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Lord Antyllus is the Duke of Wolveshire's youngest paternal uncle. He is known to be a seasoned leader in battle against the Corsairs, as well as an experienced diplomatist.

Born a third son without obvious prospects, even in the great Ducal clan of Varghem, Antonius was expected in the usual course of things to become among the Chosen of the Temple. But this course was not to his liking, and neither, indeed, was his very name. He was a strong willed boy even then. He took the name Antyllus and he kept it; he kept, too, his place at the heart of the family.

Some suggested it was his malformed leg that made the fire in him blaze so, his tongue leap to persuade, his whims refuse to be gainsaid; just as it kept him away from full knighthood. In any case, being naturally shrewd and also hard-working when necessary, his value was, increasingly, recognised. While his eldest brother took over the heritage of Wolveshire at their mother's death, his second, Greggen, had both a lesser and a higher destiny as the Queen's own consort; but Antyllus was not entirely neglected. He was awarded a noble bride; he thought little enough of her, but he did his duty and sired a cadet line of little wolves.

When the Corsairs came, Antyllus' hour finally appeared to come as well. He led the Varghem forces with distinction, first alongside his nephew, the heir, Pawel, and then with the honour of sole command. In arranging for peace, his canny mind also showed its quality in drawing up treaties and armistices and urging for the Corsairs' surrender. It was a good time, but doomed to approach its end. Antyllus's fierce temperament was not ideally suited to the peace he'd helped to win. Eventually he stormed back to his petty estates, and recently has hardly ever been seen abroad. But word reports he's shaken off his malaise, and rides at last into public attention once more, to offer his nephew his services - or perhaps his brother, the King Consort - or whoever offers the most glory and power.

Immediate Family

Pawel Varghem, Duke of Wolveshire
A lot of unimportant womenfolk, including several of his own daughters

Character Features

Physical Features

Antyllus Varghem has an impressive height marred by a definite stoop, and his movements are slow and ponderous. This gives him a dignified, awe-inspiring air, but neither the many layers of padding and fur he wears in peace nor the complex suits of armour the Varghem blacksmith has fitted out for him in war quite conceal the unnatural kilter of his warped left leg. Opinion divides over whether his limb was shattered by some gruesome wound, or made that way. Despite his forty odd years and the increased impression of age his limp and his bulk bring on, his face is young, lean, and hungry, black eyes searing from under straight grey hair that just reaches his shoulders. Some say the hair was always that way, too…


Appreciates Wit - Lord Antyllus rarely laughs, but he likes to surround himself with those who jest and quip, and pays some of the more lowly ones richly.

Black Moods - Usually a hard labourer in his House's service, sometimes Lord Antyllus will storm off and brood for long periods with no explanation to any man.

Cold Husband (and father) - Lord Antyllus has been married for nearly twenty years and is the father of several children, but he stays mostly out of their way, never speaks of them, and shows them little affection when they are occasionally together.

Responsible Captain - Soldiers are pleased to serve under Lord Antyllus, as while certainly no coward he is thoughtful and careful with their lives.

Twisted Leg - Whether from birth, because of mishap, or war, one of Antyllus' legs is misshaped. It has prevented his knighthood, hinders his considerable prowess in combat, and is visibly a source of pain and shame to him.

Will to Power - Lord Antyllus is perhaps the most ambitious of all his family.

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