Sir Augustus Auldholme
Richard Madden
Richard Madden as Augustus Auldholme
Full Name: Augustus Auldholme
Byname: Not at this time
Age: 32, :Birth date: Jan 21
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Auldholme
Title/Profession: sir
Position: Heir
Place of Birth: Malgrave
Father: Sir Myrick
Mother: Lady Allana
Siblings: (Cassia) Auldholm,Sir Titus Auldholme (deceased),Sir (Seneca) Auldholme ,Sir (Julius) Auldholme,Sir Lucilia Auldholme (deceased),(Victricia) Auldholme
Spouse: Elizabeth Westmark (Deceased)
Children: son (deceased-still born)


Here stands a middle aged man wearing brigandine armor with a golden fist emblazoned on it as well as a Heater shield, A spear in his hand and a Gladius on is hip. His Amethyst cape trimmed with gold flowing in the breeze, A feathered plume atop his helm as the cheek guards protect the sides of his face. Augustus stands roughly Five feet three, and while not an imposing man he has a charm and charisma that says wonders. His paler Complexion and light green eyes, seem to pierce thru whom ever he looks at..

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  • cool headed
  • Natural Leader
  • Loyal- To Rhaedan

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