Broderick of Tranham
Paul Telfer
Paul Telfer as Broderick of Tranham
Full Name: Broderick of Tranham
Byname: None
Age: 28
Kingdom: Taniford
House: None
Title/Profession: Craftsman
Position: Weaponsmith
Place of Birth: Tranham
Father: Micah
Mother: Eliza
Siblings: Three Unnamed Brothers, Two Unnamed Sisters
Spouse: NA
Children: NA


I am trained in the arts of combat and proper usage of my skills so that I can protect myself while out in the field and to defend my family against those that may try to harm them. Though most of my brothers and sisters have moved out and created their own families, I still tend to the shop, watching over my mother and her ailing health, and keeping my father's dream alive, as it has now become my own.

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Peronell Sir Savage the Firey : One of the first people I met in Wolveshire as I filled in for the blacksmith there. A woman whose passion and heart is as firey as her hair. I hope to learn more about her, to perhaps see what lies beneath that armor and meet the woman beneath the metal and fire.

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