An Uncle's Return

An Uncle's Return
Summary: Antyllus Varghem takes a trip to Laketown to meet his nephew.
Date: 14/04/2013
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Laketown is a series of dichotomies laid out in the open. Grand cobbled stone boulevards feed into winding and cramped dusty alleyways and muddy side roads. The shimmering gleaming halls of polished stone that the merchants, guild masters, local gentry, and nobles have built hide the dilapidated and grimy hovels and dirt and mud that seems to pervasively linger in a town always under construction. Even at night, the beating heart of the Laketown market square is filled with spectacles and merchants and the constant flow of money, although not always between buyers and sellers. All roads lead to the gold and marble pillars and bright cobalt tile roofing of the Blue Duck Inn, the unofficial hub of the business in Laketown set just across the way from the large, glittering temple.

The town tapers towards the Deep Woods and Wolveshire to the south, the fertile Open Field to the west, Brivey Keep to the Northwest, and the expansive Docks to the east. Laketown never sleeps, the constant clang of blacksmiths, shouting merchants, and the thunder of heavy carts constantly moving about town.

Sun Apr 14, 1329

Stepping out from the Blue Duck Inn, followed by his usual three guards, Pawel looks around for a few moments to see what kind of people there are out and about now. Looking rather relaxed at the moment it would seem, he speaks quietly with one of the guards, giving the man a grin and a light pat on the shoulder.

Coming from the east, where the rest of the town is. With the docks and guilds and so forth it also shows royalty. Stefan steps through the crowd with his guards. Four of them to be precise. Letting his gaze sweep across the area before spotting Pawel. "Are we going to keep running into each other like this?" He asks across the area.

Pausing a little bit as he hears Stefan's words, Pawel shakes his head a little now as he studies the man. "It would seem that way, yes. At least for now," he offers after a few moments of pause. "How are you today?" he asks, after a few moments of pause now.

"Indeed. So it seems, for now." Stefan echoes. Shrugging about how he is. "I am as I always am and I am smiling and being quite comfortable. How about you?" Keeping the pleasant tone in his voice. Hands clasping behind his back. "It must be quite important though. If the Duke himself keeps showing up in Laketown." He muses before shrugging. "I heard some news about the going-ons in Taniford. All is well I hope?" He offers calmly and curiously. Having heard about Tala.

"Well, it occurs to me that you're the kind of person who would keep on smiling even if you were stuck in a dungeon cell," Pawel remarks, a bit lightly. "Some days, I wonder if we should test it." That part is said with a straight face now, as he studies the Rhaedan prince for his reaction now. Shrugging a little at the mention of his business, he offers a quiet smile. "Can't be more important than all the Princes and Princesses showing up in town, right?" Frowning a bit at the last part. "I'm sure it will be quite all right in the end."

Stefan chuckles and nods, "I suppose that I would." He agrees and shrugs again. Grinning still. "Go ahead. Prepare for the worst though." Still keeping that smile, which now clashes with his own words. "I am indeed certain it will be fine. The Taniford princess is quite nice." He offers about Keldra.

Pawel chuckles. "Maybe one day. But that would be if we were at war or something, or if there's a cause for it, of course." It's offered after a few moments of pause, before he studies Stefan a bit carefully. "She is, like her siblings," he replies, after a few moments of pause now.

"As I said. When and if it would happen then we will see what will happen." Still grinning. Stefan finally shrugs. "I think it will go as it goes." Not giving much detail to it. As for the princess, he nods. "I suppose so. I have yet to talk much with her siblings. Other than her brother of course." Not speaking of what he thinks of him, for now.

Roltoff enters up from the eastern road, the smell of smoke and booze lingering on him from the Bad Clam Tavern, he looks a bit tired from working there but seems to be in a brightier mood, than the previous day. He has of yet to round the corner onto the main road so hasn't seen anyone present as of yet.

The sound of hooves hammer the road, evidently originating from a rider who does not believe in letting horses have too leisurely a time of it. Any who care to crane their necks in the direction of the report will see a small posse of four of five riders, all dressed in the colours, and one carrying the standard, of House Varghem, of Wolveshire, second only in rank, and first in loyalty, behind the throne of Taniford. In the banner's shadow is the lead rider, not in leathered livery like the rest, but wrapped in a greatcloak sewn together from the fur of many a black marten. His hair is grey, not greying or whitening but all of a smooth, grey piece, streaming straight behind him; his lips curl and his eyes glare…until he sets them on his quarry. The Duke.
The mounted party slows to a total and disciplined stop, as the older man in charge greets the young Duke Pawel drily, with a bow less deep than his men's, "Nephew. I was informed you might be found here. It has been some time, to my regret."

Pawel smiles as he hears that, nodding a little bit. He looks about to say something when he hears the horses and turns to look at the arriving party. As he sees they're carrying his House's banner, his expression turns a bit curious, and he steps a bit in their direction. Coming to a stop as he sees who the lead rider is, and hears the greeting, there's a smile on his face now. "Uncle. It's quite good to see you again. We have all missed you." Stepping a bit further in the older Varghem's direction now.

Stefan turns to look to the incoming Varghems. Stepping aside to give them room to speak. Nodding his head to the lead. "Sir." Is all he offers as he let the two speak. Being slightly curious about what it might be about. Letting his gaze scan across the area. Trying to find someone of interest. Roltoff most likely not seen yet.

The Varghem lord dismounts with a practical but ungainly looking movement, and strides to stand before his ducal nephew as quickly as possible, not without betraying his obvious limp. He's already respected the courtesies from horseback, so now he lays a ponderous hand on Pawel's shoulder and looks into his eyes intently.
"Aye," he grunts at last after what seems to be a period of indecision, "you seem to have grown into a man, and a man's what we'll need now in Wolveshire. When I saw you last the battle against the Corsairs was only half done. But now your father's gone and broken his back we're in another battle, one, Four willing, in which you'll see me out. At your service…Your Grace. I passed your lands on my way and all seems tranquil as a countess's cradle."
He drops to one knee - the healthy, agile one: in homage. Then he rises and steps backwards with the same awkward, painstaking nimbleness.

From the Temple of the Four, the door opens, and a guard steps out. Carisse follows, and there's another guard behind her, as well as a handmaiden. This Varghem hasn't seen her brother, uncle or anyone as yet, just more or less coming out of the temple, with a serene look on her face. A bit of grace to her step, and a soft step as she starts towards the Blue Duck Inn. Her guards spot the other Varghems before she does, but she does come over towards her relatives, as she spies them in short order.

Roltoff bends around the corner, as he comes into view of the south end of a north bound horse and moves to the side of the road as past the horses he spots at least two familiar faces and moves to adjust his simple straw hat as it helps keep the sun from smacking him directly into the eyes. He walks slowly up the side of the road, trying his best to not interrupt the nobles he recognizes and those he doesn't. His gaze momentarily jarred by the opening of the temple door as he spots a woman and her entourage follow. His eyes following the beauty he sees before him.

Pawel's eyes meet his uncle's as the hand is placed on his shoulder, studying the man a bit carefully before he hears the words being spoken. Nodding a bit slowly now. "When I left the battlefield, it was by Father's command," he says, words kept rather quiet for the moment, before he smiles. "I'm glad to hear that, my lord," he says, before he adds, "We will all have need for someone with your skills. Welcome back." He hasn't noticed his sister's arrival yet, it would seem.

Missing a lady? Highly unlikely. As Carisse starts towards them Stefan does look over towards her. A smile and nod given to her. Keeping his ears listening to the Varghems as they talk. Though finally Roltoff comes into view as well. Given a nod as well. Though not saying anything. Taking a step towards the woman. "My lady." Making others aware as well.

"And quite right too," Antyllus almost growls back. "We needed the heir kept safe - your father's stupid misadventure at least proves that. And now what do I find? You're wandering about Laketown, a notorious nest of banditry, chatting to some northerner whose ancestors we probably slew." He doesn't smile or laugh, but it's somehow more or less clear he means all this as a morbid joke. He's about to remount, when he follows the Northern prince's swift greeting with his black eyes, and now he really does laugh, though brusquely. "Good thing you have your sister to look after you on these mean streets, Your Grace. Carisse, isn't it? You're…ageing well, niece…"

Carisse catches Stefan's greeting first, and she offers a graceful and polite curtsey to him. "Your Highness," she says first. And then her brother gets a curtsey as well, given that official position and all. "Your Grace. Pawel, did you see the new silks that arrived? They are quite lovely." She then turns to her uncle, taking a moment, and then her smile lights up her face. "Uncle Anty!" She moves to give him a hug, if he'll let her. "It is good to see you, though fie on you, Sir. I hardly think Pawel needs me to look after him. Except perhaps when it comes to knowing which fork to use."

Roltoff shifts his eyes off the lovely Carisse as he catches Prince Stefan's nod and gives the prince a perfunctionary bow in return, as his briefly fall back on to Carisse and then moves over to Duke Pawel and the elderly man whom he's talking to.

Smiling a bit as he hears what's being said now, Pawel nods a little bit, smiling a bit more as his sister arrives. "Sister…" he says, before he shakes his head, "No, I haven't seen the new silks yet." A brief grin at the mention of the forks. "Well, there are so many of them, after all," he remarks, a bit lightly. "And of those northerner, this one is far less bad than his older brother." Yes, that was spoken loud enough for Stefan to hear as well. There's a quick nod in Roltoff's direction as well now.

Antyllus hardly seems the type to welcome an embrace - even the innocent arms of a lovely young niece - but he doesn't actively avoid it, tolerating the clutch and returning it with a firm, stern, pat on Carisse's back. But he gets out of her grip and onto his saddle as speedily and neatly as he may (not very). Then he nods to the standard bearer of his escort, and receives a nod back, before explaining, "We ride back for the Castle now - assuming you grant us lodging, nephew, niece! But it has been good to look upon you. Just as I hoped to do." The foreign barbarian is not acknowledged, as the mounted posse as one dip their spears in respect, swerve, and canter off south.

Stefan grins at Antyllus' words, "Let us not keep it that one sided, old timer." Stefan offers lightly in return. Smirking as well. Though for now letting his attention shift to the happy girl. As for Pawel's words about him being good, he shrugs. "Oh, shush. So sweet." Winking and waving a dismissive hand to Pawel, acting silly before regaining himself and raising a brow as Antyllus goes on. "Goodbye, sir." He offers with a nod.

Roltoff wasn't expecting to be acknowledged by the old man, and wasn't so no skin off his back for that as he watches the older man and his troop turn around and head back out. Then he looks at the three nobles and their combined troop and grins.

Carisse doesn't seem surprised by Anty's reaction. She does keep her hug brief and lets him retreat very quickly. Then her gaze goes over to Roltoff, very briefly, before she looks back at Pawel, with a mischievous grin. "There are far too many, you are correct." And then to the prince, now that her relatives are all greeted and dealt with. "I assume you are having a good day, Your Highness? And a pleasant conversation with my brother? We did not interrupt?"

"Of course, uncle. There's always lodging for you at the Castle, you should know that," Pawel offers to the departing Antyllus now, with a bit of a smile, before he sees that mischievious grin from his sister. "It was good to see him again," he offers a bit quietly. Looking back to the prince and Roltoff now, he remains silent for a few moments.

Roltoff looks at you all carefully before saying, "Pardon me Duke Varghem, Prince Rhaedan, M'lady. Upon hearing of the up and coming tourney I tried to get in, but they informed me that I needed to have someone sponsor me, and I was wondering if you might know of anyone who'd be willing to do so. As I figure by participating in such an event it might help improve my chances of finding suitable employment. "

"Of course. I am always good. Me and your brother were just flirting." He offers playfully. Knowing how that sounds and he just laughs a bit. "Of course not, my lady." He assures her and still smiles. Looking between the two. Though then looking to Roltoff as he speaks. Nodding slowly to Roltoff. "I might know of someone." He says and runs a hand through his hair. "I will bring you along for it. IF you wish?" Then eyes are looking back to the Varghems in case they want to suggest something. "Besides, my lady. You are always quite welcome in my company. Or well, as long as we at least have some sort of stability." He offers with a grin.

Carisse gives a smile to Stefan, charmed as intended. Though she isn't so far charmed as to be silly about it. There is amusement in her gaze though, at his teasing comments. She does give Roltoff another look, but she doesn't say anything, leaving that bit to Pawel. "I think it will be exciting to have many competitors in the Tourney," she says, stepping back a bit to let the fighting types discuss.

Pawel nods a little bit as he hears Roltoff now, he offers a bit of a nod at Stefan's words. "Seems to be well in hand, then? And if it doesn't work out with the Prince's help here, you should come see me later, and we'll talk then." Studying Stefan a bit thoughtfully for a few moments, before he nods at Carisse's words. "It will be quite nice to have many people competing. I'm looking forward to it," he replies, with a bit of a smile.

Roltoff nods his head at the prince and smiles, "That will be very nice your highness, well whoever it is I look forward to meeting them." as he bows once more as he provides a pleased expression. He then looks to Duke Pawel and nods. "Thank you your lordship, you are most kind."

"It most likely will be interesting. Tourneys are always quite fun and interesting." Stefan offers as well. Looking between them and his smile ever so sweet. "I am sure that several would wish for sponsors. So we will see how things go." Turning to Roltoff and nodding, "Yes, I am sure that you will enjoy it all. Besides, sellswords should have a right to try it out as well. Tourneys are for the best of the best, right?" He says and smiles.

Roltoff grins more and nods. "As you say your, Highness. Besides Should I prove that I am the best, I figure my chances of being hired as a personal protector would be greatly improved." He looks to the lady Carisse and smiles warmly at her as he bows. "I do hope you'll be in attendance to see who the victor will be, your ladyship."

Pawel smiles as he listens now, nodding a bit again. "I'm sure we will all be in attendance, except for those participating," he offers to Roltoff. "And I'm sure our merchants and innkeepers will be looking forward to the event too. A good chance for them to earn some extra money." He nods a bit at Stefan's words as well now.

Carisse inclines her head politely to Roltoff, a smile crossing her lips. "I shall be in attendance, if it is at all possible," she says, with a smile. "Perhaps I might even try my hand at archery." She glances over at the prince, adding, "Indeed. The best of the best, competing for the prizes and the enjoyment of those of us watching."

"Indeed. Depending on all what you wish to participate in as well, of course." Stefan says and shrugs. "I am guessing the fighting part mostly?" He asks and studies him for a moment longer before shifting eyes to the Varghems as well. "Indeed. Unless business keeps me in Rhaedan castle. Work and all of that." He says and rolls his eyes. Almost overdramatic. "Ah, archery. Good luck, hopefully it goes quite well for you." He offers with a sincere smile.

Roltoff smiles at Stefan and Carisse. "Well I intend to apply for both archery as well as the sword. As I figure if I don’t do well in one, I will hopefully do better in the other. "

"Just remember, you've already told that story about participating as a mystery knight, Your Highness," Pawel remarks lightly. "If I don't see you there, I'm going to suspect every mystery knight present." A brief pause, before he adds, "Your brother's spoken about wishing a spar against me, so perhaps there might be time for that as well."

"A friendly spar should be quite entertaining," Carisse says, her expression calm. She smiles at Stefan briefly. "We cannot all excel at the arts martial. Some of us must keep the trade moving and take care of the household, else all the knights in the land would fail to keep a happy kingdom." She shrugs a bit, quite sure that even if she competes, she'll not be in the winner's circle. "I might just try the horse racing." A light and teasing glance at her brother.

Roltoff watches the teasing between brother and sister and smiles, softly. "Well at least the knights will not have to fear me in the joust as I never got around to learning how to knock a man," as he looks to Carisse… "Or a woman off a horse with a pointy stick." His tone light and teasing. "While my skill with a bow is enough to keep me fed when times are rough it’s my skill withe blade that so far has kept me alive the longest." A Mild boast but he feels he's earned it.

Stefan nods, "How about the jousting, or the horse race?" He asks Roltoff as has his hands clasped behind his back. Grinning at Pawel as well. "It's not like you can search every mystery man." He offers and winks. He does shrug though. "I will most likely be around." Nodding a bit about a spar. "Well then. We will see which one of you are the better then. Though perhaps I will beat my brother." He offers with a sly grin. Letting his gaze shift to Carisse as well. "Ah, yes. Of course. I do understand such as well. I am to take care of our home as well. So that is one reason I might not be there." He explains and smiles. "I am certain that my sister will be there. One of them at least. Else I would most likely be rooting for you my lady." He tells her with a pleasant smile. Hearing the part about knocking a woman off a horse with a pointy stick makes him grin but keeping any comments to himself. "So. Where are you all heading. The inn? Perhaps we should step inside?" He suggests. If people agree then he will offer to escort the lady. As usual. Always being a gentleman.

Smiling a little as he hears what's being said now, Pawel offers a grin to his sister, "I think you could do well in the horse racing," he offers with a bit of a nod, before he looks between the others again. "Well, we will get the chance to see how good you are with that sword soon enough," he offers to Roltoff, before he nods a little at Stefan. "The inn sounds as good a place as any," he agrees.

"I was in fact heading to the inn," Carisse admits. "Since I've already been to the temple." She leaves that there, not pushing it. Though as Stefan offers his arm, she moves to accept it, with a graceful movement. "Thank you, Prince Stefan," she says lightly. Pawel gets a grin, as Carisse says, "Here now, if you make money betting for - or against me - I want a share." Still teasing. She glances over at Roltoff at his comment about jousting and archery. "Then I shall look forward to seeing you compete," she says, softly. Still not sure who the fellow is.

Roltoff nods his head at Carisse "As will I your ladyship." He looks to Stefan and Pawel and says, "I never learned how to joust as I wasn't brought up under a knight or a lord my skills in archery and sword play were from that or retired and sadly dead solider who decided to take up residence in the town I grew up in. Once that I never bothered to learn or cared about as I just wished to learn what I could before leaving. As for my skill with horses why I’m still a novice as I can stay on them for the most part but I’m probably nowhere as proficient as your ladyship or lords in handling them." He waits for you three to enter first as is your right before he follows. "I too look forward to seeing how well I do as I’m have a feeling I'll be up against the best of the best in the tournament." A look of pride on his face at that thought.

Stefan chuckles at the teasing between siblings. "I do enjoy riding the horse. Perhaps I should participate." He offers and grins. "I am not so sure if I should be part of the other things. Or if my brother will allow me to participate in that one even. He might wish for me to see to a few other things." He explains and shrugs. Smiling to Carisse as he starts to escort her. Nodding to Pawel, "Indeed. The inn is quite nice." As for jousting, as Roltoff speaks of it, he nods. "I understand. I would say that horse fighting is quite useful as well. Manoeuvering well on a horse can do you good." Grinning at the pride. Giving the man a pat on his shoulder with his own free hand. "Good, sellsword! Be confident." He offers and grins. Starting towards the inn.

"Wait, would I do that?" Pawel's question is directed a bit lightly to Carisse, as he offers her a bit of a grin. Moving with the others as they approach the inn, he smiles a little at something one of his guards are saying to him, nodding a little to that man.

"Of course you would," Carisse returns to her brother, with a laugh. And then through the door and into the inn on the arm of the chivalrous prince. "You are most gracious, Prince Stefan, thank you." She looks to see if the other two men, and the guards are still coming. Her handmaid does come along, pausing as one of the guards opens the door for the company.

Roltoff waits for the nobles, to enter as well as their guards and ladies in waiting. It is then that he too enters closing the Door behind them. He's found this day to be quite Adventurous first the job at the tavern and then checking up on the rumors about the accosted woman and the things he found out, which prompted his return for something cool to drink. Which led up to the now conversation about the tournament. "What a day.." he says softly as he knocks the dust off his clothing with his straw hat and slowly follows the nobles to which ever table they choose, only taking a seat should they invite him to join.

Stefan grins and shakes his head to the two Varghems. "Of course, my lady. I would feel bad if I did not help out." He offers to her with a smile. Stepping inside with them. Looking around inside. "Duke. I think it is your time to choose a table." He offers and waits on him to pick.

The Blue Duck Inn
The Blue Duck Inn is where all of the real business in Laketown take place. An imposing edifice of stone and wood, the tall stone fireplace rises high above the ceiling above, decorated with the banners of the three Guilds and other prominent merchant-dynasties and local nobles that hold sway over Laketown. It is a lively if subdued place, a bard or a small instrument troupe always on hand and fine wine, rather than some cheap ale or grog, the preferred drink of the crowd. The ornate bar with a long marble top holds fine liquors and other odd bottles to satisfy the most discerning Rhaedan lord or Taniford lady, as well as accomodate the eclectic fads of Laketown proper. The staff is a full complement of waitresses, hostesses, bartenders, and other staff constantly in motion, much like the town it inhabits.

The rooms of the Inn are at the Upstairs landing, a more intimate Common Room for the Blue Duck Inn's more distinguished guests. An ornate door leads to the world outside to Laketown.

Sun Apr 14, 1329

Nodding a little, Pawel turns to look around at the tables now, before he points to a relatively large table in the corner. "How about that one?" Gesturing to the serving people to bring some food and drink now, he looks between the others for a few moments.

Carisse looks to the prince to see if the table meets his approval as well. "It looks fine to me, Pawel," she says, with a nod of approval. "And are you inviting our friend as well?" She pauses and looks over at Roltoff, as he comes in, and she says, "Your name, sir?" Might as well ask, given the fellow is hanging about.

Roltoff smiles once more to Carisse, "Roltoff Delmort, M'lady. Sellsword by trade." As he gives Carisse a polite bow of her own.

There is a nod about the table. "Sounds good, your grace." As usual falling into being formal. It's too easy to do after all. Nodding. "Indeed. Had the pleasure to briefly meet sellsword Delmort the other day." He explains. Leading Carisse to sit and waiting for Roltoff to join as well. "If I am to help him with a sponsor I might as well be kind enough to help him with a seat." Grinning at that. If Carisse allows he'll take a seat next to her and then look to her brother. "So, Duke Varghem. Seen anything to your liking around Laketown? I did see you at the docks and so forth a few days ago after all."

Nodding a little as he moves his way over to take a seat as well, near his sister, Pawel shrugs a little as he hears Stefan's question. "A few things, yes. Some of them quite useful too. How about you?" he asks to the prince, sounding a little curious now.

Roltoff bows politely to all as he's been given a seat and moves to sit so that his back is to the wall. As prince Stefan sits next to lady Carisse and her brother from all accounts. He then waits for service so that he can get himself something other than weak ale.

Carisse does allow Stefan to seat her, and to settle into the chair next to her. She glances at Roltoff as she is introduced, acknowledging his bow politely. "Charmed, sellsword Delmort. I am Lady Carisse Varghem." Since he might not have all that information. She relaxes in her seat, settling gently and smoothing her skirts idly. She glances at Pawel, and then back to the prince, as they continue to play around the topic of their presence in Laketown.

"Oh, the same. Talking to the guilds some and planning a few things here and there. You know, the usual." Stefan offers in return to Pawel. Gesturing for drinks as usual, for all of them. "I think one of these days you should pay me back, duke." He teases Pawel. Gesturing with his hand to Roltoff. "A drink is the least I can do. Though you will have to show your fighting skills later." Smiling at the introductions though and through the talking he does glance one or twice to the lady, as she falls a bit more silent. "Wine, my lady? Or do you wish for something else?" He asks. Letting her choose, as he looks over to his guard as he is looking for directions about the drinks from the prince. Who holds up a hand ready to make a gesture about the choice of drink.

Pawel smiles a little as he listen to Stefan now. "Of course, that would just be right, after all," he replies, offering a bit of a smile now. "It's good to hear everyone's looking forward to the Tourney, of course." Glancing around the room very briefly, he looks back to the others at the table now. "And, of course, it will be good to have our hosting of the tourney done early." The last offered with a bit of a grin now.

Roltoff smiles at Carisse. "A pleasure to meet you lady Carisse." He looks to both males and grins. "Well, until the tourney takes place I've found a new part time job as it seems a lady of note was accosted and her husband and two guards were taken by bandits. I've already scoped out the area and found some clues." He pauses to lick his dry lips. "Soon I hope to be able to head out and find the husband and hopefully the guards and remove the bandits from the area."

Carisse's eyes widen at Roltoff's comment, a glance going swiftly to Pawel, and then back. She smiles a little less brightly, and then says, "I am glad to hear someone is chasing them down, that is a very good thing." She takes a breath, and reorients herself, turning to Stefan. "Today, I would not object to a glass of wine." Her words are softly spoken as she flicks a sidelong glance at the prince, surely not flirting at all.

Stefan grins and nods. "I suppose so. I think a tourney can help ease the blood between north and south." Even if he does not show much of it, compared to his brother. Looking to Roltoff with a slow nod. "I see. If I may ask, which lady? And I think I heard about some trouble. I am not sure how well received I would be running around on Taniford lands so I will have to stay out of it I think. I'd rather not risk war because I was taking on duty on the wrong side of the fence, so to speak. Unless I am requested of course. Since I heard it was towards Tala, right?" Finally gesturing for the wine. "Sounds good, lady Carisse." He offers with a smile to her. Sweet thing. "A kind lady as yourself do deserve to get to drink what she wishes." Perhaps flirting a little. Then again he is often lightly flirting with people. So he does look to Pawel in hopes that there are no ill feelings at the man.

Pausing a bit at Roltoff's words, Pawel studies the man for a few moments now. "I see. I'm sure you will be able to take care of those bandits," he offers, offering a momentary smile as well. Offering a bit of a smile when he sees Carisse glancing over at him, before he looks over at Stefan, nodding a little at the words spoken. Expression a bit unreadable now as he notices the prince looking in his direction.

Roltoff looks at the prince and duke and then the lady and shakes his head. "Not to my knowledge. Only that she was from a well to do family and what I found was a trail that was in between Wolveshire and Laketown. Now if the bandits were a few I'd take my chances, but more than that and I'd rather have some additional aid," he says. "I’m confident I can handle one to three of them depending on how they came at me and if I got surprise on them first, but even I don’t think I could handle more than that without some difficulty." He looks to Pawel and smiles politely. "I thank you for those kind words on my skills but even I can only do so much. "

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