Bryony Fearn
Madeline Zima
Madeline Zima as Bryony Fearn
Full Name: Bryony Fearn
Byname: -
Age: 24
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: -
Title/Profession: Mistress
Position: Healer
Place of Birth: Laketown
Father: -
Mother: -
Siblings: -
Spouse: Johan Grimson
Children: N/A


The first memory I have is of the Temple in Laketown - the whispering rustle of robes accompanying the chords of devotionals as all were called to worship. Any hint of family from before is either wiped from memory or was never there to begin with. I was an orphan and there are but few who may know my beginnings. I am not one of them.

Raised in the Temple, I chose not to go into the priesthood. No doubt it did cause much secret celebration as I had been a most willful and headstrong child. It was to the Healers Guild for me. Though my education had begun with the priests and priestesses of Stilltha, at eleven my apprenticeship began. At two and twenty I finished all of my training and did become a master of my craft. I served in Laketown for a year before deciding to venture out from the only place I had ever known.

One year later I am the Royal Healer for the Rhaedans. Not bad for a nameless orphan.

Immediate Family

Character Features

Physical Features

Strands of chocolatey hue are drawn back from her face; the long tendrils plaited carefully into a thick braid that falls below her waist. The styling gives her face a longer look than it otherwise might have, showing more of her high forehead and the rounded apples of her cheeks. Her nose is long but suitably so and rests above a pair of full lips. Hazel eyes almost appear green depending upon her clothing and turn down slightly at the outer corners. Above them her sable brows arc, each one cutting a startling oblique line across her olive complexion. Tall for her sex, she stands some eight or nine inches above her five feet, maintaining curves where they are most appropriate.

A woolen gown dyed a dark blue covers her frame from throat to ankles. It is simple in design with nothing in the way of frippery. The collar is high about her throat and the sleeves cut to follow her arms closely until they reach the elbows. Belled sleeves open to reveal the grey underdress whose sleeves cuff tightly about her wrists. The skirt of the gown is loose and flowing and kisses the grass as she walks. A pair of matching boots peep out from beneath from time to time and about her waist is a simple leather belt with pouches aplenty attached to hold her coin and necessities.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Jerric Prince Jerric Rhaedan : Bryony does not know the elder prince beyond a couple of conversations despite that she is in his employ. She holds nothing against him but is still waiting to form an opinion on the man.
Stefan Prince Stefan Rhaedan : Bryony thinks Stefan to be impulsive at times but, overall, she thinks he is simply a young man with too much time on his hands and a remarkable capacity for compassion that others miss.
Amira Princess Amira Rhaedan : The princess seems a bit willful at times, but that is something that Bryony can understand. Overall, she seems a very likeable sort and, when they've time, there are discussions and lessons on healing.
Alek Sir Alek Gorthron : The Pretty Knight is, without a doubt, Bryony's closest friend. Though they have differences of opinion, they seem to be few and far between.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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