Breaching Defenses

Breaching Defenses
Summary: On her way northwards, Deidra pays the site where the tavern is being rebuilt a visit, and comes across Roltoff. After a short
conversation they move to the Blue Duck Inn for a drink she owes him from a spar two weeks ago.
Date: 13/05/2013, 28/05/2013
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Deidra Roltoff 

Road to the Docks, Laketown
The Bad Clam Tavern - where it once stood at least - has seen better days. The Smoking heap of charred timbers and rubble smolder still, despite the efforts - heroic - of the water bucket brigade that tried to safe the building it burned down to a heap. The buildings nearest it are scorched somewhat and soot stained.
May 28th, 1329

It's been a few days since his return from Wolveshire to collect the much needed herbs that Mother Tylon required and he was deemed finally well enough to go out as long as he made sure to keep out of anything heavy. So while under those restrictions Roltoff once more returned to the site where the Guild members continue to work on the destroyed tavern. Most of the internal supports are now in place, as are some of the load bearing walls. Several of the guilders stop and come over to greet the sellsword and are seemingly happy to see him well. They set up a chair outside the construction site so that he can watch the proceedings, a table and map are provided so that he can see what they've completed so far as he sips a cup of water. A happy look upon the man's face as none of the guilders were injured while he was gone and it seems they've up'd their means of making sure the site is safe.

The sight of all the work and rebuilding being done would be enough to attract attention and maybe contemplation on something new that is about to arise. Yet it is the traces of destruction, the piles of debris and burned bars, that draw the gaze of a woman, leaning idly against a nearby post. A new arrival to Laketown obviously, her steel armour and blue cloak indicate her to be one of the Blue Guards, sworn to protect the Tanifords. Alas, none of the Royals can be glimpsed nearby. Deidra's gaze remains thoughtfully on those signs of the past, that bring back the memory of the night that Black Clam Tavern burned down - a night that marked the beginning of all the madness to come.

A noise catches her attention, and shifting her gaze she notices the man at the table with a map. A short moment of hesitation, and the Blue Guard pushes herself from the post she had been leaning against and approaches, studying the man with curiosity and the spark of recognition in those steely green eyes. "Roltoff? Roltoff Delmort?" she inquires, yet her enthusiasm seems slightly dimmed, as she remembers their last encounter, somewhere on a deserted tourney field in Wolveshire.

On a fateful morning, two weeks ago…

Tournament Grounds, Wolveshire
A green field is the setting for the tournament grounds in the shadow of Wolveshire Castle. There's the list for the jousting, as well as room for pavilions of the various participants in the tournaments. A cold steel rail has been put up to keep the lower stands, meant for the commoners, from the area for the participants. There's also a higher stands for members of nobility and other very important people to enjoy the events from, with more comfortable seating and a better view.
May 13th, 1329

It is a late morning on the tourney field - almost deserted after the recent tourney and feasting, save for a lone knight practicing with a
wooden tourney sword, with the empty stands resounding from the ferocious blows to the wooden dummy. It's the female Blue Guard Deidra, without her charge the captive Prince Stefan, but even so in a bad temper. She wears training leathers, but above that of course the Blue Cloak of her profession.

Roltoff has been quite bored recently and decided to ditch the planning meeting with the guilder on the construction of the Tavern. Knowing they could find him in town Roltoff heads up to the castle and is wandering around when he hears someone on the field and so decides to investigate.

While watching the blue guard practice he grins and at seeing how fiercely she's attacking the dummy, he lets out a low whistle. While getting closer, "I do belive he's had it sir… " Roltoff says with a warm grin. "If I were him I'd have surrendered half an hour ago. " he continues to tease as he stops five feet away.

Hearing Roltoff's voice from behind her, Deidra pauses and turns around to look at the man - panting slightly from the exercise as she leans on her tourney sword. His words manage to ellicit a little smile from her. "Not him. Her.", she replies with a wink, and straightening she gives him an assessing look. "What brings you here…? I remember you, from the day that tavern burned down in Laketown." Green eyes narrow a bit for a moment, but then she tilts her head to the side with a smile. "Care for a spar?"

Roltoff chuckles holds up his hands in mock surrender of the clarification. "sorry her. " He nods, "Aye.. I was one of the few who helped to put out the fire and with Sir Rae managed to kill two of those who started it and get those trapped inside out. " he closes the distance. and grins. "sure.. but only if you take it a bit easier on me than you did on … her. " he asks, "Unlike her, I do tend to bruise quite easily, As Sir Aethel proved giving me three fractured ribs from out bout in the tourney. " he looks to find a spare practice blade as he doesn't have one of his own.

"Hmm, I will try to hold back a little, but indeed, you are not her, so you will have little to fear but this wooden thing here…" Deidra replies with a smirk, waving playfully with her practice sword and pointing to a weapon stand with tourney swords in a close corner of the field. "Help yourself, there are plenty over there." And while she waits for him to get ready, she makes swings the sword through the air with a light frown. "You'll still have a chance against me, I suppose. This thing here is by no means as well balanced as my own little precious and favourite sword…"

Roltoff moves to get the practice blade and nods. " Aye I do understand. " as he removes his own blade and draps it over the rack so that he can take a few practice swing, he Adjusts his heater shield and continues to test out the practice blade as he move to the ring with you. " ready when you are M'lady…" he says with a warm grin and a fire in his eyes.

As if she had waited for his invitation, Deidra approaches with the swiftness that has earned her the byname, whirling about at the last moment to attack, not from the side Roltoff probably expects, her sword aiming for the mercenary's side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Deidra=swords Vs Roltoff=swords
< Deidra: Good Success Roltoff: Good Success
< Net Result: Deidra wins - Marginal Victory

Roltoff grins as the attack begins and While not as easily fooled as many, being a sellsword one learns a few tricks he manages to partially block the attack but as her slides off his she manges to still score a light grazing his to his side.. "Mmmm well done." he chuckles.

Roltoff brings his shield into play as he not only uses it for defense but as the mercenary captain showed him, also for attack as he brings it up and around in as to distract while he comes in with a reversed blade strike with his sword.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Roltoff=swords Vs Deidra=swords
< Roltoff: Success Deidra: Good Success
< Net Result: Deidra wins - Marginal Victory

Deidra eyes the shield and grins, evading it with one swift movement. Luckily for her she manages to glimpse the wooden blade approaching from an odd angle and parries it with her own at the last moment. "Not bad, not bad at all…." the Blue Guard mutters with a grin, and whirling around she starts her next attack, swinging her sword for Roltoff's legs.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Deidra=swords Vs Roltoff=swords
< Deidra: Good Success Roltoff: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Roltoff grunts as he hears the compliment and his eye catchs the low swing as he brings down his blade to counter hers stopping the attack cold, even though the impact jars his arm, making his hand tingle. He spins away bringing his blade around following his shield as he tries to get Deidra to duck as he brings his blade back around to give her a smarting strike to her backside.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Roltoff=swords Vs Deidra=swords
< Roltoff: Great Success Deidra: Good Success
< Net Result: Roltoff wins - Marginal Victory

Anticipating a blow that doesn't come from where she has expected, Deidra indeed ducks - and is completely taken by surprise, when
Roltoff's practice blade manages to hit her backside with a smack. The humiliation seems to be overwhelming for a moment. Deidra straightens and gives Roltoff an incredulous stare. "How dare you…" she starts, glaring at him with menacing steely green eyes. But then she gives in to a fit of laughter. "Well done, whatever your name is. Not a move you find in the books…"

But soon her demeanour sombres again, and Deidra starts her next attack, eager to pay Roltoff back for his insolence.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Deidra=swords Vs Roltoff=swords
< Deidra: Success Roltoff: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Roltoff is chuckling and manages to barely block Deidra's next attack, as the fit of giggle takes over. "Roltoff Delmort…" he says, "and I dont believe I got yours." his eyes merry with delight and joy. as he comes at Deidra again, but never with the same trick twice. This time he goes for what he calls the peek-a-boo moves as he brings up his shield as if to smack you in the face while giving your gut a jab. An attack that doesn't always work but when it does…

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Roltoff=Swords Vs Deidra=swords
< Roltoff: Good Success Deidra: Failure
< Net Result: Roltoff wins - Solid Victory

"Sir Deidra…," the Blue Guard replies, frowning as she sees her own attack being blocked by the sellsword. But it is when she falls for another feint of his, that he manages to push her back, with his sword hitting her gut with a force that surprises her - and makes her stumble a few steps backwards. "…the Swift." Her lip is bleeding as she seems to have bitten herself, Deidra spits some saliva mingled with blood out onto the ground of the tourney field. "It's that damn wooden sword…" she mutters to herself with an anger slowly rising inside of her. And then she runs at him again, aiming for his feet at first, before whirling around him to attack from behind. Really. pissed. off. by. her.
own. poor. performance.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Deidra=Swords Vs Roltoff=Swords
< Deidra: Great Success Roltoff: Good Success
< Net Result: Deidra wins - Solid Victory

Roltoff is torn between laughter and dismay at how things have progressed and when he sees Deidra coming at his feet again he jumps over to find at his dismay she's taken a chapter from his book as he arch's his back as her blade smacks him squarely. "Yeouch!" he cries out, but is still partially laughing. "good blow. " he chuckles as he spins and comes at her again but taking his time watching her eyes as he feints, then feints again before coming at her with a leg sweep of his own.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Roltoff=swords Vs Deidra=swords
< Roltoff: Good Success Deidra: Good Success
< Net Result: Deidra wins - Marginal Victory

Maybe she was too easy going at first, too convinced of her own superior skills. That was a mistake obviously. A mistake that has showed her to never let down her guard. Deidra stares right back into Roltoff's eyes, seeing the feint and recognizing it as such from the corner of her eye, then jumps with the grace of a dancer up to evade that leg sweep. When she lands on her feet again she grins broadly at Roltoff. "Clever, Roltoff. But not clever enough…" Licking her lip that is still bleeding a bit she ducks, about to attack again, when a guard arrives coming from the direction of the castle. "Sir Deidra! The Rhaedan Prince requests your presence. The other guard… he is waiting to take his break, Sir." the man calls, bowing with cautious respect to the Blue Guard.

Deidra straightens with a sigh. "I'll be there in a minute!" she calls to the guard before she turns to Roltoff again. "I regret, but I have to leave… Maybe we can continue this some other time? I still owe you a beating, Roltoff. And…" she leans a bit closer to the sellsword, after casting a glance about the tourney field, looking relieved to find they are alone, apart from that guard. "And… you don't have to run around bragging how you got me, I mean,… managed to hit my… backside…?" Deidra adds with a bit of embarassment showing in her green eyes. Soon to be replaced with a menacing glare. "For if you do, I swear, I'll find you, and I'll silence you. With my little friend. My own special sword…" And then she turns to deposit the wooden sword at the weapon rack, and leave the field with evenly paced not too hurried steps.

Roltoff smiles softly as she leans in. "Dont worry I'm not one for such things, it'd be a dishonor to do such. " as he watches her depart.

Back to the here and now…

Roltoff studies the blueprints (yet its in black charcoal- never understood that phrase) and pauses in mid conversation with the lead Carpenter and spots her and smiles. "Ahh sure, Sir Deidra. What brings you this far north. " as he shifts a bit, wincing too as his broken arm bumps against the corner of the table. He looks to the carpenter and nods. "those improvements are a good idea. thank you" he address's to the man and smiles at the blue guard.

Deidra pauses a few feet away from Roltoff and crosses her arms before her while eyeing the blueprints on the table with a raised brow. "Hmmm, I didn't know you were an architect…?" Her surprise seems to be genuine enough. Then her gaze brushes his arm and there is a touch of concern in her voice: "What happened to you arm? It wasn't like that last time we met." Her eyes narrow at the memory and for a moment she is silent. "Don't tell me this is my doing, Master Roltoff. For if it is… I owe you an apology."

Roltoff looks up and laughs, "Im not an architect by any stretch of the means. Though after four weeks of them explaing this stuff I've gotten a basic understanding of what it all means and they are good enough to take the time out to explain things for me when I get lost. " he looks at his arm and grins soflty. "No dear lady this isn't your doing though there are times I wish it were. A little over a week ago while lifting up one of the new support beams the counter weight broke and the beam came crashing down. Right over two apprentice carpenters. I being closer shoved them out of the way, just in time to catch the beam … more's likely it caught me. " he slowly pulls his arm out of the sling and explains where the bone broke, and broke the skin as the did so and stuff of that nature. "well with some work we managed to get it roughly splinted and wrapped but the cloth was dusty and I had a high grade fevor but Im all better now. just have to take it easy for the next few months is all while the bone fuses back and heals up. " he smiles warmly at you for your concern and has them bring a chair over so that you can sit. "So what brings you this far north. Last I heard you were still guarding the northern prince. Has something changed?"

Hearing the tale of how the arm was broken, the Blue Guard gives it another longer look. "But it will be alright again, I hope? It is not your sword arm, but even so… a bad arm hampers your fighting. It could force you to contemplate alternatives on how to make your living… to *become* an architect even." There is little humour in her dry chuckle, as the severity of the topic surely isn't something to be laughed at.

Accepting the offered seat, the Blue Guard's gaze gets slightly reserved when she is confronted with questions, which might seem a little odd. "No Rhaedan prince here." she replies a bit curtly. "Someone else is looking after him."

Roltoff nods his head "Oh yes, Mother Tylon set the bone and used some healing salve to take care of any infections and to miminize the scarring on the arm. " he smiles, "should be good in a few months well enough to spar with you again if your up for it. " he says playfully. He nods at the no prince thing and shakes his head. "No it'll be interesting enough to own this tavern once its up and running, but I think I'll keep it to just that, though I've been looking for help, trying to find people who are more capable at running the day to day stuff. " he asks. "care for some water, or something," then adds, "It's good to see you.. " as he glances at her briefly from the corner of his eye.

The mention of another sparring match does little to cheer Deidra up, her frown deepens even a touch. "I'm not sure, master. No, this wouldn't be a good idea. But.. speaking of spars… I think I owe you a drink. Not over here, as the place hasn't opened yet? But there's another tavern I think. Maybe we can go there." Lowering her eyes at his last remark Deidra hesitates for a moment, then shoots Roltoff a glance - just in time to catch his glance at her. "I am relieved to see somone familiar at least, in this place of all." she admits with the hint of a smile.

Roltoff cocks his head slightly and arches a brow. "would I be imposing as to ask why you'd not be up for another sparring match. " he seems to wave off the drink for a second as his train of thought is on another matter. " you afraid of hurting me or something Sir Deidra " as he stands up and walks around to her other side, presenting you with his good arm and then offering it. "well .. if you wish we can go to the duck and have our drink there" as her reaction seems to have him quite befuddled.

"Afraid of hurting you, Master Roltoff?" Deidra replies with amusement now showing in her green eyes. "I've sparred with you once. I don't remember having been very easy on you then?" But that was towards the end of that sparring match, after a moment of humiliation. The Blue Guard's mouth becomes a thin line for a moment as she rises. "I owe you. A drink, for now. Accept the offer, or leave it. There won't be another." Her expression softens as she notices his bewilderment. "Aw, forget it. Just come along. I do appear a bit spiteful sometimes, I'm afraid…" she hurries to say with an apologetic smile, taking his good arm. "Off we go."

Roltoff blinks at her and then begins to chuckle "You are a definate wonder" as she takes his arm and he walks with her to the Duck. " As for the later statement I've seen worse and I enjoyed our match and should you reconcider on another go once Im well, I'd be honored to face you again. " his tone sincere and his eyes alight with youthful energy. As for right now he feels like he's a lord with one of the loveliest ladies in both kingdoms on his arm. As he keeps equal stride with her. He does turn and says, "Oh and should we spar and if you go easy on me I'll make you regret it. " though there is not hostility or ice in his tone but merely a joyful and teasing laugh to his statement.

Blue Duck Inn, Laketown
The Blue Duck Inn is where all of the real business in Laketown take place. An imposing edifice of stone and wood, the tall stone fireplace rises high above the ceiling above, decorated with the banners of the three Guilds and other prominent merchant-dynasties and local nobles that hold sway over Laketown. It is a lively if subdued place, a bard or a small instrument troupe always on hand and fine wine, rather than some cheap ale or grog, the preferred drink of the crowd. The ornate bar with a long marble top holds fine liquors and other odd bottles to satisfy the most discerning Rhaedan lord or Taniford lady, as well as accomdate the eclectic fads of Laketown proper. The staff is a full compliment of waitresses, hostesses, bartenders, and other staff constantly in motion, much like the town it inhabits. The rooms of the Inn are at the Upstairs landing, a more intimate Common Room for the Blue Duck Inn's more distinguished guests. An ornate door leads to the world outside to Laketown.
May 28th, 1329

It is already very late afternoon, and the Blue Duck Inn starts to fill with the next wave of guests. A cozy light falls through slightly dirty windows, leaving a trace on the dust particles and smoke. Some tables are already occupied with commoners sharing a drink and many a tale, laughter can be heard here and there, while a curvy serving whench makes her rounds about the tables carrying huge pitchers of ale and cups.

Deidra enters the place with a chuckle at Roltoff's last remark. "Go easy on you? I promise I won't." Pausing on the doorstep she turns the gaze of her green eyes towards him with a little smile. "And it seems you won't leave me in peace until I grant you that other spar." Her eyes scan the room next with a slightly wary expression. Searching for someone in particular it seems. But then she turns to Roltoff again with a shrug. "Let's have a drink then. As long as it's just us two." And with that said, she moves towards a vacant table in a shady corner. Many a head turns to see the Blue Guard in that shiny armor and the blue cloak, but Deidra, obviously aware of the many stares, shrugs it off and takes one of the seats. "What would you like to drink, Roltoff Delmort?" she inquires with a raised brow. "That is, if you're still willing to accept a drink from a Blue Guard."

Following the blue guard into the inn and seeming happy to have such a fine lady on his arm, Roltoff nods his head "A drink will be fine, and of course I'd accept a drink from a blue guard, pink guard, yellow guard. Color doesn't matter its the person who does. " as he looks at Deidra and grins. "As for going easy well, I've never learned a thing when something was easy and it doesn't matter the source but If Im to be the best, I need to spart and battle the best. " he follows her to the shady corner table and pulls out a chair for her first to make sure she is seated before he takes his own seat.

"Very well then." Deidra replies, while the corners of her mouth rise a touch more. "Ale?" And waving to the serving wench she signals for her to bring two cups and a pitcher. "I suppose that was a compliment?" she adds in Roltoff's direction after his comment about colours. "But don't expect me to blush. While I'm not used to flowery words, they might not have the same effect on me as they would on some… stupid blushing maiden." Those brows above the green eyes furrow slightly as Deidra makes a dismissive gesture. Her voice however is not really gruff, rather matter-of-factly as she states this. Folding her hands before her on the table she adds: "I promised you a drink, Master Roltoff. And a drink is what you will get." Just to set that straight.

The wench, obviously most eager not to rouse the Blue Guard's ire by tarrying too much, soon returns with the desired cups and pitcher, putting them on the table before them with a loud clonk. "There you are, sirs. If there'll be anything else, just let me know." she says with a wink, intended for Roltoff's eyes obviously, before she moves on to the next table.

Roltoff chuckles and grins. "Well you cant fault a guy for tryng now can ya.. " he replies as he catches the wink from the serving wench but dosn't seem to acknowledge it. "blush you.. no. Though it does make me woder if one can color those cheeks in that way or would one have to use that more feminine stuff to color them." he says with a light chuckle as he teases. "Though I do believe both could be acomplished with time. . " he looks at the mug, turning the cup so that he can readily reach the handle and takes a drink.

He can't help but shake his head as your so stiff and formal compared to his more relaxed nature. "A drink is yet what was promised, sadly had I known the prize I was to win I think I might have up'd the ante a bit." as he watchs you and wonders just what it'll take to get a reaction out of you, for good or ill. "Besides I dont thank many have the courage to drink with a blue guard, no matter how attractive they might be. For fear of saying something wrong and finding a dagger in their side."

Deidra pours herself some of the ale, grinning as she hears Roltoff speaking about colouring her cheeks that way or the other. "You do indeed? It will need some persistence, my friend." His next remark about fearing a Blue Guard's reaction seems to breach a little of her defenses, as she breaks into a fit of melodious laughter. "Is that how we're perceived in public? As horrible creatures that will stab anyone just for staring or saying something inappropriate?" The thought seems to amuse her, strangely enough. "Haven't you heard that we of all are to follow the ways of a knight, honourable, faithful and always ready to defend what we're sworn to?"

It is then that Deidra's mien grows a bit pensive. "My life and time is mainly spent on my duties, Roltoff. There isn't much room for a personal life, I'm afraid." And leaning forward she lets her gaze lock on his to add in a lower voice. "That is why I cherish this moment. However short it will be." Green eyes gleaming with something as she leans back again and takes a sip from the ale.

Roltoff chuckles softly and shrugs. "It is the appearance you and the rest present, not sure if its an active or reactive thing you do. " he replies and sip his ale. "Lady, I'm no knight and while I do have a code of my own. Doesn't mean I know what yours or any other knight's might be. Though you've been truthful and honest and that rates well in my books."

He listens to Deidra talk about how her duty takes up a lot of her life and he sighs, "Tis a shame really I bet beneath all that armor and I'm not solely talking the physcial, I'd find a quite warm and lovely woman under it all. " as she lowers her tone he smiles and leans into say. "Why not make it a few drinks and some actual conversation, away from duty and honor and what ever else and just have a bit of fun hmmm?"

Deidra can't help but smile at Roltoff's compliment of her honesty, his sigh however, makes that smile fade a touch. Lowering her gaze to the mug of ale in front of her, Deidra admits: "It's true, but I knew what I was in for when I joined the Blue Guard. It… means a lot to me to have made it this far, Roltoff." Now dropping the formal address of 'master', those green eyes come to rest upon the sellsword again, with a notably less steely expression than usual. His next remark has her even smirk a little. "I bet you'd like to find out… Anyway, yes and yes. Drinks and conversation are absolutely fine with me." Her hand holding the mug is raised in a toast. No comment on the bit of fun, though.

Roltoff cocks his head as he looks at Deidra and grins. "I can't say no to the idea of finding out. While I do understand, and I do.. as I might be a simple sellsword but even I have my honor to think of as well as my word. If I were to violate either then I'd be out of a job for good as nobody would hire me. It might be hard for you to understand me, in that I love life and all its challenges, it's for that very reason I love sparring with the best, so that I can see what I need to learn, how to grown and improve. " he looks into her eyes and adds, "I've seen driven people and honestly it tires them out befor their time. So all I can say for you is to maybe slow down here and there, have a good stiff drink with someone, more so if they are likeable and agreeable to you. That way you will have time to enjoy life when there is no more having to deal with honour and duty. So that you can just relax and be yourself."

"I might understand you better than you think. A sellsword… my parents were mercenaries. They had always hoped for me to achieve more than they had. Well, I was a mercenary as well at first. Fought in the Corsair Wars beside my father." The expression in those green eyes hardens slightly at the memory. But then Deidra continues, her mouth twitching into a smile: "I know your ambition to become better, fight the best. I still work on my sword technique once I have a bit of spare time now and then. But… slow down? I fear that is not an option at the moment." Reaching out for that mug of ale again, the Deputy frowns. "Too many things depend upon my success." She pauses, casting Roltoff a glance for his reaction on what she is about to say next. "Prince Samwell has appointed me to Deputy Commander. Of the Blue Guards."

Roltoff smiles warmly at hearing that and nods. "Congratulations. " he says softly to her. "I was hired by the Lady Prada for a job concerning Prince Samwell, the day of the final feast but its nothing compared to being promoted to deputy commander. " he grins, "Im glad to be able to dine and drink with someone as lovely and as skilled as yourself. " he drains half his mug and says, "While most think the tavern is going to be my life, it in fact is just a fall back spot. My real goal is much better, assuming I can master more than just the blade."

"Thank you.", Deidra replies to Roltoff's congratulations, raising her mug before she takes a sip from it. But his remark about Lady Prada's task regarding her Prince does indeed make her raise a brow. "What is it she has asked you to do for her I wonder?" the Blue Guard inquires, her eyes narrowing slightly. After all Lady Prada is Duke Pawel's sister, and the way he has failed to inform both Prince Samwell and the Blue Guard of important evidence has made her change her opinion of the man.

Putting the mug down before her again, Deidra traces its rim with one of her fingers… Her steel gauntlets lie somewhere beside that mug, as she had removed them as soon as she had settled herself at the table. Roltoff might notice a ring on one finger of her right hand - not the expensive kind; made of steel, with an opaque stone of blue colour with markings of the sign of Taniford. "So, if it is not the tavern, Roltoff… what is that goal you speak of?" she asks, his gaze locking onto his.

Roltoff shrugs as Deidra asks what Prada wish's for him to do. "that I can't say, she's been absent for so long that I dont know yet mostly spent my days on the tavern. " he drains the rest of his ale and sets it down and a warm glow and smile come over him as she asks what his main goal is. " Why to start my own academy here in lake town of course. Something that might hold as many as thirty students at one time. Of course I'll have to have staff and cooks and instructors but Its my dream." he smiles softly.

Whatever reply it was that Deidra expected - it surely was not this. Her brows twitch upwards in surprise, while her hand moves to cover her gaping mouth. Staring incredulously at Roltoff for a moment she finally addresses him once again, with obvious bewilderment. "An academy? You mean a place were scholars are trained? How odd. I would have thought… something like… excelling with your fighting skills… honour and glory…" As these things are what she strives for, obviously. Shaking her head the Deputy drains the mug and mutters: "I didn't even know you could read and write…" As if that were indeed a great surprise to her.

But… Deidra's attention is distracted soon enough. Into the already crammed place enters another knight wearing the attire of a Blue Guard. Noticing him she rises from her seat, straightening as she gives him a nod of greeting. Her gaze shifts to Roltoff next. "My short moment of leisure seems to be over. I thank you for the kind words and the conversation. The ale is on me of course." A pause. "Good luck on your mission, Roltoff. And may I have luck in mine…"

Roltoff chuckles and nods. "A battle academy dear lady is what I mean. " he shakes his head "I can read and yes write some. The goal I had in mind was a school were both the south and north could send children to learn all the combat skills but not just combat, but healing and how to organize and finance themselves should they go indepentant, have many class's some requried some they can do for fun if they wish'ed." He glances up at the sight of the other knight and sighs, then nods. "Aye.. .be safe out there, otherwise you'll deal with me." he says, in a near teasing tone but you glean he's also serious about coming back safe.

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