Asking for the Impossible

Asking for the Impossible
Summary: Prince Jerric seeks an audience from Temple Priestess Tylon, and does not get all he hopes for out of it.
Date: 30 June 2013
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Brivey - Temple of the Four
Like all temples of the Four, this one is a slightly stretched diamond in structure with lofty cathedral ceilings that let natural light shine in and illuminate this sacred place. It is accessed by a graceful archway on each of the four straight walls, emphasizing that neither direction holds prescedence over the other. Combined with the stone walls and polished floors create a wonderful echo that catches almost every footstep and whisper.

At each of the four corners of the temple are the altars of the Four. The northern corner belongs to Bornas the Mountain God; a tall effigy of a bulking, bear of a man with his sigil carved into the platform at his feet. There is an offering dish that is often filled with handfuls of earth, leaves, or seeds. Directly opposite of him in the south is the handsome and youthful statue of Ravas the Fire God, and his offering bowl often contains hearth ash or bits of tinder. To Ravas's left in the western corner is the old and wise Stilltha; river stones and water occupy her offering bowl, including the occasional fishbone. Last, but not least, opposite of Stilltha in the east is the young Altheara with her long, windswept hair and fiercely beautiful features. In her bowl is held bird feathers and bones, as well as small carved flutes and chimes.

Sun Jun 30, 1329

The morning sun has just recently risen and so Prince Jerric makes his way through Brivey Keep and to the Temple there in. Two guards walk with him as he heads purposefully to the meeting he hopes will occur. After opening the door to the Temple there is a pause as he looks to the guards"I doubt she is even up yet. But we will see," he comments to the man at his side "I don't want this to look like an invasion or anything, so you wait at the door for me." The guards nods and take up their stations before Jerric enters the Temple it's self. A quick glance before he heads to one corner, offering his prayers, a small donation and then standing, turning, he puts his hands on his hips.

For those who truly know the priestess, the better question is if she ever actually sleeps. The visiting Laketown Temple Priestess is indeed awake and even to be spied within the Temple in midst of her morning prayers. The calm woman's head bowed as whatever silent words are offed up to her chosen Guardian. Tylon's hand giving a gentle motion as she finishes and eyes open. Smoothly rising to her feet and turning back to the Temple proper, it is then she spies the Prince. A few steps taken in his direction before the respectful bow is given and there is greeting offered,"Guardian's Blessing upon you, Your Highness."

As the Mother Superior makes her way to him, Jerric bows his head as he does with all the Temple Priests and Priestess. "Mother Superior, how wonderful you agreed to see me." He looks about "I was wondering if there was somewhere we could go, some where quiet where a cup of tea might be had and we can talk, just the two of us?" The question ends with a slight rise of his brows. "I have a proposition to offer you and well," he looks about the temple "Perhaps it would be best to be kept just between the two of us."

"There is always some reason to travel, and of late there is never a lack of informatin that needs to be shared between the Temples. So when Acolyte Castor returned with the request, it simply gave added excuse." Giving a small incline of her head before turning, Tylon's hand giving motion to walk with her. "There is such a place, and I believe there is a fresh pot of tea that can be enjoyed. I do admit, I have been a little curious to the reason behind the request." The priestess leading along to one of the small offices the Temple has to offer privacy for when people do wish a more private conversation with one of the servants of the Four.

Following the Priestess, Jerric's long strides keep beside Tylon. As they enter the offices he pauses a moment, perhaps used to taking the more prominent sitting place, decides to sit in one of the less prominent chairs. With a smile "I figured you would be and I do thank you for all of Rhaedan for coming to meet with me. I have already ordered my treasurer to make a sizable donation to the Temple for your troubles. I know that the time you spent here is time away from your normal duties as well as you know Rhaedan has always been very generous to the support of the order."

"On the Temple's behalf, I thank you for the donation. It shall be put to good use to aid not only the Temple but those of Rhaedan who come to us for aid and are in our care." Tylon's head giving a gentle incline when the thanks is offered. Her robes being absently smoothed in a single motion of her hand as she takes her seat. A small pause when a acolyte does bring along a tea service. It placed upon the table before the young lad departs, seeing the door closed behind him.

Tylon's reaches and begins to pour out the tea,"It is a mild mint tea, I find it makes for a nice start to the morning usuall." A hint of the minty scent beginning to waft up as the liquid is poured. "My duties are as the Guardians need them to be, and sometimes they are not as normal as one hopes. But they do see me where I need to be. "

Castor Westmark, garbed in the simple tunic of an acolyte of the Chosen, steps into the office with a sweep of his cloak, and a number of parchments in his hand. "Mother Superior," he says as he walks in, his attention on the scrolls as he tries to keep them from falling to the floor. "Are you really sure you wish me to study ALL of these in my spare time? I — oh!" He glances up at Prince Jerric and three of the scrolls tumble out of the lad's arms and roll onto the floor.

"Your Highness! I — forgive my intrusion! I was told Mother Superior was here, but not that you were also. Oh — "

He glances down at the scrolls as he bows to the Prince. "I'll… just pick those up now…"

Allowing the tea to be poured and once it is done Jerric reaches out for his and takes a sip "Very nice," he comments. Listening to her words he nods "And now they have seen you here for what I hope to be a special meeting. One that I hope you shall take into consideration."

Another sip of his tea before the cup is set aside. He leans forward, his eyes locking on those of Tylon's. The smiling features are replaced of one that is what some call guarded. "I shall not waste your time, Mother Superior with idle chit chat while a very dire situation looms before us all. The Tanifords have insulted Rhaedan. They took my brother and sister hostage. Now they smear the good name of Princess Amira daily. My father calls for war. Troops are massing along the border." There is a long pause letting his words sink in "And the Tanifords have yet to fill the Ambassador position from Taniford to Rhaedan yet they hold my sister, Princess Niniane, hostage and do not allow us to visit her. Rhaedan has taken the slights from them but now the last straw has been broken."

Again he lets the words settle "I ask you for your support, the Temple's support, be placed publicly to Rhaedan. I also ask for the Chosen to be allowed to take sides, Rhaedan's side."

With his jaw clinched tightly he sits back into his chair. Clearly the anger of his words are reflected in his posture. When Castor enters he nods to the man "No, no need to leave. You should hear my words as well."

Eyes dance up as Castor enters into the room, a smile coming as the parchments go tumbling. "Yes, I would surely mean that. They are standard reading, Son." The Priestess allowing the Prince to make the descion upon whether the young Westmark remains, it was his request for it and the privacy. When Castor is invited to stay, Tylon motions him to a seat, before reaching to flip an additional cup over and pour out more tea.

The words and request the Prince lays out before her are listened to in earnest. Though what she may think of them and what he asks remains a thing hard to descern for there is not so much a flicker of change in the clamness of her expression. taking up her cup of tea to draw several sips from it before she does design to speak. "I am aware of much of it, for I was quite used to send messages from Rhaedan to Wolveshire, as one they would not dare to hold as well. I cannot deny that the entire matter troubles me on many levels, Your Highness. And I will quite plainly state, I do not agree with their actions, they do much that is uncalled ofr and fail to give pause at all to seek and use any of Stilltha's wisdom when it is neeed the most. "

Allowing her own words to sink in a moment before she continues,"However, you are asking for a great deal in what you request. You ask me to risk the Temple's long standing neutrality, perhaps even the very neutrality of Laketown in turn. And you ask that we turn our attention in whole to this matter, to cast aside the new threats that have risen up so fully from the Fifth. If I agree to your request, who then will take up that place inbetween? Serve as that which can be trusted by both sides in order to have some hope of resolution without endless death? And if I allow the Chosen to turn their abilities to one side or the other, who then will be left to keep eye upon Ellowe and the new dangers that lurk there? Do you understand truly, what you are asking for, Your Highness?"

"And make the Temple the puppet of the throne?" Castor blurts out before he can stop himself. The lad's cheeks colour as he picks up the scrolls and lays them upon a nearby table. He delays in turning around to face the Prince and Mother Superior, lifting his face slowly to meet their gazes if need be.

"Forgive me, Your Highness — Mother Superior — I spoke out of turn." He hesitates a moment, and then takes a step toward a vacant chair in order to sit down. He swallows, and inhales through his nostrils, releasing the breath from between his lips in a long, controlled manner.

There is a pause, a very long pause, to Jerric after Tylon speaks. Even if the first words raise hope it is not shown outwardly. Then as the words continue he nods once "I fully understand what I am asking. I do understand the position that this puts the Temple in." Taking a deep breath he is unable to sit any longer and stands. Pacing to and fro his hands gesture as he talks. "The Tanifords have always tried to stick the needle in the eye of Rhaedan. The history is filled with examples and I shall not bore you with a recount of them all." The strength of his tone might suggest that he very possibly could do so.

Stopping in his tracks he turns to Tylon. "I do not ask this lightly. But surely you can see that /they/," his hand sweeps south (even in the room he knows the direction) "have gone to far. For if war occurs then all shall suffer. Rhaedan, the Temple, Laketown, and yes Taniford." His eyes narrow "They crossed the border and took innocent men back to Taniford and killed them." The anger now shows fully "No, they didn't just killed them, they burned them at the stake! I do not even put down a dog that way! How dare they do such barbaric acts! Is this what the Temple supports?" He sakes his head no.

When Caster blurts out Jerric turns swiftly, a finger points at the fellow "I…do…not…seek…puppets! I seek justice. I seek what is right." Again his shakes his head at the fellow.

Taking a deep breath "War shall make everyone suffer. But you have my word if it is to be war I shall do what is needed to make Taniford suffer the most." Obviously not an idle threat. Again Jerric pauses. Deep breaths. Deep breaths "If the Temple shall not come to the side of Rhaedan, perhaps there is another way." He starts as he takes his seat once again.

There is a glance and faint smile to Castor as he speaks up,"Out of turn, perhaps, but you speak the thought that will come firs to many minds if this is agreed to. It is good to see you are learning well, I see Sister Aylona's lessons are taking hold." Tylon's gaze returning to Jerric as he passes about,"And while you do not seek puppets, you know well that some people will still see it that way and lose their faith and trust in the Temple. We cannot proclaim to be neutral, to wish for justice and what is right for all if we are seen to be picking sides, Your Grace."

"I am well aware of the history, I need not a lesson upon it any more than you do. And you know well enough, that they have an equally long list of examples they could trot out, for right or wrong. " Tylon gives a slight sigh, a minor ficker of her hand at the mention of those burned at the stake. A small breathe had before she clamly notes,"No, we do not support that. But then nor do we support men being dragged from the comfort of a bed and hung then left out for the birds to pick at. "

Eyes drift to Castor a moment,"You know I count your father as one of my dearest friends, long have we been so. But he," eyes drift to Jerric again,"has not always acted in ways the Temple supports. "

A faint nod occurs,"I cannot allow the Temple to so publically take a side, to allow our Chosen such freedom to chose. Our focus must be what it must…But we would not leave you without aid, however, it cannot be blindly given. If you seek justice and what is right, it has to be seen that even your own people are held to this. And that the innocents do not pay for the wrongs of those they must live under. For I know well, we hear much within the Temple, the worries and fears of the people are so whispered here….not all of the people of Taniford would agree with what has come to pass. Just as I am certain there are times that there are those within Rhaedan that do not always care for the decisions made that guide their fates. "

Castor almost blinks at the Prince's finger being almost thrust into his face, but he does not say anything — not yet anyway. That would be bad. After Tylon speaks up, the lad glances askance at her and a rueful half-smile twitches at the corner of his mouth. She had to go there…

"A public display of support…" he eventually murmurs thoughtfully, not responding (directly) to the appraisal of his father, "Would damage the relationship between the Crown and the Temple, after the war was won. The day may come when that neutrality is needed again… but it would no longer exist." He blinks and gives a small shake of his head. "I sound like my sister… Surely there must be another way?" He frowns again, sitting in his chair near Tylon.

Anger flashes momentarily across Jerric's features but once again replaced with the guarded look he has tried to maintain. "Mother Superior," he begins "I can not claim that Rhaedan is not with out fault. But we do know that those that where hung were indeed spies. I have the proof of their guilt." He says flatly. There is a another long pause by Jerric as he seems to be thinking. At last he opens his hands, palm up, to Tylon "I plead with you, I do not want war. What if the Temple condemned the Taniford's for their actions. And yes," a hand is waved "to be neutral you may condem Rhaedan for the hangings. But I know the guilt of those men."

"Do that, speak with Taniford, tell them to pull back their troops from the border and then I shall do the same. You have my word on this. And" the Prince raises a finger "They are to repay Rhaedan for their transgressions and slander of my sister 100 of the finest horses. War horses. They are to make a public proclamation that the accusations of Princess Amira are not true." Obviously Jerric has given this much thought "I want 10 gold to each family that suffered hearing of their loved ones were burned at the stake."

Then he smiles "I want that Dalyros sent to Rhaedan for trial. Should he be found guilty then he shall suffer the laws of Rhaedan. And lastly, Taniford has two weeks to provide an ambassador to Rhaedan and allow us to visit my sister Niniane."

With a smirk "If my demands are met, there will be no war," he tells Castor. Yes the Prince has given this much thought indeed. "I beg you," he starts as he turns to Tylon "to take these demands to Princess Fayre. Tell her we can meet at the Temple in Taniford to sign the agreement to these demands."

Castor earns himself another bit of a smile,"Percisely, Son. When all has passed, how can we again claim to be neutral, trusted to be so if there is now history proven that we may not always remain that way. Trust will be lost and it may never again be retained, even if done in the pursuit of what is right and to see justice done. There is to much to be lost in chosing one over the other. It is as if to ask a parent to chose one child over the other, it is not fair nor does it serve anyone in the end." NO doubt a thing Castor knows far to well about."

A small breathe is drawn,"I did not say that those who were hanged, nor those burned, even if the methods not supported, could not be what they were claimed to be. There are however better ways of dealing with it than how it was. However, I do know well that the two Houses invovled have long held strong feelings against one another and I doubt that shall ever change. If they can find way to hurt the other, they will. And often at all costs and little regard to the damage that will occur to those about them. " There is a weak smile,"And please, Your Higness, I say this even as I call Baron Paule friend. While I respect him and would do much for him and his family. I also know his faults and there are areas where I simply cannot support his actions nor feelings. "

the Prince's words are listened to, the demands that he wishes conveyed. "I will speak with them as you ask and convey these wishes. And whatever response they have for you in return." There is a slight pause before something else is said,"May I offer a suggestion? The trial and matter of Dalyros, let it be held on neutral ground, so that all can come to watch as they would desire, see that justice is indeed being done. there would be less chance of it being said it was a matter dealt with behind closed doors here, for there would be more to pay witness, from both sides. If found guilty he would then go to Rhaedan as you speak. "

Castor is silent for a while, glancing between both Prince and Priestess as each one speaks in turn. The lad arches an eyebrow and looks toward Tylon.

"Does this mean you will take the terms to the Tanifords, Mother Superior? If the trial is held in Laketown, I mean. Are you sure it will be safe? The Southerners cannot be counted upon to share the same respect for the Temple — or you, for that matter — that the Crown of Rhaedan is…" He glances back toward the Prince.

"With Your Highness's permission — and Mother Superior's — I would like to go with her and Sister Alyona, and any other Chosen to serve as our holy Mother's protector."

From afar, Castor grins. "I gotta. Must. grin. Not-so-subtle political brownies points with the Prince — even if he calls Castor out for trying to suck up (well, really for trying to make up for his earlier blunders). Heheheheh!"

As the discussion seems to be winding down, one of the Prince's Royal Guards steps into the room. Sir Kameron, dressed in his finest Royal Guard attire. He moves inside quietly, taking a position near to the prince, but not overly intrusive. He's awfully young to be a Royal Guard, but he stands straight and attentive, quietly assessing the room and then taking his place as guard to the Prince.

A deep breath "I can see your point," he says to both Tylon and Caster. "But it is not to say I like it," he quickly adds "I understand the neutrality that is so needed. But there are times when for the greater good the neutrality must be set aside. I shall let you and the Temple decide if this is one of those times or not. What ever decision you make, I shall support it as we, Rhaedan, have always done so."

With a smirk "The boy is wise. One should not ever trust a Taniford. A failure of trust that goes back to the killing of our most beloved King."

He thinks for a time, sitting back in his chair and crossing a leg over the other. A finger taps on his lips. Once the decision has been made he nods then sits up again "I shall concede this. This one thing. If Taniford holds a trial for this Dalyros, in Taniford lands, with Rhaedan and the temple in the court, we shall abide by their decision. I would rather not sully even Laketown with the likes of him much less Rhaedan. The rest of my demands, they stand."

When Kameron steps into the room the Prince nods to the man. "I shall travel to Taniford, for the trial, with only 5 guards. This should let them know that I come only in the spirit of justice."

A nod goes to Castor,"It means so, it is my place and the Temple's place to serve as the middle ground in these matters. If there is nothing in the middle that both sides can trust, then a peaceful resolution is even less hopeful, it is part of why neutrality must be maintained." The matter more lesson for the young Acolyte then meant for anything else. A faint smile occurs,"There is never any certainty of safety, Son. I have in rescent times been attacked on both Taniford and Rhaedan soil, yet neither the result of either Crown. If I am to expect trust, it must be given in turn."

Bowing her head to the Prince slightly,"I do not expect either side to be entirely pleased or liking of the end results, such is the way in negotations. Often what must be done is not what we want or like, andoften times pains us more than anything," a flicker of something actually threatens to break the clam that so often rest in her eyes. Perhaps knowing to well the meaning in that statement. "I will carry your demands to them and let you know what they have to say in return. "

The Westmark lad looks a little crestfallen, frowning just slightly, but he nods to Tylon in reply, and to the Prince in gratitude. Sir Kameron is given a glance and a nod, before the youth turns back toward the Prince.

"We're in the hands of the Four then," he murmurs — snorting in self-derision as soon as the words are spoken. "I am at your disposal then, Your Highness."

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