Note about prices: These prices are not set, they are the first working draft of them. They will change!


Armor takes a beating, it's what you wear it for. But after so many hits it does require upkeep. Most armor will wear out over time, that is why you will have to have it repaired. Any armorsmith can handle this for you, for a price that is!

Custom items can be purchased, for a price. It really depends on the amount of customization tha is wanted. Anywhere from 25% to 50% price increase can be expected over standard prices.

Name Protects Over/Under Protection Encumberance Cost Delivery Delay Custom Delay
Royal Cuisses Legs Over Superior
Royal Helm Head Over Superior
Royal Sabatons Feet Over Superior
Royal Arms Arms Over Superior
Royal Gorget Neck Over Superior
Royal Gauntlets Hands Over Superior
Royal Breastplate Torso Over Superior
Steel Sabatons Feet Over Excellent 10sp 3 Days 6 days
Maille Sabatons Feet Over Good 5sp 2 Days 5 days
Cuisses Legs Over 20sp 4 days 7 days
Chausses Legs Over 9sp 3 days 5 days
Jousting Harness Torso Over Excellent 28sp 6 Days 11 days
Breastplate Torso Over 22sp 4 Days 8 days
Coat of Plates Torso Over 16sp 3 Days 7 days
Hauberk Torso Over 12sp 3 Days 7 days
Leather Jerkin Torso Over 5sp 1 day 4 days
Leather Jacket Torso Over 3sp Upon Order 3 days
Plate Arms Arms Over Plate Arms 5 Days 8 days
Brigandine Arms Arms Over 10sp 2 Days 6 days
Maille Sleeves Arms Over 6sp 1 Day 5 days
Gambeson Torso Under 1sp Upon Order 3 days
Steel Gorget Neck Over 5sp 2 Days 6 days
Maille Coif Neck Under Maille Coife 1 Day 5 days
Leather Hood Neck Under Basic 1sp Upon Order 3 days
Visored Helm Head Over 25sp 3 days 8 days
Great Helm Head Over 10sp 2 Days 7 days
Open-faced Helm Head Over Good 5sp 1 Day 5 days
Leather Cap Head Under 2sp Upon Order 3 days
Steel Gauntlets Hands Over 10sp 2 days 6 days
Maille Mittens Hands Over Good 3sp 1 Day 5 days
Leather Gauntlets Hands Under 1.5sp Upon Order 3 days
Leather Gloves Hands Under Basic 1sp Upon Order 2 days
Padded Jacket Torso Under 1.5sp Upon Order N/A

Note: Over and Under. Items identified as Over can be stacked ontop of another item. Such as a Haubrek over a Padded Jack.

Full Suits Protection Encumbrance Cost Delivery Delay Custom Delay
Basic Commoner Suit Basic 3sp Upon Order 4 days
Advanced Commoner Suit Better 12sp Upon Order 5 days
Basic Brigandine Suit Really Good 22.5sp 5 Days 10 days
Advanced Brigandine Suit Excellent 65sp 5 Days 10 days
Full Maille Suit 47sp 4 days 9 days
Royal Full Plate Suit 400sp 14 Days N/A
Full Plate Suit 115sp 12 Days 18 days
Basic Joust Suit 44sp 7 Days 13 days
Advanced Joust Suit 75sp 8 Days 14 days
Hunter's Suit 4sp Upon Order 2 days
Shield Name Cost Delivery Delay Custom Delay
Wooden Buckler 10cp 1 day 3 Days
Steel Buckler 30cp 3 days 5 days
Wooden Heater 30cp 1 day 3 days
Steel Heater 50cp 3 days 5 days
Wooden Kite 60cp 2 days 5 days
Steel Kite 1sp 4 days 6 days


  1. Leather gloves
  2. Leather Gauntlets
  3. Maille Mittens
  4. Steel Gauntlets


  1. Leather Cap
  2. Open-Faced Helm
  3. Great Helm
  4. Vsored Helm


  1. Leather Hood
  2. Maille Coif
  3. Gorget


  1. Gambeson
  2. Maille Sleeves
  3. Brigandine Arms
  4. Plate Arms


  1. Padded Jack
  2. Leather Jack
  3. Leather Jerkin
  4. Haubrek
  5. Coat of Plates (Brigandine)
  6. Breastplate
  7. Jousting Harness


  1. Chausses
  2. Cuisses


  1. Maille Sabatons
  2. Steel Sabatons

Full suits:

  1. Full Plate Suit
  2. Full Maille Suit
  3. Basic Brigandine Suit
  4. Advanced Brigandine Suit
  5. Advanced Commoner's Suit
  6. Basic Commoner's Suit
  7. Hunter's Suit
  8. Basic Joust Suit
  9. Advanced Joust Suit
  10. Royal Full Plate Suit
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