Beauties With Swords

Beauties with Swords
Summary: Sword practice with female Blue Guards seems to be quite appealing. First Sir Deidra spars with Prince Samwell, then Sir Marla faces Duke Pawel. The outcome? More or less expected.
Date: 20/04/2013
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Deep Woods, Taniford Wilderness
The road connecting Laketown in the north and Wolveshire in the south is a winding one, cutting through the looming Althearan blackwood trees. Made with carts and wagons in mind, the road winds around the larger of the hills. Those monstrous blackwoods tower overhead; in summer the leaves provide a canopy from the sun and skeletons of the branches reach out in the winter, like a dead man's fingers. Around one of the bends the road opens up and grass has grown in a meadow, free from the shade of the trees. A favorite spot for weary travelers, a small spring provides a steady stream of fresh, cool water. And since it's a favorite of travelers, it is also a favorite of bandits that make the woods their home. Some call it a waystation, while other's name it the 'bandit hole.' To the north, one may find themselves in Laketown, while the south leads to Wolveshire.
April 20th, 1329

The wind whispers through the trees, fairly far from the gathered ones. The sun, shining bright, finds mirror in the various armors and weapons, steel burning in light as everything is set ready. A few birds sing the prelude of the song the swords will perform.

And there, wearing a steel armor and a black cloak, the Prince and Knight of the Citadel, Samwell Taniford, contemplates his blade with a smile.

"I don't want to pressure." he says lightly. "But Sir Marla, Sir Deira, please remember if you harm your Prince, you can lose your job." a grin and the young man stands to give a watch to the landscape.

Deidra nods firmly to the prince's words, although the corners of her mouth twitch slightly upwards. "Do you want the both of us to come at you, my prince?" A little dangerous glint is present in those green eyes of hers. "Or if that's not the case… Who shall be the first to give you a beating?" Bold words, only to be excused by the circumstances. On the field of sword practice, the differences in status seem to blurr slightly. Anyway, Sir Deidra is ready, drawing her slim sword from its scabbard with a hissing sound, and assuming a stance that implies she is ready to attack, if ordered to do so. Her armour of blue steel is well polished and shining in the light of the sun.

Stepping out from the trees, followed by a few of his guards at a discrete distance, Pawel shakes his head a little. "If the two of you find yourself without a job for beating him up a bit, I might actually hire you myself," he remarks to the Blue Guards a bit lightly. "Room for one more in this little event?" he asks, offering a grin in Samwell's direction. He's clad in his own grey armor, and has that greatsword of his with him now.

The Taniford Prince nods politely. "If I beat you two at the same time, this all would end too quickly. It was a long ride here, so I am willingly to grace you with a lengthy entertainment, Sir Deidra." he walks a few steps, extending his sword arm to the side, letting the live steel shine on its own. His eyes, so dark that they seem to be night black, match it with a glaze of mischievousness.

"Oh cousin, these two are more expensive than you may think. But, luckily for both of us, I don't think they will get to harm 'My Highness'." a new grin is spared, before the shadow gaze returns to Deidra. "When you feel ready, my lady." a little friendly jest tint touches his voice.

Standing somewhat back Sir Marla chuckles lightly as she leans against a tree, "Of course not your highness, it would defeat the purpose of these cloaks." She bows from the waist as the duke enters flashing him a bright smile, "You grace, good day."

Acknowleding the arrival of Pawel with a bow from the waist, Deidra smirks a little at his remark and replies: "I would not dare to really harm him, your Grace. It would be against my vow. But a few bruises here and there…" Her gaze returns to Samwell then, and her smile broadens a touch. "…might serve the prince to better look after himself in a truely dangerous situation." Deidra's eyes flit to Sir Marla Mentros, narrowing for a short moment until she adds to the other Blue Guard's remark: "Indeed it would. Sir Marla."

But all in all Deidra seems to be in much better a mood compared to yesterday, she actually beams in anticipation of the sparring match, and hearing Samwell's reply she says: "Lengthy entertainment? That sounds perfect to me, my Prince, on a wonderful day as this." And without any further hesitation, she attacks Samwell with the flat side of her sword, whirling about him and aiming for his back side, in what appears a playful attempt of mocking him.

"Well, they say that quality costs, cousin. So far, I've found it to be true." Pawel replies, with a grin now, before he offers a nod in return to each of the Blue Guards, returning the smile Marla offered. Moving over to one of the trees near her for the moment, as it seems that the entertainment is about to start.

"Helping your Prince you to practice and be ready for when the time comes, is surely on the purpose of your cloak, Sir Marla." Samwell smiles, shortening the distance to the other Blue Guard. An offensive stance is adopted.

A look around, but only for a bit of a heartbeat. And, as his feet give him solid balance, a final smile is offered before the actual match begins.

The blade of his contender moves quickly, sided, clearly not in the serious manner the well-known knight of the royal guard would use in a real combat. But that only serves to fuel Samwell's eagerness to fight, as his eyes - and the sword that hits the blue armor in a powerful blow - can easily betray.

Maybe it is her leg injury, still observable in that lslight limp the Blue Guard is moving with. Or it is the fact that she is attacking one of the Royal blood she is supposed to protect. Deidra's attack goes astray, easily deflected by Prince Samwell's own blade, whereas his powerful blow seems to take her unawares, and has her plate armour resound with a loud 'clonk'. Whatever discomfort it might have caused her, she tries to play it down, that little wince at the impact being the only sign that Samwell managed to deal her a blow that might have had much more severe consequences, were it not for her heavy armour. "Not bad, my Prince." the Blue Guard remarks, shifting her weight a little. "Now that I could not breach your defence, let's see if you can breach mine…" Tilting her head to the side with an challenging glare in her green eyes, she awaits the prince's attack.

Pawel watches carefully for the moment, smiling a little as he studies the two of them now. Expression a bit careful for the moment, as he watches them fight for the moment.

A little gesture, reminiscent of a bow, is offered to Deidra by the Taniford knight. "Thank you, my Blue Guard." but no grin adorns his comment anymore. His face reflects the seriousness the training has reached, and the challenge casted by his opponent is not a light one. Not coming from one of the most skilled warriors of the South.

Trying to gather as much concentration as he can, and after considerable instants of pondering his next action, the Prince's blade flies throw the air again. This time aimed to a target who knows well it is coming. And, although the blow is skilled and powerful, it may not be enough.

A satisfied grin plays around the corners of Deidra's mouth as she steps swiftly to the side, evading the prince's attack, and using her momentum for a counter, aiming for her opponent's midsection with a blade that is turned to its flat side at the very last moment. Through this special precaution it hits his armour without too much effect. But both Guard and Prince are aware that it would have at least caused an injury, if this were not a training match.

"Beautiful day," mumbles the young lady under her nose, while her feet gently step on the Deep Woods winding path "Wind is a little bit cold, but the day is beautiful," she repeats for herself, because two guards follows Collette giving her some space. They whispers something for each other, but do not turn their eyes from the lady. Guards rest their hands on the handles of their swords in the scabbards.

The lady breathes very deeply, trying to catch each gust of the fresh air. She clenches a fabric of fabulous deep whine red gown, which has the generous cut skirt. The long sleeves end at the elbow to a slightly trumpet form and are seamed by black lace. Also black are the ornamental trims at the front of the skirt and the cords of the prominent lacing in the bustier area. A surcoat with large cut-outs on both sides with no sleeves made of white rabbit fur protects Collette from a breeze.

The young woman turns her head with a dark brown curly hair tied with a yellow metal band to the right and to the left. Her gaze is intent as she would be willing to see a beautiful animal hiding in the bush. However, after some time her amber eyes catches a few blue cloaks in the greenness. The group of people were rattling with swords. It gets womens attention. She raises a little bit her dress and steps from the road on the grass. She silently comes closer, but not too close. Collette nestles against the oak, that she could see everything clearly not disturbing for the company.

Pawel smiles a little as he watches now. "Getting beaten, cousin?" It's offered a bit quietly, and with a little bit of a chuckle as he keeps his eyes on the happenings now.

The hit is noticed by the Knight of the Citadel. It could not be otherwise, since his armor resounds from the clash of a sword. Still, his burning dark eyes are finally graced with a smile, as they search Deidra's for an instant.

"You do not have to contain yourself, Sir." he says, and in his voice it is clear his breath is faster than before. And that entertained smile the Prince casts from time to time, makes a somehow twisted return. "But, sadly, if it wasn't for the armor, I would be death by now." it may be a light exaggeration, but probably not. However the case, with a new nod full of respect, his sword is lowered. "The match is yours. You fought well."

Stepping away from the tree she was leaning against to watch the other's spar Marla smiles to the duke, "He is fighting a Blue Guard your grace, would you care to spar one yourself?" The young woman offers in a polite tone with a smile still on her lips, "Though I can assure you I'm far easier to beat then Sir Deidra who is by far more experienced."

Lowering her sword as well, Deidra smiles and inclines her head to the prince. "Forgive me but I have to contradict you, my prince. You managed to get through my defence, and now I've succeeded as well. I would call it quite an even match." There is a gleam of contentment in her green eyes though as she adds: "We already have enough problems at our hands, my prince. Why should I add another one by injuring you?" As an aftertought to those other 'problems' her demeanour sombres for a short moment. And so she moves to the tree, occupying the place her colleague has left. Curiously eyeing the other Blue Guard from her position, Deidra sheathes her sword and folds her arms before her, her gaze flitting to the Duke of Varghem for his reaction.

"Not everyone is contender to Sir Deidra the Swift, cousin." Samwell jests as he walks out of the fighting ground. "But I am sure you will have fun tasting Sir Marla's blade." to the younger Blue Guard, a nod of approval and a friendly smile are given. "And I must insist on your victory." is quickly added to the recent contender. "Though it won't last too long." the light and vague challenge is ended with a little laugh, and a curious look around. It seems a known noble has been watching the recent match.

Pawel smiles a little as he hears that, moving away from his own tree. "Sounds like an excellent idea, Sir Marla," he replies, as he starts getting himself ready for that spar now. "There's always fun in getting a chance to improve your skills, cousin. Besides, a good spar helps me relax." Looking to Marla again, he offers her a grin, "Ready whenever you are," he offers.

Than Collette catches a look of the Prince, she grips soft fabric of her skirt and raises it a little bit offering a respectful cursty for the Prince. A warm smile follows the formal gesture. Then she leans against the tree one more time and sticks her curious look again to the whole company, remaining silent.

Smiling as the duke accepts Marla starts to ready herself and smiles to the prince, "You did do we your highness, no shame in your showing sir." She offers the royal before drawing her own sword and giving it a frown, "I would say we gather some practice blades your grace I would hate for either of us to be injured. However it's awefully far and me without a squire." She shrugs then and moves to give a quick but wary testing strike towards Pawel's left side.

Samwell walks to lean to a tree, just beside the Lohstren lady. The knight is smiling to her, but watching the new match as it unfolds. "Are you having a good day, my lady?" he asks as gently as he can, interrupted briefly by his agitated breath. "Can I ask you what were you doing so deep in the woods, my lady?" his gaze meet Collette's by a brief instant, quickly called back by the whisper of steel to the air.

Some of the doubts in Deidra's gaze dissipate as she watches Marla's competent attack against the Duke of Varghem, she gives an approving nod even, but one that is probably not noticed by the other Blue Guard. Her attention turns to the Taniford Prince then, and unable to let go of her vigilant ways, she watches and listens intently to the exchange between Collette and Samwell. But overall a sudden sombreness has gotten hold of the female Blue Guard leaning against the tree. Thoughtful green eyes soon wander off into the distance, pondering perhaps the most important question that occupies all connected to the Tanifords at the moment - the whereabouts of Princess Aylanora.

Bringing his own sword up now, Pawel nods a little. "Practice blades would probably be better, but we take what we have, right? The next time we're all at Wolveshire, I'll make sure the practice blades are available." Bringing his weapon up to defend himself against the incoming blow, he is a bit too slow, and doesn't quite manage to block it, only gets it slightly deflected. "Nice one," he remarks, as he as he brings his blade in for a relatively quick attack towards Marla's left shoulder now.

"Your Highness," Collette grins from ear to ear and lets her sparkling eyes to slip from the interesting match to the Prince "The day is quiet and amazingly good. This is the reason I am here. I wanted to rest from the din of the Laketown. To get some fresh air and to listen some songs of birds. However, in spite of birds I heard a tang of swords," Collette chuckles and adds in a soft voice "I am happy to see, that, Your Highness, finds some time to have fun!" and she turns her amber eyes back to the amusing show.

Chuckling the young red head grins wryly to the duke as she turns her sword in her grip, using the side of her blade now as she blocks his attempt to her left shoulder and catches his blade there a moment against hers.
"Well done your grace." Marla says and her tone isn't mocking at all though her oddly light colored eyes are full of mirth. Looking generally happy indeed to be using her sword the knight twists her blade away from the duke's and still using the flat of her blade against the noble moves to sweep back towards his side predictably.

The Taniford Prince gives a look and a nod of understanding to Deidra. It doesn't take him much to read her eyes and her worry. However, he tries to focus his concentration somewhere else. And there is a voice talking to him. "I am glad you came here, then." he offers with a softer, and more controlled tone than before. "And I'm happy you found me in one piece. My cousin, on the other side," he grins and leaves the comment to that point, as the swords clash, showing clear advantage to the Blue Guard. "I warned him. Sir Marla is a deadly blade with a pretty face. The youngest of her company, but as deadly as the rest. But again, I was simply lucky to survive Sir Deidra." a brief chuckle, and a little curious observation is given to the noble lady.

One of the Chosen of the Temple of Four has asked the little Acolyte to go with him while he does a little hunting. A healer at hand, after all, is never a bad thing. It is the chosen who catches the fighting and, unsurprisingly Kerianne is tucked behind him. He's the fighter not his companion. Around Nameless Chosen Kerianne peeks and ohs, "Samwell." her hand sliding to the arm of her companion to relax him, not that he does much. There's fighting.

Trying to get out of the way of this next strike, Pawel doesn't succeed at all, and takes the hit to his side. Stepping back a few steps, he winces a bit and takes a few deep breaths as he leans forward momentarily, gathering his strength a bit as he tries a swing for her midsection now, perhaps a bit too much put into the swing itself.

An easy flick of her blade deflects the duke's and Marla smiles to him, "A little more forceful next time and perhaps stop leading with your shoulder your grace?" She offers in still the politest of tones pausing as she holds her sword raised and tries to demonstrate what she means with a quick flick of her sword towards Pawel's own midsection.

The young lady chuckles, hearing a voice of the Prince and watching The Duke with some sympathy for his failure in her eyes. "Well, I believe all the Blue Guards are special fighters. Otherwise, they wouldn't be a Blue Guard," she smiles to the Prince gazing at him for a few heartbeats. However, a new clashes of the swords gets her attention one more time.

As the balance of the battle is heavier and heavier on the Blue Guard side, Samwell cannot hide his pride and even happiness, offering a few claps to every successful movement of the red haired knight. "You are right, my lady." he says to Collette, "The lives of the Royal Family are safe in their hands. Only one of them can save us all, I am sure." a little smile is directed to her, and then a new voice calls his name. "Kerianne? Please join us." he calls friendly, before turning again to offer a new clap to the fight.

Not quite managing to fully block this attack either, Pawel nods a little as he hears what's being said now. "Like this?" he asks, trying to attack while following the instructions from before. Aiming for the side now.

Another block from the blue guard but this time it is a small deflect with her sword as the duke's swing seems to be improving, "Much better your grace." She gives him a grin and tries to pick up her own speed as her blade flashes towards Pawel's right shoulder after a feint to his side.

Kerianne touches the arm of the Chosen again and murmurs o him. After a moment he relaxes again and more or less becomes background noise as Kerianne moves to Samwell's side, offering Collette and the others a smile. Towards Marla and Pawel she glances then back to Samwell, "What is going on?"

"Duke Pawel is doing better, probably Sir Marla is getting tired. My cousin is maybe playing the long game, or maybe just getting lucky." Samwell chuckles to Collette, before offering the acolyte a smile and an answer. "We are just practicing, Kerianne. I had a match with Sir Deidra, a good one. I hit her once, she hit me once, but I must admit it would be a deadly one in different circumstances. Now," tilting his head slightly to the fighting ground, while letting his deep dark eyes examine both contenders closely, "They are taking their time to know each other. I only hope they are not planning to fight to death. But, if that is the case," he grins without moving his gaze, "We are lucky you found us."

Smiling a bit as he hears that, Pawel manages to block the attack with his sword, which he then moves down in an attempt to slash at his opponent's side now. "Thanks…" he offers, quietly.

Collette seeing a success of the Duke claps. "Or maybe this is the Duke's secret tactic," she grins to the Prince "To exhaust his opponent or something." Then Kerianne comes closer, sparkling eyes colour of amber slips from the Prince to her. She offers a smile to the woman. Collette fondles with her fingers mild fur of her surcoat. Her gaze comes back one more time to the Prince, but not linger. She closes her eyes and breathes slowly, just listening what is going around.

Towards Marla and Pawel Kerianne looks then back to Samwell, "I doubt it's to the death. There is tension but not the right kind of tension for a fight to the death."

A look, touched of more curiosity than before, is given to Collette. "He is my cousin, but if a Blue Guard fights, she is always expected to win. But maybe he is following the tactic you suggest." a smiles amiably and gives a look to the place where Deidra's sword hit his silver armor. "Well, one never knows, Kerianne."

To be more comfortable, the Prince sits down in the ground, resting to the tree and watching the trade of hits with calmed look. "What brought you here today?" he asks to the acolyte, "How have you been since the last time we met?"

Stopping the duke's next hit Marla even has the audacity to quietly tsk and giving him a wink, "Do not get over confident your grace." She says is a whisper, moving in closer to him as she brings the flat of her sword towards his side.

After some time resting amber look from the rays of sun, Collette finally opens her eyes. She looks around to the trees, bushes and the company, but her thoughtful look is fixed on the road back to the Laketown. For this reason she withdraws from the oak and turns her look down to the sitting Prince "It was a pleasure to meet you again, Sa…" Collette bites her lip and grasps the skirt of her fabulous deep whine red gown. The young lady offers a respectful curtsy "Your Highness." Then she smiles to the acolyte and shouts for the fighters "Good luck!" With these words she moves back to the round and after a few seconds together with her guards vanish from the eyeshot.

"Thanks…" Pawel gets out, voice about a whisper as well, just as he manages to stop the incoming blade now. "For the advice…" Moving slightly towards the left with his body, he attempts a quick strike from the right side now, hoping the little feint might work.
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"A Chosen wished to hunt for the Temple and he took me along just in case." she gives a little shrug of her shoulders at that. Then back to Powel and Marla Kerianne looks again, "What brings the lot of you out here, Samwell?" She gives a cheeky grin to the prince, "Did you hear I'd be out here and decide to make it seem like you've been here since long before I?"

"Why hello daughter." Marla calls after swatting Powel's sword away with a wink for the duke, "Your grace, no it's too easy to see where you're moving. Hide it so I find a reason to keep watching you closely." She jests with a flick of her hair back over her shoulder before trying to remain confident as she feints herself to the left to come at his right.

"You mean my good looks isn't a good enough reason for that?" comes Pawel's light reply as he offers a grin in return now, as he doesn't fully manage to deflect the blow, although he manages to slow it down almost entirely. Another quick attempted strike for one of her sides, this time the left one.

"Hello, Sir Marla." responds the Acolyte with a smile. Towards the two fighters she looks rocking back on her heels a touch, "Will you be fighting much longer?"

At the close mention of his name, the Taniford can only laugh that entertained and strangely joyful laugh of himself. "I am happy to see you, Lady Collette. I hope you have a safe return and a good day." he nods and watches her go, still on the ground and resting his back to the tree.
"Finish him, Sir Marla." he says to the fighters, laughing again afterwards, and with the same jesting tone his voice turns softer to the acolyte. "If you had not uncovered my secret plan, I would have said the same about your mysterious appearance at this place."

A hint of a grin crosses Marla's lips as she looks the duke up and down as if assessing a war horse then lowers her sword to kick out quickly, trying to sweep the duke off his feet with a nod to the prince.

Although he doesn't manage to get out of the way of the kick, Pawel doesn't fall this time. He waits a few moments, before he tries a similar kick now, aiming it about knee-high. Offering a grin to his opponent now.

Kerianne laughs faintly at Samwell's response to her comment, "I fear I wouldn't know my way around this forest to find you even if I knew you'd be here." She grins a little, "I can't say I blame you for wanting to be around me, however. I am a breath of fresh air."

Distracted perhaps by have watching the prince and the acolyte the knight's kick isn't successful but she does manage to catch the duke's foot as he tries to knock her own legs out from under her. Grinning to him she holds on to the man's leg, "We done your grace so I can go back to just admiring your good looks instead of watching for attacks?" The red head jests.

Having his leg held on to, Pawel doesn't even try to get loose now. "One one condition," he replies, expression quite serious for the moment as he studies Marla.

"A breath of fresh air." the young musician repeats, getting on his feet again. A closer examination to the acolyte is given, having special care of her eyes. "Probably." he walks a few steps to her side, glancing at the couple and the Blue Guards words, which suggests the practice duel may be close to an end. "Would you like to fight, breath of fresh air? Being an observer for so long is not so," he breaths, "Comfortable."

"I can try." responds the Acolyte, "I can shoot a bow but I'm not very good at any other sort of combat." Kerianne grins up a bit more, "Though, Samwell, I feel like this is where I ought to ask how much you intend to donate to the Temple if I win and I am also a little bit wary of what you will wish of me should I not."

A delicate eyebrow is raised towards the duke as Marla continues to grin, "Oh what condition your grace?" She asks and doesn't let go of his leg just yet before eyes flit towards the prince who challenged the poor daughter then her light hazel eyes more green in the outdoor light look back to Pawel still questioning.

Grinning, Pawel pauses for a few moments, studying the Blue Guard as he waits for a few moments longer. "The condition is that every once in a while, your duties permitting, we repeat this spar. I could need the practice, after all." Glancing over to Kerianne and Samwell for a few moments. "Oh no, he's going to get his rear end kicked again, isn't he?"

"If we fight, you will no longer be an acolyte to me, but an enemy." the dark eyes flash, reflecting the sun in the coldest of ways. "If you want me to donate, I will do it regardless the result, Kerianne. And if you lose, well." he shrugs, "What would I want from an enemy if not her head?" the flash is only brighter, as an equally cruel grin is drawn. "But, if you are lucky, I won't take yours." he lowers himself to get a discarded sword, offering his own to the lady. "So, use your imagination." Samwell finally lets out a little smile.

Kerianne is an acolyte, one that snuck away often. She's likely use to the cruel grins. "The Temple can always use donations, Samwell." assures the acolyte. The eyes of Kerianne spark with mischevious laughter and she responds, "I will admit that is not what I would ask for if I were anything but an Acolyte." Back the young woman flounces "I'll leave you wondering what it is I would ask for." Behind her Kerianne's hands go and clasp together, "You'll have to pick the style of fighting, Samwell. I know only bowtype weapons."

Marla drops the dukes foot and reaches out to help balance the man if he needs it. "Of course your grace, you just have to ask." She replies in a dutiful manner before rolling her eyes in the direction of the prince then shakes her head at the pair saying to the duke, "An acolyte and a prince fighting and flirting, what is this place coming to?" She makes a small tsking noise with her tongue and winks to Pawel before a blush touches her cheek at her own presumptuous nature once again.

"Excellent," Pawel replies, with a grin to Marla now. "I'll remember to ask every now and then," he says, before he chuckles a little bit as he hears Marla's words. "I believe I've heard something like that before, in some story a soldier told by the campfire, a long time ago." Seeing that blush, his grin widens momentarily. "I must say, Sir Marla, that the current color of your cheek goes well with the color of your hair."

"Sir Marla." Samwell says, his eyes still fixed in the acolyte. "If you are done there, do you know if we have bows? A true gentleman, and a Prince, will always concede advantage to an adversary. Even when he knows nothing on the handling of a weapon." he chuckles and adds, "Oh, and at least I don't flirt and fight at the same time." a friendly grin is directed to the Blue Guard and the Duke.

"Ah. What a sweet prince you are, Samwell." says the acolyte when he selects bows, "What exactly is the plan for them then? How will the winner be determined and what not?"

Taking a bow and a pack of arrows, Samwell points with his gaze to a tree, seemingly slimmer than the rest. "We shoot at it. The first one who hits it two times wins. Simple enough. I am a simple Prince, after all." he offers the bow to the acolyte. "And I don't know the rules, or anything at all about archery." he adds in a grin. "You can start."

"I honestly don't use a bow often your highness." The Blue Guards admits and blushes again, then the duke’s words find her ears and the red deepens which causes the tall woman to try and hide behind her hair. Which only get her to finally huff at Samwell's teasing, "Flirt while I spar? I'd rather do that over ale and a game of cards." She looks to Pawel again smiling apologetically.

To her Chosen companion she gives a little nod and on the indicated tree the manties a piece of cloth. "A target." she explains to Samwell. Once the Chosen is out of the way Kerianne accepts the bow from Samwell. After a moment she takes her shot and without looking to see if it lands she turns to Samwell and returns the bow for his turn. Perhaps she is confident it will find its mark.

"Always knew you were bad at doing more than one thing at the same time, cousin," comes Pawel's reply to Samwell, rather lightly, and with a grin. Nodding a bit as he hears Marla's words. "Ale and cards, you say?" Still keeping his words rather light at the moment.

The arrow Kerianne shot flies gracefully, hitting cleanly to the tree. After it, two consecutive arrows follow it, shot by the Prince, but with no luck at all. A smile and a laugh is all the knight offers to Kerianne, watching with entertainment as she shoots a new arrow.
"Go for it, acolyte." he says playfully. "Make your temple proud."

Raising an eyebrow to Pawel Marla just chuckles, "Yes your grace, ale and cards, or dice." She concedes with a wry grin and settles herself into a more relaxed stance as she watches the two try their hands at archery. "What about yourself? Courtly ladies must not be as boring as they look?"

The final arrow of the acolyte is shot, once more she doesn't look as she returns the bow again. "I always do, Samwell." assures Kerianne.Away she steps to once again clasp her hands together behind her. /Now/ her head turns to look where her arrows landed, head tilting a touch as she studies it.

"Some of them are just as boring as they look," Pawel replies, before he adds, "Some others are not boring at all. My wife was in the latter category, while she was alive." A touch of melancholy in his expression as he speaks of Alisandra, before he offers a grin again, "I'll tell you more about the courtly ladies at some other time. I need to get back into town now, unfortunately."

Marla nods her head to Pawel and gives him a quick pat on the shoulder, a little manly for the woman but she is a knight, "I'm sure she was lovely." Nodding to Pawel as he speaks of departing, "Well thank you for the spar your grace and I do hope you ask again, was good fun." She then gives him a parting smile before turning back to Kerianne, "Well shot daughter."

"I am sure." Samwell says with an honest and even sweet smile. "Congratulations, Kerianne. And yes, your Temple will be proud." a nod is given to the departing noble. "Have a good return, cousin. I will hope to train with you next time."

"Of course, cousin," Pawel offers to Samwell, before he nods with a smile to Marla, "I'll be looking forward to that next time," he offers, before he adds a nod and a smile to Kerianne, before he heads off, joined by those guards of his that was not too far away.

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