House Cassomir
Heraldry for House Cassomir
Kingdom: Taniford
Seat: Cassomir Keep
Fortification: Cassomir Keep
Motto: Courage in War, Honor in Peace
Colors: Azure, Gules
Liege: Lohstren
Vassals: None
Rank: Knight (Formerly Lord)
Honorific: Sir (Formerly Lord)
Head of House: Jaren Cassomir
Predecessor: Aric Cassomir
Heir: None
Military Emphasis: Men-at-Arms (Formerly Cavalry)
Cavalry: 5 Men-at-Arms: 15 Archers: 5


House Cassomir was once among the strongest of House Lohstren's vassal families, ruling and watching over the lands north of Estermarch in their name. Cassomir Keep is the center of a fairly sizable village, with a surprising degree of wealth due to administering a rich iron mine in the mountains nearby. The village surrounding the keep has an Inn with a tavern attached, a large smithy, and an equally-small chapel to the Four Guardians. Just outside the village is a graveyard that is unfortunately far more full than it once was. The Keep itself is in a highly defensible position, with multiple underground springs providing an independent water source, and a strong group of defenders ready to hold the line against any attackers.

Presently, Sir Jaren Cassomir is the last of his line. He does, however, have a surviving sister, Lady Edwina Lohstren nee Cassomir who presently rules Cassomir Keep alongside her Husband, Lord Marius Lohstren. Both the Keep and the Village are considerably more empty than they once were, however, and the Cassomir lands have not yet fully recovered from the misfortunes that beset them towards the end of the Corsair Wars.

Being in a largely mountainous area, Cassomir Keep has relatively few farms providing it sustenance and thus often had to rely on trade of the valuable iron deposits it administers to import sufficient foodstuffs for its' people (this would once have been a considerable problem should Cassomir Keep come under prolonged siege). With the drastic drop in population after the White Fever swept through the province, the relatively small number of farms have actually proven equal to the task of sustaining (and slowly re-growing) the population. The priority however, is and always has been the iron mine, which remain one of the richest lodes of that particular metal in the South. However, the mine is currently administered by a cadet branch of the Lohstren family headed by Lord Marius.

History & Culture

The Cassomir family have been vassals of House Lohstren for virtually as long as the Lohstrens have ruled from Estermarch. It is widely believed that a member or members of the Cassomir family were among the earliest Knights to appear in Eikeren, and the family long had a reputation for producing skilled, valorous, and honorable warriors, as well as some of the most well-trained and disciplined soldiers of the Lohstren forces from among their common folk. The family was known for being fair in their business dealings, particularly where the export of their iron to other families within Taniford was concerned. At the time the Corsair War began, House Cassomir was the largest of Lohstren's vassal families, and Lord Aric Cassomir was among the first to lead his soldiers into the fray.

Ultimately the Corsair War would prove devastating to the Cassomir family, but not until the closing years of the conflict. Throughout the war the men of the Cassomir clan fought bravely and skillfully across seemingly-countless battlefields, well and truly living up to their reputation as some of the finest knights in Taniford. Unfortunately in the closing days of the war, Lord Aric and his three oldest sons perished in battle, leaving his youngest, Sir Jaren, as the only surviving male of the line. The tragedy was further compounded when a particular virulent strain of the White Fever swept through the Cassomir lands, devastating the population, and nearly wiping out everyone with Cassomir blood in their veins along the way, save for Sir Jaren and his youngest sister, Edwina. In short, House Cassomir virtually disappeared overnight, in such tragic circumstances that many common folk throughout the March and beyond began whispering of a curse upon the family and its' lands.

Following the death of his wife, Sir Jaren Cassomir abdicated his lands, entreating Count Lohstren to grant them instead to his sister and her husband, Lord Marius Lohstren. Lord Marius and Lady Edwina have taken up residence in Cassomir Keep, and have worked diligently to try to bring the mine back to full production and rebuild the devastated population of the area. However, people have been slow to return to the area around Cassomir Keep, perhaps still fearing the supposed curse that rests upon its' lands.


House Cassomir occupies an unusual place in the hearts and minds of the people of the March. Its' decline was brutally swift, and by all appearances through no fault of their own. Its' warriors had acquitted themselves very well during the Corsair War, and thus the family was at the height of its' reputation when their sudden downfall occurred. As such, the loss of the Knights of Cassomir Keep is something that is oft-lamented in certain circles, and in a remarkably short time, their reputation in those same circles has blossomed into something far more approaching legend than truth, at least within the March. This is far more prevalent among the common folk than the nobility, though even many nobles tend to remember the family fondly.

Technically, House Cassomir still lives so long as Sir Jaren does, though he presently has no heir. Still, he is young enough that he could remarry and sire children, though he has shown little inclination towards doing so since the death of his wife, and it would no doubt complicate matters with Lord Marius and Lady Edwina when it came to matters of inheritance. Additionally, there is still a segment of soldiers that consider themselves Armsmen of House Cassomir. Comprised primarily of surviving veterans of the Corsair War, they currently serve as a rather elite house guard for Lady Edwina and her husband. They keep the memory of House Cassomir strong by proudly displaying their colors and upholding their martial traditions (something Lord Marius has graciously indulged and encouraged, recognizing the powerful esprit de corps it provides). Technically these soldiers consider Sir Jaren their rightful commander, but while several of them have rotated through the riverside fort Sir Jaren commands, he has generally encouraged them to accept Lord Marius' leadership, and explained that the best service they can provide is to keep the ancestral lands of the Cassomir family safe. With this core of near-fanatic defenders, Cassomir Keep could prove a very nasty surprise for anyone trying to pass through the March from the north.

Current Members

Sir Jaren Cassomir — The last son of the Cassomir line.

Political Relations

Family Tree

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