The Blue Guard


The Blue Guard is the elite force of knights sworn to protect the King, the Queen, the Royal Family, and the realm's peace. Only nine members are accepted at a time, being the wearers of the unique and precious Bands of Taniford.

Being part of the order is a privilege, an honor, and one of the biggest responsibilities a knight in the South can wish to receive. Many famous members have performed heroic deeds that have carried their legacy for centuries, and those who break their vows will always be remembered in infamy. Therefore, the selection of each one of them is made carefully, and the eyes of the Kingdom are on them at all times.

Their birth is never important. Nobles, royals, commoners, even bastards. Every inn will be glad to show hospitality, and every righteous person will be glad to offer their earned respect. The skill and honor are the only way they are judged. Men and women, young and old, if they prove themselves worthy, none of it will matter.

History & Culture

Taniford Eikros, before fleeing to the Summer Citadel, had in his possession a treasure with no comparison. Nine rings, masterfully crafted, so perfect and unique that they could never be reproduced. Their origin is unknown, and even some dare to speculate about a tenth ring, hidden from the sight of any man. But, whether it is truth or it isn't, only nine of this jewels are held in the known world.

Many vassals sided the Taniford claimant to the throne, and many knights gave their life for him. The fiercest, strongest, and more righteous, formed his personal guard, leaving everything behind for a bigger cause. Naturally, no payment was enough for their choice, sacrifice, and deeds. Only one, perhaps, and the southern King decided to lend the rings to the men and women who offered their own lives to protect him.

And so, the ancient treasure has passed from hand to hand, but always to the best.


There are three ways to earn a place in the Blue Guard.

Challenge: Every knight in the Kingdom can ask for an opportunity to challenge one of the current members of the order. The approval of the request depends on the royal family, based in the past and honor shown from the defiant. The fight is ceremonial and controlled, avoiding any kind of informal, street fight, assuring the safety of the members in their normal lives. If, after a fair competition, the knight in blue cloak is defeated, he can be asked to leave his position to let his contender to take it.

Tourney: If there is any open place and the need to fill it, a tourney can be held for his purpose. Every participant must be examined by the royal family, to ensure no one unworthy can take it as a chance to join the prestigious order. A blue cloak will be offered to the winner, who has the freedom to accept it or not - though it could be taken as an offense to reject such an offering.

Valiant Deed: If a knight catches the attention of the Taniford family with an heroic deed, far beyond of what a normal warrior could achieve, the King and Queen are free to appoint anyone to the Blue Guard. It is uncommon, but it is one of the highest gifts anyone can receive in the realm.

The Band of Taniford

A heavy band of steel has been forged into a ring, battered and worn through the years, but the metal still shines bright. Sized, and resized again over the ages, etchings along the encircled band have continuously been reworked of the winding branches from the Royal Tree. The branches rise up from the ring to become the setting for the flat, opaque blue stone that is the centerpiece. Carved on the stone is the royal seal of House Taniford, with one addition - a pair of crossed swords beneath the rearing horses and stretching tree.

Only nine of them are known in existence.

Physical Traits

Every Blue Guard has a distinctive blue cloak. Royal blue, finely made, showing the royal sigil of the Taniford family. Their armors are custom made by the best smiths of the realm, adapted to the specific needs of each member. The Band of Taniford is probably the highest of their distinctions, only worn by those inside of the order.

Current Members

  • Commander Prince Samwell Taniford - PC
  • Deputy Commander Sir Deidra Vangoriel, also known as Sir Deidra the Swift - PC
  • Sir Brennart of Wolveshire - PC
  • Sir Marla Mentros - PC
  • Sir Peronell Savage, also known as The Blue Slayer - PC
  • Sir Dalyros Lohstren - NPC
  • Sir Bernard the Raven - NPC
  • Two spots free to be filled IC.


Two open spots filled through IC means.

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