By Your Leave...

By Your Leave…
Summary: Savaric is just trying to get things taken care of so he and Talia can get on the mission to find Princess Kerilyn - but there just seems to be so many other things going on…
Date: 7 May 2013
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Golden Crown Inn
The main room of the inn serves as a gathering place and an entry hall. A broad staircase follows along the left wall toward a wide balcony-style loft above, and from there carpet runners lead guests down several different hallways lined with doors. Tiles of muted tones with the odd glimmeringsquare are arranged in the symbol of a sun that dominates the center of the main room. A long, low counter of a dark wood lies to the right, where an attendant can assist with getting a room; behind the counter, a nondescript door leads into a private chamber in the back. A large chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling, and light from the wide front windows strikes the teardrop crystals to send colorful motes of light around the room.

Directly across from the entrance lies another set of double-doors leading into the common room. The sounds of dining and general carousing from within can be heard at all hours of the day and night.

7 May 1329

Coming down the stairs from the second floor and the resident rooms, Savaric sets down some coin on the table to cover the cost of the room that he and Talia used for the night. There's a small grunt of perhaps thanks as the ranger makes his way through the lobby, apparently about to step out for a resupply.

Already at the door and.. leaving? Yes. About to step outside, a redhead with vivid green eyes is waiting for a few others to come in, one ahead of her to go out before she can leave too. She looks mildly impatient as she taps her fingers on her hip as she waits.

As the ranger arrives at the people jam at the door, he's nowhere near as patient as the redhead that stands there waiting. "In. Out. Decide. Before I move you." Savaric might smile, but it's not a very friendly one as he looks like he should just barrel his way through. With his hair unwashed, his frame covered in leather and piecemail armor, it's easy to tell he's not used to towns and the like.

In a tunic, leggings and these furs wrapped around her feet like boots, the redhead is clean, but definitely not well off. At the words of the Ranger, she arches a brow. "Wait your turn." The words are muttered in a sarcastic tone and she shoulders her way towards the door, not allowing him past.

Arching a brow for a moment, Savaric looks at the young woman blocking his path. He considers for a moment and then steps forward. Picking her up off of the ground, he pushes them both through the doorway. And then deposits her outside. "My turn." he says simply. "Better door than window." he adds before he starts to walk away, apparently already having decided that was good enough for him.

Uh-oh. Kaelea's hackles rise and she marches after him. "You ignorant oaf! Don't you dare touch me without asking!" The demand is vehement, green eyes narrowed to slits.

"You in way. Acted like ass. Would you perfer I punch?" Savaric asks, turning hazel eyes on the young woman that is storming after him. Apparently her temper has little effect on him. After all, he's married to a redhead that has a lot more practice at yelling at him. "Who are you to make demand anyway?"

"Who are you to pick me up and carry me around?" Kaelea challenges him. "If you punch me, I guarantee you would regret it, so I wouldn't recommend it, commoner." Of course she's a commoner too, but that's beside the point. "Who am I? Does it matter? What matters is you should learn to keep your hands to yourself unless invited."

"Act like noble. Not noble. Pretender." Savaric snorts at the woman, a shake of his head. "Are you one to teach lesson? Doubt. Have better things to do than listen to kitten mewl pitifully about being carried." he offers to her, the tall Ranger giving a shake of his head. "Next time, when said to move. Move."

What the hells? Her expression shows her confusion. "Are you too ignorant to speak in whole sentences?" Kaelea still walks along with him and when he finishes, she's practically boiling. "Don't you tell me what to do." Doubling up her fists, she stops walking and stands there watching him. "Don't you make fun of me."

"Speak just fine. Have better things to do than listen to child cry for attention. No need to make fun. Do that just fine on your own." Savaric offers, a simple smirk offered to the redhead as he shakes his head as he gives her a dismissive wave and seems to just be continuing on his way towards the castle.

Kaelea just lifts her shoulders. She won't follow him but she glares daggers at him as he heads for the castle before she heads off towards the woods. Where she lives.

As the redhead retreats, Savaric only gives a snort, watching her for a moment, before he finds a chuckle in his throat and he turns to continue in the other direction from her.

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Gatehouse - Castle Wolveshire
Solid iron and wood gates stand at both ends of the long the tunnel running between the main courtyard and the main road toward Wolveshire. An iron portcullis can be lowered behind the gates, adding a second obstacle that can be only be raised by accessing the mechanisms from the floor above. Both arrow slits and pitch holes dot the ceiling, allowing the guards above to attack invaders throughout the tunnel.

A handful of paces away from the courtyard-side gate, a door in the wall leads to a winding stone stair accessing guardhouse above.

7 May 1329

As he arrives at the Gatehouse, Savaric gives a frown. Talia usually handles all of this stuff for him when it comes to the protocols and all. The communication is difficult, but at least the guards know that the Ranger is attached to the delegation from Rhaedan, as he gives a grunt and awaits for the messenger to return and tell him what he needs to know.

Yep, like clockwork, Kaelea has come to the castle too, but she's come from a different direction. Walking towards the gatehouse, she notices the man from earlier. Without a single word to him she walks to the gatehouse. "Tell Duke Pawel or Prince Stefan I have arrived."

Prince Stefan. Savaric arches a bow as the ranger looks anew at the young woman and then snorts. "You. Deliver message to Prince." he says simply. "Tell him his Ranger and Healer travel back to northlands. Search for his sister. Will inform him what we find. Left map to murder site."

When she is addressed by the northerner, Kaelea turns her head to regard him with deliberate slowness. "I'm not your messenger. If you want a message sent to the Prince, you tell him." Hmmph. Not her. "Unless you pay me to deliver it.

Not so far away from the gates, A thin and frigile at the first look creature, who saw not more than eighteen winters, is standing. Even if her plump cheeks are grubby and her rosebud lips are chapped, her face looks so pretty. For this reason some passerbies men stare at her with hungry eyes of wolf. However, a sharp dagger, which she clenches in her strong hand, stops all the words, which could leave men throats.

The young girl sharpens it in a crusted piece of leather. She has shoulder pack and a buckler shield on her shoulders. There is also a dirk in the scabbard on the belt. Her look coolly stares at the crowd.

One old woman catches her attention for no reason and the girl slightly cuts in her finger. Just after a few more heartbeats she sees a wound and serenely licks a few drops of blood. At that moment a few people from the north gets more intent glance, especially, when the princes is mentioned. Krea sneaks up closer, putting her dagger in the save place. When some more blood shows up, she just wraps her finger in a linen shirt and listens to the conversation, staring somewhere in the road as she wouldn't listen to anything.

"You are friend of his. Will want to know information on what is being done for Kerilyn. You withhold, you are a fool." Savaric says with a frown at the woman. "Only whore ask for coin for service." he points out to her as he folds his arms over his chest to look down at the feisty young redhead. His expression is not one of someone that is impressed at the idea of paying a coin for a message delivery.

As the girl that was sharpening her dagger looks at them, Savaric glances up. His eyes lock on the waif of a woman for a moment and he lets out a grunt towards her, a simple nod of his head. Not in appreciation of her curves or shape, but of the dagger she carries - even if she manages to cut herself with it, which causes the large ranger to get an amused smile for a moment before he turns his attention back to Kaelea.

"If you not deliver message, I will wait and tell Prince Stefan myself."

Catching sight of the woman sharpening the knife, Kaelea watches her with wary caution. Inside her own fur boot-like foot wear a dagger is tucked, waiting for the owner to need it. While she waits at the gate, she looks impatient, even when Kerilyn is mentioned. "I'm not a fool, commoner. So you're a whore? Getting paid for services also? I didn't say I fuck them, commoner, I said I work for them. I don't give a care as to you and your ignorant opinions so back off before you regret it." Again, her eyes narrow to vibrant green slits and the girl who can't be more than eighteen herself watches the older man.

Standing at the gate, Kaelan and Savaric are having a .. discussion .. of professions, while Krea is off to the side, sharpening a dagger.

Krea grins. Quite coolly, but grins, when she hears that childish noise between two people. Now all her weapons is hiddden. She leans to the wall and nods to the man, who just stared at her. She even comes closer and ironically says "No need to shout about such silly things. Quite nice to meet some northerners." She curiously gazes at the pair. "Heard some things, need some help?" she pats her dirk in the scabbard.

"I do not care who you wrap your mouth or womanhood around. Asked you to deliver message. You demanded coin. Little more than woman on the street at that." Savaric says as he glances towards Krea and gives a nod of his head to the brunette. At least she seems to have some sense. "Just need to make sure Prince Taniford recieves message. Going to find Princess Kerilyn with Talia. Leaving map to where Princess Taniford was murdered with him so he can give to others." he says with a darkening frown. "I do not have time to argue with mewling kitten that needs tit over what she is and is not. Can you deliver message?"

Making his way out from the courtyard, Pawel looks between the people present for a few moments now. Gaze going to Kaelea first, and then to Savaric. "Yes?" he says to them. Keeping it short at the moment, it would seem.

Perhaps having gotten word about the arguing northerners or just on a stroll inside the walls. Though when Stefan does see the three of them, he raises a hand in greeting. "Ranger. K." He offers before looking to Krea with a pleasant smile. "And if I may, what is your name?" He asks with a raise of his brow. Hearing the words given from Savaric though. "And why would she not ask for coin? She is not a northerner. She resides in Laketown usually." He explains with a raise of his brow. "A message for the princess? I think I could make sure that it happens." Looking over to Pawel as well when he arrives.

"What message should Prince Taniford receive?" a Prince, indeed, asks as he gets closer to the unknown people. A silver armor and black cloak, dark messy hair with the same color of his eyes. Samwell Taniford scans warily with his gaze all the people at the gate. "Savaric." he greets the only one he knows, at least, until another recognizable faces emerges. "Prince Stefan, are you attempting your escape so fast?" he jests and returns the inquisitive eyes to the rest.

Uh-oh. Fire flashes in the red heads eyes and her fist doubles up even as she swings it for the face of the northerner with the big mouth, intending on shutting it for him if her fist is any indication. "You louse!" The words are said between gritted teeth as a fight breaks out, at least from Kaelea's end of things.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kaelea=Melee Vs Savaric=Melee
< Kaelea: Success Savaric: Good Success
< Net Result: Savaric wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Savaric=melee Vs Kaelea=melee
< Savaric: Good Success Kaelea: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

With the approach of the royals and nobles, Savaric gives a simple bow of his head. He starts to say something when Kaelea suddenly unloads. The ranger moves with a surprising speed, and grabs the young woman's wrist as she swings at him. He means to twist it behind her back and hold her in place but instead she seems to be able to get away, if she wants. "Messages for both of you, Highnesses." Savaric offers. First, to Samwell, he offers the map. "Leads to ruins where we found Aylonora's murder. Can use in your investigation." With that, he turns to Stefan. "By your leave - Talia and I will travel back north. Search for the missing Princess Kerilyn. Will hopefully find alive, as long as I am not delayed by whelps." he says, a pointed look at the redhead.

"Hey, both of you, stop it!" Pawel calls out as he sees the little happenings between Kaelea and Savaric, stepping towards them now. Nodding quite a bit as he hears the messages, he listens, keeping his gaze on both Kaelea and Savaric still. With a look that seems to suggest that if they don't do as he said about stopping it, he'd be more than happy to let them cool down in the dungeons for a while.

Samwell nods a little, extending his hand to accept the offered map. "Thank you." he says, very plainly for what he is used to be. "And who are the rest of you?" the dark eves move to the northerner women, and a little grin is casted for Pawel.

"I will not be called a common whore, Pawel. Not by the likes of him." Still there is fire in her eyes, not having had the satisfaction of the hit to his face she had been seeking. With a glance to Pawel, she sees that look and her features just go blank. Completely blank. In an obviously deliberate move, she turns her gaze from the Duke to rest on the Rhaedan prince. "Stefan, thank you. I only came to see if you needed me for anything, since I have heard the rumors." Her gaze flicks over the Taniford Prince, recognizing him, but not giving much of an indication of it in her eyes.

As the fight breaks up he moves to seperate the two of them. "If I am then I am not very subtle about it." Stefan offers to Samwell's jest. Trying to get the two apart. "Stop!" He calls out. Nodding when Savaric seems past the fight. If she allows he will take a grip on Kaelea to keep her away from Savaric. "If our hosts allows then yes, you can leave." He offers to Savaric. Looking to Kaelea as well, if she is calmer now. To let her introduce herself. Eyes still going to Krea as well. Hoping that she introduces herself. Eyes going back to Kaelea then. "I believe that you can. First off, do you know anything that might help? Saw anything in town?" He asks curiously.

For all the fuss over a fight that was really just one swing, Savaric just seems nonplussed by it all. As Stefan grants his leave, he looks to Samwell. "Your decision, then, Highness. I will go look for Kerilyn, and bring my wife with. We are a good team, as Prince Stefan can testify. We will attempt to prevent escalation of chaos bringers. Stop the worshippers of Kharnas." he says with a glance towards the Taniford Prince to await what he decides.

Pawel nods a little as he hears Kaelea's words, but he doesn't say anything yet. Nodding a little as he hears Savaric as well, "Get going, as soon as you can, good master," he says, not waiting for his Royal Cousin's answer now. Turning to look over at Kaelea and Stefan as he hears what's being said so far, with a quick glance to Krea as well.

"You can go, yes." the Taniford answers Savaric, just after Pawel did, still trying to use as few words as possible. Not something personal, it can be seen, since the way he looks at the rests is even colder. "I will just ask you to keep us informed as well. They killed my sister, we are together in this. And save the Princess, just do it, and we will be forever in debt to you."

When Stefan takes her arm, Kaelea looks pointedly at it. "Please let me go." Obviously the fight is over. "No, I know nothing about it. I was offering to go ask around, if that's what you wanted me to do this time. I could also deliver a message to your parents if you'd like." Still, she pointedly avoids looking at Pawel now and also Savaric. The Prince does get a wary glance, but no greetings.

Granted the permissions he needs, Savaric nods. "I will have Talia collect our travel papers. Will leave town as soon as resupplied. Our condolences for your loss." he offers at least, another look towards the feisty redhead and a snort at her before he turns to withdraw, heading towards the city so that the rest of the resupply can go well before the Ashlans hit the trail again.

Swift steps approach from the direction of the courtyard, belonging to Deidra the Swift, a female Blue Guard in the service of House Taniford. Steely green eyes quickly take in who is present and a deep bow is offered in Prince Samwell's direction, followed by a greeting that appears to be a bit hesitant, obviously due a little confusion regarding the new role he has assumed just recently: "My… Captain, Sir." The awkwardness leaves at once as she continues, in Pawel's direction: "Your Grace." Stefan receives a cold stare and only the hint of a bow from her, though. "Rhaedan prince." The presence of the others is not ignored, but acknowledged with a nod.

Stefan does let go of Kaelea and offers a smile to her. "Please do, thank you. I think asking around would be better for a start." Turning towards Savaric then, "I believe your wife mentioned sending a message to my family, right?" Turning towards the others as well. Listening and nodding. As Deidra arrives he does offer a bow of his head to her. "Blue guard." He offers to her with a bright grin. Seeing the stare from her. "Can't I have her running around me rather? This guy is sort of boring, no disrespect." Grinning at the blue guard that has been following him around earlier.

A bit of light returns to the dark eyes of the Prince in silver armor as a known knight approaches him. A respectful nod of his head, very gentle, is offered. "Sir Deidra." and a sense of relief is there. Certainly, having a Blue Guard nearby in the middle of unknown people in these precise times, is something to thank for. "I am happy to see you too." another jest for her clear awkwardness, but it is something Samwell can understand, "And it seems Prince Stefan is happy as well."

The Blue Guard at the service of the Rhaedan receives a quick look, but it slips to Deidra once more. "It is your choice. But, keep in mind, the Blue Guards are not authorized to kill him. No matter how much you may wish to do it in some days." a little grin. "You would have to protect him, against any harm anyone may attempt. So, it is up to you, I wouldn't force anyone to risk her sanity in such a way." and finally, a really subtle laugh can be heard.

As he moves to leave, Savaric nods. "Yes. Just include the message with the tavel papers, and we will deliver it." the northern ranger offers as he departs from the gate to head back into town.

As Savaric starts to leave, Pawel heads a bit further over towards Kaelea now. "Sorry," he offers to her rather quietly. "Been a rough few days." Meant for her ears alone, he then nods at Stefan's words. "Yes, try to find out as much as you can, and we will all be grateful," he offers to the redhead again, before he looks back to Samwell and Deidra now. "Sir Deidra," he offers, nodding a little bit at what's being said now.

Kaelea crosses her arms over her chest once Stefan lets go of her. "Then I'll go and do that now, Stefan. I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything." The noise from Savaric is flat out ignored, she's beyond angry at him, but she looks over at Pawel and regards the Duke with an almost cool expression before she finally relents and nods. "Yeah, I heard what happened, Pawel. Sorry you lost your cousin and all." She doesn't mention the Princess by name, but she is familiar with all of the royal family, from her days as a child in Estermarch. Neither the blue guard nor the Prince are acknowledged by her yet and the one sharpening her dagger is still getting wary glances.

Deidra raises a brow at Stefan's request, and slowly an amused smile begins to spread over her face. "Oh… that was a compliment, I suppose? To be not considered *boring*? Well, I assure you, I know some entertaining ways of finishing off the enemies of my superiors…, prince." Her gaze flits to Samwell then, with a light incline of her head. "It is my choice, my prince?" she inquires, looking incredulous that he for once doesn't issue a simple order. Her green eyes narrowing a touch, she stares at the Rhaedan captive prince for another moment, before she nods with a sigh. "I will protect him then, from harm done by others… Alas, if it should turn out that *he* did have anything to do with Princess Aylanora's death…" Even if Deidra leaves that last sentence unfinished the meaning is quite clear. "Very well then, Captain, Sir. I assume I am sane enough and more than up to the task."

Stefan chuckles and nods, "So I've seen. We did fight side by side in Laketown after all." He offers to Deidra before turning to nod to Kaelea, "Thank you." Giving her a brief hug if allowed. Then he turns towards the others once more. Grinning as the choice is with Deidra. "Well, now. One could think that you want to be around me." He teases her. Glancing towards Krea in the corner again. "Miss?" He asks, as she has been quiet for quite some time.

"Commander, it sounds better than Captain." the Blue Guard /commander/ grins. "And of course it is your decision. Not one that I would have taken myself, but." the smiles, turning to the Rhaedan Prince, as his answer to Deidra continues. "If that was the case, he will be equally yours. But, I really think it is not." and moving a little more around, the conversation between a northerner lady and Stefan is noticed. As soon as there is a quiet moment, without interrupting, he adds, "Did I miss your name?" prevented, but gently.

"Thank you," Pawel replies to Kaelea a bit quietly. "Just help us find whoever did this, and I'm sure both Prince Stefan and I will make sure you get rewarded for it." As he hears Samwell's words, he offers his cousin a grin, then looks back to Kaelea. "Have you met my cousin, Prince Samwell yet?" he asks her.

After the quick hug from Stefan, Kaelea doesn't interrupt his conversation to the Blue Guard. Instead she prepares herself to leave. Except now she's caught as the Prince addresses her. "I'm sure you didn't miss it. I just never gave it." Cheeky isn't she? To Pawel as he replies with his thanks, she smirks. "I'll be right on top of that, Pawel." Sighing, she shakes her head. "Not up close and personal I haven't. Nice meeting you Samwell."

There is a tiny nod in Stefan's direction as he mentions the 'incident' at Laketown, that had the Bad Clam Tavern go up in flames and burn down completely. "Funny you should mention that, but yes, Rhaedan prince. But even so, do not fool yourself into the notion that I choose to be around for personal reasons." Indeed, the dry chuckle that escapes Sir Deidra now might hint that she doesn't have that much of a personal life - beside her duties as one of the Nine Blue Guards. "Then he will have nothing to fear from me. Commander Sir." she nods in Samwell's direction, although this title seems to be even less easy for her to pronounce than that of Captain. The exchange between Pawel and Kaelea is perceived with attentive green eyes, although not further commented.

"You didn't mention it, that explains it completely." Samwell answers, looking straight to her eyes, but then dismissing it with a shake of head. "It is nice meeting you as well." his tone is certainly not gentle this time. "And Stefan," the knight turns just after Deidra has made her series of comments, "Do you see? The Blue Guards are the /best/ of the best." her words gave entertainment to the southern Prince, it can be noticed.

Stefan chuckles to KAelea's words to the others, "Lovely, isn't she?" Winking to Kaelea at that before looking to the others. Grinning and listening. Though it is the blue guard that soon takes his attention once more. "Fine fine. I am sure that you will find me fun at the end of the day." He guarantees with a wink. Then looking to Samwell again as well. "Is that so? Well I dare say that our guards are quite good as well." Grinning at that.

Pawel nods a little as he listens now, looking over to Samwell for a few moments, then to Stefan, before his gaze goes to Kaelea again, offering another smile. "Just let me know as soon as you find anything," he offers to her.

And so Sir Deidra steps to Stefan's side, offering the other Blue Guard a friendly nod. "Well then, you are lucky. I'll take over your duty, Sir." The knight steps aside, looking quite pleased to be relieved from this task.

The amusement in Samwell's demeanour is noticed by Deidra and returned with a tiny smile, but only for a fraction of a second, before she turns to the Rhaedan with an icy stare. "I will find you fun, Rhaedan prince, when you stop in your futile attempts to charm me. Keep your attentions to *her*." The Blue Guard tilts her head in Kaelea's direction. Not caring if she offends the red-haired girl with her remark or not. Well, she has seen her whispering and chatting with the noble lords often enough, after all…

With a father as a well known hunter/tracker in Estermarch and a mother who worked in the Inn there all Kaelea's life, she just doesn't want to be recognized by these southerners. Soo.. "Kaelea." Is all she's giving. No last name mentioned at all. With a sharp nod to Pawel, she agrees. "I'll let you both know when I find anything." And the first show of courtesy since they all arrived, she bends at the waist.. Oh, wait, no. She was tucking her legging back in her boot. "See you later."

Kaelea's expressions, of mostly just entirely Kaelea, mixed with Deidra's response to Stefan, break completely the somber mood of the Taniford knight. He laughs and steps back a little, only stopping to nod at the Blue Guard who now steps by his side. "Oh Prince Stefan, you are not in a good position to compare our elite royal force to your lion knights." talking about the Royal Guard of the North, of course jesting in a more friendly way. "It was a pleasure, Naelea." and there is a little possibility the confusion in the name was genuine.

Stefan chuckles to Deidra and shrugs. "Can't help it. I'm just that darn charming. Just ask your prince and duke." He teases and grins to them as well. "Well, we just have to see I suppose." He offers and winks to Samwell, about which guard squad is the better.

Pawel shakes his head a little as he hears Samwell and Stefan, glancing between the two of them for a few moments, before he looks over at Deidra. "Let the kid have his little fun, Sir Deidra. It's not like he's behaving like my uncle or anything." He doesn't say anything about which uncle for the moment, before he nods again at Kaelea's words, "Sounds good. Take care out there."

Sensing it was deliberate on the part of the prince, the whole name being wrong, Kaelea hesitates, turns mischievous green eyes onto him and offers a wink. "Thanks, Noble." Tipping an imaginary hat to the group gathered, including Pawel, the Blue Guard, Pawel and Stefan, then making her exit.

"Hmm? Have you charmed them as well, Rhaedan Prince? *That* is indeed a surprise…" comes the reply from Sir Deidra, swift as her byname, while her gaze jumps to Pawel and her prince with enacted bewilderment. The Duke's remark her eyes narrow a touch. "I am sorry, your Grace. I am not here to 'let the kid have his fun'. But to keep both him alive, and any possible victims of his House…" Not an easy task, her demeanour seems to say. It darkens even a touch at the mention of that dreadful uncle of Pawel's.

Kaelea is offered a nod in goodbye by Deidra, although the expression in her eyes hints that her opinion of the woman is by no means changed.

Stefan turns to Kaelea as well as she moves to leave, "Indeed, take care, K." He tells her and glances with a grin to Pawel. Smiling as Kaelea disappears out. Deidra's words makes him chuckle. "IT will be fine I am sure. I do know how to protect myself decently as well."

Pawel offers a bit of a nod and a smile at Stefan as he sees that grin, before he looks back to the others. "Should we head back into the courtyard, then?"

Again, the Taniford Prince laughs at Kaelea and Deidra, but no answer is given, except for a nod of farewell to the first and a grin at the knight. "We should get back in, cousin. This Rhaedan is looking too much at the outside world, I don't feel good with myself." a little laugh and he turns around.

Deidra nods and waits for the Rhaedan to follow her prince in silence, finally remembering her place. To guard and stay in the background in all unobtrusiveness, ready to strike at whatever dangers that might lurk in the shadows, while being a shadow herself.

Stefan just moves along with the others for now. Grinning at Deidra. Continuing on with the others.

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