Anna Popplewell
Anna Popplewell as Bethany Ashdown
Full Name: Bethany Ashdown
Byname: N/A
Age: 16
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Tarris
Title/Profession: Squire
Position: Squire
Place of Birth: Griffon Point, Taniford
Father: Gauvain Tarris
Mother: Nyla Ashdown
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None


Bethany Ashdown is the base born Daughter of Gauvain Tarris. This is just a place holder incase somebody nabs her.

Immediate Family

Felicty Tarris (Grandmother)
Talina Fairmount (Aunt)
Gauvain Tarris (Father)
Caterina Tarris (Aunt)

Character Features

Sixteen year old girl.

Physical Features

Tall lanky girl with freckles


Enjoys Gossip like nobody else
Has a fondness for harmless pranks

On the Grid

Known Associates

Samwell Samwell Taniford : He is the prince. A young Prince. He'll never look twice a Base born girl like me, but ya can't blame a Squire for dreaming!
Gauvain Gauvain Tarris : My dearest father, and the Knight whom I am sworn as a Squire. Conflicting relationship at times. He is secretly a sweet man, under all the surly, old man material. Has a weakness for fluttering eyelashes.
Jaren Jaren Cassomir : Ummm He may be an older gentleman, but can you say YUM?

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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