Cassia Auldholme
Helena Mattsson
Helena Mattsson as Cassia Auldholme
Full Name: Cassia Auldholme
Byname: None
Age: 29 (Date of Birth: Sept. 8)
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: House Auldholme
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Noble-daughter
Place of Birth: Malgrave
Father: Sir Myrick
Mother: Lady Allana
Siblings: Sir Augustus Auldholm, Sir Titus Auldholme (deceased), Sir Seneca Auldholme , Sir Julius Auldholme, Sir Lucilia Auldholme (deceased),Lady Victricia Auldholme
Spouse: Elidin Westmark (Deceased)
Children: None

Character Description

Long lashes surround light blue eyes, eyes that seem to flit about when Cassia Auldholme enters a room — almost as if they are taking inventory of every candlestick and cobweb. A tall lady, to be sure, she wears her hair down most of the time, plaited others. Her long, cascading blonde curls bounce as she walks and is often set with a braid around her temple and a gold, jeweled circlet sitting lightly on her brow. Her gown is made of the finest violet satin, dagged sleeves lined with cloth of gold mark her for a lady of House Auldholme. A dark cloak set on her shoulders often carries the sigil of her house, a large armored fist is embroidered in golden thread across her back.

She is not quick to smile, but the laugh lines around her mouth show that she is no stranger to good humor and conversation. Her voice is soft, though, it can go very hard at a perceived slight. Though she is not as beautiful as some, she has a simple beauty to her asymmetrical face. Though there is a small scar that her hair often hides at her brow, it does not to mar her appearance in anyway. In fact, some might see it as an attractive thing to have, born of battle none could doubt.


Cassia was born first between her and her twin brother, Titus. She is often told by her father that she came into the world fighting, like a true Auldholme, leaving her brother behind and her mother laboring for another long, fret-filled hour. Some would say that set the course for Cassia’s life, a precedent, that only Cassia would need to keep.

More battle-minded than weapon savvy, Cassia was always found with her nose stuck in one of the many military tomes in the family’s extensive library. Though, not so good of a fighter as most with a gladius, — to some of her family’s dismay, well, for a time anyway, — Cassia is, however, proficient with a bow. No matter if she’s speeding on horseback through the trees after a hare, or feet firmly planted on a high hill during battle, she’s a noted marksman.  

She’s always into family business, whether that is trade or battle tactics, and is quick to put in her opinions on any of these matters, including family, without reserve. Some have come to respect her for it, as the lady truly doesn’t often take no for an answer. Cassia fights, as she has for everything she has wanted since birth, and has gained quite the reputation for it to. Some good, some not so much, as she can come off a bit shrewish if her temper is raised.

Her subtle beauty, quick wit, sharp tongue, and nose for politics has gained her the respect of her father, especially after her twin brother and husband died. Cassia was married to one of Baron Westmark’s nephews, Elidin. The marriage was as long as the wedding, that suited Cassia well enough. He died not a few months after they were united, for Cassia it was a marriage of a political nature, she had done her duty, nothing more. She liked the Westmarks well enough, they are a wealthy and revered family, with that she saw reason in her father’s mach. Though no one can say if she ever shed a tear for her lost husband, who left her childless, or her twin brother for that matter — not that anyone would believe that she had, anyway.

While they were fighting, Cassia was with her father’s war council, putting in her input when it was asked for and commanding a group of archers when their captain was felled. She gained some renown for this, of course, as she helped win a few battles, sadly, not the one where her brother and husband lost their lives. She was caught in a small skirmish when they were trapped, unable to aid them with a storm of arrows to separate the lines, by the time she was able to overtake those fighting her archers, her husband and kin were already cut down and gone.  

Some say that their deaths only made her push herself all the harder. After that, she clung to her father’s side during meetings, talked to the House Steward when she could about finances and running a household, and could not get enough of her mother’s stories of her younger years.

Still, with her house being more of the battle ready sort, she did not shirk on learning the finer things of nobility. She can dance a little, sing, do needlework to pass the time. These skills came in handy, when she turned 20 she started leaving her home to go and entreat with other Houses on her family’s behalf, often attending parties with the well to do of Rheadan’s court.

This had done her well as she has gained small connections and had been able to return what she’s learned to her father in times when haste was necessary. No doubt this has gained her favor from her family members, even if her nature can be shrewish at times and her resolve immovable; she always seems to get the job done diplomatically.


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