Angels of the Battlefield

Angels of the Battlefield
Summary: While tending to the wounded, Tylon meets one of the creatures of Ellowe
Date: 18 June 2013
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Blasted Fens
Away from the warm fires of Haven, where locals and traders finish a day of hard work, the shadows of the Blasted Fens grow thicker as twilight gives way to nighttime. Deep in the swamp, where darkness reigns supreme a path leads west and upward towards the cleft of the mountain region, and southwest toward the deepening of the Fens.

The path is steep, narrow and twisty, and combined with near gale force winds of the storm, a storm seemingly made for one purpose, the destruction of man. A narrow cleft half way up sparks of golden fire light and shadows of man can be seen. Here the land opens to an large alcove of black stone, the cavernous mouth of a large cave flickering gold and white in the firelight.

It is here they came to survive and learn from the darkness . It is here the end of the Kingdoms shall be decided.

18 June 1329

Having been out of it since he passed out after the battle, Pawel is looking a bit peaceful as he rests. There's other wounded around as well, of course, since there are many of those around after such a huge battle.

Tamara has tied back the flaps of the tent door Pawel is sleeping in to allow some air flow to the wounded Duke's room. While the Taniford lady has been helping out others who were wounded she has spend most of her time since the battle ended sitting with Pawel making sure he is breathing, concern etched in her features. She has now situated herself next to his makeshift cot and seems half asleep as she sips at a cup of steaming tea cradled in her hands.

In the aftermath of the battle, Tylon can be busy to say the least. Injuries that had to be stitched and salved up, bandaged, acolytes and other healers to direct and guide along. And as that eased, rights and prayers to be given over those the battle had claimed. And somehow the Temple Priestess of Laketown remained calm through it all. And now it was back to rounds to check and make sure the fixing up had held, that the more seriously injured had truly stablized and were making inroads to a recovery, least the most that could be hoped for in this delightful countryside. She would have to remember to plan her next vacation here.

Her steps light as the next tent was approached, Tylon peeking into the tent with the flaps having been tied open. Eyes drifitng between the pair it held before lightly clearing her throat and inquiring softly,"How is he doing? And yourself?" Having seen to bandaging the Lady's injuries herself.

Out amongst the wounded, there seems to be a few more healers helping. Dressed in various robes of the acolytes, the feminine shapes make their way amongst some of the wounded. One of the healers leans down over one of the wounded near the Duke's tent and whispers to him. Was it a prayer? Some words of comfort.

The knight yells out in pain for a moment and then goes deathly quiet as the woman rises to her feet and starts to move on towards the next wounded.

Unfortunately, Pawel hasn't noticed the person sitting by his bedside, but at least he's stirring a little bit now. Letting out a quiet groan as he does, his eyes slowly starts to open now.

Tamara startles at another voice near the tent and smiles once she sees who it is, "Oh he seems to be peaceful at least. I am…well I am fine, just more worried about him." The lady admits and as she looks past Tylon to the battlefield a slender eyebrow raises at an unrecognized soul, "Is she with you?" Tamara asks the other woman before being distracted by Pawel's eyes starting to open, she takes his hand gently in her own and watches the man again.

A calm smile is offered to Tamara,"I had not meant to startle," hence why Tylon had cleared her throat a touch first. Eyes drift to look at Pawel, taking in his color and coutenance,"He is looking better, fine color all consideirng, as long as we keep an eye on him and he doesn't opt to be a stubborn man about resting, he should be just fine." The yell does draw Tylon's attention, a slight frown coming. She gives a shake of her head,"I am not familar with her, least she was not amongst those who traveled with. It is possible others have since arrived, the Temples of an area do try to send aid as they can. If you will excuse me, I'll go see to make sure they have what direction they need. Though just hollar if you need a hand with him, or something yourself, my Lady." Giving a slight bow of her head before she does slip off in the direction of the one healer, though making a pause to do a quick check herself upon the knight.

Pawel blinks a few times as his eyes opens more fully. "Where…" he mutters, letting out a bit of a deep sigh now. His hand gripping the hand in it firmly for the moment.

The knight is very much dead. His eyes are closed, and he looks peaceful. The knight had suffered a terrible wound to his side. It would have taken weeks to heal, but heal he would have if he had not passed away.

The young acolyte, dressed in simple robes of Bornas makes her way towards another young knight, this one only lightly wounded. Again. She kneels down and takes out a rag to start to treat her. As she does so, she speaks softly to the young man, and he suddenly rises to his feet and offers his hand to the woman.

She smiles underneath her hood and links her arm around her hand and starts to lead him away.

Tamara nods her head to the temple healer and smiles again at Tylon before she turns at the sound of Pawel's voice, "Pawel…" She mummers in a soft voice and touches his cheek. She does watch the acolyte for a moment but Tylon is handling it so Tamara obviously isn't worried.

Tylon gives a slight sigh, the young did always need reminders and training in such conditions did seem to make them forget far to much. Stepping after, a longer stride that aids Tylon in catching up with the young Bornas acolyte, "A moment Daughter, he should yet remain resting, even if he is eager for a walk. And we must speak about the last knight you tended to." Her words coming easy and calmly enough.

The young woman pauses in her step and her grip clutches to the young Knight's hand. "Oh. It's no trouble, Mother." she whispers, an odd whistle to her voice. It's melodious, even beautiful, much like a song bird chirping the signal to an early morning. She keeps her head down, glancing back to Tylon. "I am merely taking this one someplace private to tend to his wounds at the bath. Would not want him getting an infection, after all."

The Knight smiles broadly. "Don't worry, Mother Tylon. Bridget here has me well in hand to treat my injuries, surely there are worse wounded you can tend to?"

The acolyte's robes are old. While maintained, the designs speak to those of years ago, and not of the Kingdoms. As those only scene in sketch or tapestry.

"Tamara…" Pawel replies a bit quietly, with a quiet smile at the touch to his cheek. "I'm sorry for falling over like that…" Offering another bit of a smile now. "I guess I was feeling a bit worse than I thought."

An easily smile is given yet by Tylon,"Of course, we are always vigelent about infection, Daughter, however, the baths have not yet been fully set up. Water enough not yet prepared, but then as you are surely newly arrived to provide assistance, you could not have know. For the time being, he can yet be tended to here." A hand raising to wave over one of the others to bring a basin of water as Tylon nods to the Knight,"There are worse injuries, but none are minor and all our Knights are worth giving aid to, Sir."

A hand firmly touching to Bridget's arm as Tylon notes,"Let Sister Lythia see to him, while we discuss your missteps with the last knight. And you must tell me how you came to have such robes. They look of a design even older that Father Caric had, but in much finer condition." Her expression may yet be calm, but those green eyes have gone hard as they look intently upon the young acolyte…after having taken in her hands.


Bridget can't pull away from Tylon's grip on her arm, and the acolyte whirls on the Priestess. As the hood of the robe falls away, it reveals a beautiful creature. Soft brunette hair frames a strong face with high cheek bones, a sharp nose and pure gold eyes that are.. birdlike in shape. Bridget's free hand slashes out towards the Priestess, the claws barely missing the Priestess as she shrieks out in warning. "Let me go!" she calls out.

Across the field, seven other 'healers' suddenly have wings spread out from the robes. Three of them lift a Knight or Squire into their arms to take with them. The knight with Bridget just stands there. "Let me go with her, Mother." the poor Knight pleads. "She wants me to give her child." he says in a sotto-calm voice.

Bridget's wings come from beneath her robes and spread wide, trying to force her way apart from Tylon.

Tamara smiles again and says to Duke is her quiet, calming voice, "It is fine my love." She leans down to kiss his cheek lightly before she looks over towards where Tylon and the unknown woman is but hey, what is happening out there. The Taniford lady jumps up without a word to Pawel, trying to keep him calm, "Priestess Tylon!" She cries out in horror at the sight of the creatures.

Looking a bit alarmed as Tamara moves up like that, Pawel sits up now, blinking a few times. "What…?" he begins, starting to attempt getting to his feet now. "What's happening?"

Green eyes blink at the creature that ends up being revealed as the hood falls, Tylon knew something….but by the Guardians! The slashing talon-claws that come at her do break in any stray thoughts that dared find their way into Tylon's head. Her grip tightening on the young birdlike woman, her voice taking on the more commanding edge used with insulante young children around the temple,"No, and you're going to let that Knight go." Giving a pull on the woman.

But then all heck breaks lose as more of them are revealed around the field of recovering solidery. Eyes yet on the woman as Tylon notes to the obviously enthralled Knight,"That's fine lad, but you need to rest and heal up before you go about having some bed sport. No be a good lad and go settle back down. Now."

There are a reason the priests and priestess have Chosen, one, they are always doing stupid things. Like Tylon as she gives another yank to Bridgets arm and worse when she tries to tackle the 'thing' as the robes fall away and wings are exposed. Two, because they are just horribly bad at it as Tylon soon proves.

Bridget's taloned hand slashes towards Tylon's chest as she pulls away and takes to the air. "Come to me, my love!" she calls to the Knight as the woman takes to the air to join her flockmates.

"We told you not to get too close to the nobles." one of them, a pretty redhead hisses towards Bridget.

"I thought the Duke would be alone and I could seduce him away."

"Childish dreams.. come, we have enough to heal and entertain our Queen." the flight leader, a blonde one says to the others, trailing the robes of Stilltha behind her. If Tylon takes the time to remember her history, she may remember that there was a lost pilgrimage of several acolytes into Ellowe.. could.. this have been their fate?

"I don't know!" Tamara's voice sounds alarmed now as she steps out of the tent and picks up a stick that someone had lying around for the fire, "Drop them!" She attempts to sound commanding but it comes out as more of a squeak as the lady is indeed scared. She clutches the stick tightly.

It is further proven just why Tylon is a priestess as Bridget's talons easily find their mark, and as a priestess there is nothing there but the cloth of her robes to protect her. Which the fail to do as the sharp talons slice through the material like a hot knife through butter and into her flesh drawing blood and a cry from Tylon. Alyona was going to be so upset with her now. The lecture she was going to get when she got home.

To her credit, Tylon does try to again make a grab for Bridget, a hop into the air that draws a winece as her other arm goes to press are the newly aquire wounds. But all her hand catches is air and as she lands, there is one bit of luck for her, she lands on the Knight knocking him back down…least for the moment.

What Tylon remembers or not at the moment may be up for grabs, but the command she hears as her shouting, yes, shouting,"You idiot! If they drop them now, they're all going to die, or wish they had!"

Pawel has a very commanding voice indeed. The harpies look back at Pawel. And two of them descend, setting down the Knight and Squire before they take back off again. Such odd behaviour indeed - they aren't looking to kill the mosty healthy men, after all. They need them for.. other things. One of the knights, however, ends up being carried off into the distance, to befall some terrible fate, for sure.

As soon as the harpies are out of range, the Knight that Tylon tackled blinks his eyes a few times and looks at the bloody and beautiful Priestess on him. "Ah.. did I cause your injuries?" he asks in confusion.

Tamara blinks at Pawel as he tries to be commanding in his state and the lady covers her mouth with her free hand as one of the men is carried off. "Priestess!" She calls out as the harpies leave, dropping her stick the red head rushes over to help tylon if needed and looks to the knight, "You don't remember?" She asks the man with a confused expression before looking back, hoping Pawel is still alright, "I need more guards on the duke…" She adds to a soldier who approaches to offer his help as well.

Pausing a little as he sees the harpies leave, but that two of the men seems to be left safely behind, Pawel slumps a bit, reaching for something to hold on to now. "Archers…" he mutters, sinking down to one knee now. Letting out a few deep breath now, as he looks out there.

There is a brief sigh of relief when the men aren't simple dropped to crash to their doom, but one is yet lost. Tylon winces again as the slices into her skin make themselves more known as she tries to get off the Knight, at first failing and landing back on him. Shaking her head at his confused question,"No, it wasn't you. " Just the potential wanna be mother of his children. A flicker of a smile manages when Tamara arrives, the aid is accepted and Tylon actually manages to get to her feet again.

And look Lythia finally has gotten here to, Tylon waves her hand, "Quit fussing, see to the Knight, I can see to myself." Tylon gives a faint nod to Tamara's words to the soldier,"Also see that helms are not worn around the camp, all faces visible." Her gaze shifting to a Chosen who finnaly arrives,"Same with all Chosen, and see that all priests, priestess and acolytes keep their hoods back. I don't care if another storm rolls in or not, we'll be soaked through anyways. No hoods, not til we're away from this place."

"..oh. Okay.." The knight says and then he passes out. Perhaps from his wounds, perhaps for something Bridget gave him to help him sleep while travelling.. who knows, but he's out cold now. And Tylon may notice - she did tend to his wound.

Tamara nods her head to Tylon and says herself backing the priestess up, "Yes all faces must remain revealed, and I want any able bodies men to keep a closer eye on the wounded." She says in her attempt to be commanding, which isn't a complete fail for once.

The Taniford lady then notices the duke slump and picking up her skirt rushes over in his direction, "Pawel, you silly man. You should still be lying down my grace." She scolds quietly before offering him a shoulder.

Taking a few deep breaths, Pawel tries getting back to his feet, wincing a bit now. "They… released them?" he asks, after a few moments of pause now, before he adds, "I had to… Protect…" Another brief pause, before he adds, "Sorry."

A faint study is given of the now passed out Knight by Tylon,"Gather the other two that were released, have them and this man kept under watch. Also set a group to check over all the wounded again," her free hand motioing to the still knight a bit away,"I saw her by him first and he has now passed, there might be others yet unnoticed." At least able to give orders on to the Chosen and temple healers to see some things done.

Seeing that Tamara is seeing to the Duke, Tylon gives a slight sigh, soon regretting it by the wince that mares her expression. "I am going to go see these cleaned and bandaged, send for me should I be needed." Moving off to find a spot to discover the true extent of the injuries, blood has a way of making it seem worse that it is sometimes. A light mutterance coming,"More injuries, just what I needed." The last round had barely just healed!

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