Cakes and Conversation

Cakes and Conversation
Summary: A sampling of wedding cakes spurs a conversation.
Date: 22 August 2013
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Roof - Wolveshire Castle
The tallest part of the castle is topped with a wooden cone, and the space below is empty except for several stone benches set against the walls. Archways lead out onto a parpet that circles the tower, allowing visitors to admire the view of Wolveshire and the lands beyond in relative safety. The breathtaking view of hills and farmland stretch north and westward, the darkness of the Althearan Blackwoods to the south, and by the light of day the glimmer of Shelter River to the east.

Passing through the archways returns one to the roof's sheltered confines, and a small door leads to the staircase heading into the tower proper.

22 August 1329

"…you can't just say 'fruit cake' and call it a day?" Xander is asking as he sits with Prada at one of the rooftop tables, there are several small cakes all over the table on small serving plates. Leaning back to touch his hand on his stomach, he blows out a breath. "Another cake sample and I won't fit in my armor anymore. You must continue on your quest alone, my darling."

"Cake is not as simple as fruit cake Xander. Far too many to choose from. It must be something all can enjoy. Fruit cake alone isnt going to be eough for me. It is nice in its place, yet I want more. And if Aunt Regina commands a wedding, a wedding it will be. I suppose telling everyone they must wear a hat would not go over well?" Prada pinches a small piece of sugared cake from one of the many and pops it in her mouth, her blue eyes going wide as her small nose wrinkles and she spits the cake over the edge of the roof, "Proof. That one tastes of dirt. Dry and flavorless with a slight lingering muck on the tongue."

Fayre has managed to escape a certain following Blue Guard for a few moments it seems, she is in fact peeking around the door that leads up onto the roof as if half expecting him to already be there waiting. Though with the coast clear she moves on around the door with a soft breath escaping her, for the moment freedom! It might not be that long until he finds her so she is going to take what time she gets. A glance is sent towards the ones that are already here, a soft smile caught while her hand lifts to tuck a bit of hair behind her ear and she moves on forward. "Afternoon." Soon caught once close enough for such talking things.

Slipping away from her duties and ever mindful guards, Elenore had found her way up to the roof not long after the Princess. The ever wispy woman standing at the door silently and watching the as greetings are made before using the distraction to quietly slip past to find an area further along.

"About as well as telling them they have to wear a hat and be in their altogether other than that." Xander says with a mischevious grin as he watches Prada sample another cake and her look of disgust and he chuckles softly. "It's a cake, what's the big deal?" he asks, before he rises to offer Fayre a bow. "Your Highness. Surely you will know that a cake is just a cake, right?" he asks as he looks for a little support here, a grin sent towards the arriving Elenore. "M'lady Taniford. It seems we are tasked with stealing wolves from their natural habitat."

"Men." Prada offers as she turns toward her cousin granting a rare and unseen curtsey of elegance and grace, "My Princess and favorite cousin." she offers playfully before turning her eyes back to Xander, "Something light with fruit is far different than some heavy concoction of spices and fruited. If I want spice I shall just simply chew on bark." she tells him with a smug look of satisfaction as a small hand is lifted toward Elenore, a single finger wiggles, "Come tell him Lady Elenore, explain to my hard-headed other half the difference a color, scent, or single flavor makes."

Fayre looks amused for a moment, a warm smile offered to Xander and she offers a nod back. "Cake? Well I suppose it might depend on the cake. Is it an actual true cake, or one of them sorts that one tries to pass off as a cake that is nothing but bits tossed together?" Maybe she won't be too much support for dear Xander at the moment. A warm smile is offered to Prada. "It is good to see you my lovely cousin and Sir Xander." Her gaze drifts over the table with said samples and she tilts her head. "Looking for the right one for your special day?" This questioned to Prada while she leans just slightly against the table. As for Elenore escaping the small group Fayre notices her as well and a wave is sent her way none the less. "Good afternoon Lady Elenore."

The shadows are not enough to allow her to slip by, the woman turning and offering a faint smile to Xander,"Lord Lohstren, I am unsure of how to steal a wolf when it comes to willingly and wishes for what was found. But perhaps you are not of finding your wolf to be so…similarly eager to be accommodating and shall be of truly needing to steal it away." But there is this matter of colors being broached and like a butterfly to afresh flower, Elenore is drawn in,"Surely you make jest, Lady Prada. Color is of everything, he is not so blind to no know and understand of that, even if he is not able to see?"

For Fayre, there is a warm smile from Elenore, a gentle bow of her head,"Good afternoon, dearest of cousins, Princess Fayre."

"Well, the beast of Wolveshire is used to eating bark, I reckon." Xander says teasingly as he snorts as Prada goes to Elenore for support of her thought. "If it was her cake it would be made of clouds and sunshine and taste of rainbows and purity in the bed when you took a bite of it, Prada." the knight shoots back towards Prada, and then his attention turns to Fayre. "You too? I am so wounded, my petite highness. Surely you are still young and have not turned your thoughts to the madness of a proper marriage and all." he says in mock horror, clutching his hands over his heart dramatically. "Please, feel free to sample the the wares and provide us your two coopers of input." he then chuckles at Elenore's comment.

"Ah no, did you not hear of the Queen's proclomation, we were drawn into a mutual trap, and fought to a bloody end." he says with a grin as he reaches down towards a small bag he carries and pulls out a leatherbound book. "I talked to one of the bookcrafters in town. He is going to put the Queen's story to paper. I was hoping perhaps, Lady Elenore, if you and your husband would be kind enough to illustrate it so that we may have it to read to our.." a glance towards Prada, his eyes travelling over her to her stomach. "..offspring."

Another person makes his entrance, this one the young Taniford prince who smiles when he sees the people who have congregated here. "Sis.", Samwell greets his little sister first thing, then turns to the others to greet them each with a nod. Finally he looks around curiously and towards the table. "I heard there is cake?"

"Sadly my goodsister, he is of the mind, blue is blue, light is light, darkness darkeness. Such as cake is simply cake. As for my brother illustrating the tale, Im sure I need not tell him make certain the wolf is wearing a hat." the lady jests as she drops her own eyes to her stomach as Xander does, then back to the man with a shake of her head, "Fire down Sparky, all in good time. If you are lucky." she laughs out as Samwell makes his entrance and interest in cake known, "Now here is a man of refined taste Im sure. Come Cousin, help us choose. I am of the mind something light with berries perhaps. Sir Xander is hoping for a dirt cake."

Fayre chuckles softly as she hears Xander. "I merely answer with my thoughts upon such things as 'cake'." As for the rest there is a soft ah that escapes her. "I think not. My head is filled with other things not to sure there is much room for much else as of late." At the new voice she turns slightly to catch sight of her brother, whom is offered a warm smile. "Brother." She is clearly glad to see Samwell. Once he is over she waves her hand slightly to talk of trying said cake samples. "I'm rather sure my dear brother can help with such things very well."

"I am sad for you then, and so will Lyam be to hear that you are ending up with one so blind to all that is inverses, one so incapable of seeing the truth of the world." A flickering glance at Xander before Elenore looks back to Prada,"It is of a wonder he has lasted so far, perhaps the blindness serves of other ways. But if he is of not seeing, then you can make what choices you wish, and he will be of giving no complaint."

Elenore nods to Xander,"I was of hearing of Aunt Gigi's words, and if such was truth, then there is truly no stealing being done of wolves, aye? " A slightly raised eyebrow of a look going Xander's way, though her dark eyes drop to the book as it is brought out. And perhaps about to respond to the request that has been made but then there is another joining them and a bright smile comes. And once the brother and sister have greeted, Elenore is slipping to give Samwell a hug as she murmurs,"Most adored cousin, it has been of to long, as always." Stepping away again after and noting,"Aye, it seems there is much cake to be had."

"Perhaps the knight is not so blind but realizes that the true and most tasteful thing at the wedding will be by my side as we join together." Xander points out diplomatically, a grin offered as the young knight setting the book near Elenore so she can take it and her and her husband can work on it together. Another moment to rise and bow to the other arriving Royal. "Prince Samwell." he greets, before he sits down again. "Cake is great and all, but where's the meat? The real meal in all of this."

Samwell doesn't mind being hugged! In fact he hugs Elenore right back while smiling at people's welcomes. "If I can be of help, I will be happy to do so.", he assures them and lets go to take a step closer to the cake table and inspect the offerings. "Berries? What else is there?", he muses, hoping someone will explain what's what to him. At least until Xander speaks and he laughs. "If there is meat in this, it would be a pie I believe and no longer a cake."

"That my dear is a given." Prada responds to Xander with a wink, "This." she continues with a wave of her hand toward the cakes, "Is for the people." the lady offers quietly as she moves to stand a bit closer to him, "Sounds silly, especially coming from me of all people. Yet far too long has passed since noble and commoner alike have had much to celebrate. I think not of it as our wedding but a time we can all be together feasting, drinking, dancing. Call me a soft heart if you wish."

Fayre looks amused as she hears the talk between Elenore and Prada, a curious glance is sent towards Xander once he offers up his answer. "Ahh, perhaps his not as blind as he appears to be dear cousin." This said to Prada. "Especially with such things like that being offered up." Once her brother has moved on over to the group she will lean a touch closer to him and gives his arm a soft squeeze. "Berries can be on a cake, though don't tend to be in them that often, would be all mushed up then for the cake." Hearing Prada she nods, smiling once more. "Tis a lovely thing indeed to celebrate and I'm sure others will agree with such ideas of giving both noble and commoners something to rejoice in."

With the hugg returned and the matter of cake now at hand, Elenore simply slips along to the side. The wispy artist falling quiet and simply listening to the banter that takes up amongst the group, least it seems so for a time, for her gaze soon wanders off to the view.

Since nobody explains to him what's what, Samwell will simply have to test them all. So he listens to the others' banter while stuffing his face with various bits of cake, mmmmhmming his approval to - well, everything really. "Where do they come from?", he asks between two mouthsful.

"I'm not completely lost." Xander says with a chuckle, and picks up a sample of cake and bites it and his eyes narrow for a moment and he grins. "Someone used a lot of spirits in this one." he says, and offers the rest of his bite to his wife to be. "I don't know what's what here, Samwell. Prada had this sitting out for me when I arrived." he says with a small mmm as he enjoys that paticular bite some more. "We're also debating on what to wear as well. Prada has determined that hats are mandatory."

"Some are from the kitchens here, others from women around Wolveshire. I had asked them to bring their best and we would choose together." Prada offers to Sam her hand settling on Xanders shoulders, "He is blind in many ways, in others he sees clearly. As for what to wear, yes I adore hats. Yet if commoners are to be included at some level the attire should not be overly formal."

"Hats? Any sort of hat?" Fayre questions with a curious question at the idea of such thing. Though she doesn't get to linger long on the thought of hats, cake or formal wear as she has be found by the Blue Guard she slipped off on. The guard is indeed eyeing her from the door, clearing his throat just slightly before slipping back into the hall to wait. There is a pause as Fayre sends the guard a glance before she looks back to the ones here. "I have lessons to attend too." Something she would much rather not deal with, a faint smile seen before she turns to go. "Was a true pleasure to see you all. Do have fun with your cake samples!" A faint glance is sent towards her brother, wishing to have a bit more time with him as they have not spoken for some time and she feels a talk is due. Perhaps she'll be able to catch up with him at a later time.

Seemingly content to allow the tasting of the cakes to the others, dark eyes gaze out taking in whatever it is that has caught Elenore's interest. Though it seems some attention is yet paid as she notes,"It is of hard to expect all to fit to one hall as well, assuming you are of having the after in such a place. You can do as Lyam and I, to have several places for celebrating in the after, it gives opening for more to join as well as of allowing less worries for the commoners over what is to be of worn."

Her gaze is brought back towards the group after speaking,"But if you will be of excusing me, I am called. And must finish of things before I leave this eve." Ele
nore gives a slight incline of her head to Prada,"I will be of sure to give Lyam your wishes when I am returned home to him." A nod goes to Xander,"Lord Xander," before giving Samwell a hug as she moves to depart from the roof,"I will of hope to catch you again before I leave, adored cousin. There is much to speak of." Before fully taking her leave from the roof, the book having been left where ever it had been set.

As Elenore abandons the book, Xander shrugs and picks it from the table to hand it back to Prada. "I'm sure you can find your brother to handle this, unless you'd rather have someone else do it, Prada." he says with a sigh.

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