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Needful Things
Summary: Royalty visits the smith in Laketown for preperation for the up coming Tourney
Date: 4/14/2013
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Galvin Stefan 

Hammer and Anvil
A rough counter is what first greets those entering this smith. The next thing is the heat and the beat of hammers that mingles with the smell of the furnace. Beyond the counter one can see into the actual workings. Tools hang from over head, various bits of armor and weapons, most still being worked are stacked here and there.

There is a tattered and stained sign on the counter that reads:
If the smith is not here, leave a mesage with the boy.

Sun Apr 14, 1329

The forge is in full song, the young lad works the bellows while Galvin beats on the rough outline of a
sword, inspects it, before putting it back into the coals "Just about right," he proclaims to no one in
particular. Swords, armor of all sorts litter the place in various stages of completion. Pulling a dirty
rag from the waist band of his pants he wipes the sweat that beads on his forehead.

With the day going on it is finally time for a prince to step into the smithy. Prince Stefan even as he
opens to wander in calmly. Guards walking in behind him but standing further back as he makes his way
inside. "Good day, craftsmen." Comes the greetting as Stefan's eyes goes between those inside. Running a
hand through his hair while having a small smile on his lips. "I have heard that you have some skills."
Comes a word from Stefan as he draws closer to Galvin. "I had an offer for a custom made armor. If
perhaps you could make such. Or in some way help out with something." Keeping his words a bit lower.
"Just wishing to try and use it. It'll will be on display so it could be quite well for your reputation,
I am sure." He offers first. Having the appearance of a mischievous child. "Might you have seen a girl
come by here lately? Same house. Blonde hair." He asks as a side note.

With the rag half way down his face, Galvin looks up as the men enter the smith. He gives a glance to
the boy "Keep it hot," he bellows out before turning to the arrivals. He looks them over, one at a time
before his eyes settle on the Prince. He bows as is expected "Your Highness," comes his greeting. He
listens to all that is said before he responds, a bit of a grin on his features "Your highness, I am an
old man, my reputation has long been made and soon shall end." He gives a shrug of his shoulders "But if
you be want'n something crafted I be your man." Then with a shake of his head "Ain't seen no girl come
by, not in the past few days. You loose one?" Again he grins.

"Ah. Well. Reputations should not die so perhaps I can help carry it for centuries." Stefan suggests
with a grin. "I am just wanting something simple. I am not fully certain about design right now. I
usually discuss it with the girl." He explains and just grins at the man's last words. Placing his hands
over his chest and gives a longing look. Eyes going to look to the ceiling. "Ah, yes. She was taken
away. Placed in a far away castle. Soon I hope to see her face again." Finally turning back to Galvin
with a sly grin, "My sister, that is."

Galvin just shrugs his shoulders once again. "You be talking about that Princess that be sent to
Tanifords." He smiles "I may be a black smith, Your Highness, but I do know the happen'ns around here."
He props on foot up on a low stool "So what ya be looking for? Armor, weapons? Something simple. Got it.
You be trying to hide who you be, Prince of Rhaedan?"

Stefan chuckles and nods, "Indeed. That is her." He admits and smiles brightly. Tilting his head with a
raised brow. "Indeed. Clever man indeed. I have had some plans on design but I usually have to be talked
out of it and change thanks to my dear sister. So I thought if I was lucky she had already talked to the
smiths around this area. I was thinking either dancing wolves. Or something that could be taken from a
more far away place. Weapon as well, if possible. I'll give you loose reins." He offers and trusts the
man's skills.

"I done made a lot for folks. I be guessing you want it for the big Tournament that be held in
Wolveshire?" Galvin makes his way to the counter and draws out a string that is knotted every so often
"Armor and a weapon. What kind of weapon? I can do swords, hammers. I like my hammers if I do say so
myself." He Motions to Stefan to hold his arms out then looks to the Guards "And don't you boys get all
excited like, I just be taking a few measurements." He turns back to the Prince "Well I ain't seen your
sister so maybe she just ain't found me yet. You be wanting Jousting gear I be thinking, maybe full
plate as well?" He asks as he draws nearer.

"Something like that." Stefan says with an amused grin. Though soon a sigh comess along. "Here I hoped
to minimize the people knowing." Though his grin does betray him, as he most likely knows that he would
not be fooling the one making his armor. The guards indeed keeping his eyes on the man and standing
ready. Though an older guard seem to have been through this before at least. "Indeed. All of it. Weapon
of choice. Most likely a sword and maybe if you have a light mace. Though I would prefer a sword."

A parchment that has seen better days is taken out and a bit of coal that has been shaped to write with
is drawn out. Galvin moves to take his measurements, counting the knots in the string, marking it down
as he goes along. Not a word is said as he works. Then as he finishes he dusts his hands off and looks
from his notes to the Prince "Swords I got near complete. Take me a day to finish them. YOu get me the
designs you want for the armor and I be done with it all in," he taps his finger on his chin as he
thinks "Three days. But I be needing the design sooner that later. And if you want it tinted that be
another day. You find your Princess sister and see what you want it like I be ready for it." Then he
smiles "It will cost ya though."

Stefan nods, "Of course. I will get the design to you as soon as I can." He offers. Grinning about it
costing. "Of course, I am sure that I got enough to pay for it." He offers with a smile. Bobbing his
head from one side to the other. "And I'll trust your reputation and hope that you will be an honest
blacksmith." He says as he studies the man for a moment longer.

Laughing "I've no doubt you got the funds to cover it, Your Highness. No doubt at all." Again Galvin
chuckles "You think that the Guilds let me work here in Laketown with out me being honest? I do good
work, some of the best. Once you get all dressed up in my gear you won't be recognized by the Queen
herself." He does some scribbling on the parchment "Thirty two silvers and it all be yours. 3 silvers
more if'n you want it tinted."

"Tinted works well." Stefan offers and has just been grinning as he listened to the man, nodding about
him being an honest smith. "Good, good. I would want to fool my sister. But I am sure she will find out
before I am even in the armor." Laughing himself now. "And thirty five silvers sound fair. Do you know
anyone that might be able to dress my horse? To carry in the same design as my armor I mean."

"I can do that as well, if'n you be wanting me to. Full gear for your horse be another 8 silvers." Says
Galvin. He doesn't bat an eye at the cost. "Just bring the horse by so I can get 'em measured as well.
Lets see…." Galvin seems to think a moment "Horse, joust harness, full plate, sword all tinted with
scroll work. 5 days and it be done. But that's counting that you get me the designs you want in the next
day or so."

"Ah, good, good." Stefan agrees, being through similar often enough perhaps. "Sounds good. The design
should be in come tomorrow or the day after." He assures Galvin. "I'll bring my horse by at the same
time." Bowing his head, "Thank you."

Galvin bows and when he looks up "You got my word that you not be disapointed, Young Prince. And ain't
no one gonna know I be making it for you 'cept those you tell. I been doing this way to long and delt
with your family and others to go flapping my jaws." He drops his foot down from the stool and yells at
the boy "Go get me some supper, we got work to do." As the lad scampers off he turns to the Prince "I be
looking for you and your horse, Your Highness."

Stefan chuckles and nods. "Good, good. I am sure it will all work out fine. Pleasure. Have a good day."
Then turning to leave the men to it. His guards stepping out behind him.

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