Apology Required

Apology Required
Summary: Collette stumbles over a a Commoner's cloak and falls - or did she trample on it on purpose? However, the incident requires an apology, and Dalyros, Deidra, Cafell and Cristof have different ideas on how to attain it.
Date: 24/06/2013
Related: None directly, although The Knight's Journal is referenced.
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Main Courtyard, Wolveshire Castle
The main courtyard is relatively large and open, and the ground is cobbled to avoid an excess of mud and dust. When entering from the gatehouse, one can follow the wall along the right toward a small well-tower that houses the freshwater source for those living in the keep. To the left of the gatehouse, a long two-story building houses the stables, the barracks, and the infirmary in three distinct but connected sections. Hidden in the corner created by the main keep's stairs and the adjacent curtain wall, the cobbles give way to hard-packed dirt that serves as a training area for the castle's guards. The smithy stands directly to the right of the practice arena.

Between the barracks and the main keep, a gently sloping walkway connects the main grounds with the garden courtyard. To the left of the gatehouse's main entrance a wide stair leads into the keep.

June 24th, 1329

Dalyros is standing near the Barracks with his sister, Collette. A group of soldiers are nearby, practicing. A furrow grows on Dalyros' face as he regards his sister with amusement in his eyes, "You always wanted to be a Prince?" He lets out a chuckle, patting his sister on the head, "You give me such delight, my little sister." He glances toward the men practicing for a moment, then back to this sister, "Where is Sir Augustus?" He looks over her shoulder, teasingly looking for the Auldholme.

Collette gasps, tossing some curls back and her deadly amber eyes find Dalyros. She opens her month once, twice… As she really would love to say some very very bad words, but young lady manages to stuck them somewhere in her throat. She swallows a bite of angriness "I… I…" her hands are crossed on her abdomen and she chews on her lip for a moment, when finally she pushes her brother, gently pounding with her fists on his chest "Stop doing that! Stop doing that! I just care about you and I don't want to lose you for a greedy pretty little child!" she pronounces each word very very slowly and clearly and a tear glints in her eyes, though, more disappointment or spite, than sadness.

One step after the other. Keeping herself straight but moving with a certain stiffness to her joints, Sir Deidra enters the Courtyard of Wolveshire Castle, exiting the double doors of the keep's entrance. The shiny steel armour is back and has replaced the unobtrusive and slightly worn one she wore during that battle at the Fens. A fresh blue cloak bulging behind her, the Deputy moves down the stairs - carefully and lacking the swift elegance she usually is known for. Her green eyes wander about the yard, quickly noticing the ongoing practice, the corners of her mouth twitch a touch downwards, as if she is too aware that this kind of training is something she will have to do without for at least a few more days. When her gaze comes to rest upon the Blue Guard and Lady Collette, she straightens again and continues her way towards them. "Lady Collette. Sir Dalyros. Well met." Deidra offers in a rather short greeting, her bow more a hint of a bow actually. The Deputy Commander's demeanour not explicitly more sour than usual, she even tries a polite smile - alas, the experiment turns out not to be graced with much success.

Loud voices cause the tall priestess in the travel worn robes to stop in her tracks. Her long brown hair has been braided and pinned up. She smells of harsh soap and herbs over her shoulder she carries a satchel over her shoulder. In one hand she carries a piece of fruit and in the other a piece of bread slathered in honey. She moves to give them wide berth.

Dalyros frowns at Collette, "Sister, she is our Princess." He murmers quietly, "She is a good woman. She will rule our Kingdom one day, and we will do what we can to support her. It is our duty, the duty of every southern man or woman." When Deidra approaches, he quickly ends the conversation, looking at the Deputy, offering a bow of his head, "Good afternoon, Sir." He offers a smile, before he is drawn away once more to the soldiers who are practicing.

Nobles who own fine castles often have their own healers. Still, for various reasons, servants do not benefit from that luxury. War ranks at the top of that list of reasons today. So, while local healers treat the brave soldiers who paid some price in wounds for their victory, the common folk welcome traveling healers such as Cristof. He is winding a bandage around the arm of a chambermaid who is sitting on a bench in the courtyard. "You will be well soon enough," he says to the girl, but you must spread some of this ointment on your arm and wrap it tightly with fresh bandages for three nights. By the fourth, you should be well. Unless something detains me, I should be here then. I will call here to see how well the break is mending. Do you understand?" The girl nods. She winces when he ties off the bandage. He steps back, and she stands. She nods to him and hurries back toward the castle and her duties.

"And you are just a man," Collette pouts at her brother once more, being still full of grudge to the Princess, who steals all brother's attention from the youngest daughter of Horse Lord to herself, as Collette's oldest sister did it all the time leaving the girl just in a fifth place in her family. "Easily bewitched man," and Collette turns to sir Deidra, nodding her "Aaah, one of the nine, good day, sir," but the young lady is too angry to offer a polite smile and she just manages to toss some kind of forced formal grin. Then her amber eyes starts looking around, to find a distraction.

And when you want something, you quite easily find it. Her gaze stumbles over the sight of the commoner, who she already met a few times. Collette raises her hand in waving and very loudly starts shouting, while her legs carries her to the healers direction "Master Cristof! Master Cristof!"

Girl paces quite quickly and her eyes still blinded by envy and anger does not let the girl see clearly and her steps are ungainly, so she steps over the cloak, which was dragged through the ground by a stranger. He moved quickly, that's why when he pulls his cloak, legs of the young lady intertwine and she falls on the ground under the feet of a stranger woman with a bag of herbs on her shoulder. Man's cloak flaws and he starts grumbling "You! Watch tehre you goin, are you blind! What I will do now?"

The priestess is studied for a moment with attentive steely green eyes, before Deidra inclines her head in a respectful greeting. "A wonderful morning for a late breakfast, your holyness?" she remarks brushing the piece of bread and the fruit in Cafell's hands with her gaze. Still. The diversion has managed to distract her attention from her current inconvenience, it seems. It shows in a little smile that plays around the corners of her mouth.

"One hears strange rumours these days, Sir Dalyros." Deidra remarks as she turns her attention back on the Blue Guard. "I heard you have almost started a fight with a Rhaedan prince." After a short pause she adds with a wink: "Not that I would hold that against you, Sir." Shifting her gaze to the healer close at hand, the Deputy lowers her gaze as if wishing to avoid arousing his attention - and possible lectures about the advantages of resting, after having sustained four arrow wounds. Just very recently, during that fateful battle at the Fens. That's why she almost fails to notice Collette's outburst, and when she does, it is only to witness the spectacular fall of the Lohstren lady, which happens too quickly for her in her current state of recovering from her injuries to interfere and prevent it.

Dalyros raises a brow at his sister's anger, then watching her leave with a frustrated look on his face. He looks across to Deidra, "It is good to see you again, Sir. I had thought your injuries were worse." The Queens Champion himself escaped the battle without a scratch, but that wasn't for a lack of mixing it up. He merely got lucky. "Aye, I almost beheaded that northern Prince. What of it? His charge had stolen property belonging to a fallen Taniford Knight. Had the healers not stepped in, I would have played my sword against his neck." His gaze turns once more toward his sister, then to this 'Master Cristof.' He surveys the man a moment, before his attention is drawn by his stumbling sister. He rushes forward to help her, but as the man insults Lady Lohstren, Dalyros' eyes widen, a fierce look of anger flashing in his eyes like a storm. "You impertinent hell-hated pignut! You quailing shard-born barnacle! You apologize to my sister, before I teach you a lesson in manners!" He dresses down the man who rebuked his sister. Now that his outburst has flown forth from his lips, he turns to help his sister up from the ground.

With the greetings being given and the tumble of legs and feet at her own feet, the priestess puts the bread in her other hand and bends down to offer the woman at her feet a helping hand. Though her hand is honey covered. She is quiet for a moment as is she is searching for her voice and when she finds it is has a quiet quality to it. "You should be kinder there is no need to be harsh." She rebukes the woman at her feet. Though a gentle and kind smile touches her lips, "are you alright?" She then looks up at Cristof and the other two. "Gggood morning." She manages to get out before her voice slips away. That small smile of hers lights up her eyes and brightens her face. "I pray you are all well, but why such harsh words?" She looks between the one at her feet and the noble male. She then looks to Deidra. "Good day to you."

But as the noble male rushes forward she takes her offered help back and steps back. When he starts to curse. She says in the same soft tone. "Enough, speak better it will get you further this day."

The pretty guard of the Lohstren lady tries to stop her from falling, but he is too late and he even is too late to help her stand up. Moreover, the guard is not worried. He is more ashamed about such behaviour of his lady and his pale cheeks blushes. Man remains standing a little bit father, not interrupting, while Dalyros helps his sister.

Though, Collette sits on the ground as a child tossing the hands of her brother away. "Go and help for your Princess! I can manage things myself!" and she leans with her hands on the ground to push herself up. She stands and starts brushing all the dusts from her leathern trousers.

The man with a cloak sniffs at Dalyros "Oh, am I an impertinent hell-hated pignut, when this," he points at Collette "Has no idea how to walk? Was she born yesterday? My cloak is ruined now! And you want me to appologize?"

Knowing, that her brother might do something stupid, Collette grabs his hand and drags him behind her back and she quite calmly, but still angry explains for the man with a cloak "Your cloak is like woman's skirt. You are a woman or man? This is your fault, not mine, that you choose such clothes!" and she still very firmly squeezes the hand of her brother, turning the gaze to Priestess. Eyes fullfills with a little bit more warmth "I am good, thank you. That was just a scratch."

The man with a cloak blushes at such comparison and grumbles "Woman without any manners…" he sniffs once more at Dalyros and raises his chin haughtily, turning to pace away, but he peeks back at the nobles "You should teach her some manners!"

While the chambermaid is hurrying back toward the castle, Cristof re-packs the rest of the bandage so that it is ready for its next use. He looks up when Collette calls his name, and he starts to bow toward her. "Lad—" he starts to call, but before he can finish the word of greeting, the collision has occured and he is staring at a prime example of humiliation - a noble sprawling on the ground in disarray, looking as if a tornado dropped her there. He glances to Dalyros, and offers the bow that he started to the man. "Lord," he greets politely. Then he looks back at Collette, and then to Cafell. "Sister," he acknowledges her as well, offering her a respectful bow. "What brings you here?" His eyes dart to Deidra, and yet again, he bows. "Good day to you as well, sir."

Deidra gives a dry chuckle as she listens to Dalyros speaking of 'almost' beheading that Rhaedan prince. "You were right, Sir, of course. The dead must be respected - and even moreso if they have served the House of Taniford. Alas, whatever ties there are between the North and South at the moment - they are thin little strings that can snap quite easily. And…" - this added in a more pensive tone - "we may have need for each other in the times to come. The traitor and his traitor wife are gathering their monstrous forces to attack again, I am sure. And what would serve them better than the rift between Rhaedans and Tanifords deepening even further?"

The discussion between the priestess, Collette and the impertinent cloak bearer has Deidra listen in silence first. It is after she hears his retort towards Dalyros, that the Deputy remarks rather coldly: "It is her right to step on your cloak. Because she is a noble lady. And you're not." Is there a sarcastic undertone, that sneaks into Deidra's voice, or is she beginning to feel amused at the absurd incident. "A commoner should know his place, master. It is Lady Collette's right to yell at you, not vice versa. Because. You. Were. In. The. Way." Deidra finishes, with her brow raised, one hand resting on the pommel of her sword. Her aching arm, abdomen and chest wounds forgotten about at the moment.

Dalyros looks back toward the vile man who insults his sister, the anger in his eyes growing from a storm to a roaring fury, wide as they could possibly get. He jerks away from his sister toward the man, and in his anger he stumbles, tripping slightly, but he catches himself. He takes several strides toward the awful man, a grim look on his face, "Lessons shall be learned, good sir, but /you/ shall be the student." His steps are quick and graceful, following that mishap at first. As he nears the man, his bulky arm rises in the air, and swipes fiercely across his face, as a bad man might slap a woman, very indignant and full of disdain. The merchant's head snaps to the side as he sprawls toward the ground in a heap. Dalyros then stands over the man, pointing into his face with a long finger, "You had best learn to watch your manners when you are in the company of nobles." The storm in his eyes remain, and should the man move to retaliate, Dalyros is there to offer him another lesson.

"Enough of this now." The tall priestess says to them all as they continue to add fuel to the fire with words. "Accidents happen and tempers are already hot." She frowns at them and for a moment she seems older than her years.

She then looks at Cristof and in that same quiet voice she first spoke with she speaks again. "Forgive me healer, I am on circuit again and there was rumor of a wedding and food and my fellows were this way so I came to visit and eat before I head back out."

As the tempers seem to flair more Cafell moves to put herself between Dalyros, Dedria and the man who is now sprawled out on the floor.

She pulls herself to her full height and she towers above six feet, her smile has faded and she gets a stubborn look in her eye. She is still holding on to her bread and honey and fruit with one hand. She now is standing over man on the ground and she is facing the others.

Today is a good day for the lord of the north, as yesterday he missed his lady for the reception and today she's out and about and rumored to be somewhere in the castle, So Augustus is now out looking for as he politely asks questions here nad there homing in on his lady's whereabouts. As Augustus nears the courtyard he begins to hear loud noises and quickens his pace to arrive and find out whats going on.

When Dalyros closes the gap that exists between him and the cloaked stranger. When the knight lashes like a great cat and stuns the stranger, Cristof frowns. He takes the same quiet, but clear, tone that the priestess used. "Please," he says, stepping forward. "Mercy can be a better teacher than cruelty." He waves with his free hand while the other hand still holds the rolled bandage. "There is a good breeze today, and cloaks, like a ship's sales, like to catch such a breeze." His eyes move from face to face while he speaks. "Give him a chance to beg forgiveness before condemning him."

The Lohstren lady tries to catch the hand of her brother, but he is quicker to move closer to the man. When her brother hits the man, who falls on the ground, Collette gasps and runs closer to him, clasping her hands around his waist and draging him away from the man. But she can't move her brother from his place "You, silly one! As I said, go and watch your Princess, this is my deal!"

Collette glances at the Priestess and now she blushes, uttering "I am sorry, that you must see such things, when you are just visiting… It's not… Well…We usually are not so loud," chuckles young lady, still trying to drag her brother away.

Now man has not just tattered cloak, but also dusty cloak. He withdraws from the man, sliding through the ground, while Priestess is standing in their way. "As always," mumbles the man quite boldly, seeing the Priestess on his side "Nobles can do whatever they want…"

Collette shakes her head frightened. Her amber look peeks at Dalyros and she pushes her brother a little bit, before she sprigs near the man, making as unpredictable move as her soul is unpredictable: lady extands her hand to the common merchant "I am sorry for not looking where I step, but be brave and better go!" Man takes her hand and stands up, glancing at Dalyros with an ironical grin, while his cheek is red as wine from the hit. "It looks like someone learned the lesson," he mumbles and as a mice turns to run away, pushing a few people from his way.

Collette turns to her brother "See, no need fists!" and she sticks her tongue at brother.

Dalyros watches the man fiercely, as his sister tries to pull him away, to no avail. The young Blue Guard steps, instead toward the man. When his sister moves to help him, he hesitates, then steps back. As the man runs away, Dalyros' gaze follows him across the courtyard, his nostrels flared and his eyes wide with anger. He says nothing further to the man, or his insolent sister. Instead, he turns back toward Deidra, moving in her direction. "I apologize, Sir." He speaks only to the Deputy of the Blue Guard. He looks over his shoulder a moment, once more falling his gaze upon the coward who is running, then back to Deidra once more, offering an incline of his head to cement the apology.

Augustus enters the courtyard just as the merchant pass's him and he looks back at the man and then the crowd. His hand was on the hilt of his weapon. "Okay so what in the seven hells was going on.. " as he spots tylon and Dalyros and collette and the others.

She had the situation under control, apparently. But when Dalyros rushes forward to assault the man, Deidra can not help but sigh and rolls her eyes in slight irritation. "Sir Dalyros. Step back from the man. I suppose that lesson will suffice, Sir." she barks with the authority of a Deputy Commander, extending her hand even to pull him back by his shoulder, before she mutters in a lower tone, meant for Dalyros' ears only: "It's alright. We will handle this in a civilized way. We are Blue Guards, Sir. We don't lose our temper, do we?"

Cafell's interference, although it happens in a sudden and dramatic way, does not seem to arouse Deidra's anger. She appears relieved, even, as she inclines her head in reverence to the priestess' courage and common sense. "It's alright. No harm shall come to that man. But he needs to apologize to Lady Collette." Turning towards Cristof, Deidra adds: "No cruelty intended, master. Only justice, and a certain amount of humility, when dealing with a lady of noble birth. And he shall have that chance, if you ask me."

Crossing her arms before her, Deidra watches the rather strange development as a lady apologizes to a commoner. Her brows furrow and she gives a low snort, as she shifts her weight from one leg to the other. "A mistake, my lady, no offence." she murmurs, shaking her head. "Where shall the world come to, when the highest bow before the lowest, I wonder…?" And with that said, she shrugs and suddenly is painfully reminded of certain aches here and there in her body. Clearing her throat, she offers a quick goodbye. "If you don't mind, I will leave you now. For… a bit of rest and… contemplation." And then she heads off, vanishing into that keep again through the double doors from whence she had entered.

Cristof exhales a slow breath when the disgraced merchant scurries like a rat from the scene. He bends to drop the roll of bandage into his bag, and hitches the bag's strap over his shoulder while he nods to Cafell. "I discovered that celebration quite by accident," he confirms. "Guards at the palace mistook me for the bard who was to play there. They took me to the banquet hall and shoved me through the door. I was … not expecting that." He blushes deeply. "I did not come prepared to celebrate or to dance."

"I usually never apologize!" Collette proudly answers to Deidra "But when two bold men are standing before each other, it's the best way to save some blood in veins," and young girl glances at her brother reproachfully "I don't care about rumors, sir Deidra and I never apologize…" frowns Collette and she shakes her head at Dalyros as he would be fault that she was forced to apologize. "It's better, when you…" but her eyes catches the sight of lord from the north and russet gaze changes. Corners of the lips of the young lady jump up and it looks like that nothing happened before. She, being still dusty, joyfully bounces near the lord and offers him a respectful cursty "My Lord! I am so happy to see you." It looks like the lady forgets about everyone else around. "How was your day, my lord!"

"Good healer I am sure it was a shock, I do hope that you found what you were seeking?" Cafell says to him in a quiet voice again. Her gaze then moves between the three nobles. Before it flickers over to the retreating merchant. "Two wrongs do not make a right, it just leads to more bad blood." she reminds them all. She then looks back to her food and she frowns. Her voice lost for a moment as she becomes quiet.

Augustus looks over at collette and smile. " well my dear. " he replies and moves over to his southern Belle and smiles warmly to her and the others. "Seems I missed the excitement what transpired here.?"

Cristof inclines his head to Cafell. "I had not prepared for such a feast, or for dancing, sister," he explains. "I did not belong there. I was seeking a simple meal and quiet. After I escaped, I found both." Briefly, he glances toward Collette and Dalyros, who seem to have recovered their composure and found new noble companions to distract them. "I hope that you found those of the temple as well."

Dalyros doesn't seem too concerned with this notion that he has to answer to the temple for his actions. As Deidra moves away, the Knight turns toward the men-at-arms who are practicing. He motions to his squire, who comes rushing forward with the Knights armor, moving to help him strap it in place. Once secured, he twists his arm to see if the movement feels right. He says nothing further to the crowd who has gathered, and makes no note, in his mind or otherwise, to the rebuke he receives.

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