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These are characters that are currently on the grid as PCs. Please see our wanted page if you are looking for appable characters.

Characters marked with a are considered feature characters and have activity requirements that go along with them. Please contact Staff for further details.

House Taniford

Regina Taniford — The Summer Queen (NPC)
Aylanora Taniford — The royal Princess and heir to the throne. deceased
Samwell Taniford — Younger brother to Darrin and Aylanora. Currently commander of the Blue Guard and Knight of the Citadel.
Fayre Taniford — Youngest of the four Taniford royal children.
Elenore Taniford — A Taniford Cousin
Tamara Taniford — Cousin to the royal family by marriage, now widowed.
Lyam Taniford — Lady Elenore's Husband and Duke Pawel's youngest brother.


Deidra the Swift — Deputy Commander of the Blue Guards.
Brennart of Wolveshire — One of the Blue Guards.
Marla Mentros — One of the Blue Guards.
Peronell Savage — One of the Blue Guards.

House Varghem

Pawel Varghem — Duke of Wolveshire. Vassal to House Taniford.
Aethel Varghem — Second son of the late Duke, knight.
Prada Varghem —Pawel's sister. *retired
Carisse Varghem — Pawel's youngest sister.
Antyllus Varghem — Brother of the late Duke, Pawel's youngest paternal uncle.


House Sollinger

Nimue Sollinger — Countess of Tharnham. Vassal to House Taniford.
Evander Taniford — Count of Tharnham, husband to Coutess Sollinger
Danielle Sollinger — The youngest sister of the main line.
Gustav Sollinger — Knight
Malcolm Sollinger — Knight
Tyler Sollinger — Knight
Claire Sollinger — Sollinger cousin, Healer

Vassals of Sollinger - Breaktide of House Aberdeen

Isabella Breaktide — Youngest daughter of the ruling Lady and Lord. Vassal to House Sollinger
Islod Breaktide — Unwed Lady of house Breaktide, a seafaring sister of Lady Isabella Breaktide.


House Lohstren of Estermarch

Eldrick Lohstern — Eldest lving son of Lord and Lady Lohstren, Heir to House Lohstren; Lord Protector of the March
Morla Lohstern — Eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Lohstren; Flower of the March
Malcolm Sollinger — Knight, married to Moirae Lohstren
Moirae Lohstren — Knight, second youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Lohstren
Dalyros Lohstren Member of the Blue Guard
Caerwyn Lohstren — Cousin and Knight
Xander Lohstren — Brother to Tamara Taniford, Cousin *retired


Gabriel Thorn — Tutor to the Lohstren children. *retired
Zariah Kayne — Squire to Sir Eldrick

Vassals of Lohstren - House Aldercroft

Damien Aldercroft — Baron and Master of the Crag
Dickson Aldercroft — Heir and younger brother to Damien, Knight
Dustin Aldercroft — Youngest brother to Damien and Dickson, Knight

Vassals of Lohstren - House Tarris

Gauvain Tarris — Knight

Vassals of Lohstren - House Cassomir

Jaren Cassomir — Knight, Last surviving member

House Rhaedan

Breac Rhaedan — The Northern King (NPC)
Jerric Rhaedan — The royal Prince and heir to the throne.
Stefan Rhaedan — Defender of Rhaedan Castle and part of the royal twins.
Niniane Rhaedan — Ambassador to Taniford and part of the royal twins.
Amira Rhaedan — Youngest daughter of the royal family, treasurer to the king.
Rakel Rhaedan — Breac's Niece
Guinevere Rhaedan — Daughter of Neale Ridel and Wife of Jerric


Kadlin Locke 'The Archer' — Royal Guard
Aislin Rames — Lady in Waiting to Lady Rakel

House Auldholme

Augustus Auldholme — The heir of house Auldholme
Cassia Auldholme — Daughter of Sir Myrick


House Riedel

Neale Riedel — Duke of Riedel
Sammel Riedel — First Son, Heir
Victricia Riedel nee Auldholme — Wife to Sammel, Prince Jerric's Ambassador.
Paidrig Riedel — Second son


House Westmark

Paule Westmark — Deputy Advisor to the Throne
Katarina Westmark nee Rhaedan — Advisor to the Throne
Coriaria Westmark — Daughter, Baroness of Westmark
Castor Westmark — Son, Lord of Westmark
Laurel Westmark — Daughter, Lady of Westmark
Nathan Westmark — Cousin of Paule, Warden of Westmark
Armon Westmark — Westmark ambassador to Laketown guilds


Alek Gorthron 'The Pretty' — Knight of Westmark
Krea of Brivey — Squire to Sir Maldred Westmark.

Vassals of Westmark - House Hallstrom

Kameron Hallstrom — Lord and Heir to House Hallstrom of Sipdon
Cypriana Hallstrom — Lady Cousin to Sir Kameron
Maxwell Hallstrom — Second son

House Raethkin

Kerilyn Raethkin — Formerly Princess Kerilyen Rhaedan, now Queen of Ellowe.
Darrin Raethkin — Formerly Prince Darrin Taniford, now Kerilyn's Consort.


(not appable at this time)

Vassals of Raethkin

(not appable at this time)

The Temples of the Four

Priests & Priestesses of The Covenant

Tylon Stillvin — Temple Priestess of the Laketown Temple
Cafell Penderghast — Priestess
Ravos Althearin — Priest

Brothers and Sisters of The Chosen

Thomas Marbry — Chosen of the Taniford Chapter
Alyona the Still — Chosen Lieutenant of the Laketown Chapter
Destrian One-Hand — Chosen of the Laketown Chapter
Aryn Zeva —  Chosen of Brivey Chapter
Kelaria Thorne — Chosen of the Rhaedan Chapter
Michael Bornin — Chosen of the Laketown Chapter
Merrick Wulfgard — Chosen of the Laketown Chapter


Nettle the Quick — Acolyte *retired

Other Groups

The Red Hand Company

Termiane Koronel — Captain *retired
Martis Ravin — Chaplain *retired


Roltoff Delmort — Freelancer/Sell sword
Derkin Fairwind — Freelance Smuggler/Pirate *retired


Talia Ashlan — Healer to the Rhaedan Family *retired
Bryony Fearn — Healer in training to the Rhaedan Family
Kaelea Steele — Barmaid
Esther Cardoval — Barmaid
Macsen Bowman — Common knight, sergeant in the Laketown Civil Watch
Sarah of the Sky — Adventurer
Johan Grimson — Master Weaponsmith
Broderick of Tranham — Weaponsmith *retired
Javan Emrick — Captain, Man of many talents (NPC)
Syd Stormpride — Captain of The Stilltha's Dagger
Caspar Birch — Scout *retired
Chrysalis Altheara — Barmaid
Cristof Waterman — Healer
John Solomon — Bartender *retired
Kaelea Steele
Savaric Ashlan — Ranger/Scout *retired
Stellwint 'The Wanderer' — Shipwright
Collette — Youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Lohstren (disowned)
Seline — Courtesan.
Synniva — Brothel Owner.
Breanna Widdicoe — Ranger/Scout
Landros Belmont — Apprentice Weaponsmith
Myrana D'Armaz — Merchant's Daughter
Leof Eadberht — Falconer
Abrahm D'Armaz — Merchant's Guild (NPC)

Mystery Knights

Nydan Krakensteel — Hedge Knight

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