Awkward Family Moments

Awkward Family Moments
Summary: Breac sends word to Guinevere that he must have a word with her, talk of her married life and what she can do to help the King followed.
Date: 23/September/2013
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The King's Study
The rich thick carpet on the floor, deep red of course, the hanging tapestries that all but cover the stone of the walls and the massive desk speak of richness and power. There is a fire crackling and before it are three chairs arranged before it. A long table, able to sit 12 easily, is before the desk.
Mon Sep 23, 1329

The King's study is one place that Breac can escape the Kingdom even for a little while. The rich thick carpet on the floor, deep red of course, the hanging tapestries that all but cover the stone of the walls and the massive desc speak of richness and power. There is a fire crackling and before it are three chairs arranged before it. A long table, able to sit 12 easily, is before the desk.

Breac sits at the desk, his hands folded into one another as he watches the door. Surely word was already brought to the King that his visitor had arrived.

Escorted by her guards to the door of the King's study and let in immediately, Guinevere curtsies lowly to the King. Her hair is bound in a neat plait, and her shapely form draped in a deep red gown, lined and slashed at the sleeves with cloth of gold. She rises and smiles at her father-in-law. "Your Majesty, I received your missive and came as soon as I can."

There is a long silence as Breac takes in the arrival of Guinevere. When at last he smiles and then speaks "Guinevere, my what a woman you have grown into. No longer the hellion that used to roam these halls." He stands from his desk and moves to the front of it "I do think that marriage suits you," he gives a wink then motions to one of the chairs by the fire "Shall we sit where it is more at ease?"

A blush crawls up her neck and spreads freely to her cheeks. "Your majesty flatters, I assure you. Marriage has suited me well, yes. No longer am I the child laying terror to your halls. Though, I still hold firm that it was Jerric that did most of the terrorizing." There is a small chuckle that is stifled by a few slender fingers of her right hand, she nods as he gestures to one of the chairs by the fire. "Aye, the ride was fine, but it still wears on one who's in the saddle. I would be most pleased to find a kinder seat." She walks over and stands beside a well worn, yet comfortable looking chair, waiting for the King to seat himself before she does so.

Breach chuckles softly and dips his head "I do not know which was worse between the two of you. We knew from early on that the marriage would be a good one. It is why your father and I agreed to have you two together as much as possible from an early age," he pauses and levels his eyes upon her's "for one day Jerric will be King and you will be Queen." He moves to one of the chairs and sits, motions for her to do the same "It is a bit of a ride from Brivey to here, but I am glad you could make it all the same." Even as he sits there comes a servant with tea, two cups and some small sweet cakes. "I trust you do not mind that I had tea brought in?"

She listens carefully and takes a seat when instructed, the blush receding from her cheeks. "I didn't know it then, and I didn't understand it, but I do now. It was a wise match, for I believe only my temperament can cool his temper. He has in ferocity what I have in patience and at times, I feel, we balance each other out." She smiles fondly at the thought, crossing her ankles to sit the way she was taught. "No. Tea and cakes sound lovely. A long ride such as that leaves the stomach unsettled, mine at least, it is nice to have something light."

The tray is set between the two and the tea is poured before the servant withdraws silently. Breac seems as if he doesn't see the person. He smiles "Guinevere, trust me, I was not that different when I was his age, but the Queen did the same to me as I hope you do with him." He takes his tea and sips it before looking into the fire for a moment. When his gaze returns to Guinevere "I am sure you must be wondering why I asked you to come see me. Is this not so?" Asked, yep, Breac just asks. But who would deny?

Guinever takes her tea and leaves the sweet cakes, she sips it quietly with a bit of a smile on her face. "No. I would not believe such a thing, Your Majesty. You, like Jerric?" There is a wide grin over the rim of her cup, and a small chuckle that meets him there as she blows to cool down the tea. "I did," she nods, "but I have patience, I figured you would tell me when you wanted to. Who am I to rush a king, after all?"

Breac just smiles as he returns the tea to the table and listens to Guinevere. "Well, that is one virtue that I nor my son have. But it has served us well. But the Queen had the same influence upon me as I hope you have on Jerric." There is another long pause as he looks over to the Princess "Jerric sent word that the duties that you now have are to taxing. He says that it is tiring for you and wants them reduced, is this so?"

"I make no promises, Your Majesty, I will just do the best I can." There is a slight frown and a heavy sigh. "I told him that I would handle that myself, that I would refuse some meetings or reschedule them if needs be. He insisted on handling it himself. I am just new at it all, is all, I will learn to balance it soon enough." Guinevere smiles crookedly and sips at her tea.

"Well I have sent word that only upon your command are you to take duties and I want you not to take on to much." Breac doesn't' seem surprised at all that Jerric went ahead and handled matters nor that he went against her wishes. A deep breath "He cares for you, Guinevere. That is all." Then a cough "And tell me, how is this marriage going for you?" Directly to the point it seems.

"You're too kind. I will take more on when I can, I was just overwhelmed. I know that worried him," Guinevere nods and smiles softly, taking a glance into the fire, "and that he cares for me greatly." She sets the tea cup with a bit of a rattle as he asks the last question. "What ever do you mean, Your Majesty?"

Breac smiles "My lady Arwydd told me to use tact, actually she was very adamant about it. But I am an old soldier and a direct attack has always worked well with me." He picks up his cup, sips and then sets it back down before continuing "When shall I expect to have grand children? The Kingdom needs it, you and Jerric needs it, and the line of Rhaedan needs it." He holds up his hand "I am not pushing," oh really "But these things need to be settled sooner rather than later."

Guinevere clears her throat and nods. "Aye. One can not expect anything other than blunt from you, Your Majesty." Folding her hands neatly in her lap, her cheeks brighten to a rosy hue once more. "It is in the hands of the Guardian's, Your Majesty. It would not be for a lack of, erm, trying, I can assure you. Hopefully sooner rather than later," she nods and adds, "and for the good of the kingdom, it is needed, I agree."

Breac just listens, it is plain to see that he has thought of this for some time. "I do hope there is nothing, well you know, wrong. I can have my healers available to you if need be?" He waves a hand "But think on it, there is another matter I wish to discuss with you as well. It concerns Amira."

"If it is needed, I shall be sure to call on their services, it has only been a touch over a week since we were wed. I have been told it takes time, Your Majesty." Guinevere smiles politely, looking mildly amused at the topic though amusement gives way to curiosity as Amira is brought up. "What burdens you so with your daughter and how may I be of assistance?"

Breac scoffs at the explanation of the time "Well, just so you know, my Dear, that it is expected of you." Breac looks to the fire "After my daughter," the word daughter is nearly spit out and he doesn't name her, "Did what she did that leaves Amira to fill in void left. But I fear that I have coddled her to much. I would like it if you were to take her under your wing as it were. She needs guidance, a role model if you wish." He turns from the fire as the last of the pain from speaking of Kerilyn fades "Besides giving the Kingdom the children" he says as his eyes settle upon her and remain for a time before he continues "that is so needed I wonder if you could provide such a thing to my youngest?"

"I will do my best, Your Majesty. And if there is any issue, I shall inform you at once." As for Amira, Guinevere nods along. "She is a sweet girl, and perhaps you did coddle her too much, but she is not without saving. To that, I assure you. I would be happy to take her under my wing, I will say, I can only do so much and I will act as guidance for her. I do not wish to cage the child, but I will be a big sister to her, if that is what you please?"

Breac reaches out and pats Guinevere's hand and smiles "I know you will, my dear, I know you will do your very best. The Kingdom is counting on it." He removes his hand, takes the tea and sips. "That is all I can ask. I am going to be sending her to the South, to meet with the Prince and the Princess and possibly the Queen. She must be ready for that. do not tell her that she is, for I have not told her myself. But you know now and you know the effort that it will be to make sure she is ready for such a task."

Guinevere smiles fondly as he pats her hand, patting it back to in reassurance, leaving any more talk of children for the time being. "I will not pry into why she will be going, but I will say that readying anyone for the Summer Queen is not an easy task. I am not even sure it can be done, Your Majesty. However, I will do my best to prepare her, teach her the proper manners in dealing with that harsh woman."

Breac smiles "The best is all I can ask for, Guinevere. I have full confidence in you. You have a strength, as all your family, that the Crown can always rely on." Breac takes a deep breath "Now say the night, I hear that the staff are so glad to have their Guin back they have stirred up a bit of a feast. But I warn you," the King grins and nearly laughs "That cousin of Jerric's, Kitner, has his eye on you, always has. I hear that he will be here as well." Then he does actually chuckle, but just a bit "I would hate for Jerric to have to come here and kill him. Though it would be no loss really. I have always found him to be a little weasel not wanting to put his neck out for anything but his station in the court." Where upon he sighs "You shall learn this, my dear, that there are such even here in Rhaedan."

"My best is what you will always get, Your Majesty." Guinevere nods her head deeply with respect. "I shall stay the night, as it pleases you and I do not think you have anything to fear. Kitner, well, he can dream all he likes but he will never have the likes of me. I can promise that, I've know of such types of people and they are never good people. I will be wary, Your Majesty."

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