Lord Castor Westmark
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom as Castor Kristopher Paule Westmark
Full Name: Castor Kristopher Paule Westmark
Byname: Wolfsbane/Wolf
Age: 19
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Westmark
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Lord
Place of Birth: Woods of Westmark
Father: Baron Paule Westmark
Mother: Baroness Katarina Westmark nee Rhaedan
Siblings: Lady Coriaria "Cricket" Westmark - Twin
Lady Laurel Westmark - "Foxglove" Younger Sister
Lady Lilium "Belladonna" Westmark - Younger Sister Twin (d)
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A



Castor of House Westmark — known to his friends as 'Wolfsbane' or simply 'Wolf' (after the tradition of his family to byname him after a poisonous herb) — was born in the midst of a bloody war, not five minutes after his twin, Coriaria. He spent only the first handful of years with his parents and sibling, as the war necessitated that the twins be separated - and Cas was sent to live with his uncle, Kristopher (mother's brother). He lived in exile for many years, until he was allowed to return (when the war was over), and he could begin reconnecting with his family.

It has not been easy. He has had to reacquaint himself with his parents almost entirely from scratch, and his cocky attitude has often put him at odds with his father. He has been the 'black sheep' of House Westmark — the trouble-maker, gambler and outdoorsman. Nevertheless, he is a Westmark, loyal to his family, and almost as devious as his twin sister. Recent events have shaped him into a much more responsible young man, than the rebellious boy he has been.

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