Arrival Into Laketown

Arrival Into Laketown
Summary: After the broken spoke incident, Amira and Cassia ride into Laketown and come across Sir Augustus.
Date: 05/Oct/2013
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Laketown - Laketown
Laketown is a series of dichotomies laid out in the open. Grand cobbled stone boulevards feed into winding and cramped dusty alleyways and muddy side roads. The shimmering gleaming halls of polished stone that the merchants, guildmasters, local gentry, and nobles have built hide the dilapidated and grimy hovels and dirt and mud that seems to pervasively linger in a town always under construction. Even at night, the beating heart of the Laketown market square is filled with spectacles and merchants and the constant flow of money, although not always between buyers and sellers. All roads lead to the gold and marble pillars and bright cobalt tile roofing of the Blue Duck Inn, the unofficial hub of the business in Laketown set just across the way from the large, glittering temple.
The town tapers towards the Deep Woods and Wolveshire to the south, the fertile Open Field to the west, Brivey Keep to the Northwest, and the expansive Docks to the east. Laketown never sleeps, the constant clang of blacksmiths, shouting merchants, and the thunder of heavy carts constantly moving about town.
Sat Oct 05, 1329

By the time they reach Laketown, the autumn sun is gone, tucked below the horizon. The group from the Brivey have finally managed to get to middle ground. Their trip from the North took longer than they had anticipated and now it seemed unless they wished to move in the cover of darkness, the night must be spent at Laketown. A chilly wind comes in from the east, full of autumn decay and winters promises. Knights flying the banners of Rhaedan are not questioned as they come into the town, though the party is not exactly subtle in their affair. Three wagons in the company of a small group of knights and a couple of noble women, evidently, as two of them are riding on steads alongside the foreward most knights.

Augustus rides into town on his sweet mount Jezzebelle, due to the fact she's very sweet and gentle and his riding skills is appauling. Two Ironclad are following as normal behind the Iron lord as They all spot the wagon just ahead of them flying the Rhaedan colors. With a gentle coaxing Augustus's mount speeds up as he and his two knights move up just outside the ring of protection to see who might be within the wagon.

Cassia is riding alongside Amira astride her own horse. She is dressed for comfort and ease of movement. Her bow and quivers attached to her saddle for easy access. As they ride into Laketown Cassia seems to relax at least a little. "At least we made it here not long after dark. Do you have an arranged place to stay for the night or shall we find an inn?" She queries the princess. A pair of her own guards ride in the train. As she notes the approaching riders, a hand slips toward her bow until she recognizes one of the riders as her Brother, "Hail Augustus, what brings you to Laketown?" She calls out to her brother.

Amira is sitting side saddle on a black gelding with a long mane, who seems in good temperment even as all the noises build as they enter into the town. Amira's gaze turns toward Cassia, before her gaze takes in the sighte of the Temple, mere shadows in places that she once knew to be filled with stone at one point. "I would have suggested the Temple, had it not been so directly attacked," her head shakes at that thought, a resigned sigh escaping her, "No, not an inn," A glance to Raulin whom nods at that, systematically agrees, while Amira continues, "While we're small, we're still too large a party to afford accommodations for them all." Already the train of wagons, servants, and so forth are turning for the open field. Most of them are used to it. "We'll have to camp. If you wish to stay at an inn Lady Cassia, you certainly don't need my approval for it. I was just encouraged to stay by -all- the knights in our party and not just by a few." Her backward look toward Raulin while not actually turning to him indicates who she has gown weary of. Just then though, the approaching riders have her cast a look that way as well, offering a smile and a nod in place of Cassia's actual verbal greeting to the man.

Augustus looks to his sister and then to the princess, "Why my horse of course. " as he gives a rueful grin to the pair. "Actually had thought to come on down to see the local smiths to see about setting up deals on purchasing our fine Ore. Wouldn't do to have them get supplied by the south now would it. " he grins softly, as he nods to Amira. "Highness, your looking quite well this evening."

Cassia follows the princess's gaze toward the temple before looking to the princess, "Camping is fine your highness." She offers with a warm smile for the young lady. "Maybe we can yet get a game of chess in tonight by lamplight?" She offers before she turns her attention to her brother and shakes her head slightly at his quip. "How funny brother. Your horse carries you well." She leans forward on her mare for a moment, "We can not let those southerners get the jump on us. It is important we inform the realm that we have the far superior ore." Her gaze shifts over her brother's face as though she wished to say something more but holds it for now.

Amira regards Augustus with a gentle smile on her face, "Thank you for your kind words Sir Auldholme," is her response, withdrawn though, reserved and modest for the most part. She shifts on the saddle, slowing her mount to a plodding walk, looking positively agreeable at Cassia's suggestion, "I would like that." She does not intrude on the commentary about which ore is better, south or north. She has her loyalty to the North of course, as her noble blood would prove, but she will not publically claim someone's ore is better than another's in this place of neutrality.

Augustus grins softly "your most welcome Higness, I hope your stay here is enjoyable and in a way uneventful. " as he grins at his sister and chuckles. "As much as I'd like to agree, I do believe the princess has shown us the proper path by not boasting as we'll let the smiths decide as well as the customers who by their wares."

"When I must play the diplomat I will ever extol the virtues of both northern and southern ores. When I wish to support my house in trade and my brother in such activities…well show those smiths that its worth every penny and more." Cassia says as she leans forward, her voice in a conspiratoreal tone. "Quicker the business is done he can return home and deal with others matters. Your lady remains as…spirited as ever." Her tone carefully neutral as she speaks of the Lady Collette.

Amira is as refined as she can be in this situation, rocking one way and the next on the saddle, swaying gently as the big gelding clods on, nearing the field where the party will surely set up camp and go about gathering any needed supplies as can be bought in Laketown. Her response to Augustus is polite, "I would like nothing else for it to be swift and nothing to write home about." She does seem curious about the latter affair however, frowning ever so slightly at the mention of Lady Collette, "How is Lady Collette? I have not seen her in quite a long time." Likely for the best, considering how many rumors there are about the woman.

Augustus sighs and shrugs, "I … don't know.. I've been spending alot of time in talks with father and lets just say he sent me here to try to get me out of the house as I seem to be driving him crazy, He figgured the trip here to set up a new supply line of ore would be a good distraction for him and me. " he slumps forwards a very un-Augustus move " I've not spoken to her in some time, nor do I know of here where abouts. " though he doesn't sound all that pleased.

"The healers still keep a close eye upon her, as well does a southern gentleman. I heard rumours that a man never did leave her side, I admit to being shocked that by her own admission it was this southern Gentleman and not my dear brother that kept such close company. She assured me he was but a friend. I suppose I should not judge her too harshly on the company she keeps as I was called for treason over conversing with a goldsmith. Tongues do wag alas. She resides in Brivey Keep at present as she recovers." Lady Cassia comments to her brother before nodding to his own words, "Our father is wise. You honour the house with your skill of coin." She cants her head to Amira and nods, "I would love for this turn south to far less adventurous than the last. Perhaps I will let my guard speak to the common tradesmen this time less I am accused of treason with the blacksmith this time." At least she can such such things with humour …now.

Amira listens ever so studiously to the words being spoken now between brother and sister, offering encouragement to Augustus, "A man who is idle is more troublesome than a man who is never home." She watches him slump forward and seems to let a crease of worry mark her brow, "I know she is at Brivey good Sir, injured by all accounts, but recovering well." As Lady Cassia fills him in on this southern gentleman, Amira's eyebrows shoot up and yet she says nothing, but, from that look it is a tad bit surprising for her to hear. Only, at the last, she assures, "As far as I heard last, not by her own mouth, but that of other tongues, she did love you Sir Augustus, for you loved her when the world turned against her and all her friends seemed to besmirched by some heartfelt betrayal." She twitches the reins slightly, to keep her stead on course, nodding to Cassia, "I myself will not accept any knightly offer of shelter unless I build it myself or I buy it myself. Tongues are ever deceiving and wag too often for me to trust man's offer other than that of a prospective husband." An unfortunate side to being so adventurous when younger, her lesson well taken and learned, evidently.

Augustus the words of she did love you. Seem to strike home in a nearly devestating way. Though he steels himself and sits up and smiles. "I am sure that her recovery will be swift under the aid of the temple's healers and Once I've concluded my dealings with the smiths of the town I shall return and see how she is fairing."

Cassia dips her head to Amira, "By her own words did this man visit her, but also by her own words he was but a friend. A reminder of home she says. A person may make allegiences to a new land, but the heart will ever be linked to where you were born." In that at least her words are softly spoken. She sits up straighter in her saddle, "Indeed she does profess her love for my brother and wondered of her wherabouts. I am glad to see my brother hale and keeping busy." She reaches over toward her brother to clasp his arm if allowed, "I will support you no matter what eventuates My brother." A good diplomat is she, whether she prefers the disposal of this southerner or the betrothal of her she does not make clear. There is silence for a moment before her horse steps back again and she looks to the princess, "I think I will go on ahead and see that the campsite is well prepared."

Amira doesn't seem to register the fact that her words caused in any way havoc to this man, instead she's listening to his appointed mark to say that he'd return to visit her, nodding and concluding the matter dealt with. It is Cassia's words that make Amira take pause, thinning her lips as she contemplates those very words she'll keep burried in her own heart as she ventures South to a new land. "As it pleases you, Lady Cassia," she tips her head, giving the woman leave to see to the campsite.

Augustus not only accepts his sisters clasp but before she can back off he'll nudge his horse closer so that he can give her a kiss on the cheek. He smiles once she readies to make camp. "well you two ladies have a pleasant time, and maybe I'll see you around town before my return north. " He gives a warm bow from the saddles to Amira and his sister before turning down the street headed east to the craftsmen Quarters.

Augustus not only accepts his sisters clasp but before she can back off he'll nudge his horse closer so that he can give her a kiss on the cheek. He smiles once she readies to make camp. "well you two ladies have a pleasant time, and maybe I'll see you around town before my return north. " He gives a warm bow from the saddles to Amira and his sister before turning down the street headed east to the craftsmen Quarters.

Only to pause as he gets a bit and shakes his head as he turns his mount around and cant help but color a bit. " I was so busy on the job I neglected to recall the hour. They wont be open for many hours. " as he grins softly at his own anxiousness.

Amira has her band of personal guards keeping tabs of her, even if the major part of the train has left for the campsite and they were dallying behind. She had expected Augustus to ride on after his farewells, only to witness him making a quick turn about. She smiles with some amusement glinting in her blue gaze, "Then you should accompany us to our campsite Sir, for I'm sure your sister would be pleased to have your company for a full evening. I imagine there are plenty of things that you two need to speak of." Herself, she turns her mount again and makes for the campsite, looking back to ensure Augustus has accepted and taken the invitation. But then again, when a Royal says do something, she's not used to people doing otherwise and has come to expect obdience even if she is the youngest of her line.

Once he does ride along, Amira will ask, "Forgive me if I'm too forward in asking, but, if you love her so, why are you not challenging this gentleman who your sister spoke of? It is your right, is it not?" Defending a betrothed, defending the lady of his future, his bride to be. "I admittedly fell out of friendship with Collette many months ago and I have not been able to speak with her since. I fear she believes I tried to meddle in her affairs too many times to make amends for. And look at me still, concerned for her well being, and yours, good Sir."

Augustus cocks his head and smiles, "Perhaps I think she feels her loss of station is what caused her to lose your friendship. As during such a time I've heard her speak highly of you. Though like all things perhaps time will allow such things to heal and you to regain that friendship. As for the gentlmen in question I'll speak to her on this about these rumors and should they prove accurate then A challenge will be issued, though I dont take my challenges lightly and as such it might cause more trouble than it fixes. Which is why I do not wish to rush into this rashly and further inflame an already hot topic." as he moves to ride with you and your escort, His own guards keeping close tabs on him as they ride along as well.

"She would have found herself in error had she sought audiance with me," Amira states quietly, almost in a sullen tone, "I in fact had tried in vain to find her a few weeks ago, perhaps more than a month back now. I even had my cousin Lady Rakel ask to help me track her down." Her fingers reach out to pet her gelding's mane, "She always had quite the spirit and I miss our hunting trips." She purses her lips and then looks quietly over at Augustus, "Time does heal, you are correct. Though I am grateful to the Four that they have brought me your sister Lady Cassia. I do ever so much like her company." Her gaze tracks some movement from one of the side streets, though nothing to worry about, some people coming and going no doubt. Then for the matter of a challenge, she nods, "I'm afraid it is quite a hot topic, such as I myself once was. Though such rumors proved to be false as well, so I would beg you not to put too much stock into such foolish words." If Augustus knew Amira from before, she doesn't seem to be the woman that fits the bill of giving a wayward knight a bed to share, closing her cloak in tighter with one hand as the other holds the reins, "Tell me then of other things Sir Augustus, what has kept you so busy that you must give your poor father a reason to see you out with a trade prospect?" an impish smile falls across her expression.

Augustus smiles "Actually I think he's most irritated with my helping the Countess Katarina and her troops as I've been showing them our style of training and fighting. Father seems to think such things are requited to stay in the Malgrave forces, but I've been trying to convey to him that such techniques must be shared even with the countess as her forces have been fighing the corsairs the longest even if we've helped a great deal and they've lost many men and women and with the improved training they'll lose less. In fact they might do so well that the corsairs wont know what the heck hit them. " he brings his mount in as close as proper, and adds. "even now were being hit all over by these sneak attacks and its running our forces thin to where we need her forces and others to pick up the slack."

"So I have heard," she commiserates as he brings his mount in close so that they can share a word without having the local commoners overhearing as they ride by, "It is why I head South," she tells him, completely confident that should word break, it should be because of this, "We need to collaborate and prepare for these corsairs. Their attack on the Laketown docks should've been a loud warning to us all." She considers Augustus, "So it is beneficial if we -all- share our knowledge between one another to keep our enemies in the sea where they belong."

Augustus sighs and nods. "Well as much as I agree with that assessment Highness, there is another threat just as grave, but sadly I cant seem to make those who need to understand and listen to do so…. While the corsairs are a nuicense at best, its to the far east that we must worry about as While we of the north have our hatred for the south (as he rolls his eyes a bit) If we dont work on a common enemy then north/south it wont matter as Ellowe will have control over both. I have my misgivings about some of the southerners but I've lived with many and befriended a few enough to know not all are deserving of out mistrust."

That sigh does not fall on deaf ears this time, she is completely aware of it and has pointed misgivings to such a sigh, listening to his recant of something far greater than the comings of a tide of barbarians. The mere mention of Ellowe has her skin crawling, a chill creeping up so quickly that she puts up the hood of her cloak, "You fear the far east… Why?" she cannot even bring herself to repeat his threat by naming the dead kingdom of the east, evil and wicked as it is rumored to be, as if her tongue was suddenly swollen over the words.

Augustus nods his head "plainly put I have a feeling they might be giving the corsairs safe harbor. Or supplying them for those very raids were hit with so that our forces are weakened and we wear ourselves out. I believe they are just biding our time hopeing that north and south decimate each other along with the corsair attacks so that they can in time just waltz in and take over with very little effort. I've stratigized that what we need are skilled watch towers along the coast lines so that we can have a sort of early warning system perhaps even equip catapults along the way so that if the towers spot such corsair ships they can alert the catapults who, thru practice can then target the ships and sink them before they become a land based threat. My only problem is getting the proof I need to Validate my claims so that perhaps in time both sides will see reason and work togehter. Or neither country will be safe."

"That is a frightful thought," she replies with another shudder hidden under the layers of tailored fashion, looking down at the horn of her saddle, her one hand clutching it hard, even though her stead was doing little to change his pace. Although her attention returns to Augustus soon enough, it was just hard to swallow the idea that the Elowee could try such a thing. "I do not pretend to know of war Sir, or how best to defend a nation from invasion, from Corsairs or any other alike," she flicks her gaze toward the night sky, "Though I do not doubt that my brother and our King, should be informed of any possibility of a threat previously unseen. Sometimes, we are so focused on one outcome, one problem, that we miss the related events that are so much bigger and more important to see." She pauses suddenly, a notion suddenly striking her, "Sir Augustus, I do hope you are not going to do anything to risk your own life to validate these claims?"

Augustus doesn't speak for a bit, but then. "I have thought about it but having just recently gotten back into the good graces of your brother and my father and the king. I think perhaps that wouldn't be wise, Though I know there are many of my troops who've come to me letting me know that should I wisht to under take such a mission they'd follow. First I think we'd need to talk to both sides to establish a line of look out towers and relay posts even here in laketown. Though that would mean getting the Guilds to side with us to do it. Then if both sides agree we could then commison the towers and seige weapons that would protect our shores and keep us better prepared for corsair or other hostile attacks. "

<ROLL> Amira rolls her Economics skill at a Normal difficulty: Success (6)

"The costs would be astronomical," she tells him, right off the hop, because she was in fact the king's treasure before being sent on this wild goose chase, "To line the entire shore with these towers, the commission alone to fund their building… and then not only that, but you'd need to house the men to man them, the men to train them, the cooks to feed them, the wagon trains to supply them if they aren't self-relient, the horses to keep them well capable of carrying word, or stocked well with messanger birds…" Suddenly she's squeezing her eyes shut at the thought, "And then, to get both sides to agree on such a thing and whom is to make sure that these watchmen do the watching and aren't overcome by corruptness or greed." She shakes her head, "Money is best spent near the homes that are already built." She sighs, "Nevertheless, my father or brother might find some benefit in your suggestion." She regards Augustus, "I do think Laketown might better off from such things. Protect what is already here," she looks back toward the awkward shape of the Temple, sighing and then looking back at Augustus, "To be truthful Sir Augustus, I am going for a mission not much different than what you speak of, to get both South and North working together in some fashion."

Augustus listens to your speach and nods. "I didn't say it would be cheap Highness and you'd could in theory spread them out a bit if you used the natural high spots to place your towers so that with a spy glass you could keep patrol, or even establish a signal fire to cut down on things." he rubs his chin "though you are correct in the supplies required I do not think it would be a cheap nor easy thing to do but as for price, perhaps with some artful talks the guilds would realize that its in their best interest to donate some time to the working of building those towers to cut down on cost as I have a feeling the common folk are quite tired of being attacked, looted or killed and might be willing if asked in the right wasy to lend aid in helping put up such defenses. " he shrugs, "Though that is not a decision I can make nor anyone save the king and Queen of the two nations. for then to concider would it be cheaper in the longrun to fun these towers and messengers or to not fun them and continue to lose supplies on the raids.?"

"I suppose you did not," she suddenly awards him with a smile, sheepish as it is, "The logistics of it could be… difficult to fund, considerably since both nations have likely prepared for war with one another and have focused all their efforts on keeping the border." She seems to appreciate the conversation, approval in her gaze as she lets her blue eyes linger on the man, "It would be cheaper I imagine to build walls and keep our men ready to defend them." She gives him a wry look, "Besides, you yourself said they were small raiding parties." Then just as abruptly, "Though I do grow tired I'm afraid. More of what makes me tired is the fact that tomorrow I will be in Wolfshire and that thought keeps me awake." She hms softly, "You said earlier you have meant some good Southern folk. Are there any in which a Princess of the North can put her trust in?"

Augustus smiles, "Samwell, is one I would put my trust in, Though having spent time with him yourself Im sure you might as well. The dukes sister though I cant recall her name as its been a while would be another. (not prada) Though I've not had much dealings with them since making sure you and stefan were freed from your extended stay with them in Wolveshire castle."

"Ahh… the Prince," she states a little hesitantly, "I suppose time will tell, though I fear my trust is less than it was but mere months ago." Times had changed, so had she. The world she was seeing with different eyes, not so naive and captivated by ever little word or promise, "Thank you Sir Augustus. It was a pleasure to see you once more." They have thusly arrived at the campsite and already a knight is offering to take the reins of her stead and giving her a hand down, "I wish you well Sir and good fortune," she smiles at him once before sliding off the saddle into the arms of a knight who props her back up, "It would seem the eve is old now. So do enjoy the rest of it, I must retire." A quick smile and then she's heading toward the larger tent set up, apparently her quarters for the night - better than some drunken knight's bed, indeed.

Augustus smiles as he turns and seeks out the inn or tavern so that he might get some sleep before dealing with the smithis.

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