and everyone. The game of kings after all, requires knowledge of all those who have their own piece on the board. She does extend her hand to allow him to help her to a spot, on the blanket as she would not feel as comfortable on a stool seated above him. Her responses seem practiced, her smile once again tighter than it should be, "It was kind of you to send for me, as it is pleasant to be reminded of home and all that I am doing for the North." She settles her skirts out around her once she gets situated, sitting with her legs to the side of her, the skirt covering everything save for a tip of her foot.

Her eyes turn toward him at the offer, "Most gracious of you for offering, yes please." And now there's a moment where she says naught, struggling for words until her eyes spot the safety of the targets and the placement of bows and arrows, "Have you set up your own private tourney?" At least here, she sounds more relaxed and a little more comfortable, a hint of mirth in her voice also, as if wondering if he was disappointed at not being able to square off against her in the tourney grounds.

Augustus smiles softly, "Not so much a tourny princess, but I know your love for archery and While Im not quite as skilled, I though perhaps later if you were up for it, we could have a bit of fun. Not for any prize just to loose a few arrows and enjoy the day. " he pass's you a glass of wine, the glass itself only half full, as is his own glass. He sets out two plates that are etched in gold relief and look like they'd been in his family for ages, " Now what would you like to eat princess, as there are a wide array of meats, all thinly sliced, cheeses (all kinds), as well as breads, and fruit and vegetables. all prepared to be eaten with your fingers if you wished. It can also be seen a set of eating utisiles should you not with to eat with your fingers, as there are some dipping sauces as well for the various vegetable.

"I'm quite fond of it," she does admit, though it is likely she doesn't have to admit anything since the entire kingdom knew she hosted an archery tourney and beat out the Southern Princess. It's obvious she had been trained in the art and had taken to it like a fish in water. There's a quieter smile as she nods politely to his offer, "That would be fine my Lord, though do not expect me to go easy on you."

Her hands reach for the wine glass, small dainty fingers clasping around the stem easily enough, taking her time in savouring a sip of it, approving with a subsequent sip that is much longer and leaves the tartness strong on her tongue. Her eyes turn then toward the food extended in the invitation, surprised by the variety and choice being on a mere picnic, "You've out done yourself my Lord. I'll have a little of each, if you don't mind me nibbling here and there." Her appetite wasn't fully awake, though she does just fine in reaching for a plump grape, smirking around it before she pops it into her mouth. Evidently, finger food is just fine with her.

After swallowing the grape, she considers Augustus, finally asking with some manners, "How are you faring my Lord?" Clearly, she and the rest of the kingdom know of his recent affairs.

Augustus chuckles, softly. "My dear princess, I'd expect nothing less than for you to give it your all. Im not a skilled archer, but I can hold my own if I must. " he smiles as he sip his wine and smiles again as he uses a fork to load your plate as you requested with a little of everything. beofore handin it to you. he does the same though loads up a bit heavier on the grape tomatoes and brocolie and caluliflower as well as the roast beef and the sharp chedder cheese. "well I figgured that if Im to host the princess, I'd best makes sure its worthy of her. Though you can thank our cooks for preparing the feast, as they've outdone themselves and I'll make sure to praise them on your behalf for their outstanding job."

"I haven't been keeping up with my skill as much as I should be, I'm frankly surprised that Princess Fayre lost to my aim," she accepts the plate with a tip of her chin, setting it in front of her and in easy reach so she can choose to nibble as she goes along. As he doesn't answer how he fares, she assumes the worst with all that has happened to him of late. So she quietly nods to his mention of the praise for the cooks, "Just as I will send praise to my handmaiden for helping me with my hair, amongst other things." Like washing off all the dust and dirt from the long ride up. "It was a long ride and each time I make it, I thank the Four that I didn't find some trouble on the road. The broken spoke on the way South startled me enough." She takes another sip of her wine, filling the space in between the conversation that way. Wine or something to nibble on.

Augustus arches a brow at that, "well Im glad that your only trouble was the broken spoke and I hope it didn't delay you for too long. " he nod as you discuss the competition. "Well Im glad I dind't go, as I'd not wish to embarrass myself with my poor archery skills. Though I've heard the sellsword was there but Mistress Leof could never tell me who it was he went up against only that he lost. This I found surprising as he'd always seemed to have been an excellent archer, I know he put his skills to the test a bit during that fight north against darrin and his Ellowe troops, before he had to abandon the bow and go to his sword."
Augustus sips his own wine as he then places some bread, cheese and meat together to nibble on the half sandwhich , dipping some brocoli into some white dipping sauce and chewing slowly.

"These are troubled times my Lord," she tells him in a way that suggests she was no longer naïve to the world and no longer looked at it through innocent eyes. People whom she loved and cared for had experienced so much hardship and strife, her tone expresses her cynical views now. "I'm glad the roads were well protected. I imagine the group of knights at my back were enough to chase off any villain, be they thief or enemy." Her eyes turn to Augustus as he mentions the archery tourney, nodding, "I believe it was your sister whom bested him in archery, as she bested all that night. You would've been proud of her my Lord. She's a fine companion and I'm so glad she has come with me. I don't know what I would have done without her advice and support." As for the talk of Darrin and Ellowe, she looks down and picks at her food. That was a sore subject for her as her dear sister became twisted with greed and the evil that corrupted her to abandon everything and everyone.

Augustus nods his head and sighs. "I understand princess and I am thrilled she did so well. Between the two of I always suspsected her to be better than I in archery. I am glad she was helpful to you and that you valued her help." As he pauses when darrin comes up and he sighs. "I do not with to bring up a sore point princess as we all were surprised by that event. I am dearly sorry for your loss, I know such things are never enough to make up for what happened but should you need my aid for anything please ask."

Vulnerable is the look that crosses her expression when he speaks of Darrin and the events that took place, shaking her head softly to stall him from apologizing, "Please," she starts at first, trying to inspire him not to proceed with that one word alone, spoken with a heartfelt request, "Let us not ruin the day by speaking of such things." The young woman shifts now, so that she rests on one hand, the other holding her wine goblet, "There are more interesting things we could be speaking of," she starts, eyes drifting toward him, "Such as the reason you requested my presence."

Her blue eyes stay focused on Augustus as she waits for the answer to be forthcoming, for it is not every Lord or noble that offers her an outing to such places as this. Still, she does tell him, "Your house is strong my Lord, I wouldn't have expected anything less from your sister than the performance she gave. I would have her at my side more often, outside of this trip, though I do know her intentions are to fight the enemy in the way she knows how." There's a soft smile, tender, reflective on the last few months.

Augustus smile softly and says, "well as for my reasons lets just say I know you've been thru a lot, since you last time in Wolveshire along with your brother, while a guest of the dukes, and much was said about you that I know is bogus. I felt it my duty to try to get your mind of anything and everything for a day just to relax and have a pleasant day with a vassal and no have to worry about political stuff or anything of that nature. Besides when was the last time you got to, as the kids say play hookie and just goof off ?" as he pops another tomato into his mouth and munches down on it gleefully. as he nods to your comment. "Its only as strong as those who make it up, and for many they seem to think I lack that strength. It is something I'll have to repair, Though it will take sometime to do. "

Amira lifts her hand toward her brow, sweeping back some of the curled pieces that insist on hanging down in front of her eyes, sweeping them to the side in an attempt to subdue the strands. She listens to his reason while she takes another sip of her wine, frowning some at the reminders, though not because he was bringing them, simply because that is a truth she often doesn't want to hear - the scandals that are associated with her name. She takes a longer drink of her wine, nearly finishing off the first half glass. Wine helps a person relax after all and the tension in her body is evident. She puts her glass down in front of her, taking a deep breath before she asks him, "I'm afraid it doesn't work like that my Lord. People will soon learn of this outing for example, and speak of it in whatever terms they wish it, regardless of what happens here." Her eyes are sympathetic, "I'm sorry Lord Augustus, I do not wish to offend but only wish to point out how our afternoon spent together could be received by the larger masses. I do not wish to have my sullied name impact your house further my Lord." While she's a king's daughter, those rumors and the lack of arrangements for a woman her age, speaks of how little her peers think of her. She sighs and asks as she lifts the wineglass with a sad smile on her lips, "May I have more wine?" Then, for the last, she shakes her head, "I don't think you lack strength my Lord, only that Ravas gifted you a kind heart."

Augustus refills your Glass once more to half full as he returns it to you. "Well rumors be damn'd as I know better and as fasr as Im concerned its still acceptable to cut the lying tongue from a mouth. perhaps such actions would prevent unwarrented tongue wagging. " he does his best to sound menacing but he's not sure how well he's pulled that off. "they'll talk how they wish and that much is true, and as for what they say about me I could care less. It is your reputation Im hoping to not harm further by having a bit of relaxation and trying to get your mind off such things, and yet after hearing that I fear I've done the opposite. " he stuff's soem bread, meat and cheese into his mouth in hopes to keep himself quiet for a short while.

She doesn't add anything to the conversation, having said her piece and interjecting her belief that someone would go running off with a fanciful tale of what happened her this day. She does hide her smile behind her cup as the man attempts to sound fierce and protective, in hopes of keeping wagging tongues from spinning falsehoods. Still, as he continues, she immediately regrets her words as it would seem he had some goal here that apparently didn't prove to work.
Abruptly, she changes her attitude and starts to stand from the blanket, "Well," her dress giving a rustle and a feminine grunt slips through her lips as she stands, an impish look on her face, "Let us ruin our reputations further, together." Holding wine in one hand, she extends her free hand down to him, "Come on up my Lord, it's time we have some fun and starting with archery is a good a place as any."

Augustus looks to the food and has a feigned sigh. "and after all that work putting it together too. " he mock sighs, as he grins a bit as he gently takes your hand and stands, Downing the rest of his wine, and hands the glass to a guard. "Oh well if Im to lose at archery might as well be a bit wasted when I do. " he laughs softly.
Even though he's not even close to beng drunk or buzzed no matter how good the quality of wine.

"I for one need to work up an appetite, so don't worry that it was all for naught," she tells him with a more honest smile, keeping her wine in her hand while he stands and downs his own. She's taking her own with her, stepping lightly over the blanket until she's on solid ground, gracefully leading him toward the weapons while still holding his hand. Might as well make some tongue waves even harder if it's going to be bad anyway!

She does eventually drop her hold on his hand once they're by the bows, drinking another hearty gulp of wine before setting the glass down on one of the weapon racks, "Here, we'll make sure we're using the same type of bow. Nice simple long bows," she takes one and hands him the other, brow lifting, "I'll let you say you're drunk, that way, -when- you lose, you don't have to feel so bad." She winks to him as she turns, making her way with a quiver over her shoulder toward a point in front of the targets.

Augustus chuckles, "your too kind princess. " as he looks to the longbow, and holds it quite unused to it as he prefers his hunting bow, but will do his best. " ready when you are. " as he grabs an arrow from one of the quivers and knoches it.

<ROLL> Amira rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Normal difficulty: Failure (-7)
<ROLL> Augustus rolls his Ranged weapons skill at a Normal difficulty: Failure (-5)

Amira takes a stance in front of the targets, lining up her first arrow against her index finger as she pulls the string taut, tilting her head so her gaze runs down the length of the arrow and toward the target in the distance. She takes a deep breath and releases her first shot, which… amazingly thunks a good distance away from the target, in the grass. She stares after the bow string gives a good twang, confused, though there is a breeze in the air that she didn't consider until now. Still, she smirks over at Augustus, "Alright, so that really didn't work out too well."

Augustus grins as he takes aim with the longbow and still not used to the added length does his best to sight and pull as he looses an arrow and watches as his arrow also miss's but actualy gets closer to the target than that of the princess. " hmm maybe your the one drunk.. " he teases "Or we both are to account for our bad shooting. Though im not used to the longbow, prefering my hunting bow." he explains.

The tease makes Amira lift her brows and pucker her mouth in challenge, reaching for another arrow this time as she steadies her hand and repositions her feet. The tightness of the dress makes it a little difficult and she hesitates to shoot as she normally does, because that might mean splitting the seams on the arms and torso of the dress. When she fails again to launch the arrow anywhere near the target, she stares incredulously, "Wow. This dress doesn't allow me move at all…" she peers over at him, "Or it's the wine. I'll be right back, going to finish mine up… Maybe it'll help my aim!" She laughs softly, throwing the bow over her shoulder as she gets back to the weapon wrack and her glass. There she just rushes the rest of it down, feeling the buzz easily enough as the warmth of the wine settles in her stomach.

<ROLL> Amira rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Normal difficulty: Failure (-6)
<ROLL> Augustus rolls his Ranged weapons skill at a Normal difficulty: Failure (-7)

Augustus grins as he loos's another arrow and instead of getting closer to the target as your did, (-7, -6 ) his shot seems to have gotten even worse as it is seven shorter than before. (-5, -7) he purses his lips and sighs, "Okay its definately the bow. just to bulky combared to my hunting bow." he quips as you drain your wine and see it'll help your aim. he watches you and grins. "perhaps if I turned aroudn and aimed away from the target I might actualy get closer." he jests a bit.

She looks at the weapons and picks out a hunting bow, "I'm used to my own bow as well. It's weighted for me…" not to mention that it was one of those rare legendary Altheara bows. The wine seems to be drained out of her glass and now as she turns back, she's giving Augustus the opportunity to show her how it's done using a hunting bow. She wanders her way back over to tip it toward him, "This might suit your hand. I'm used to using a longbow, this one's just a lot heavier than what I'm used to. The string is thicker too." She gives her arms a little stretch and there's a familiar noise of the stitching giving way as threads pop. She gives Augustus an innocent look, "Don't tell my handmaiden, she'll give a fit thinking I ruined this dress on purpose to shoot a few arrows." And then she twists a bit more to loosen up the arms, popping a few more strands free. That's when she's repositioning herself to take aim at the target again, drawing the bow upwards first to put strength into the pull of the string. On her exhale, she fires once again…

<ROLL> Amira rolls her Ranged weapons skill at a Normal difficulty: Failure (-1)

<ROLL> Augustus rolls his Ranged weapons skill at a Normal difficulty: Failure (-7)

Augustus seems to be not doing so well as he plants the third arrow next to the second he fired. " As you can see Im not as good as my sister and Im greatful I didnt' compete as this is down right embarrasssing." he laughs, "Im glad its just you and I and our guards. as he watches your shot actualy get the cloest of all of them. "at this rate your next shot will hit the target and I'll be shooting my own foot. "

"This is terrible," she laughs with a mirthful sound, delighting in the fact that she's losing and that's still okay because he is too. She reaches for another arrow and seems to lazily aim toward the target this time. To her surprise, it thunks right up against the target. She snorts at the shot, "As soon as I don't try…" she notes with a shake of her head, taking a step back to give Augustus another opportunity. "Our guards will say nothing of this," her tone is harder than she intended, but her gaze seeks out the nearest guard, causing the man to straighten a little. Her gaze turns back to Augustus, "If anything, they'll say we put on a good show." Which, was the truth!

Augustus laugsh and nods, perhaps I should Aim up and see if I get closer. " as he does but angled more in line withe target as he looses and of course the arrow hits the very top of the target loosely before tipping and falling onto the ground. He just sighs. "Even when I dont try I can't win." as shakes his heads and is all smiles. He hangs up bow, heading to the blanket once more. stopping to offer you his arm, "well shall we eat and see if were abit more s uccessful in that. ?"

She watches Augustus loose another arrow that barely taps the target before falling aimlessly, offering toward him as she follows him to the blanket, "I'm sure your sword is better than your aim with a bow. It's not easy to learn the fineness of a bow… I find when I'm not using the one I'm comfortable with, it's a little harder on me." She hands off the weapons to a knight whose come over after seeing them finished up with the target range. She smiles at the knight, though puts her arm into the one offered by Augustus, "I think we'll be a little more successful at that my Lord."

Augustus chuckles, and "intersting how missing a target does that to an appetite, as he escorts you to your place and eases you back down before he resumes his own seat, refilling your Glass as well as his own once more to the half way mark unless you request a full glass.

The half glass seems to be enough for the Princess as she resettles on the blanket, sorting out her skirts before she's working on one of those buns, nibbling on it one she stuffs it with cheese, meats, and whatever veggies she deems worth being in it. Every so often she switches out a bite for a drink. She peers over at the man, "How are you holding up? I know what has happened couldn't have been easy, losing your betrothed… Everyone had hoped you could find happiness again with Lady Collette." And there, she brings up the sore point for him, though not with means of hurting him, instead, trying to comfort him, "Your father did the right thing, I fear, even with how you felt about her." She shakes her head, "She had told me once how much you… I'm sorry Augustus," she lets it out, "I know what it feels like to be… shelved."

Augustus seems to have worked up an appetites as he loads up more heavily on fresh veggies, then meat and cheese and bread the thing he's found a true liking for are pickles. as he seems to place a pickle with just about everything else he bites into as the dill seems to add just the right kick for him.

"I am doing as well as can be expected, I wager. Doing what I can to keep busy and understand my father had his reasons and Im not about to go against him again, once was quite enough for me." he smiles softly. "she told you what? " as he catches you breaking off in mind sentence. "go on Might as well finish princess. Not like it can do any further harm." as his tone is soft and gentle.

"I have not seen her since before she tried to kill herself," Amira says harshly, as if not condoning that behaviour and proving there was an ending to that relationship as well, "Though I did know she had eyes for you. She told me she was quite smitten with you." She stalls and then frowns, "I don't know, maybe it's the curse of being young and foolish. We can be easily manipulated… I mean, Sir Dalyros Lohstren did as much, lending me his bed and forgetting he had…" she rolls her eyes, "I can only imagine what promises or words were whispered into her ear, to get caught up in this mess, losing her opportunity to be your wife." Her hand reaches out to Augustus, putting it gently on his shoulder, "I know how much you cared for her. But your house needs you, your father needs you to be an heir, the kingdom needs you to focus on your future as Count." Meaning, he should cut his losses and not give up land and home for anyone. She reaches up further to touch his cheek, nodding at him, encouraging, "You'll be okay. If I can survive horrid rumors of losing my virtue to some Southern Blue Guard and being forbidden to speak to the Southern Prince, you can easily rebuild after this. It wasn't -your- fault… But… I would wish you to speak with her, so she can clear her conscience or declare her innocence. Rumors are just… vile after all. I was her friend once, so I would ask you to do that, if you have not already." She shifts back, giving him a comforting smile, touched with sadness.

Augustus sighs as he listens and nod. "I will, right now I just need time to be in a better state of mind before I talk with her, as It's not only a southerner noble I have to contend with in these rumors, but a chosen of the temple as well." he replies and drinks his wine before taking a bite of food. "As you say rumors are vile things and best to get it cleared from the source."

"If it was a Southern noble, they do what they can to bring shame to our houses and our kingdom. That is their tactic for war, my Lord. They mean to hurt us through pride and etiquette. Looking back," she settles on her one hand, sipping wine with the other, "Looking back to what happened with Sir Dalyros, I almost believe it was intentional, a ploy, a trap to hurt and wound my brother. There's no love between North and South. They -tolerate- my presence there, but only because I'm an ambassador and that was the terms to the end of the last war to keep peace an open conversation." It seems she's a little wiser now on how things all work out, "And Samwell? He led me astray. He made me think it was once possible to mend a rift between our kingdoms by marriage. How wrong us to believe in such things, when ties to our houses are broken immediately if we marry across kingdoms. Why do you think Darrin and my sister did what they did?" She frowns at her admission of that, as if her tongue was corrupt, "I understand they wanted power, but more, I think they wanted to be with each other and none would have it." She glances toward the distance, thoughtful, "Your situation with Collette, could it have been a setup?" She thins her lips, "Your sister has taught me well of how deep the game of kings can go, how far they can reach." She does nearly cough though at the idea a Chosen could be involved, "What? A Chosen? But I thought they couldn't marry?" She shakes her head and finally nods at him with a soft sigh, "It'd be best to do so. I think… for your own heart to mend, more than anything else."

Augustus shrugs, "if it was indeed a set up with collette, I have a feeling she was duped as much as I. She is too wild and free spirited to come up with such a ploy on her own, though if she did, she's far better at scheming than I'd given her credit for as she's got a mask that's nay inpregnible. As for chosen I believe they can marry, tis the priests and priestess that were only able to take a life companion, but with recent developments with Mother tylon marrying the Chosen Thomas Who knows what to expect."

Amira finishes off her wine once again, feeling the difference in herself now that she's had a glass and a half. "The world has changed so much…" she tells him softly, or perhaps tells herself. With a resigned sigh, she flops back onto the blanket, her hair sprawling out behind her head as she starts to hum a hauntingly beautiful melody, that without instruments to back her sounds all the more enchanting.

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Augustus corks the bottle for now and slips you a plate of bread and cheese as well as a good helping of grapes that you seem to enjoy as he continues to eat more fatty foods, even though its countered with an equal amount of veggies. "I agree, but if we dont change with it in small measures we'll get left behing or lost completely. " he rolls up a large amount of roast beef, making it look like a cigar before he bites it nearly in half. savoring the flavors in his mouth as he chews the suculant meat.

Amira pillows her arm underneath her head as her hums trail off, looking up at the sky that starts to draw in the clouds as the day grows older. "I agree… I had wished to shake the past free and start a new day in the present, though it seems considerably easier in my head to do so, with so much blood between our kingdoms," she has so much weight on her mind these days. "So what now my Lord," she asks, "In which way do we change to keep hold of the world so it doesn't leave us behind?"

Augustus shifts to lean on his side so that he's facing you and smiles. "that is the question, there is bad blood as you say between our kingdom and that of Taniford. Though for as much as we've that going against us we've also a new threat that while not very active yet I wouldn't discount them from making plans to strike as they've got mastry over things we have no comprehension on nor how to fight it. As for not getting left behind well I think thats a matter of just keeping up and changing stratigies if we need to, no matter how painful that might be."

Amira turns her face to look over at the man, regarding the smile on his face with a touch of wonder behind it. Her smiles have been forced and a trade secret of royalty, smile even in the hours of sadness and betrayal. Where they all so used to wearing veneers of the truth that one couldn't tell if a smile was sincere? She could not tell yet with this man, since she had hardly spent time about him. Though her gaze does politely drift away, back toward the sky as she considers the clouds that shift and shape above her, "I could not imagine what that'll mean if they have mastery over great beasts…" her eyes half close, thoughtful, before she mutters the motto of her house, "The righteous are mighty and lambs must become lions."

Augustus nods sighs, "Only time will tell, princess. most of the beasts they can can be killed , most easier than others. The only threat we've faced yet we haven't found a way to harm is that dragon. Though I'll talk to my father about crafting a seige weapon similar to that of our balista's so that we might find a way to fight that thing should it come back. He slides you some grapes, "care for some more as they are quite good. " as he finish's off the other half of the roast beef roll. Once done he smiles, "Im sure in your time with my sister you've pondered questions about me, is there any you wish to ask now?" as he pops a grape off the stem and into his mouth chewing slowly as he awaits an answer.

Amira rolls over onto her side, popping her head up on an elbow, directing her gaze at Augustus as he passes her the grapes, "Thank you." She comments not on the war devices that can be designed to bring down a dragon, for that is not where her area of expertise lies nor will she even pretend to know about such things. Instead, as she pops a few more grapes into her mouth, a question does come to her mind when he asks. "Tell me what happened to make you a widower?" right down into the heart of all things painful, she's good at doing that right now, but, maybe it is her way of understanding a person.

Augustus eyes go from the soft and cheerful to a darker and pain filled. "My wife died while in child birth, our son stillborn. So on a single day I lost my wife and heir. We were blessed as it was an arranged marriage but one that unlike most was love filled almost at first sight. " he grins softly, as some softness returns to his eyes. "She was a beautiful woman and smart, God was she smart. Which makes me wonder why she agreed in the first place. " as he seems to jest, knowing arranged marriages don't take that into account. For a few years we tried and we got lucky but it was close to seven month when she had complications, I was out with the troops on maneuvers at the time and didn't hear until I got back but by then it was too late I rushed back only to be told she and out son died that night." he pauses for a long while his eyes cast to look up to the sky from his angle as if lost in the sea of the stars weither visible or not in the day sky.

The question has the desired affect, in essence, she discovers the real man under the facade of politics, titles, or whatever this picnic truly was all about. The love he still had for his wife was evident. She watches him with an understand now of what he was capable of and the truth behind his eyes. "You will see her again," she tells him gently, "The Four will keep both of them safe until you are ready to join them." They have to believe in such things, don't they? To get through the waking hours and to move beyond their despair. Amira abruptly pushes, brushing her hand over her dress and skirts, adjusting her hair, before she admits, "You're a good man my Lord. I wish only the best for you. You deserve to be happy," she looks far then, giving him the opportunity, "Thank you for being so honest with me," a beat, "Is there something you wish to ask of me?"

Augustus smiles softly and nods. "yes, a very simple question. " he sits up and looks at you, "did you have a good time.?" as he looks at you with a gentleness in his eyes and wonder. He does smiles softly as you compliment him and say what you've said. "Perhaps but only time will tell and until then I shall live each day as it comes."

Amira tilts her head to the side to look back at him through soft curling locks of blond hair, "Yes my Lord," she answers him politely, offering a barely there smile before she turns her eyes up toward the sky, leaning into her knees which by then she's raised up to her chest, "That is the best way to live my Lord," she tells him, before she seems curious of one more thing, a dangerous thing for a man to allow a woman to question him, "Can I ask you something?" She waits until he acknowledges her, before saying without looking at him, "What do you think of me? Honestly, without all the politics clouding your words."

Augustus smiles "I think your a very bright woman, skilled warrior and honest and pure. That when your father decides to find you a husband, that man will be very lucky indeed.."

That causes Amira to finally push up onto her feet, the compliments setting her wearing an expression that could not be read easily, "Your compliments are flattering, my Lord," she turns to him, hands folded together before her, "If my father decides that at all, I would hope I had some measure of say in it." She knows she will not however and that is just the way of the world, "Would you be so kind as to excuse me for a while? It has been a terribly long day with the ride… I would very much appreciate some time to rest." And since there's tents up, having a late afternoon nap could always open the doorway to having dinner and staying the night. "Please have someone come fetch me in an a few hours if you wish," he might as well since he brought her out this far. Perhaps riding was in works or hunting, or playing a game or two. Which ever, she seems open to the idea of staying long enough to find out.

Augustus stands up and bows, "of course princess. I do understand the tent is for your use I hope it suits your needs, and should you need anything please let me know." as he bows he keeps his eyes on you. He is as polite and charming as he been trained to be, but much of that is a natural charm as he smiles a genuine warm smile. waiting until you've entered your tent before he stands up. He then has the picnic cleaned up but lets the guards men not actively on duty have their fill, only if they replace their fellows after so they can dine too, as he's not about to let good food go to waste, but on the wine he limits them to have a glass worth only.

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