Catching up with an old friend

Catching up with an old friend
Summary: The Mother Superior stops in to catch up with master Roltoff
Date: 5/Aug/2013
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Laketown - The Drunken Clam
A large oak bar is prominent in the common room of the tavern. The smell from the kitchen is generally delightful, and the hearth situated at the back of the room is large and always burning. A sign above the bar reads 'No Fancy-dancy wines here. This tavern is for real drinkers', while the bars front has been carved with the likenesses of clams here and there, to echo the place's name.
The Tavern has a slightly seedy crowd and is generally messy, but never unclean. Tables are spread out and some seem mismatched, but the seating can accommodate any number of patrons. All the furnishings are made of highly crafted Oak to remain quite sturdy no matter what condition they might be put thru. Just past the main bar is the door, leading to the Kitchen itself, and to the right of the door leading to the kitchen is a flight of stairs that lead up to the second floor. To the right of the bar as you enter can be seen another door, with a Sign above it labled 'The den'.
Mon Aug 05, 1329

The skies had darkened earlier than normal with the storm rolling in, the flashes of lightening that ran across the sky providing brief light for those who dared be out and about. The rumble of thunder often proceeding the magnificent flashes. And there were was indeed the odd person yet out and about, even if many had already taken to shelter and home for the evening. One such person seemed to be the Mother Superior herself. A hand pulling back the hood of her robes as she stepped into the tavern, trailed by one of her Chosen. The new Lt seeming to ensure the woman didn't leave the Temple without escort these days. Green eyes lightly sweeping over the room as she took a few steps further into the establishment.

Roltoff stands behind the bar as Elspeth, Erin and Eros are cleaning up the tavern. The room seems quiet as the Den is empty, the bar maybe has a third of its capacity and so service being what it is give Roltoff time to relax and just enjoy the night and watchs as the room lights up when the lightning strikes.

Spying Roltoff, Tylon's path angles just slightly to carry her (and thus her shadow) over towards the bar. A slight incline of her head going to Roltoff,"Master Roltoff, a fine evening to you. I see the storm is keeping a few away, rather headed straight for home with everything getting as it is outside."

Roltoff smiles softly and nods. "Aye it tis, but no matter we have a few who are staying the night and the extra income will be welcome. He sets up two cups of tea for the Mother superior and her companion, unless the later should object and wish for something stronger. "Are ye hungry, the cooks got a nice thick beef stew for the night feast and some bread and a new sharp cheddar, its actually quite good. " as he's not one for sharp cheddar.

"I do imagine some nights just go that way, just like the weather," offering a soft smile as she takes up a seat. A nod of thanks given by Tylon as the tea is brought about. The Chosen doing likewise, it seeming fine enough for him. "I wouldn't mind a bit of the bread and some of that cheddar. I ate a bit earlier, but that does sound appealing." A small sip of the tea taken before she speaks again,"I had mostly figured to come by to let you know I was going to be away for a bit. Probably not more than a week, but as you come by sometimes, I thought to let you know."

Roltoff Oh's a bit and nods. "I see. " as he sends in little erin to get the cheese and bread and looks to the chosen to see what he might wish to eat as well "I do hope its not anything serious. " (he looks at the chosen to see if he recognizes the person )

"No, nothing serious…well I suppose it is. But more in a personal way, verses being a trip for Temple business," notes Tylon. A comment that causes the Chosen with her to smirk behind his cup of tea. The lad probably looking familiar simply from being about the Temple and Laketown in general. But he seems content with the tea, being 'on duty' as he is. He does take to looking about the tavern on occasion, habbit and training, and Aly and Thomas would kick him to kingdom-come if so much as a hair on Tylon's head was hurt. Tylon gives a little bit of a smile as she gives greater explanation,"Brother Thomas would like me to meet his family, or more so them me. So we're going to head out to pay a visit to his parents."

Roltoff smiles at this, and nods as he says flatly. "Well tis about time." as his tone is full of warmth and affection. "So ye finally chose that scamp to be the one hmm." as he teases you and him a bit as he adores you both. "Well I be might happy and I hope I am invited to the eventual ceremony or what ever it is you do when taking one of them what you say life companions. " he grins broadly. "well even then I'll open me bar to a private party just for the two of ye."

"Yes, it seems that way. And he seems quite pleased about that fact too." Which Roltoff may notice the pendant that he'd always seen Tylon with prior is 'missing' and a different one is worn upon a silver chain now. There is a faint smile,"I'll be sure you are invited, once we settle on a date. He wanted me to meet his parents before we had it. And we'll be married proper, Roltoff, a he's willing for such. It isn't something that happens often really. Well…not many are even willing to be companion. Most don't seem to take kindly to the idea they'll be put second, even if it is to the Guardians."

Roltoff blinks "really now. " he grins and comes from around the bar and steps up to Tylon. "well then may I be the first of many to congratulate you on your pending marriage. " he waits to be allowed as he totally entends to hug and give you a kiss as proper due to this grand news.

Tylon nods a touch,"Yes, really." A soft smile comes,"Thank you, it is still a little much to consider, I'd never figured it a thing to happen. But it just all seems to be as the Guardians wish." Tylon does permit the hug, returning the friendly congratulatory gesture, her head turning that touch to have the kiss land upon her check. She really doesn't need any more people added into that list in the rumors that seem to come out form the Acolytes about her.

Roltoff smile as he greets and congratulates the priestess "well then as you'll need a place to hold the feast and festivities after the wedding Which I assume will be most likely the temple we can all come back here to eat, drink and be merry. " he grins. "or something like that. "

"Yes, it'll be at the Temple, and I will see with Thomas on what he wishes. I am not yet certain how many we will be inviting, to know how much space will be needed for the celebration after. Granted, we do not even have a date yet." Tylon gives a small shrug,"There is much to consider, and I admit I have not given thought before to any of it. I had never considered I would be in this position to have to. Usually I am just needing to considering heading up the ceremony. So this is all quite new to me."

Roltoff nods his head as he moves back round the bar. just as the bread and cheese is delivered . "I understand but I do hope that when you find out I'll know as I'd love to host the party here for you and size well I do have a den we can open up to facilitate more if we need too , or we'll borrow tables and chairs to put people outside if we need too.

"Once I have a better idea on it all, I'll let you know. Cause if it is to be just a few of our close friends, least of those outside the Temple, it might make sense to just have something in the gardens. And perhaps send folk here if things keep going," or more like kick everyone out of the Temple so…er…they can have proper booze, yeah thats it! Taking up a bit of bread and cheese, Tylon nods,"I do need to see what Thomas is thinking, he does seem to enjoy having people about."

Roltoff grins and nods. "Im not opposed to serving your guests tea dear one, but why put the temples cooks thru it when Im gladly offering to cover it at no cost as my gift to you and Thomas."

Tylon laughs softly,"Master Roltoff, you obviously haven't made acquaintance with Father Bryon, he will be put out if he doesn't get to do something with this. I think he is already plotting something about a cake or biscuits. He is a fiend when it comes to our kitchen. Truly." Eatting through the bread and cheese with the occasional sip of tea around the conversation. Though eventually excusing herself as the thunder seems to increase, and high tailing it back to the Temple with her escort, before Thomas comes in search of her. Protective Chosen that he is.

Roltoff laughs and nods. "I have a plan then, why not let Father Bryon help our cook prepare the feast here. Im sure those two would get along famously."

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